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Once again. Updates are late. My apologies. Got no excuses, I'm just lazy.

Today was Terra's return to the Titans from the psychiatric ward. The Titans- like the rest of the city wanted to celebrate. Cyborg, being Cyborg suggested a Titan party, because according to the metal man 'there ain't no party like a Titan's party'- most people didn't know this, but Cyborg had just slightly edited a once popluar song by S Club 7 to suit the reasoning for his partying behavior. There would be food, music, drinking, dancing and maybe kareoke- because ever since Beastboy's birthday it had proved to be a huge sucess amongst the heroes. And it would 'create a new level of epic parties'.

All Titans- except the underaged- were invited to come. Raven protested that she'd just go and hang with Kida, Jade, Melvin and her brothers, but Nightwing refused her permission saying: "We need to celebrate her recovery as a team." So Raven's plan was to a) get drunk and then b) use her intoxication as an excuse to leave the party. Starfire and Kida had dragged her shopping for a dress for the occaision. They forced her into a very little black dress which just about covered her behind, it was short enough that if she bent over you would be able to see her underwear. To accompany this LBD, Raven wore a pair of Kida's abnormally high heels, when Kida was not around they were referred to as 'hooker heels' or 'stripper heels' because it just looked like the nine inch heel you'd expect to see on the corner of the red light district or circling a pole.
"You know what. I don't even care anymore- I'm not going to be there for long." Raven said to herself as she prepped herself up for walking into the main room where the party was to be held. She managed to keep her balance all the way down the corridor. The other Titans were in the room already waiting Terra's arrival to the T-shaped building and they were mingling when she entered.


Two people noticed Raven's entrance. Beastboy and Aqualad. Aqualad immeadiately knew who his conquest of the party would be, it was not new news that Raven and Beastboy were long seperated and that the single female Titan might need a shoulder to cry on or a rebound guy. Aqualad was willing to be that guy, even if it was just for one night. After all, it was his goal to get somewhere with every (of age) female Titan. Raven and Starfire were the last two on his list. And Beastboy? Well he was just noticing what she was wearing- of course he was surprised how soft her legs looked, and how small her feet were in those shoes and how much sexier she looked when she was reluctent to be somewhere- she had pouted her red-stained lips together. He watched as Raven headed immeadiatlely for the bar, nimbfully avoiding almost every Titan's conversation. She sighed with relief when she reached an empty barstool and crossed her legs to avoid flashing some suprised hero. Cyborg was getting a couple drinks from the refridgerator. He looked her up and down. Raven noticed this and just sighed.
"Starfire and Kida." The cyborg got the jist. Those two girls and shopping... it was ok to go with one of them, but with both- you were doomed. "Wouldn't even let me wear leggings under this thing." She groaned as she poured herself a drink. When Cyborg turned his back she downed it in one and wiped the sides of her lips. Aqualad watched this with growing intensity- looked like his plan might be easier to achieve than earlier percieved.

Raven had downed five drinks by the time Terra arrived. She was still fairly sober- demon blood was very tolerent when it came to alcohol she'd found out. Terra had the whole surprised face going for her when she walked in to see all of the Titans in a room. Everyone cheered for her and there was explosions of party poppers. The blonde then mingled with the guests, hugging Starfire upon entry. She wouldn't even have noticed Raven if she went to get herself a drink.
"Oh- Raven! Hi."
"Welcome back." The empath said after gulping down a shot of vodka. The liquid sort of warmed up the back of her throat- she could feel it trailing down towards her stomach. "I hear you and Beastboy are no longer an item." She mused. Raven smiled crookedly at Terra's guilty expression.
"I'm really sorry. I didn't know that you and B got together... If I did I wouldn't have-"
"Told him to leave me? Heh. You would have, the two of you were 'in love'." Raven said coldly. "Why do you feel the need to apologise over that?"
"Well... you had to take care of that baby all by yourself- I mean... I'd hate it if I was dumped when I was pregnant."
"Forget it. Go and enjoy yourself or something." With that Raven dismissed her teammate and continued nursing her drinks. Terra got up unsurely but left the ebony-haired woman alone. "Azar..." she muttered. "Some people."


