Just something I thought of as an aftermath concerning Gajeel and Levy after the series ends. One of many possibilities... Enjoy!

It was no surprise to him when he saw Levy curled up in their bed with a very thick book on her dainty lap, her dark brown eyes glued to the pages with an intense gaze. He warned her time and time again to not let her guard down when it came to those stupid bound clumps of paper but she refused to listen to him. Serves him right for tying himself willingly to an avid bookworm.

Now that he was home from an S-Class mission that took him six days away from their flat, he was tired and wanted to sleep. Despite that, he wanted his wife's attention even more and he would be damned if he gave in to jealousy over a stupid book!

So when he plucked the six hundred page tome off her lap and throw it over his shoulder, he caught her wrist swiftly before she could write a word to attack him with. He smirked, satisfied she had her guard up this time. She definitely learned a thing or two when being tied to him for so long as guild mates, partners and later on spouses.

"Gajeel, I was reading that."

"That's a lie and we both know it, " replied the Iron Dragon Slayer as he leaned over his wife, his fanged grin full of arrogant confidence, "you just try to read those thick books to make up for my absence."

Releasing her wrist so she could curl her arms around his broad shoulders, Gajeel leaned down to his wife's face as she fought against the smile trying to break out on her beautiful lips. They may have been married for three years but no amount of counseling would erase that arrogant (borderline sadistic) streak of his, not that she minded since it added a little adventure to their night life.

"I'm back," he murmured as he nipped at her now smiling mouth, some of his long hair falling over his shoulder to tickle her ears.

She kissed him fully as a reply, sighing in contentment as he laid down beside her and pulling her into a tired, one armed embrace. Levy bit back a chuckle when his snores started as soon as his head hit the pillow.

"Welcome home," she whispered as she leaned down to gently peck his pierced brow. His only answer was a tighter grip around her petite waist.