Then He Kissed Her


Bulma was in the kitchen, cooking some kind of meal she saw in a cookbook, trying to follow every direction it gave her. Though, when she looked at the beautifully set food in the book, then looked at her lumpy mess, she put the book down and sighed.

"Well, at least I can say I tried," she said aloud, though no one was around to hear her.

"Sometimes trying isn't enough, woman!" growled Vegeta, walking into the room to get something to eat after spending his whole day in the gravity room.

Bulma turned away from the counter and saw Vegeta rummaging through the refrigerator.

"And what exactly is that supposed to mean?" she asked, putting the book in a drawer.

"It means…" started Vegeta, walking over to the table and laying tons of food down, "that when you are in battle and you die…you are not going to be saying 'at least I tried'."

She raised an eyebrow, "Vegeta, you're strange. I didn't say one word about a battle, all it is, is food."

"Yeah, but if you would have just left your garbage lying around and I would've ate it, I could have died and then you'll find out that I won't be around to say 'at least I tried'."

This made Bulma laugh a little, but when she looked at her green, bubbling creation, she gave a disgusted look, "Well, I guess you'll right about it being garbage…though you would have to be pretty stupid to eat it."

Bulma laughed again and Vegeta glared at her. As soon as he was about to say something, the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Bulma screamed, used to always yelling that when the phone rang.

Vegeta snorted, "It's not like I was."

Bulma picked on the phone, "Hello…hi, Yamcha! How have you been?"

She began twirling her finger around the cord and smiling, which made Vegeta roll his eyes and continue to eat.

"I've missed you, too, sweety," she giggled, "Tonight? Sure! I'd loved to go out tonight! Okay, see you around seven? …Great! 'Bye, I love you, too."

She put the phone back in the holder and did two twirls in the middle of the kitchen, "YEA! Yamcha's finally coming back for some time off of training to see me! I've missed him so much!"

"So I've heard," said Vegeta, still stuffing his face.

Usually, Bulma was advice him not to talk with his mouth full, but she was in too good a mood to care. She danced all the way into the other room and to the stairs. Even from the kitchen, she could be heard singing:

"Well, he walked up to me and he asked me if I wanted to dance. He looked kinda nice and so I said I might take a chance. When he danced he held me tight…" and then her voice faded away from upstairs.

Vegeta finished eating his food, then shook his head getting up from the table and heading towards the door to go train again, "Women…earthlings…what bizarre creatures…"


About two hours later, Bulma came downstairs in a short, blue dress and sparkling earrings that showed through her fine hair. She looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it said seven to seven, so she decided to go outside and wait.

Even though this was two hours later, she was still so overwhelmed by Yamcha's coming back, that she was still dancing and twirling around in her heels.

Once she got out of the house, though, she was surprised to see Vegeta training outside of the gravity room. She smiled. She had someone to talk to as she waited, even though she knew there was no guarantee he would talk back.

She began singing again as she walked up to where he was punching the air; "Each time I saw him I couldn't wait to see him again. I wanted to let him know that he was more than a friend.

I didn't know just what to do, so I whispered I love you…"

"Are you still singing that stupid song?" Vegeta asked, not stopping his furious attacks on the air.

Bulma put her hands on her hips, "It's not stupid! It happens to be one of my favorite songs, thank you very much!"

"You're not welcome," he said simply.

She blinked twice, trying to get the joke, then finally understood and stood up straight, "Ha! Even you can't put me in a bad mood now, Vegeta!"

Vegeta didn't say nothing back, just focused on his moves.

It got quiet between them, the only sound heard was the whoop of Vegeta's fast movements.

Bulma switched her weight over to her other foot, "So what are you gonna do tonight, Vegeta?"


"Aren't you gonna get out for awhile and have some fun?" she asked.

"My life doesn't evolve around fun! My whole life is training!" Vegeta replied, not once looking at her.

Bulma looked at him sadly and pulled on her one earring out of habit, "That doesn't seem right…everyone needs a break now and then."

"Not me. If you want your world saved, I find it better to not take breaks," Vegeta said, losing his patients.

"Yeah, but Yamcha's taking a break."

"He's a weakling!"

Vegeta was expecting to get yelled at by her for that comment, but to his surprise, all she did was stand there and look at him.

He stopped moving, "What?" he asked, his eyes narrowing further, trying to read her thoughts.

