Then He Kissed Her


"You're going back into space?" Bulma asked him again, making sure she heard right.

Vegeta nodded, "Yes, and don't make a bigger deal out of this than what it really is. I won't stay forever."

Bulma switched her gaze to past him, staring blankly at the darkness, "Yes you will…"

Chuckling, Vegeta laid back down with his arms crossed behind his head, "That would be a stupid thing for me to do. I go into space to become a Super Saiyan to defeat the androids, then I don't even come back to do that," he looked down at Bulma, "Seems like a waste, doesn't it?"

"No…not really," by the monotonous way Bulma spoke and the confused look she gave to emptiness, Vegeta thought she fell asleep and was letting her dream talk, "You lived in space all your life. You can go back there and realize how much you miss it and how much you really did hate Earth. You always said you never liked it…why help save it? Now tell me, Vegeta, what would you decide? A great Super Saiyan life out in space, able to be the prince you were, going from one planet to another, just to blow each up…or just a Super Saiyan life on Earth, continuously protecting it from evil villains along with your once most outstanding enemies, and—."

"Would you shut up about that already!" Vegeta finally screamed after minutes of grinding his teeth together. He sat up beside her again, hoping to gain her attention, but she still stared off, "By the way you say that, you make it seem like you want me to stay in space!"

That finally snapped Bulma out of her trance as tears formed under her lids and she looked at Vegeta longingly, "No, Vegeta, I would never want that."

"Then why talk about it?!" he yelled, obviously frustrated from it all himself.

Bulma sniffed and rubbed her eyes roughly, "Because it can happen. Ever since I started to get feelings for you and I sensed that you had similar feelings for me, there was something that kept repeating in my mind 'Don't do it! You're only going to get yourself hurt in the end!' But,"—she sobbed—"I knew by then that Yamcha wasn't that oh-so-special-someone and—."

"Woman, you're blabbering," Vegeta warned, clenching his teeth together, "If you thought all of this, why did you even decide to do anything with me anyway?"

From this question, Bulma gave a little smile, "Everyone accepts a certain amount of deception and illusion. That's just the price we pay for what little happiness we can achieve."

Vegeta was taken aback by this response. Never before had he heard her sound so sincere and have total meaning behind it. But maybe she was right…all those years for him living with Freiza, he always told himself he was stronger than that freak, but deep down, he knew it wasn't true, that's why he continued to obey and not kill Freiza then and there.

He shook his head, "Bulma, stop. I will be back, maybe even before you have the kid, I don't know. I sure am not going to lack off just so it will take me more than four months to achieve Super Saiyan," he smirked.

Bulma nodded slowly, then came to a realization, "Hey wait a sec…you said four months…?"

"Heh, I knew you would catch that," Vegeta said.

She cocked her head to the side questioningly.

"Well, as you know, I need a space ship to go to space, correct?" Bulma nodded and he continued, "And since the one you used to go to Namek is a little beat up," he emphasized that a little was actually a lot, "I contacted your father in Hawaii and told him to get back here and fix that goddamn thing!"

Bulma looked at him in shock, "You made my dad come back from vacation just for that?"

"What do you mean "just for that?"? If I wanna get going, might as well start soon. Small problem is…he said it might take 3 months, especially if he has to start from scratch, the machine might be too well gone."

She sighed, "I'll be five months into my pregnancy by then…the time I need you most…"

Vegeta rolled his eyes, "Don't even start."

Again, Bulma felt hot tears in her eyes, "But it's true! Vegeta, I don't want to be pregnant all those months without you here! The baby needs you…I need you!" She flung her arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder.

"I'm sure with all the help you have around here," he said, not even bothering to comfort her, "It will be like everyone else is pregnant and everyone else will take care of the kid and—."

"How can you say such a thing?!" she cried out, unwrapping herself from him, "I plan to be the best mother I can be by taking care of my child on my own!"

Vegeta smirked, "See? Be the best mother you can be and take care of your child on your own."

Bulma blinked, "You mean…you won't help me take care of him…even when you come back?"

"With the way you're acting…I find no reason to," and even though he meant to say that sternly, it came out a bit more rough than intended.

She was taken aback at first, but quickly recovered, "With the way I'm acting?!

"Yes," he nodded, "You're crying out of self-pity and I give no one pity. So if that's the way you think of it…" he shrugged.

He heard her let out a low growl and get off the bed to turn on the light. His pupils dilated quickly, but Bulma had to shield her eyes for awhile while talking to him.

