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First attempt at a Hawaii Five-0 fanfic. Hope I didn't screw it up as much as I think I did. Hope you enjoy it, I really enjoyed writing it. I will probably be doing another chapter, but I'm not sure when. So, just keep watching, I guess.

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Steve sighed. Danny had been in another one of his moods for a couple of days. Of course, it might have been because Steve had neglected to call back up while attempting to apprehend a suspect, and Danny had been injured. Steve really felt bad about it, and he had apologized, much to the surprise of Chin and Kono. But Danny, who was livid, refused to accept said apology, which was really quite immature of him.

Now, both Steve and Danny refused to speak to each other. Their relationship, if you could even call it that, was hanging in the balance. Chin and Kono were betting on who would start talking to the other, first. Now, other police officers were betting. Most of them had their money on the Jersey Boy. No one could really see Steve cracking at anything. Chin was unsure of who would crack first. He had seen how stubborn Danny was, and he knew that Steve wouldn't bend under any kind of pressure.

Not that there was a lot of pressure anyway, but everyone knows partners can't do their work properly if they aren't talking. Both Steve and Danny knew who was at fault here. Steve really should have called in back up, and he knew it, which made this situation even worse. Steve's pride was on the line here! If he admitted he was at fault, Danny would never let this go. But, if he didn't admit it, he would begin to miss the banter the two shared.

Danny smiled at the thought of seeing Grace again. His mind had been preoccupied with devising ways of killing Steve. Yes, he was still angry with his partner. Danny winced. He didn't even want to remember that he would have to see Steve again tomorrow. Danny knew that he himself was partially at fault for what happened. He should have taken things into his own hands and called in back up, but he hadn't and he ended up paying for it.

He wasn't seriously injured. Actually, his pride was more in pain than his arm, which had been grazed by a bullet. He should have seen the suspect hiding, but he was too busy yelling at Steve for endangering their lives by going in without back up.

The suspect they were after had began by robbing banks then escalated to kidnapping and finally, murder. And yet Steve decided neither of them would get seriously injured if they just went in. And per usual, Danny was the only one who got injured.

Danny wasn't actually sure how he could pull off not talking to Steve, when he knew perfectly well he could barely keep his mouth shut around the man. He could stay silent for days if it was anybody else, but if it was Steve, well he could talk all day to him. He wasn't sure why..It could be that Steve was just the most infuriating man he had ever met, or it was because deep down, Danny knew he was coming quite close to falling for the man.

Yeah, you read that right. He was falling for his partner, who had gotten him shot and injured more times than he could count. Honestly, Danny was not sure what he had done to deserve this. He had never actually ever been into guys. He wasn't quite sure how Rachel would react if she knew. He would probably have his custody rights revoked immediately.

No, he couldn't let this information fall into the wrong hands. He would just have to continue pretending to hate Steve, which was just a little too easy. Steve was just one of those kinds of people you could hate and love at the same time. Of course, Danny knew it would be pretty hard to keep his big mouth from spouting off all the barely there feelings he had for the man, but he would make it. He had been able to keep from screaming that he absolutely hated the the moron whom he might also love.

Kono had to smile when she saw the very determined look on the face of her boss. She knew he would find it hard not to talk to Danny. She had noticed how he looked at him. Steve might not know it yet, but he was totally falling for Danny. She had told Chin her suspicions, and he had readily agreed. Kono had wanted to interfere, maybe plant some ideas in Steve's head, but Chin had shook his head. He had told her that Steve would figure it out on his own, maybe even act on his feelings; but he should totally do it on his time.

When she saw Danny, she laughed. He looked like he was having a hard time not speaking. Kono wondered if Danny would tape his mouth shut. Yes, an immature thought, but if you're desperate, you'll do anything.

"Hey Chin. Hey Kono." Danny said, as he headed to his office. Chin and Kono murmured a hello before turning back to their computer screens. Or rather, that's what they looked like they were doing, instead, they were watching Steve, who looked pissed. He headed to his own office, opened the door, and closed it with a slam.

Kono and Chin looked at each other, eyebrows raised. This was getting very interesting. They hadn't expected Steve to look so mad so soon. Kono wondered just how long this bet would last..

Five-0 had a new case and already the silence between boss and partner was getting in the way. Chin wasn't sure how long Danny and Steve could go like this.

Because of the lack of communication, the suspect had gotten away, and that was totally unacceptable. Steve was pissed at Danny, and Danny..well, Danny was just sighed. He wished that they would just get over themselves and start talking again.