Bulma shook her head a little, the same look of sorrow on her face. But a loud beep broke her trance. She looked over to see Yamcha in a sports car.

"Hey, Bulma! Come on, let's get going," Yamcha said, motioning his arms for her to jump in the car.

She smiled again and walked quickly to the car, waving back at Vegeta as she did. Vegeta didn't wave back, just stood in his famous position: legs apart and arms crossed.

Bulma opened the passenger door and climbed in, slamming the door after her. She leaned over and kissed Yamcha sweetly, then went back to a sitting position and buckled up. And before anything else was done, the car sped off.

Vegeta watched until it was out of sight, then slowly turned around and went inside the gravity room.


Later that night, around nine, Vegeta walked back inside Capsule Corp. after overloading the gravity room. He walked to the kitchen, grumbling to himself about not getting enough training.

As he walked towards the refrigerator to get a "small" snack, he saw Bulma's supposed casserole…or something.

"Eck…I just lost my appetite," he said, turning around and heading towards the stairs.

Once he got upstairs to his bedroom, he took a quick shower then flopped down on his bed, exhausted.

'I feel like I haven't slept in ages…' he said to himself, 'probably true.'

And with that thought, he covered up and fell asleep.

"Come here, Vegeta…I want to show you something," said an ugly monster, smirking down at the young boy coming towards him.

"What is it, Lord Freiza?" asked the child, standing in front of the requester, arms straight down to his sides.

Freiza would not stop giving an evil smirk, as he turned to a big window, showing planets upon planets. He pointed to one in particular.

"Do you see that planet right there?" it asked, looking back at Vegeta.

"Yes," replied Vegeta.

"And do you recognize that planet?"

Vegeta nodded, "That is my home planet of Vegetasei," he answered, bowing his head a little.

Freiza smiled, "Very good…don't you miss it sometimes?"

Vegeta closed his eyes for a moment before reopening them, "No. I am completely happy here with you, Lord Freiza."

Freiza did not seem as happy as he usually would be after getting a compliment like that. Instead, he frowned.

"I know you are lying to me, Vegeta. I can tell from your voice and your eyes that you miss your planet dearly," he smiled again and turned back to the window to look out, "However, I will not punish you."

Vegeta looked taken aback.

Freiza shook his head, "No, not this time. Because in the near future, Vegeta, you will have nothing to miss and you will have no choice what so ever…but to enjoy it here with me."

As soon as he ended his sentence, Freiza pushed a red button on the wall beside the high window, making the space ship they were on begin to tremble.

"Wha…what are you doing, Lord Freiza!?" Vegeta screamed over the load rumble.

Freiza grinned, "You'll see."

Vegeta stared at him hard, trying to figure out what Freiza was planning, but saw nothing but pure joy. He looked out the window, stepping towards it once.

But before he could take one more step, he saw about five huge missiles filled with a high energy being thrown from the pit of the ship. They flew though the empty atmosphere quickly…and reaching his planet within seconds.

It the blink of an eye, Vegeta saw his home planet burst from the middle, high flames flying up from every direction. It lit up the dark sky like a show of fireworks, though no people were heard screaming for joy…only the low moans from the now distant planet of the saiyans being disintegrated with their home.

And before another thought…there was no sign that there ever was a planet filling that space.

Vegeta stared in open-mouthed horror, not believing what his eyes told him.

"You…you blew up my planet!" he screamed, knowing it sounded obvious and stupid, but he found it impossible that it happened.

But that statement only made Freiza laugh hysterically, "That is what I meant to do, fool!"

Vegeta heard him from the back of his mind, but everything seemed to be going in slow motion at that time. Yet, slowly, his astonishment faded and anger quickly took its place.

"N-no…NO! You destroyed my planet and…and killed my father!!" Vegeta yelled, turning back to Freiza with hatred in his eyes.

Freiza nodded, "All part of the plan."

Tears brimmed Vegeta's eyes, but he ignored them.

'Now is not the time to weep! Now is the time to kill!" Vegeta said to himself, as he made a furious attempt to attack Freiza.

But Freiza smacked him away with ease; "Don't you dare try to attack me, boy! You're hopeless! Unless you want to die, too, I would suggest you not do anything!"

Vegeta didn't listen to a word he said the only sound he heard was the anger beating loudly within his ears. Behind that was a lost memory of his fathers' voice saying goodbye.

