Time Traveling Prince

Author's Notes: Hey guys, this is just a small preview of one of my ideas that I have. I am going to try working on my Sensors story again as well as my Clone story during this week and if it works out I'll continue updating both stories possibly even this one as well. It all depends on how well I can multitask so to speak. Any way, any comments you have about this are appreciated.

Summary: Serena gave birth to twins. As part of an alliance with the strongest village in the elemental countries where the natives have forgone most technology in favor of harnessing an energy known as chakra, Naruto was raised and trained by the fourth and his wife. When the Fourth is told by King Endymion that Naruto's sister was sent into the past Minato sends him as well to keep her safe.

Need To Know Facts: Naruto was born ten minutes before Rini and uses chakra as his main medium but can tap into his lunar powers which act like a more powerful type of chakra. Rini is aware of her brother and has actually met him at least once. Unlike Rini who doesn't recognize Serena, Darien and the others as her future parents and the scouts at first, Naruto is aware of the fact but does not reveal this. The nine biju are the guardians of the elemental countries. Kyubi is the guardian of the Land Of Fire as he is the Demon Lord of Fire. Kyubi marked Naruto by touching him with two of his tails giving him his whisker marks. The two tails are the tail of intelligence and the tail of healing. The tail of intelligence gives Naruto a better understanding of the world around him as well as a strong sense of tactics. He is not all knowing or a tactical genius like Shikamaru or Amy, just more on the uptake and strategically thinking than most five year olds The tail of healing combined with Naruto's lunar powers to give him faster healing abilities. (about half as strong as canon Naruto.) The Fourth trained Naruto since he was three (That is the same age the Hyugas start so it sounded like the earliest that could be believed) and knows at least one offensive and defensive jutsu for each element and also has been given the bare basics in sword fighting. His primary element is wind.

1. Who Needs A DeLorean When You Have Seals?

It was a typical summer day in the Land of Fire. Normal life went about its business in the Village Hidden in the Leafs. But ten miles to the Northeast in a large clearing things were anything but normal. The resident guardian biju, Kyubi, was standing next to a group of five humans with a large seal array in front of them.

The members of the group were the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, his wife Kushina Uzumaki, his teacher Jiraiya of the Sanin, his last living student Hatake Kakashi, and another blond that the four have come to see as family.

The blond was five years old with blue eyes that looked like sapphires. On each cheek were three whisker marks declaring him marked by a biju. He wore close fitting pants and a white t-shirt with a flame on the front and the Uzumaki swirl on the back. On his back was a backpack that held an Anbu outfit as well as a short sword. Clipped to the side of the pack was an Anbu mask in the shape of a fox. His name was Naruto Tsukino, and he was about to do what most believed could only be achieved in fantasy and sci-fi stories: he was going to the past.

Minato and Jiraiya ran critical eyes one last time over the complex seal array they had spent the last seven hours making. Nodding to themselves, Minato then walked over to Naruto and kneeled down before giving some last minute words of advice to his fellow blond.

"All right Naruto, the Time Guardian, Pluto, was able to get us the proper time coordinates. You should come out around the same time your sister did within a day or two margin at most. Due to how it would look if anyone saw the seal appear when you make the jump, we're setting you down on top of a building that your father has confirmed will still be around when you go. That way you can avoid any awkward questions when you get there. Once there, locate your sister and keep her safe. You should be able to find her by locking onto her Chakra signature which should feel the same like yours. You can also expect your mother's past self and the other scouts to give you a hand. Just remember not to tell them too much about the future."

Naruto nodded and Minato hugged him before everyone else joined in.

"If you all are quite finished, we have a job to do." Kyubi said while looking amused at the small group of humans below him.

"Quite right!" Minato said with a grin as he stood up and moved to a corner of the seal array. The other three adults moved to their own corners while Naruto moved to the circle drawn in the middle of the seal array. The Kyubi spread out its legs before shooting its nine tails into position around the seal array in a nonagon ring with the point of each tail in its own circle.

Once everyone was in place, the four adults nodded to each other and began going through a sequence of hand signs. As they were doing this Kyubi began glowing red as it began charging the array with its Chakra. As the four adults finished their hand signs they called out "Ninja Art: Time Seal Activate!"

The seal flashed a pale blue briefly before Kyubi's Chakra poured from the circles causing the seal to light up as it spread from the nine outer circles inwards into the inner circle. The inner circle then glowed brighter for a split-second before a transparent dome of red light surrounded Naruto. A second later a beam of light shot out of the dome into the heavens before dying down. As the beam of light disappeared, the light in the seal also dimmed until vanishing completely. Where the blond had just been standing was now only a slightly burnt area.

From his corner Jiraiya grinned and said "Who needs a DeLorean when you've got seals?"

The other humans in the clearing chuckled before Minato turned to the Kyubi and gave a bow before saying "Thank you for your help Kyubi. We could not have done this without your aid."

The Kyubi gave its fox grin and said "I know. But it was no problem anyway. Now then, if you will excuse me, I'll be going now. The other guardians are sure to be interested when I tell them about this."

Minato gave another bow before flames surrounded the guardian before dying down revealing nothing where the great fox had once been but a slightly charred patch of grass.

The Present: Tokyo: One Mile North, Northwest Of The Park Where Rini Appeared

The citizens of Tokyo were currently going about their everyday business. All of a sudden, a red beam of light shot down from the heavens slamming into one of the tallest skyscrapers in the downtown region. On top of the building where the light made contact with the building a dome of red light briefly formed before disappearing revealing a stunned looking Naruto who looked around with a dazed look before shaking his head free of the cobwebs that the journey through time had caused.

Naruto walked over to the edge of the building and looked down on the city. His attention was suddenly drawn to a park about a mile away when he saw a pink flash appear over the park.

Smirking, Naruto thought to himself 'It seems I came out right on time. I should hurry and make sure she's alright. Though I think I should stick to the shadows for right now. It'll be easier to keep her safe that way.'

With that thought Naruto turned to the door to the roof and went through.