Cyborg was having the time of his life at the party. Since Raven's re-appearance he hadn't been out a whole much. Even hanging out with Kida and waxing the T-car didn't relax him like it used to. Everyone was congratulating him on the party, he had more or less did the whole thing himself.
"Tall, dark and handsome? Come dance with me!" Bumble Bee said as she dragged him to the dancefloor. Despite having an official girlfriend he couldn't help but appreciate Bumble Bee's dress and new hairstyle.
"What happened to your bun stlye?" He shouted over the heavy pounding bass.
"Can't a girl let her hair down?" she teased in response.
"Well, yeah. You just look... different."
"Good different or bad different?"
"It's cool..." The song ended and the two of them headed over to the bar for more drinks. Sure enough Raven was still nursing a drink, she acknowledged Bumble Bee with a nod.
"Hey girl."
"I hear that kid of your's is a cutie." This made Raven smile... at least it looked like a smile.
"You heard right. Maybe later you'll see her. I won't be in Kida's hooker heels or this fricking ridiculous dress then though."
"You might hate the outfit, but you look good." By then Cyborg had fetched their respective favourite drinks.

Back on the dancefloor Bumble Bee asked him the question she'd been bursting to ask since she saw Raven.
"So who got little miss darkness all dolled up?"
"That was the work of Starfire and Kida."
"See if it was Starfire I'd expect a lot of pink and oranges, not a bodycon LBD and those killer stilletoes."
"Kida's really good at pursuading people to doing what she wants. She's probably the reason Raven's not wearing a dress identical to Star's."
"Who is Kida anyway?"
"She's this girl Raven met years ago, they're real close."
"So she knows all you guys then?"
"Yeah, she's got the kid's tonight."
"Wow, you trust her a lot huh?"
"Gotta trust my own girlfriend." he said proudly. Bumble Bee smirked.
"Sparky you sly dog! You didn't even tell me!" she gave him a friendly punch in the arm before getting dragged off by Starfire who wanted to take part in 'the dance of the the butts' to Freakaleesh. Funny thing is, Raven was probably most suited to dance to the song but she was busy seeing how much hard liqour she could consume in order to forget the whole night, but she wasn't joining in with with the other female Titans.

Maybe he should tell her to slow down... Aqualad was giving her a set of looks and so was Beastboy. The cyborg wasn't quite so sure how he should react to his newly-dumped best friend perving on the girl who could only be described as his little sister; especially as said little sister appeared to dispise every little bone in the changling's body. So he left it. As for Aqualad, he seemed like a nice enough guy, maybe he'd get Raven to socailise with the others.


It was about halfway through the night when Raven was finally getting a buzz from the alchohol. Her head was feeling light, oh what a wonderful feeling alcohol could give her. She was tapped on the shoulder by someone.
"What?" Raven asked lifting her head up from the shelter of her arms. With one lazy eye she glimpsed dark hair. "Garth?"
"Hey." He smirked. "You look good tonight."
"You think so?"
"I look like a hooker. I can hardly walk in these shoes."
"You don't." He assured her. "Besides... if you need any help walking you could lean on me." He suggested. Raven got up from her seat and tried to walk out. Aqualad was at her side in a second- holding her up when she almost fell over in her killer heels. "How about we just sit down and talk?" Raven nodded and leaned further into his side. "Here... I'll get you another drink."