"My crying is not out of self-pity! I'm just scared of losing you!" she admitted, proud of herself that she didn't stutter.

"Don't be scared, either!" he roared, standing up from the bed also, "Being scared gets you nowhere! Nowhere! Don't you want to go on and be somewhere!?"

Finally, Bulma was able to uncover her eyes and look at him, "Vegeta, I don't know what the hell you are talking about and you're making no sense!" Bulma tempted to calm herself down as she stepped towards him, "Please, Vegeta…don't leave."

Vegeta snorted and crossed his arms, "You sure do have a way of changing your mood, don't you?"

Bulma sucked in a deep breath to keep herself calm, "That's not the point, Vegeta."

He sighed, "Yeah, yeah, I know what the point is, you don't have to explain it to me. But personally, I'm getting tired of hearing you. I knew I shouldn't have told you I was leaving, I should've known you would complain. Hell, you complain about every little thing! No matter what anyone does to try to help you, you think it's not good enough!"

"Wh-what?" Bulma finally managed to stammer out once Vegeta paused.

"Don't even pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. You knew all along that the reason I was going into space was to be able to become stronger so I can beat those androids, also going so you and—according to you—my son can live in a peaceful world."

Bulma looked utterly shocked and speechless at this revelation.

"That's right, I'm doing it for you," he said, as if she knew that all along and he thought she wanted to hear it from him, "I'm not doing it for my own selfish reasons anymore, not so I can just become Super Saiyan to be stronger than Kakarot. Sure, I still have that urge to do it, but I can no longer think of myself first. Everyone can think I'm a heartless bastard all they want, but I do have more pride in me than to just get up and ditch my mate and son."

Bulma sucked in a deep breath, totally forgetting the whole reason behind any of what he said. She just knew he said it. And she was happy.

"Oh, Vegeta," she went to him with tears in her eyes and her arms wide open to hug him.

But he stepped away.

"Oh, no! Don't you even go "Oh, Vegeta"-ing me, Woman! Don't start pretending. But you know…I don't think I think that way anymore," he smirked and shook his head, "No…after all, if everyone thinks badly about me, why not let their assumptions be correct? I can still—."

"Vegeta, stop!" it was now Bulma's turn to say that phrase. She couldn't help it, he was driving her crazy, and she didn't know what he was talking about, even though he kept saying that she knew.

"Why?" he asked, menacingly, "I'm not even going to begin starting a life with you if you keep wanting me to say and do everything!"

Without another word, he walked around her to her door and opened it, looking back over his shoulder, "You're father should be home tomorrow and I'll make sure I'm gone as soon as possible." With that, he shut her door behind him.

Bulma stood there, dazed and confused, not quite sure what to think of the whole thing. When finally, she turned off her light again, laid down in bed, and sobbed heart-wrenchingly into her pillow.


One month flew by, followed by yet another month. Tension could be felt just by walking into Capsule Corp., the only thing that kept it somewhat lively was Bulma's mother continuously singing and being her carefree self. Other than that, Vegeta kept Dr. Briefs busy almost nonstop, always reminding him that he had a planet to save.

Since the two men were in the outside lab, Vegeta always made sure to put the metal plate around the globe and lock the door so Bulma would not intrude to slow things down. The only time either of the women knew a little of what was happening was when Dr. Briefs came out shortly to get some food and coffee.

That is, until one day going into the second week of the third month, Vegeta came out of the lab and into the kitchen where Bulma and Bunny were, looking not-to-happy.

"How the hell do you wake up that old man! He was doing fine, and then he just fell asleep! I don't have time for this foolish—."

"Normal people need to sleep," Bulma interrupted, putting away five plates that her mother just washed, "not like you would know, or anything."

Vegeta only growled, "I'm not in the mood to hear your lecture!" He turned towards Mrs. Briefs, "Go in there and get your husband up, now!"

Bunny giggled, walking over to Vegeta with a big smile on her face, "Right away, Vegeta! I'm sure he just needed a quick nap is all, he'll be up and a go in no time," she giggled again before turning towards the lab.

"Don't do that, Mom! Dad needs rest, don't wake him up just because Vegeta says so!" Bulma cried, throwing her arms up in the air.

"Oh dear, stop being so hard on Vegeta," was all the older woman said before walking off.

Vegeta smirked over at Bulma from his victory, crossing his arms across his chest and walking back to the lab himself.

"So…is it almost done?" Bulma couldn't help but ask.