He shook his head vigorously, tears flying from his eyes. He flew at Freiza again, "NOOO!"

Bulma walked into her house about a quarter to ten, her eyes puffy and rimmed with redness. She put her keys on the counter and rubbed her eyes with her palms. After pushing her hands to her eyes hard, she took them away, only to find that, that made her eyes hurt more and had her seeing black dots everywhere.

"Oh…I feel so dead," she mumbled to herself.

She began making her way slowly into the living room, when she heard Vegeta screaming from upstairs. For some reason, this woke her up again and she bounded up the stairs without thinking.

Once she made it to his room, running in since his door was open, she saw that he was having a nightmare.

She sighed with relief a little bit, happy that no one was in her house. But as she got closer to Vegeta and saw him withering around under his covers, along with painful cries from him, she felt worried all over again.

She walked up beside his bed and began shaking him some, saying his name over and over to try and wake him up.

"Vegeta? Vegeta! Come on…Vegeta! Wake up!" Bulma started to become louder, and unfortunately, so did he.

Finally after a few more moments of trying to wake him, Vegeta grabbed her wrists tightly as he awoke in a sitting position.

From the grip he had on her, she screamed out in pain, "Ow! Vegeta, let go, you're hurting me!"

Once he caught his breath, he looked over at the withering Bulma trying to get away from his grip. Seeing that he did have a hold her, he let her go quickly.

Bulma stumbled back a few steps, holding and massaging her wrist, "Gees Vegeta…you didn't have to do that!"

"I…I…" Vegeta stuttered at first, still trying to wake up. He then realized what was going on, "What are you doing in my room, woman!"

Bulma narrowed her eyes, "Hey, I heard you having a nightmare, so I decided to come in here and be nice and wake you up!"

"Well, I didn't ask for your help, now did I?" he yelled back, throwing the covers off and putting his feet on the ground.

She began getting mad at him, so she went right up to his face, "Listen, Vegeta…" then she stopped with a slight gasp. Since she was right up to him, she saw all his features. But looking into his eyes made everything else disappear, "Ve-Vegeta? Are you…crying?"

Vegeta blinked twice, then pushed her away slightly and walked away from the bed with his back towards her, "No! Of course not, woman, I don't know what gave you that idea!"

Bulma didn't bother to yell at him for lying, she saw how glassy his eyes were. For some reason, she felt like her heart was breaking just for him. Maybe it was just because she never saw him cry before and she knew it must be something serious.

She thought about leaving. Sure, that would be the best idea for anybody that Vegeta told to leave. But she couldn't. She couldn't bring herself to walk towards the door and leave, knowing that something was wrong.

She stood up tall, giving herself confidence. She would help Vegeta, even if it killed her…literally.

Bulma took a step towards him; "Sometimes it's all right to cry…"

When Vegeta didn't answer her, she relaxed a little. Once she did this, she found out she'd been holding her breath the whole time, even as she talked.

She took a few more steps towards him, until she was right behind him. She slowly and gently began putting her hand on his shoulder.

He felt this and turned around, slapping her hand away, "Don't touch me, woman! I told you, I don't need your help!"

Bulma held her hand tightly. By the end of the night, she was either going to be dead, or pretty bruised up.

But she refused to give up!

"I cried tonight, you know," she started, letting her hands drop to her sides.

His hard expression didn't change from his scowl; "I don't—."

"It was because of Yamcha," she went on before he could finish, "I thought tonight was going to be a special night…what with Yamcha coming back from his training just to spend time with me…" she smiled a bit, "well, it seems like it didn't even start off good. When I first got in his car, I looked down after I kicked something. What I saw was a perfume bottle. At first, I thought it was for me, but then I saw…I saw that it was half empty."

She looked down at her feet, feeling as though she were about to go through another round of tears. But bravely, she looked back up at Vegeta, "I tried not to think too much of it, heh, after all, I was with him to have a good time, not to worry about a perfume bottle.

"Well, we soon got to a hotel. That was where he was taking me to eat. We walked in and the place was beautiful! The main hall was large with fancy red carpet," she laughed some, "and weird statues everywhere. Anyway, once we got past that, we entered a huge room, which was the hotel restaurant. Everything about it looked so formal, I felt kinda embarrassed that I didn't dress better.