On the other side of the room Beastboy watched as Raven and Aqualad got cosy together. The boy in blue had just said something that made Raven giggle almost spilling her drink- Raven never giggled. He couldn't exactly interrupt could he? What would his reason be? Aqualad's master plan? Not a single one of the girls believed that Aqualad had a master plan to get with all of them. Bumblebee was first naturally- after she was rejected by Cyborg, then Jinx had a relapse during a relationship break with Kid Flash (now going as The Flash), Kole was picked up one random Titan socail, Gnarrk was not pleased, Argent was seduced after the defeat of the Brain- she said it was the dark hair and unitard that got her and Terra? Well, Terra had a make out session with him on New Years- in her defence: "It was dark and he answered to 'Gar'!"... she had slapped him after the lights were turned on. The boy was a serial womaniser. Because he was so supposedly 'sweet' and 'caring' they never suspected anything of it.

Aqualad made the girls feel like they were using him. Especailly if he was pulling the good guy act- like now.

"Look... Ssstarfire." Bumble Bee slurred. "Look." The alien princess looked in the direction her friend was motioning towards. "Shh. Don't look like we're looking." Bumble Bee was looking at her teammate getting chummy with Raven. "I knew she'd pull in a dress like that." Bumble Bee continued.
"Pull?" Starfire questioned innocently, "But I don't see her engaging in any physical movement with Aqualad."
"She's not that kind of pulling silllly. I can only wonder what kind of physical movement she'll do with Aqualad." The Titan then burst into a giggle fit and leaned to rest her head on Argent's shoulder.
"She's making innuendos Starfire." The English girl explained, "Basically that Raven and Aqualad will get... intimate..." It was then that Starfire's naturally orange face flushed slightly.


"Can I kiss you?" Aqualad asked her. Raven 'mhm'ed and leaned in with half-lidded eyes. She felt his palms on her cheeks and then moments later they were kissing. It was chaste, sweet and long. If she wasn't definately sure that Jared wasn't dead she could have sworn she was kissing him. His arm wrapped around her waist and she was pulled closer. They looked adorable, like they really were a couple in love, not like a 'merry- not drunk' girl and a manipulative womaniser.

"Aw." Starfire sighed, "I am most glad that Raven has found someone to be happy with. Are you not glad also?" The princess asked Beastboy. It seemed he just couldn't win. Terra was currently talking animatedly with Speedy- and avoiding him like the plague. Raven was making out with possibly the worst man-whore in Titan existance. Where was the whiskey when it was needed?
"Yeah... Yeah... whatever." He turned away from the scene unfolding on the couch, saw Terra and Speedy holding hands then averted his eyes again. Raven and Aqualad were on their way out of the main room.

No! He would not let Raven get used by this guy too!


Aqualad led her outside and carried her to her room. Her head was resting on his shoulder as his footsteps echoed through the empty corridor. They entered her room and he laid her gently on the bed- he got up but she pulled him back down.
"Kiss me like before." she pleaded desperately. In the dark it was just as if Jared was there. When his mouth enveloped her's she buried her fingers in his dark hair. Soon his hand was trailing up her leg and pushing up the piece of cloth Kida and Starfire had called a dress.

He was kissing the juction of her neck and shoulder when Beastboy burst in.
"Dude! Get the hell off of her!" The changeling all but screamed. He pulled the merman off of the bed and frog marched him out of the room. He closed the door after him and turned on the switch. Raven was sitting up and staring at him blankly not even attempting to cover her bare chest.
"What the hell Garfeild!" She yelled. He covered his eyes thinking she was embarassed that she was half naked. "Why did you do that for?"
"Hello? I just saved you from the biggest jerk out there!" he said lifting his arms up in anguish- she didn't get it. They never got it. Why the hell didn't they get it?
"Who said I wanted to be 'saved'?" the empath replied.
"Oh come on!" He argued, "I know your boyfriend is dead but your gonna drown your sorrows in alcohol and get with that man-whore? Raven you could do so much better." Each word he spoke he got closer to the bed, his voice getting louder and louder, inch by inch their faces were getting closer as they squared up for an argument.
"Yeah like who?" she retorted. He grabbed her arms. "Well?"
"I don't know- anyone but him."
"Why do you even care?" she asked him.
"Because we have a kid and I care for her and you!"
"Well if you did care about me you sure have a great way of showing it!"

