Arthur woke up slowly; feeling uncomfortably hot as he lifted his overly warm face from Alfred's shoulder and blinked his eyes open. He groaned softly untangling himself from the lanky man under him and stood up rubbing at his heavy lids trying to force them awake. The clock glaring at him from across the room read five oh six am in harsh red lights that hurt his still tired eyes. Arthur sighed relaxing as his body quickly cooled now that it was not pressed up against the sleeping American.


He wanted it.


He looked over the sleeping Alfred slowly eating up every flash of golden tanned skin that was showing from under his low hanging pants and slightly pushed up shirt. Oh the things he wanted to do to that body.

He paused to pull up the blanket covering Alfred up to his chin before leaving the room heading for the kitchen.

Arthur pulled down a coffee mug filling it with water and popping the cup into the microwave to let it warm. After doing that he dug through the pantry to find the tea bags Alfred kept there strictly for Arthurs use. Pulling the cup out once it was properly heated Arthur dropped the bag in and leaned against the counter glancing at the clock to keep time. With a heavy sigh the Englishman turned around leaning his elbows on the marble counter top looking out the window and drumming his fingers slowly on the cool material.

It was a good height.

Perfect for being taken from behind. Arthur arched his back telling himself it was only to stretch the stiff muscles and not to mimic what it would feel like to be fucked against the counter. Frustrated with himself he frowned and stood up right turning around again glancing at the clock again.

Minute and a half left.

He walked towards the fridge and pulled it open, not really hungry but looking for something to munch on out of habit. The bottles on the door shook as the seal was pulled apart and Arthur smiled thinking about how the poor little condiments would rattle noisily if Alfred fucked him against the fridge. The boy was strong, Arthur had no doubt that the cowboy would be able to lift and pin his smaller frame to the stainless steel door and drive up into him relentlessly.


Arthur shoved his head further into the fridge searching fruitlessly for food he didn't want so he could cool the heat that was washing over his body. He pulled back out and checked the clock once more before pulling the tea bag and tossing it. He fished a spoon out of a side drawer and dropped in two teaspoons of sugar before mixing slowly trying to keep the noise down. He finished and blew on the liquid to help it cool as he set the spoon in the sink and licked a drop of tea of his hand before pausing.

Oh how he would love to lap the brew up off Alfred's body. The America was fit, despite Arthurs constant teasing that he was getting fat, so the warm liquid would pool on his stomach in a little puddle. Allowing Arthur to suck and nibble and lick at the man's inverted belly button to his heart's content until the sweet substance was all gone and Arthur could dip his mouth lower to Alfred's substantial girth.

Arthur put a hand over his face and groaned softly trying to hide his blush though no one was there to see it. He was a mess. He should not be this turned on at five in the bloody morning.

A noise to his left made Arthur drop his hand and pull on his grumpy morning face.

"Mornin' darlin'" Alfred said tiredly walking into the room with a half asleep smile as he dipped down and gave the Brit a peck on the lips before continuing on to the coffee pot.

"Good morning." Arthur muttered picking up his tea and sipping at it mostly to keep his hands busy. "You're up early."

"I could say the same to you." Alfred replied pushing a cup under the single serving coffee maker and letting it brew as he turned back to look at Arthur. "You should still be sleeping."

Arthur made a scoffing noise in response as he let his eyes trail over Alfred's lean frame. The boys hair was mused from sleep but still somehow looked attractive. He wanted to run his hands threw it and use the locks to pull Alfred down for a searing kiss.

"What're you thinkin' 'bout." Alfred asked softly and somehow Arthur managed to keep a straight face as his cock twitched and he gulped down too much tea to give him a moment to compose himself.

'How badly I want you.' Was what he wanted to say but after last night he couldn't even pretend to force those words out. "I'm wondering why you're up so early. When you visit me your in bed all day." 'I wouldn't mind having you in bed all day today.'

"Gotta take care of the farm Iggy. The earlier the better, that way I can be back inside before the heat really settles in. Gets hot here pretty early this time of year." Alfred walked to the fridge pulling out creamer and shutting it with his hip making the jars rattle and Arthur had to close his eyes to keep the want out of his eyes.

'You get me hot early.'

"You alright?" Alfred asked him softly and Arthur could hear him stirring his strong smelling coffee.

"I'm just tired." Arthur replied keeping his eyes closed. In his mind he could see Alfred fucking him on the floor making him scream. His cock twitched again and he swallowed. He needed to stop. He knew he had to stop thinking about it but all he wanted to do right now was set his stupid tea down and kneel before Alfred release him from his pants and suck on him till his jaw was sore.

"You sure ya'llright Suga?" Arthur felt the American getly brush his messy hair out of his face and clenched his jaw at the tender feeling that filled him as Alfred's work worn finger tips ran down the side of his face to his neck. God he wanted to kiss him.

