((Takes place three days after the water balloon episode))

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Willis hated it when Arnold was mad at him. He had been mad at him for three days. Willis went upstairs knowing he needed to talk to his brother. He knocked on the door.


Willis opened the door anyway.

"We have to talk"

"I'm not listening. I'm mad at you. You lied to me"

Willis sat down on the bed.

"How did I lie to you?"

"I'm not talking to you," Arnold said, "But if I were I would tell you that you lied because you said you would always have my back and you didn't three days ago"

"Actually," Willis said, "I did. I know that you're mad at me for what I did but I HAD to do it."

"If I were talking to you I'd say What you talking about Willis?"

"Arnold the water balloon thing I could have easily faked if that were all but when you pretended to run away I was terrified. I saw you in my mind dead in the street or worse. I love you too much to let you put yourself at risk and no matter how much it hurts that's NOTHING compared to how I would have felt if I lost my little brother."

"And ya couldn'ta talked to me about that?

"And ya had to side against me in the first place?"

"Arnold I'm only 12 years old myself. I don't have the skills to communicate so good. As for siding against you, I shouldn't have done that but momma always taught us that adults know better then children."

"Whatever," Arnold said but he was obviously softening.

"If you stop being mad at me I'll give you my skateboard and do your chores for the next six months"

"For the next year," Arnold said, "And my homework too"

"I can't do your homework," Willis explained

"I know you're not the sharpest tool in the shed but-"

"If I did your homework YOU wouldn't learn.

"I'll do your chores for a year. I'll give you my skateboard, but I'm not going to do anything that can ultimately harm you."

"And you have to promise never to get mad at me again"

"I can't do that either," Willis said, "I love you too much to let you get away with doing things that can harm yourself"

Arnold scowled but Willis could see that he wasn't mad anymore.

"Fine," Arnold said, "I forgive you"

"That means a lot to me," Willis said, "Come on I'll make you some ice cream"

"With rainbow sprinkles"

"What you taking about Arnold," Willis teased.