Hi everyone. I'm bored, but this boredom doesn't come with emo-ness, so I can't work on my list of emo stories. (Yes, I do need the feelings before I can write something. Which is a really big problem.)

So I decided to write stuff about KHR, since that's the anime I'm watching now (thanks to harassment from NinaKerndall [author of some KHR story, can't remember] and NikkiX3 [not available on Fanfiction]), and the only part in there that even slightly soothes me is that we get to see Tsuna being bashed up and Chrome is quite pretty (if they removed the lines that makes her have eye-bags).

I'm gonna write a story then. Just about a lot of random things on a Sunday.


"Wake up, No-Good Tsuna," a voice called. Tsuna rolled onto his side, refusing to awake. "It's SUNDAY, Reborn," he mumbled sleepily.


Tsuna: Epic Failure.

Oh. My. Gawd," Tsuna dragged himself to Gokudera Hayato's house after being bombed by Reborn, flying about 70 kilometers away (altitude of 50 kilometers) and almost being poisoned by a certain someone. It was most unfortunate that Lambo happened to use the Ten-Year Bazooka a lot, that Adult Lambo came out, that Adult Lambo looked like Romeo, that Romeo was Bianchi's ex and that Bianchi was more than happy for a reason to kill Romeo.

"DIE!" Bianchi yelled, her pink hair swinging wildly as she balanced a cake on her right hand and prepared to toss it at Adult Lambo, who had appeared after Lambo ran into the Bazooka crying about Reborn exploding him. Adult Lambo screamed like a stuck pig and hid behind Tsuna, which was not good (for Tsuna). Tsuna barely avoided being poisoned by Bianchi's cake (or as we should call it, Poison Cooking) and quickly (well, maybe not so quickly) sought refuge in his Guardian of Storm's house.

Gokudera and Tsuna huddled under a blanket each, both hoping that Adult Lambo was not stupid enough to enter the house. Most unfortunately, it was not to be.

"NOOOO!" Adult Lambo cried as he ran headfirst into Gokudera (or more like, the blanket). Gokudera, being curious, uncovered his face to see what was going on. It was also at the same time that his big sister came in. Gokudera turned blue. "I feel sick," he moaned before keeling over on the floor. Bianchi's eyes had an evil gleam as she cornered Adult Lambo. "Meheheheh... I've got you now..." Tsuna could have sworn her eyes had started glowing and turned red, and that she had suddenly and mysteriously sprouted a pair of devil wings.


"Eh?" Bianchi looked down at what was now a little harmless boy cosplaying as a cow. "Was I sleepwalking again?"

"You sleepwalk? Wow, I never knew that," Gokudera had apparently recovered, but he still made sure not to look at his sister. Bianchi flushed a deep dark red and she looked like she was out for blood. Gokudera's, that is.

"Goku-chan~" she said sweetly. Forgetting that he was avoiding her face, he turned over. "How many times have I told you not to use that nam-" Gokudera could say no more as he went into a strange coma, where all he was saying was "Ughhhhhh". Tsuna got totally confused. I think I should call an ambulance or something... he reasoned to himself.

"Lambo is very very scared..." Lambo trembled and lay huddled in a small dark corner where he apparently thought no one could see him. Bianchi had traumatized him and his adult self. Not surprising if a ten-year-older Bianchi suddenly came up to him and fed him poisonous cookies. His whimpers were only broken by the moans of Gokudera: "Ughhh..."


Duh no, that's not the end of a Sunday. I'm going to see if I can squish in more people. Of course, it'll depend on my mood again. If I just feel bored with not much emotion, I'll be writing more on this one then. If you hate it, you can tell me. If you don't want to, I don't mind.

This is just to waste time. I finished at 12.10am. How nice.