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Credit: Mischievous Kiss official web,[Seung Jo's diary column]

Translated to English by: reena29shadow

Baek Seung Jo's Diary Part 4 (A photo of Beak Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni has leaked through the whole school and it shows them sleeping together after they studied a lot)

This is ridiculous.

What does she have in mind to bring that photo to school?

She wants so much to be associated with me?

Also, why did my mom publish this photo on her blog?

Public danger Oh Ha Ni!

"Ya, Beak Seung Jo isn't he funny? Actimg arrogant, really started long ago.."

"But why must it be Oh Ha Ni? That fool.."

"Should have? Don't tell me the two already"

"But Oh Ha Ni, isn't she daring Bong Joon Gu?"

"So it's Beak Seung Jo snatching from him?"

Mumbles everywhere, the whole school is like a beehive, every time that I walk past.

They don't even bother to find out the truth from me, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger, like a snow ball.

They don't even know what happened and thos poeple talk about others, I hate it, I'm like in a drain now.

Oh Ha Ni! I hate it!

"Stop acting like this"

"I dislike people like you the most; stupid, that don't understand the situation and yet they act like they know everything." I say coldly, releasing all the anger that accumulated.

Actually, it's not all directed towards Oh Ha Ni, it's just that there's so many frustrating things right now, that I'm just looking for somewhere to vent my anger.


Only when I see the dispair in her innocent eyes, I look away.

(Oh Ha Ni is talking on the phone after Seung Jo scolded her, and Seung Jo overhears the conversation)

"It's not that, it's me"

"Seung Jo will definitely think I did it on purpose"

"It seems like the impact is very big."

I'm hearing the voice I hate, the voive that gives me a hadache, coming through the window.


Why is it that my anger rised up so suddenly, and I just started scolding her just like that?

I didn't manage to control it, and I have never been this fierce to anyone before.

Accompanying the moonlight that shines into the room, is her deep voice.

The sad voice that comes with the wind.

(Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni are having a family vacacion and Seung Jo hands Oh Ha Ni some sock, embarassing her, cuz he discovered she used them to make her breasts look bigger, and she's chasing him all over the beach.)

I wan to tease her whenever I see her.

She's angry the previous moment, and happe the next.

She has a combination of all kinds of emotions.

Oh Ha Ni is like a small child.

What's the meaning of throwing socks? I'm so curious, but she's frantic, and she's much faster than she looks.

Running and falling over and over, she's smiling and running just like the first time.

When she's around, I'll smile once in a while.

I'll say it again, once in a while.

(This is after Oh Ha Ni almost drowned)

Because of mom's orders, I have to bring water to her.

Scary things almost happened, my heart it still thumping now, and uncle almost dropped nto hell for a moment.

"Sorry, Sorry"he would say to Oh Ha Ni.

If he said more I think Oh Ha Ni would cry.

So that's it.

This two poeple have become part of my family, and the danger that Ha Ni just went through really went deep into my heart.

What if Ha Ni really meets with an accident?

Uncle would not be able to live alone.

What will happen to me? I...


Oh Ha Ni! You are really a fool!

You don't know how to swim, and yet you jump into the water, causing tons of trouble, never ending trouble.

Although I keep toruring her with all those harsh words, I'm amazed that in her heart she's willing to die to protect, with a kind of passion that feels heavy.

Bong Joon Gu and Oh Ha Ni are two persons really alike.

They are very willing to protect the people they love to the extent of jumping into the fire.

With the concentration of running ahead with all their might.

Just like a fool...

What is the thing that you want to protect?

What is it that you wan to protect so earnestly?

(This takes place when Oh Ha Ni takes all her class to a tutoring session with Seung Jo)

(When they are left alone and Oh Ha Ni fails to cook, Beak Seung Jo cooks something for the both of them)