Hello, my name is Alexandra and I recently finished watching all the playful Kiss episode on YouTube and I just fell in love with the characters. I read the translation of Seung Jo's Diary and I thought it was great but I saw some mistakes so I thought I would try to improve it. I hope you enjoy it. :)


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Credit: Mischievous Kiss official web,[Seung Jo's diary column]

Translated to English by: reena29shadow

Baek Seung Jo's Diary {Part 1}

One day, I met this random girl making lots of noise at the vending machine.

For a moment I think it's really amazing, and I find myself wanting to ask how comes there's a girl like this.

But I'm not that interested and I decide to just walk away.

All this only lasted until I received a love letter from her...

What! I'm a fairy from a jungle?

Which comic did she get this from?

It looks like she's only reading comics instead of studying, the letter is full of mistakes, even the handwriting is bad.

I definitely can't tolerate this!

How dare she write

this kind of letter to me, the perfect Baek Seung Jo.

She's a complete D-.

I embarrass the girl in front of so many people unexpectedly.

I'm feeling a little bad, but she's already in grade 3 and yet she couldn't write a simple letter like this.

I hope that this incident will be able to wake her up, although her about-to-cry expression did make me feel guilty.

Then, the rumor about me dumping this girl starts to spread around in the school and, because of this, I was made fun of by my friends.

Sigh. All this explanations makes me even more irritated.

(This is after Oh Ha Ni's house collapses and thye go to live with her father's friend, who turns out to be Seung Jo's dad)

How can it be possible that the bottom student of our school, Oh Ha Ni, is the daughter of dad's friend!

Mom is happily moving Eun Jo's furniture into my room and bought tons of girl stuff.

I can't help but imagine how she get on with her life until now?

I pray that there won't be any disturbance to my daily life, but why do I still have a very bad feeling?

Oh Ha Ni, who was happily hugging a soft toy in one hand and holding a bag with the other, froze the moment she saw me.

This is really funny...

Seung Jo.

Well I hope you guys like it and I'll keep on posting some more :D