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He was like a newly hatched gosling. He followed him through the decimated town, asking question upon question, chattering away about everything and nothing all at once, barely pausing for breath. The green assassin tried to tune him out as best he could.

There was the sound of a deep roar close by, and Six pulled the boy to crouch behind a crumbling building. Even with a hand firmly covering his mouth the boy kept talking, asking questions until he finally responded. He kept his answers short and succinct, trying to get the kid to shut up so that their position would not be compromised. Then the boy made a completely inappropriate comment, something about ordering pizza, and Six stared him down.

And then came the bombshell. The kid had no memories–no family, no address, no grandma where the agent could dump him. Total amnesia, except for his name. Peachy.

He couldn't have some kid following him around in the middle of a war zone! He had to find his partner, but first he had to get this boy to safety. Out of options, he decided to stash the kid in a nearby warehouse. He tucked the kid under one arm and opened the door–

–And froze, gaze locked locked on the enormous crater where the center of had had stood mere hours ago. And before Six even had time to worry about where his friend might be, if he had been where the crater now sat, or if he was washing up back at HQ, a young voice spoke. It was the boy, looking more like nothing more than a scared, lost little boy now than ever. "What did this?" he asked, but Six heard the unspoken question that he was afraid to voice. "Was anyone still here when it happened?"

So he told him the only thing he could. "Don't worry. W-we evacuated this zone." Only the slightest of stutters betrayed his deception of compassion, and the boy wouldn't notice through his shock.

But then another roar shook the air, and they were forced to move on. And when the Evo attacked and Six told the kid to run, he returned less than a minute later, like a hatchling that had inadvertently wandered too far from the nest and suddenly realized its mother was no longer in sight. He reached out to the Evo that was right on top of them, and then–

Hair and claws receded, oversized muscles shrank, sharp fangs dulled into molars–

And a man was lying spread-eagled on the ground before them, unconscious. And the kid just stared at his hand and declared in disgust that he had probably caught rabies. Six stared at him, open-mouthed in uncomprehending disbelief, and the kid stared at him, wondering what he had done to warrant such awe.

When Six began the long trek back to base, he didn't have to look behind him to know that the boy was dogging his steps. There was a constant chatter in his ear as he walked across the barren plains, and yet the stoic swordsman found it not completely unpleasant. It occurred to him, as the monstrous white building began to loom in the distance, that he had no name for this strange boy who could cure Evos, this awkward young gosling who had attached himself unthinkingly to a green assassin.

"So what's your name, kid?"

The reply came without a beat, the voice young, boisterous, and full of a perky cheerfulness that was oddly uplifting.


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