Title: Those who Favour Fire

Part 1: Some Say the World Will End

Summary: A moment of misplaced mercy leaves the galaxy at the feet of a suitless Darth Vader. Obi-wan and Padme find themselves captive to the Sith Lord and his twisted affections as they try to save the galaxy.

Rating: G


Timeline: Post RoTS AU

Part 1: Some Say the World will End in Fire, Some say Ice


The world did not end in fire nor ice but in a moment of indecision and a spark of irrational mercy.


Obi-wan lay on the twisted charred metal walkway with the planet of Mustafar erupting in the background, staring into the pale yellow eyes of a monster. It snarled at him, bearing sharp white incisors that glinted in the fiery red light, he couldn't snarl back.

His lightsabre had been swallowed by the veracious churning lava flow that was rushing past mere metres from where he lay gasping for breath as blood oozed into his throat. The Sith Lord was bearing down on him with an expression of pure malicious triumph.

"You couldn't kill me, Obi-wan," It whispered smugly into his ear, "you couldn't make yourself do it,"

He wanted to shout so kill me quickly but his larynx was crushed and blood was already beginning to choke him.

"I'm not going to kill you," sneered his opponent as he settled a rough palm against Obi-wan's cheek, "but I'll tell you a secret."

The monster leant closer to his ear and its breath fanned across his face like a poisonous mist. He could feel the Sith licking his lips with nauseous anticipation.

"I killed Palpatine, I am the Emperor now!"

Obi-wan saw the world burn before his eyes.


When Padme woke up, she was no longer pregnant and the emptiness inside swelled like a tide, swallowing her up in the darkness of despair.

The babies were gone and although the midwife had never referred to them as such, they were babies. Just babies who could not survive without her, just babies who came too early and never stood a chance in the cruel world outside her womb.

A miscarriage, the midwife had assured her, just a miscarriage - she would have more children.

It was the stress, C3PO had pronounced, it was the stress of hearing about Anakin

It was meant to be, he mother had said, God gives and takes away...

But Padme disagrees and she hides in the ice that now preserves what is left of her shattered soul. In the ice she feels nothing.

AN: This is a teaser for the up coming story I am writing Those Who Favour Fire. It will explore an alternative universe where Obi-wan fails to kill Darth Vader who becomes the Emperor of the galaxy.