"I do show you! Christ Raven you just brush it off." Raven turned her head to the side. "Do you want me to prove it?"
"You could try. Most likely you'd fail." she spat at him. He pulled her into a vice-like hug and sat up. While she struggled against him he didn't budge.
"I am not going to let go." he growled. "Not until you tell me what's wrong."
"Nothing is wrong." she hissed.
"And that means that everything is."

She fell asleep in his arms. It wasn't half as romantic as it sounded- they were both uncomfortable sitting upright in bed, she was cold from lack of anything but Beastboy's body and her underwear keeping her warm. And Beastboy- his only complaints would be that Raven's head was extremly heavy when she was asleep, and that because of her constant struggling he couldn't get a wink of sleep.


"Do you want to talk now?" he asked first thing in the morning.
"Then we'll just sit here till you want to talk it out."

At midday no one had even looked for them. It was probably best seeing as if they had, they would have been asked to help clean up before the children came back.
"How about now? I bet you're bursting to go to the toilet."
"No. I have something called bladder control. You're the one who needs to go."
"I'll hold it in until you get talking sunshine."
"Let me go."
"No." Finally a thought came to Raven. She had powers! A black energy surrounded Beastboy's arms and pried them from her body. Instantly Raven got up- put on a T-shirt and headed for the bathroom. Leaving Beastboy stuck with his hands touching the ceiling.
"Raven? Raven come back! I need to pee!"

She immerged an hour later, hair sopping wet and tied up with a small fluffy towel around her body. As she changed he watched her, the water reminded him that he needed to pee. So badly.
"Come on! Do you want me to pee on this bed? Or anywhere else in the room?"
"Nope. But I figure you're going to be embarrassed and all I'd have to do is dispose of the sheets and matress."
"Have some humanity woman!"
"I'm half demon. I think I'd much rather torture you." she purred. The button down shirt she had on was sliding down her shoulders. She leaned foreward and pushed him down onto the bed. She ran her fingers up and down his sides lightly and began to kiss him hotly, ocaisonally biting him. Slowly she unbuttoned the shirt he was wearing from the night before, all the while trailing open mouthed kisses down his chest. Soon it was obvious as to what was poking through his trousers. With her job done Raven got up.
"Wha-? Why're you stopping?"
"And now you know how I felt last night."


"Call me that again. I dare you."
"I said... whore." Raven punched him in the gut. With her anger taking control the magical bonds keeping Beastboy bound were released. He flipped them over so that he was on top. "That's what you would have been known as if you slept with Aqualad last night."
"That guy is such a player Raven. Every girl he's been with has been the talk of the nation for at least 3 months."
"He's got a master plan- he gets a kick from sleepin' with super-chicks."
"You are lying... I wasn't even with Aqualad last night!" Raven stayed quiet for a moment. She searched his memories. No deceit. No jokes. He was telling the truth.
"I'm not. You were already hurt enough... you don't need that jerk and the paparazzi being the cherry on top of the cake. Do you trust that I care about you now?"
"I wasn't with Aqualad. I don't know what you are talking about- all I remember is downing a round on shots and you bursting in my room. You interrupted me and... Jared?" she replied. But that didn't make any sense... Jared was dead. Dead and gone, buried in the earth, the whole six feet.
"Raven... Jared's dead..."
"I.. I know... I was there... I saw it. I saw him! Last night I swear it was him." Beastboy sat up. She wasn't feeling right. The alcohol must've messed with her perception.
"That's alright Rae- I guess I understand... I mean I thought I saw Te-" He stopped mid-sentence... probably not the best idea to talk to her about Terra. "I was only looking out for you... believe me?" The empath nodded, "Good. And now I'm going to take care of this." he kissed the top of her head and headed out.

Raven sat by herself for a while... He stopped her from doing something that would cause a scandal. Maybe he didn't love her but at least he cared... wasn't that good enough for now?