"Supper went pretty well, though, to tell you the truth. We were waited on, we ordered, we ate…the only thing missing was…was talking," she looked away from Vegeta again, every once in awhile feeling tears wail up in her eyes. And seeing his expression not change didn't help her go on any. But now that she got started, she found she couldn't stop.

She took a deep breath, and let it out slowly, knowing she was shaking, "Then, he said he had another surprise for me. My spirit lifted, thinking that maybe it involved us talking some more, since I was so interested about what he's been doing. Well, before I knew it, we were on an elevator, then on the third floor, then inside a hotel room," she swallowed hard, "Right away, I knew what was going on…and I knew what he wanted. But—but I didn't want that yet!"

She jumped when she heard herself sob, not expecting it, "W-We've been in this kind of position before and I thought then would be no difference. I would just tell him no and he would back off. But I soon found out that he wasn't about to give in that easily. I was sort of taken aback when he asked me why…so I just said that I would rather wait till I was married. I don't know why I said that…I'm not some religious person who believes that you can't do anything before you're married…I just wasn't ready!" from hearing herself almost scream this, mixed in with loud sobs, she covered her mouth with one hand, trying to settle herself.

Vegeta still stood there, wondering in his head why the heck she was telling him all this…didn't she knew he didn't care? Then again…if he didn't care, why was he still listening and not throwing her out the window?

He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard her talking again.

"So then…he—he asked me to…marry him! Marry him! Can you believe he had the nerve to do that!?" she screamed, "Before all this…I would have loved being asked to marry him…because I thought he loved me…but after I said no and he asked me to be his wife…I saw that it wasn't for love! The only reason he asked me to marry him was so he could get me in bed! That's all! I…"

She did another sob, not being able to go on. Bulma began filling dizzy from saying all this, and she made her way over to his bed and sat on it, gripping the side for support.

Vegeta watched her every move, not sure how to handle a situation like this. He never had a crying woman in his room, on his bed, crying her heart out because she just told him something horrible.

Bulma tried to recover herself as fast as she could, feeling herself blush a little from having an outburst like that in front of Vegeta.

She sniffed a couple of times, then wiped her eyes with her fingers, "I-I'm sorry…I didn't mean to overreact like that."

Vegeta was still staring at her and then finally he couldn't take it any more, he had to know, "Why did you just tell me all this, woman?" he asked.

Bulma looked over at him and smiled, "Everyone needs someone to tell these kinds of things to sometimes."

Vegeta didn't say anything.

"And you know what hurts the most though?" she asked, "It's that I had dreams about us breaking up…and tonight when I kept asking him if he was seeing anyone else and he said no…I didn't believe him, but I didn't say anything. Heh…now how stupid is that?"

Vegeta didn't answer her. For awhile, he was quiet and Bulma got quiet, too, not sure what else to say. Then Vegeta finally spoke.

"The dream I just had…it's nothing new. I have the same dream every night. About my home planet getting blown to smithereens and losing my father by Freiza. It has haunted me since I was a kid, ever since it happened," he paused a moment, looking away from her, some how embarrassed that he was telling her this, "I don't know why these dreams still bother me so, I should be used to them by now."

Bulma shook her head; "There are some things you can never get used to."

Vegeta growled and looked back at her, his hands now clenched, "You don't get it, do you?! I lost my home and my father in the same day! I was just a child; it's going to be a nightmare that will never leave!"

Bulma gave him a sympathetic look.

"I don't want you to feel bad for me, woman!" he yelled at her after seeing her look, "No one ever felt bad for me or gave me pity all my life and you're not about to start it!" he calmed down some, "No one ever cared for me…"

Bulma began fidgeting with her hands, "I'm sure there was someone who did…"

He shook his head; "No…only my mother, but she died when I was only about three. She was a Saiyan that actually cared about more than just fighting and battle. She always wanted to spend every moment with me…even if I was supposed to be training at the time. That got her in a lot of trouble from my father…and also got me in trouble a lot since she would get me in the mood for playing…instead of training."

Without realizing it, he made his way over to his bed and sat beside Bulma. The continued:

"Eventually, my father couldn't take her bothering me all the time and…and killed her," Vegeta lowered his head.

This surprised Bulma that his father would just jump right to her death and accidentally let out a gasp. She covered her mouth up quickly, "Oh…Vegeta, I'm so sorry…"

He waved his hand at her to not be, then decided to move on.

