My name is Nagisa. I'm a normal girl. I like beaches and surfing, so I applied for the job at the beach house Lemon. The two sisters who administrate it are very nice. The younger one often criticizes others, but that's not out of malice. There's only one thing I don't like about my job: there's a girl who's half squid. At first I just saw her as weird, but the more I learned about her the more I believe that she's a threat to humanity.

I was introduced to her when I started working there. When they called her squid girl I found it odd, but I figured she was a cosplayer or something. That's not too reassuring either considering she's so young, but at least it wouldn't endanger anyone. It didn't take her long to show me that her tentacles are real. She put one of them around my shoulder and wiggled the others threateningly in front of me. "You better not anger the oceans, new one." she said. "It's a dangerous place to live out there. I don't think you'd last more than a few seconds. Always keep that in mind." Then the younger sister bonked squid girl on the head. I still don't know why she didn't get punctured by tentacles. Squid girl used them to punch a hole into a wall, goddammit!

The others seemed to look at her as a normal child. I have no idea how they made her work at the beach house. She always talked about conquering the earth, but they just told her to get down from the counter and go back to work. I didn't know what to do. I'm certainly not strong enough to fight against her, so I needed somebody to do that for me. I contacted several occult organizations, but they just laughed at me. Some told me that my description sounded like she's more of an alien, so I called the space center. They chuckled when I said that an alien works at the beach house, but they still sent somebody over.

These guys were a total disappointment. They told me that this squid person is just a girl in a disguise! How can they not see the threat coming from her? I had to do something. There had to be something I could do. It should be something the others don't notice. What were my possibilities? I'm a young girl. I can surf. Not much on this front. What about the squid girl? She seems to like shrimps. Maybe I could put something into the shrimps? Nothing serious, of course. No poisons. She isn't the only one who eats shrimps. The others shouldn't notice. I have to play friendly. Let's make some shrimp rice and put some sake into it. Alcohol kills your brain, I've heard. Give it to her. She eats it. The effect, it happens. Do it again tomorrow. More effect over time. Kill her slowly. Yes, that's it. That's the plan. Yes.

A young woman was recently arrested for giving alcohol to a minor. She usually put it into the little girl's favorite dish. She was discovered when she talked to herself one night. "It's clear that her sanity is questionable." said the police. "She said something about squids and that they want to invade the world. She will get an appropriate treatment." We guess it's more likely that she has to face a psychologist than a judge.