He stopped, but didn't turn around to look at her; "Not that it's any of your business, but yes. All the old man said he had left to do was set the panel, make a few more adjustments, and recheck everything to make sure it'll work fine, then I'll be off."

"Oh…" Bulma replied, looking down, "So does that mean you'll be leaving by the end of this week?"

Vegeta snorted and turned towards her, "Hardly. It's Tuesday and I'm planning on leaving tonight, if possible."

"Tonight?!" Bulma emphasized, "Can't you just spend one more day with me before you go? I'm not asking for much, just—."

He shook his head, "No, I already wasted too much time ditty-dawdling around, I want to go as soon as possible now."

Bulma leaned back against the counter, trying to keep her cool. When Vegeta first mentioned that he was going to space, she couldn't imagine how she would act. During the two months that his space ship was being built, she still couldn't imagine how she would act when the true time finally came. And now that is was here, she wished it were all a bad dream.

"You said my dad still needed to do some stuff…" Bulma brought up, "So why can't you spend a little time with me while he does that?"

Vegeta sighed, knowing that once she asked a question, she never liked to leave it alone until she got the answer she wanted, "Because your father might do something to the ship that I don't approve of."

She narrowed her eyes then, crossing her arms across her chest also, "My dad knows what he's doing! He wouldn't send you into space and have the ship just blow up on you!"

"That's not what I meant."

"Then what did you mean?"

"Maybe I just don't want to spend time with you."

Bulma was a little hurt by his words, but didn't show it, "Then why didn't you just say that in the first place?"

"Maybe I did, just not directly," he came back, smirking some from the challenge.

She opened her mouth to say something else, but Bunny came bouncing back in, "Okay, Vegeta, Dr. Briefs is back up and is getting back to work," she gave a flirtatious smile and went back to the dishes.

Vegeta didn't say another word as he went back to the lab.

After he was gone, Bulma sighed and turned around to face the counter full of wet dishes she had to dry.

"What's the matter, Bulma dear? Don't look so glum," Bunny giggled.

Bulma sighed again and picked up a bowl, just twirling it in her hand, "Oh, Mom…I'm gonna miss Vegeta."

Bunny smiled and patted her back lightly, "You're not going to be the only one, but don't worry. Vegeta will be back before you know it."

Bulma looked over at her mother then averted her eyes to the soapy water, "I hope you're right…"


Later that night, around nine-thirty, both Vegeta and Dr. Briefs came out of the lab, looking quite happy. Bulma and Bunny were sitting in the living room watching television when they heard the metal plate go up. Dr. Briefs came in with them, sitting down in a chair.

"Whew, that was some hard work let me tell you. I would have to say my best work after all of that." He explained.

Bulma shook her head, "Where's Vegeta?"

"He went up to start packing some of his things," he said, "very anxious to go, Vegeta is."

Without another word, Bulma hopped off the couch and ran upstairs to Vegeta's room. To her surprise, the door was wide open, giving a good view of Vegeta packing his training clothes and such.

"So," Bulma started, leaning against the door frame and crossing her arms, "I guess this is it then, eh?"

Vegeta grunted in response.

Bulma bit her bottom lip and tried to think of something else to say. She hasn't seen him in two months and she has nothing to talk about! What a switch.

"I'm starting to show…a lot," Bulma couldn't help but laugh as she rubbed her pretty big belly through her loose shirt, "I guess since it's going to be half-Saiyan, it's going to be fairly big."

Vegeta mostly ignored her as he went through his drawers and threw back various items on his bed, near his bag.

Bulma stepped into the room and folded his clothes to put them neatly in his bag, "So I take it you really don't feel in the mood to talk?"

"No." Vegeta grabbed an arms full of clothing that was left and brought it over to his bed. He took the bag away from Bulma and just stuffed everything in there.

Even from the events that were happening, Bulma couldn't help but let out a yawn. She has been getting sleepy early in the night lately, since she continuously had to get up in the middle of the night from the pain in her stomach.

"Do you want me to help with any—." She began.

"Go to bed." Vegeta said quickly, picking up his bag after zippering it.

Bulma shook her head though, "Not yet, I want to be there when you leave. You know…just one last goodbye."

"No!" Vegeta screamed, glaring at her, "You'll only become all emotional and ask if you can come and or to tell me to stay! I don't feel like hearing it."

Even though she really didn't want to admit it, she could see herself doing that. And more than likely, it would happen.

