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Credit: Mischievous Kiss official web,[Seung Jo's diary column]

Translated to English by: reena29shadow

Baek Seung Jo's Diary part 4, 2nd part. (Oh Ha Ni has convinced Baek Seung Jo to tutor all of her classmates)

Oh Ha Ni

Is there a limit to your busybody?

First it was you, then your two friends, and now your whole class?

What's in your brain, that makes you think that you can bring all this people back to our house?

Even though I rejected because I was tired,

looking at you rubbing your hands and pleading,

I felt your sincerity and I couldn't ignore you in the end.

Oh Ha Ni!

What is it that you want to protect?

Who gave you love like this?

Things that I don't have... why do you have them?

Why do I have to teach class 7 who have nothing to do with me?

I really don't understand.

Oh Ha Ni

Look at how strong you are.

You are able to lead me around like this...

(Baek Seung Jo makes dinner for Oh Ha Ni and himself after her attempt failed, and in the end Oh Ha Ni doesn't get to eat any of it)

"Because I'm smart, I'm also good in cooking."

Actually I said that on purpose to make you hear.

If so, Joong Gu who looks like a fool, should be quite clever.

How good is the teokbokki that he makes, that you praise him like there is no tomorrow?

You are really funny when you fall into my trap.

Throwing the stone towards Oh Ha Ni.

"Clear up! Clean up the stove area!"

The look when she's grumbling because she didn't get to eat a single bite,

is pure dislike just by looking at it.

You who always makes my heart waver,

I really dislike you.

I hid from my true feelings today again,

this is really frustrating.