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This bit is primarily teaser, I guess. More is already written but not yet sequentially complete/postable.

The soldier on guard duty looked seriously alarmed, anomaly linking quintessentially terrifying cretaceous dinosaurs to downtown London, alarmed.

"Aren't you on leave, ma'am?" he asked nervously.

"Does that mean I'm no longer allowed on the premises?" Dr. Sarah Page put on a smile, not so much sweet as shark-like. At least, that appeared to be the reception of the gesture on the part of the soldier, who looked even more anxious for it.

Hastily, he logged in her pass, obviously eager to get her off his hands and on to being someone else's problem.

"Go ahead, ma'am."

She could read the question that twitched his lips and fought to escape his mouth as plain as day, despite that the fact that discipline won out and he remained silent.

Does your husband know you're here?

What did the captain do to his men that they were so terrified of him being upset? Probably nothing, Sarah mused. It was the stoic ones which were truly frightening. Not being able to read their emotions, predict their actions. That might be a bit unnerving in a superior officer. But she had no problems reading that particular man. And neither could he make her do what he wanted, no matter how many orders he might try to bark at her. That is, unless it was what she wanted to do.

Though he knew better than to even try.

Smiling, she made her way down the halls, circuitously approaching the heart of the Anomaly Research Center.

Nevertheless, she kept her eyes peeled, as to avoid her beloved husband. Well, really just to avoid the lecture she would doubtless receive upon being caught at work when she was supposed to be at home, resting.

She pulled a face over the thought of being stuck in their flat by herself, bored out of her mind, for another day. Another hour would've been enough to drive her completely mad.

After making several passes over the various laboratories, Sarah frowned. There was no sign of her team anywhere in the building. Well, she hadn't checked the weapons lockers or security hubs, but that was from a genuine desire not to be caught and sent back home by an extremely overly protective man.

If he did catch her, maybe she could try the eyes on him, convince him to let her hang around, or better yet, persuade him to beg the day off and stay home with her. But apparently, neither he nor their team was likely to find her lurking about, since none of them appeared to be in the vicinity.

Should she try Lester to ascertain their whereabouts?

That would probably have been worse than being scolded by the absent soldier, who at least supposedly loved her.

No, if Sarah wanted to locate some entertainment, she'd have to do so on her own. She snuck into her office, groaning a bit as she lowered herself into her chair. Heaven knew if she'd be able to lever herself back out of it.

Sighing, she absently rubbed her belly swollen quite large by pregnancy, and logged onto her computer system. Luckily, the ARC had become obsessed by tracking, and the location of every team member while on the job was meticulously noted. According to the daily update, Danny had taken a team to put down some prehistoric wolf-things. Probably not a good idea in her present condition, especially since that team included the overprotective soldier she wished to avoid. Ooh, but Connor and Abby were off returning some adorable lost prehistoric mammals to their native time.

That sounded fun. And Captain Becker couldn't very well complain over something that seemed harmless enough. Besides, he need not know at all...

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