She sighed and took in a wavering breath, "I guess we say goodbye here then…"

Vegeta nodded, "Goodbye," then he turned around and left his room.

Bulma stood there for a moment, not quite sure what to think of that. She ran out into the hallway to call him back, but realized he was already at the bottom of the steps and making his way to the lab. She was about to follow him, but stopped. Maybe he was right…maybe it would be better off if she didn't watch him go. It would just be that much harder.

…But he could of at least kissed her goodbye!

She turned around and went into her room, changing out of her clothes quickly and laying down. Bulma stared up at the ceiling for awhile, feeling tired, yet not really wanting to fall asleep. About fifteen minutes passed when she felt the whole house shake, indicating the lab ceiling opening and the space ship beginning.

Wanting to cry right then, she squeezed her eyes shut and let the low vibrations rock her to sleep. She really didn't get anywhere with it, it just felt good. She pictured Vegeta walking up the ramp and entering the ship, not even looking back before he closed the hatchet. She saw him going over to the seat and buckling himself up for lift-off and—.

Bulma jumped a little when she heard her door open further, letting light from the hallway in. She didn't feel like talking to either of her parents at the moment, so she kept her eyes closed and pretended to sleep. She felt the person sit on the side of her bed and look down at her, making her face twitch a little. The person then touched her face with the back of his hand, making her mouth gape open some.

She knew that touch…she knew that touch more than anyone else!

It was Vegeta. Bulma didn't know why Vegeta was not in the space ship and heading off into space like she imagined, but she still pretended to be asleep, thinking that maybe if she opened her eyes, he would go away or she would just find out it was all a dream.

The bed shifted, indicating that Vegeta was sitting on the lower bed now. She wanted to open her eyes so bad to see what he was doing, but fought back the urge. Bulma then felt Vegeta lower his head to her stomach as he listened and felt for the baby inside. His hand came to her stomach also, making small circles to soothe both the child and her. She felt so overwhelmed by this little gesture that she couldn't help but smile. Even though her and Vegeta hadn't really talked for sometime, she knew that he would come back from space as soon as he could for her. She knew everything was going to be okay.

Vegeta lifted himself from the bed, making Bulma want to reach out for his hand. But he didn't leave, she could still feel his presence next to her. Then the bed went lower again as he put one hand on each side of her, up by her chest. His breath became closer to hers, letting her know that he was right in front of her. Again, he touched the side of her face.

"Bulma…" he said almost inaudibly.

"Hn," she couldn't help but answer when he said her name like that.

He chuckled and she didn't know if that meant he knew she was awake or he thought she was talking in her sleep.

"I'll be back, Bulma…don't worry."

Bulma nodded somewhat noticeably and felt his face became closer. And even though he didn't say it, she could practically hear him screaming the words "I love you".

Then he kissed her.


Oh my goodness, that's it! ::sniff:: It's a little sad though, if you ask me. This was my first DBZ fanfic and now…it's all over. =( Lol, I think that was why I didn't really update sooner, I didn't want it to end. BUT, it is, so…yeah. Hope you all enjoyed the ending and my entire story, I know I enjoyed writing it. ^_^

And if any of you are interested, I'm already working on a new V/B story, here's a short peek:


Vegeta walked into the cell, carrying two trays, sliding them over to the two females instead of handing it to them nicely. He crossed his arms and turned to leave once again.

"Vegeta, where the hell have you been?! You're not forgetting about us, are you?" Bulma asked as she stared at the food, tempted to just scuff down the whole tray. She hadn't eaten in days and started to ponder if she should begin eating her own skin.

He turned back around to stare down at her, since she was crouched in a corner, her clothes torn in various places, indicating that soon, she would most likely be naked.

"No, of course not," Vegeta said sarcastically, "I've just been avoiding you."

Bulma narrowed her eyes at him and stood up wobbly, weak from her lack of food, water, and sunlight, "They're changing you, Vegeta…don't let them get to you."

He shook his head, "They're not doing anything to me."

She kept her eyes narrowed, trying to take a step towards him, only to find that her legs did not want to, "I'm becoming very ill."

Vegeta laughed, leaning up against the wall, finding this all very amusing, "Obviously."

"Your daughter is even worse off than me!" She yelled, tilting her head to the side where Bra lay asleep on the hard "bed".

He only shrugged.

Bulma crossed her arms weakly, trying to hold back the pain she was feeling, both emotional and physical, "And I suppose you heard other gruesome news?"

Vegeta only stared at her.

"Vegeta…your son is dead."


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