"I told you I'm fine." Arthur snapped shoving Alfred's hands away as he opened his eyes glaring at the taller man.

Alfred looked confused and Arthur didn't blame the lad. He felt confused himself. No that was a lie. He felt horny as fuck and couldn't take touching or he would break.

"Maybe…you need sa'more sleep hu?" Alfred whispered and Arthur looked away guilty. "You can go on up to ma room if ya'ont to. Bed'sall made up an waitin' for ya."

"Yes…yes I think I will lie down for just a while longer."

"Alright." Neither one of them wanted to look at each other but Arthur could see Alfred slipping on his dry mud covered boots and heard him pulling his cowboy hat off the hook on the wall. "I'll be back in a while. Make yerself at home."

The door shut softly and Arthur winced. God he was an asshole. No. He was needy and Alfred was unwilling there was a difference. The boy made that damn clear last night.

'Too bad I'm not still a pirate.' He thought half-jokingly, walking towards the stairs thinking of all he would do if he was willing to tie Alfred up. 'The boy thinks he knows about knots 'cause he can wrangle a few cows but no one knows about knots like a sailor.'

An image of Alfred strapped to the bed, body pulled taunt by ropes made Arthur almost groan aloud. When was the last time he topped someone? Anyone?



He couldn't recall but he suddenly craved to do so to the American cowboy who was keeping him 'awake' recently. Rubbing the back of his head walking up the stairs he wondered if the boy would even be willing to let him take the lead. Maybe. He could ask.

'Oi America mind if I have it off with you later cause I'm feeling a little randy, love." He snorted at that making it to the top of the stairs and sighing.

He pushed open the door to Alfred's main room and looked at the unmade bed blushing. It smelled like them which made his cock twitch again. Closing the door behind him softly he leaned against the wood chewing at his lip wishing he could just find relief. Summoning up his courage he pushed himself away from the entranceway and forced himself down onto Alfred's half of the bed.

The smell was stronger here surrounding him making his chest ache. God when was the last time he felt this desperate for anything? He wondered covering his face with a pillow and breathing deep. It was too much.

He was ridiculously hard and was starting to feel light headed from his need. Growling he jerked his pants down and gripped his prick firmly gasping. His hands were shaking as he started to work it up and down fondling himself. He grit his teeth to keep the noise down, Lord only knew when Alfred would be back and he didn't want the other to hear him wanking all alone in his bed.

He jerked and tugged and pulled imagining all kinds of situations and positions.



Pinned down.

Tied up.

On the floor.

On the couch.

On the bed.

Topping Alfred.

Alfred topping him.

Fingers scratching down Alfred's broad back.

Teeth digging into his shoulder.

Around his nipples.

On his joint between leg and hip.

Rough sex leaving them both marked up.

Loving sex leaving them both begging for more.

Nothing worked.

Arthur was sweating, and moaning, and arching his back of the bed almost weeping he was so turned on but still his body refused to come.


Jerking himself upright Arthur ripped a sheet off the bed and wrapped his body up storming from the room. He made it all the way down the stairs up the hall and out the front door before he lost steam. Alfred could be anywhere on his property.

Was he really going to wonder around practically naked looking for him? The air was warmer outside then Arthur was expecting now that the sun was up and he sighed lowering his head. Alfred's property was just too big from him to go wondering around. By the time he found the git he would dehydrated or dead. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw movement in the barn.

There. Alfred was still in the barn getting his horse saddled. Arthur sucked in a breath looking for his determination again and started across the yard. He made it all the way into the cool shadow of the barn before Alfred looked up at him in surprise.

"Arthur?" He called stepping away from his horse frowning.

The brit walked into the barn relishing the cooler air a moment before meeting Alfred's baby blues and then dropping his sheet. Alfred sucked in a sharp breath and went still. "Arthur what are you doing?" He asked softly.

England's determination to make Alfred fuck him wavered. "Please." He whispered back suddenly feeling like an idiot. "Please I…I need-"

In three long legged strides Alfred was right before Arthur looking down at him with need in his own eyes. He placed his callused hands on Arthur's bare shoulders and leaned down kissing him softly consuming his whole being. Arthur reached his hands up grasping Alfred's shirt pulling him closer trying to grind against him and Alfred made a low pained noise pulling their mouths apart pressing their foreheads together. "Arty…you're shaking."

"Please." The brit begged. "I need you please. I'll…I'll let you do anything you want, just help me." A pained looked filtered across Alfred's face and he kissed Arthurs temple before kneeling and picking up the sheet he'd dropped before wrapping it around the smaller man's frame.

"I can't Arty. I really can't right now. I am beginning to think I should have never touched you in the first place. I messed something up in your head."

