The museum was in its usual organized chaos for the reception. Exhibits discussed amongst themselves how they couldn't believe one of their own would marry, one even commenting, "Well, at least he married a night guard that actually works here."

Even with music blaring and people dancing and general ruckus everywhere, some exhibits, like Jed and Octavius, found some time alone.

"Did you enjoy the wedding?" Octavius asked.

"Ya know I'm a sucker for happy endin's," Jed replied. "Course I enjoyed it."

"If I may ask, should we?"

"Should we what?"


"Can we?"

"Excuse me?"

"I mean, is it legal?"

"You're one to ask this. What would you say in reply to this?"

"I'd probably say, oh, somethin' like, 'Who the hell cares?'"

"Which is my response to the letter. Besides, we're exhibits, not people. Human laws don't apply to us, and no one has to know." Octavius smiled at his last few words, leaning toward Jedediah.

"Guess you're right. Jus' not sure about it, is all."

"If you're not ready, I'll understand."

"Okay, 'cause I ain't so sure."

Octavius kissed his lover lightly.

Tally leaned against Ahkmenrah on a bench in the Egyptian Wing. "How'd it get to this point? I mean, here we are, husband and wife, when you're forever young and I'm going to grow old and die, which seems to bug me for some reason, and yet we've still pulled it off," she whispered.

"At least you'll be happy for as long as you can possibly be, and I'm sure even when you're ninety, you'll still feel like you're twenty-four."

"But I won't be pregnant with Ramses Cecil."

"Beg pardon?"

"Our son. I still want to honor his great-grandfather, because without him, I wouldn't be here, believe it or not, and Ramses is a good name for a boy, I think. It's not too weird, and it's not too girly. He'll be just fine as far as that goes."

"You've got an extremely active mind."

"That a problem?"

"I actually find it fairly attractive."

"Thanks. Y'know, I've got a feeling this is gonna be another beautiful sunrise."

"I don't see why it shouldn't be, my lovely one."

Even as Tally clocked out, she felt the warmth of the sun, and her mind drifted to Ra, who seemed to smile upon her as she walked approximately a mile to her apartment complex.