Carlisle's Slave: Chapter 6

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"Who did this to you?"

I looked into Carlisle's eyes, he looked sad. "E-Emmett" I whispered through my tears. Carlisle growled his eyes suddenly dark and menacing. I gasped at his sudden change and he looked down at me, his anger turning into love as he carefully picked me up and laid me down on the big bed.

"Honey, I'm not going to let anyone else hurt you." With that he got up and left the room. I lay there shivering for I don't know how long. Finally, I dragged myself up and off of the bed. I walked slowly to the closet and looked for something comfortable.

God damn! All I can see is lace and leather! Fuck! Hasn't anyone around here heard of fucking jeans? After rummaging through the gaudy closet, I finally found something reasonable. I pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans that I found at the bottom of the closet and a white button up dress shirt. At least it isn't lace, I thought as I looked in the mirror.

I finally took my time to take in my surroundings. I walked over to the small vanity that was pushed against the wall. Sitting down, I found tons of makeup, hair supplies, and perfumes.

I'm a simple girl. I sometimes wear a ponytail and I only ever wear eyeliner. What does he expect me to do with all of this? I brush the tangles out of my hair, I finally begin to look vaguely like myself. When I'm done with my hair, I walk over to the bookshelf on the far end of the wall.

Well, at least he has something for me to do. I pull down The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. Lying on the bed, I begin to read.

"He'll never bother you again." An angel's voice interrupts my reading and I turn to see who it is. Carlisle is standing there looking grim. Great, I almost forgot that I was a sex slave. Escaping into the pages of Anne's delectable words erased all of the pain from my memory, but now Carlisle standing in front of me, brought them all back.

"What did you do to your little henchman?" I said fiercely and he looked hurt.

"Bella…. I told him not to touch you; I told him you were mine."

"Oh, so I'm property now?" All of my rage that I didn't even know I had came out and into Carlisle's shocked face. He was next to me in a flash. I saw anger in his usually loving face.

"Listen to me bitch. You are mine and you will always be mine. You will be mine until I get tired of you and throw you out." He was horrifying. I tried not to let my terror show in my face. "Now lie the fuck down!" He said pushing me back down onto the bed. Ah, fuck, he ripped the only comfortable shirt in the closet. Piss me the fuck off. So now I was laying on the bed, my new favourite shirt ripped, just raped, and the only guy I thought I could trust was towering over me staring at me like I was a piece of meat that he wanted desperately to eat.

He had his shirt and jeans off in 5 seconds. In the next 5 he had my jeans and panties off. There was no softness in his touch now, he was rough and didn't care if I was in pain. He roughly squeezed my boobs and started gnawing on my neck. His hands traveled up and down my body, but I wasn't enjoying any of it.

I whimpered as he plunged his fingers into my wet pussy. He plunged in and out quickly. "You like that you little bitch?" I tried so hard not to, but my body betrayed me, my hips pushed harder onto his fingers, needing more friction. "Tell me you want my penis you whore, tell me you need me!" I wouldn't. "Say it bitch!" He yelled slapping my ass.

"I-I need your penis." I said, dignity broken.

"That's right, your mine bitch." He said thrusting into me. The bed began to move and his thrusts deepened. Suddenly, he pulled out. "Suck my cock you wench."

"No" I couldn't.

"What the fuck did you just say?" He said, pulling her by her hair onto the floor.

"I said no" My voice was strong, but my terror showed in my eyes. He grabbed my hair again, making me moan in pain, while my mouth was open, he shoved his dick in my mouth. I gagged and felt his hands pulling my hair to get my head moving. He came in my mouth with a groan.

"Now swallow it all!" He said, commanding. I tentatively swallowed and started to gag. He roughly pushed into me again, thrusting hard and fast. Again, he pulled out as if changing his mind. I was crying now.

"Get on your hands and knees." I moved my sore body, resting against my hands and knees. He grabbed my hips and pushed his penis into my ass. The pain was horrible, worse than losing my virginity.

He thrust violently into me, grunting with the effort. Finally, he came inside me, his juices running down my legs. He got up, got dressed and walked to the door.

"Think twice before you cross me bitch." He said without looking back.

I lay down on the bed, curled up and sobbing. I drifted into an uneasy sleep, my whole body in pain.

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