Arthur lowered his head to hid the tears stinging his eyes. "Bastard." He hissed. And Alfred stood upright with a sigh touching the brit's messy mop of hair trying to smooth it.

"How about you help me?" Alfred asked softly. "Please."

Green eyes glared sharply at Alfred and the man smiled as best he could. "Please. It would make me feel better."

"You know what would make me feel better?" Arthur asked sassily and Alfred shook his head. "Please don't push it Iggy."

He sighed gripping the sheet tight to himself feeling more than stupid as he looked away. Alfred moved slowly as if afraid he would frighten Arthur off if he moved to quickly and tied up the sheet resembling something like a toga to keep it out of the way being extra careful to keep his hands to himself. England wanted to kill him. Or jump him bones he wasn't sure which.

The taller man smiled down at him walking away before coming back with a large white horse. "This is an American Cream draft horse."

"What do you need a draft pony for?" Arthur asked scowling at the beast who snorted back at him.

"I don't. I saved him from a bad breeder, he was starving when I got him but he is filling out pretty well."

"And what do you want me to do with it?"

Alfred smiled at Arthur tying the horse up before walking towards him. "First I want you ta put these boots on 'cause you shouldn't be out here without shoes." He picked up a spare set of cowboy boots dropping them before England. "Then I want you ta brush him down. He is skittish and won't let me do it."

"You're trying to get me trampled." Arthur complained stepping into the oversized boots feeling completely ridiculous his boner refusing to die down making him more than a little uncomfortable.

"I trust you Arthur. You've worked with horses before."

"Not American horses. They are stubborn…like their master." He added just to be hateful.

Alfred smiled again and kissed Arthur again softly before pulling back and taking a step away just to be clear that nothing was happening. "You're still shaking…brush the horse Art. I will be back in an hour or less. Brushes are hanging on the wall." Alfred turned and strode away from him with purposeful strides before huffing himself up on his own saddled horse. He blew a kiss and gave a wink before clicking his tongue and he took off out of the barn.

Arthur sighed looking at the beast Arthur left him with. Sighing he went to the wall pulling down a rubber curry before heading back towards the animal. Once he got near the monster stamped its hoof in annoyance and Arthur paused. Amber eyes watched him nervously and the horse snorted again.

"Calm down." He said softly taking a step closer and the horse stomped again. "Shh. Shhh look I don't want to clean you any more then you want to be cleaned, but Alfred said I should and he's the ring leader for the time being." The horse was huffing nervously by the time Arthur got to him and he gently patted its side. "Easy. Easy." He spent almost a half hour just petting down the beasts side to keep it calm before he took the rubber curry to it working the brush in slow easy circles. Once he finished with one brush he put it up retrieving the other and started over calming the monster back down with slow easy petting and a soft voice.

The repetitive motion of flicking the dandy brush proved to be more calming then Arthur thought and his hands stopped shaking. His need, though there, was pushed away becoming a secondary thought to the slow tedious process of cleaning the huge horse Alfred left him in charge of.

He moved on to the body brush smoothing down the creamy colored hair as the horse watched him carefully. Brushing the mane and tail went pretty smoothly minus some irritated foot stomping that sent Arthur scurrying back making him start all over with the petting but the hoof cleaning proved to be the most difficult.

"Listen here you stubborn mull! Just pick up your blasted foot!" Arthur snapped running his hand down the leg for the fifth time and gently squeezing the fetlock. All he got in response was a few dancing steps from the giant pushing him back again. "You are hopeless. I am trying to help you!"

"He let you clean him?" A surprised voice said from behind him making Arthur whip around.

"That's what you wanted wasn't it?" Arthur snapped back and Alfred glanced at him before looking back at the new clean animal. "He never lets me get further then touchin him to put the harness on."

Arthur stood awkwardly for a moment gripping the hoof pick to tight. "He won't let me…" He raised the tool waving his free hand at the animals feet and Alfred nodded striding forward taking the tool and setting it aside. "Ya did good babe. Better than I expected."

"What is this some type of therapy?" Arthur grumbled before Alfred kissed him into silence.

"Yeah, somethin' like that." Arthur's need stirred but didn't full wake and Alfred smiled at him again. "Did it work?"

"I'm not sure what you mean." Arthur replied back scowling. "…But I am sorry about earlier. I lost my head for a moment."

"S'alright. What do you say I let these two out in the field and we head on back to the house and I'll cook us somethin' good?" Arthur nodded wordlessly and Alfred smiled wider before moving past him taking the Beast out first before coming back and unsaddling his own pony. He gave it a quick brush down speaking to it softly before leading it out and taking Arthurs hand. The Brit blushed but didn't pull away letting himself be lead back to the house in his sheet and too big boots feeling like a fool but Alfred smiled warmly at him again and he didn't mind so much.