"After that, I was forced to train day and night to make up for lost time. If I didn't work hard enough, said I was tired, or just couldn't do something…my father would abuse me and tell me he was ashamed. After hearing that for some time, I decided I wanted to make him proud. But as soon as I set this goal…he let Freiza take me.

"Freiza trained me harder than even my father. He gave me an option though: Kill, or be killed. I tried to get out of it sometimes…but I soon learned that if I didn't kill victims…they would be tortured, along with me. So I eventually just started killing them without a second thought. Then, it started to become a routine and I…I began to enjoy killing innocent people. Just to hear their cry of agony made me want one after another!

"Soon, killing one at a time wasn't enough for me! I wanted missions to destroy planets, seeing millions of lives being shredded to pieces in one blow! Freiza was delighted that I became this way, and granted my wish for this…about time I was fifteen, I've made tons of species extinct," by now, Vegeta was grinding his teeth, trying hard to get the images of his victims out of his mind.

Bulma's eyes were wide by now. She always knew he was a killer…but she had no idea how much of one. And at that moment, she called herself crazy for sitting beside him on a bed. Any other person would have run off screaming by now. She admitted to herself, though, that it wasn't the most comfortable thing, sitting by a killer that was telling his life story. But in another way, it was soothing. She never dreamed that she would be able to open up Vegeta enough so that he would tell her anything about him. She always thought he was too stubborn to talk much and just kept to himself…but there she was, listening to him talk on and on. She smiled to herself, feeling proud.

"Even though I tried to stop…I couldn't. I thought that making Freiza happy was make him leave my planet alone. After all, even though I wasn't that close to my father, he was the only family I had left. But I found out I was wrong. Freiza blew up my planet right in front of me.

"And right then…something snapped inside of me. I found out that no matter what I did, I couldn't get away from the pain. I would try and try to make people happy, but they never appreciated it. So, I stopped trying all together and continued killing anyone and anything to relieve my stress and I also learned to never trust anyone!"

Vegeta finally stopped, taking deep breaths, since he said that last part in a rush. He felt sweat slide down his face and reached his hand up to wipe it away. He looked over at the woman still sitting beside him, looking at him with interest in her eyes. He was surprised he didn't see fear instead.

"I…I can't believe I just told you all that," he admitted.

Bulma smiled, "I won't tell anyone…you can trust me."

At that statement, Vegeta felt like he stopped breathing all together. Didn't he just say that he learned to never trust anyone? Well…why did he just tell her everything if he didn't trust her? And the bigger question was the littlest one: if he did trust her…why?

"Wow…you had some life. I can't say that mine was that in-depth," Bulma commented, getting more comfortable on the bed by putting one leg under her and moving further on the bed to have her other leg dangle off the side.

"When I was a little girl," she started, "I didn't have any friends except for some pets. Since I was from a rich family, I didn't go to public schools to meet anybody; I didn't even go to private schools. I was just home schooled. I hardly paid attention to my tutor though…I was a smart girl and got bored easily since I knew everything he was talking about. I was very active, so a lot of times I would just run outside and play in the yard. I would see other kids walking down the street, but every time I asked if I could play with them, they would call me a stuck up prep that thought I was too good for them because of all the money I had," Bulma shook her head with a scowl on her face, "I swear, some people were just so mean.

"I would always use to play princess, acting like I was the best princess in all the land and everyone liked me and the way I ruled my kingdom…" Bulma laughed, remembering some of the funny things she would do, "but I would always have a conflict for myself."

She looked over at Vegeta and smiled, trying to hide her embarrassment; "I could never find a prince for me to marry."

Vegeta shook his head; "Being in a rural family isn't always what it's cut out to be."

She nodded, "I know that now, but back then…it seemed like I was always watching some kind of movie where a prince comes and takes the princess away to be his bride so they could live happily ever after."

Bulma sighed, "But since I never had any friends, how could I fall in love? So…one day when I was about sixteen, I was just messing around in my father's lab after watching a show about the dragon balls. When I heard that they could grant any wish, I knew what I wanted right away: a boyfriend. Well, I worked hard to make something to maybe help me find these balls and finally…I made the dragon radar. I set out on my quest as soon as possible and that's when I met Goku…he was my first real friend."

Vegeta chuckled, "It figures it would be Kakarot."