At the moment, Steve and Danny were chasing down a lead. The suspect's mother lived in town, and they suspected that he would try to contact her. Chin hoped they wouldn't screw this up. This might be the last serious lead they have.

Danny looked at the house. It was cheery..Way too cheery. He sighed inwardly. He wasn't sure how this would go since neither one of them wanted to talk to the other. He unbuckled his seat belt before turning to Steve, who was looking at the house. Danny waved a hand in front of his boss's face, then pointed to the house. Steve looked at him, an eyebrow raised. Danny just glared.

Steve sighed, pulled out his notebook, and scrawled a note before giving the notebook to Danny. Danny looked down at it. "Something isn't right," it said in large letters.

Danny took the pen from Steve's hand and wrote, "So we're not going in?" Steve looked at it, took the pen, and wrote, "That's not what I said. I'm just a little worried. This might turn out to be a trap."

Danny looked at and rolled his eyes. "If you're so worried, call back up" he wrote. Steve looked at him for a moment before sighing.

"Look Danny, I'm sorry that my stupidity got you hurt. I really am, and I'm sorry we're being so totally immature, we're letting this get between our job relationship. I was at fault, and I admit it. Now, I want you to accept my apology so we can go back to getting our work done." Steve said in one breath.

Danny blinked. He had never actually heard his boss admit fault before. It was quite refreshing. "I accept your apology. Now if you're so worried about this house, you sure as hell better call back up or I will never speak to you again, and that is a promise."

Steve smiled, and grabbed Danny's hand. Danny looked at him. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Just because we're all fine and dandy now doesn't give you the right to touch me. Goodness," Danny exclaimed a little angrily. Although he was sure it was only because he was starting to get those stupid butterflies in his stomach. He mentally slapped himself. Why did he get like a junior high boy on his first date, around Steve?

Steve just kept smiling, but he pulled his hand from Danny's. "Sorry Danny." He picked up his phone and called Chin. They conversed for several moments before Steve hung up. "Alright. Ready?" he asked.

Danny shrugged. "Whatever."

He opened his door and stepped out. The street was silent. No cars going by, nobody out in their yards. It was all a little strange. They headed to the door, looking around before ringing the bell. They heard footsteps, then the door opened revealing a woman in her 50s. She looked nervous, and kept wringing her hands. Steve looked at her hands, then to Danny. Danny nodded slightly, showing that he had noticed.

"Hi! How can I help you boys?" the woman asked.

'Boys?' Danny thought. We look that young?

"Hi, ma'am. We're here about your son, Eric. Have you seen him recently?" Steve asked, watching the woman closely.

As soon as he asked that, she looked around nervously. "Eric? No, I haven't seen him in a while. Is he in any trouble?" Danny had to stop himself from laughing. This lady was a terrible actress.

"He's a suspect in a murder investigation. We just want to talk to him, get his side of the story." Steve was looking over the woman's shoulder, watching for any thing weird. He heard some scuffling inside, but didn't see any sign of Eric.

The woman paled. "I'm sorry, but I honestly haven't seen him! Now, if you would excuse me, I have some things that must be done." She tried to close the door, but Steve shoved past her. Danny followed suit, and looked around the room.

Steve had pulled out his gun and was running toward the back of the house. Danny pulled his own weapon out and followed him. Danny finally caught up to Steve in time to see him tackle Eric into a glass cabinet.

Steve got Eric handcuffed, then stood up. Danny grabbed Eric and pushed him toward the front door, Eric yelling about police brutality the whole way. Danny handed Eric to the medics then turned around to see Steve wiping blood from his forehead. "Steve, get your ass over here so they can take you to the hospital," Danny said, trying to keep the concern from his voice.

"Only if you come with me," Steve replied, a small smile on his face.

"Damn him, damn him to hell," Danny thought, feeling his face heat up.

"Sure, why not. I don't have anything better to do anyway." Danny felt some satisfaction seeing Steve's smile falter.

Steve ran a hand through his hair, then sighed happily. He was insanely happy that he and Danny had forgiven each other. He was also pleased that Danny, for once, didn't seem to be able to say anything to him. Every time Danny looked at Steve, he looked away, a blush on his cheeks. Or at least, Steve hoped it was a blush. It was weird seeing the usually talkative and annoyed detective, silent and embarrassed.

Steve couldn't wait to get out of this hospital. He wanted to pin Danny against a wall and make him moan his name. A devious smile formed on his lips. Yes, that was exactly what he was going to do.