Bulma laughed, too, "Yeah, I admit that Goku was a weird kid, but he was a real help when there was danger. I don't know where I would be right now if it weren't for him.

"Well, we searched long and hard, having good times and bad along the way. When he got the dragon balls taken away from us and having Oolong save the day by wishing for underwear," she laughed, "we found out that it was okay that I didn't get to make my wish, because I got Yamcha," upon hearing herself say his name so casually, she looked down at her hands and began fidgeting again.

Vegeta turned to his side and leaned up against his bedpost, kicking his feet up for him to now get into a comfortable position.

She felt her face turning red again, and wanted to change the subject, "Have you ever been in love, Vegeta?"

Right away, he shook his head, "No…it's a weaklings thing, not mine."

At first, Bulma felt her temper rise from this comment, but calmed herself down quickly. She didn't want to start fighting with Vegeta when they were getting along so well.

"It's not necessarily a sissy thing…actually people who are in love are very brave. Love is a fragile thing and it takes a lot of guts to trust everything that other person does."

Vegeta shrugged, "You trusted Yamcha and look how things turned out."

Bulma bit her lip, feeling her heart break all over again. She turned away from him, "Yeah, well…I tried."

"Didn't I say before that trying isn't always enough?" Vegeta said, eyeing her.

She nodded, "Yes, but if trying isn't enough…than what is?"

"Just plain doing it."

Bulma turned back to him, "Well, I did do it. If you want to put it that way, fine. I did love and it didn't work out, so just plain doing it isn't that much different from trying, now is it?"

Vegeta paused for a moment. He never thought about it that way. But he was surprised at himself that he actually nodded in agreement with her. Usually he would never admit that he was wrong.

Bulma smiled, "Yeah…and maybe in time…I'll meet someone new and better. I'm not going to stop trying just because of Yamcha…even though we were together for about fifteen years."

"Well, I was never in love anyway, I would kill anybody I saw and that included women, so I never got the chance. And like you said…" he closed his eyes, "Love has a lot of trust involved. And like I said…I stopped trusting everyone."

Bulma bit her lip and rubbed her hands across the bed, feeling that her palms were sweaty, "Well…you trust me."

Vegeta snapped his eyes open at this comment. What did he just get himself into? He knew it was true, he did trust her, now that he knew more about her…but he didn't realize that he just made it seem like the two of them had a chance together.

He laughed in his head. That was the craziest idea he ever heard. Earlier that day, they would not be able to talk to each other without getting into an argument, now, it seemed like they could be pretty good friends…but nothing more.

He shook his head, "So?"

Bulma felt herself blush extremely and it felt to her that it was over one hundred degrees in the room, "N-nothing, heh, just making a statement," she laughed nervously.

Vegeta didn't take his eyes off her, until he saw her face turn back to normal some. He leaned his head back against the bedpost and closed his eyes again.

A few moments past without them saying anything, and when he opened his eyes, he caught her looking at him.

"What?" he asked, picking his head up again.

Bulma blinked and quickly turned away, her face burning again, "Nothing!"

He raised an eyebrow and turned to lay his feet on the floor again, "What is it, woman?"

Bulma's mind was still spinning from her confusion. Was she really having these feelings for…Vegeta? NO! Impossible…it was only the night. She just had a rough break up with her boyfriend and was single again. That, and along with being with another guy in his bedroom was the only thing make her mind think crazy thoughts.


Hearing him scream this, she snapped out of her trance, "What? I have a name, ya know! It's B-b-bu-u-ul-l-lm-m-ma-a-a," she said slowly, pronouncing it for him as though he were a little kid.

Vegeta smirked, "Well, to me, you're name is woman."

Bulma rolled her eyes, then caught a glance at the clock and saw that it was two a.m.

"Kami! I didn't know that it was this late! We've been talking for about four hours!" she laughed, "How time flies when you're having fun, eh?"

Vegeta lowered his eyes and mumbled, "I guess…"

Bulma yawned, "Well, I'm tired, I'm going to bed. See you in the morning, kay?" she stood up and headed towards the door.

Vegeta nodded once, since she was walking towards the door backwards.

Bulma smiled, "Goodnight, Vegeta."

"Close the door on your way out," was the last thing Vegeta said before covering up.

Bulma turned off his light then walked out the door, looking back in at the laying Vegeta, smiling, before she closed the door.