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Welcome to Domino. Its 9 days east of Snap and a few degrees west of Poker. It's located solidly on the meridian of Card Games. My city. In a word, dull. It's been here for over 5 generations, sure everything is new. Furniture, houses, jewellery but most importantly...Duel Monsters. We have battles, challenges and a great town-wide competition. The only problems here are the crimes. You see, most places have attention seeking teens or drug dealers. We have... Millennium Spirits. Most people would leave. Not Us. We're duelist; we have trouble dealing with defeat.

My name is Yugi. Great name, I know. But it's not the worst. Parents believe a hideous name will frighten off Watapon and Marshmallon. Like our charming duelist personalities wouldn't do that.

"Yugi! What are you doing out?"

"Get inside!"

I know, our neighbours aren't all that nice...but it's routine. Spirits attack, everyone rushes to chase them away, Yugi gets locked in his room. I run towards the roads to help but someone grabs my jacket collar, just in time to save me from a Malik's dagger.

"YUGI! What is he doing...? What are you doing out? Get inside!"

That's Solomon the Great, owner of the blue-eyes. Now, just so where on the same level here, we summon monsters from cards to protect the city from spirits. Life points represent our life energy. Run out, you die. Got that? Cool. Where were we? Ohh, Solomon the Great. They say when he was a baby, he took a Spirit's monster and wiped out the spirits remaining life points. Do I believe it? Yes, I do.

"What have we got?"

"Marik's, Bakura's, Dartz. Wheeler saw a Kisara."

"Any Pharaoh's?"

"None so far."


I ran to the fort- AKA Card Restock and Medicine. In the distance I heard someone shout 'Activate the duelling Arena'. Massive stadiums slowly rose off the ground, each with one duelist and a backup in them.

"Nice of you to join the party. I thought you'd lost a duel."

"Who, me? No, come on, I'm way too good for them to beat. They wouldn't know what to do if they challenged me."

"They need practice dummies, don't they?"

The smart-ass with a loud mouth and the creator of Duel monsters is Pegasus. I've been his apprentice ever since I was small. Well...smaller.

"Move to the trap cards. We'll counter attack with Horn of Heaven."

Solomon's gruff yet booming voice made its way over the crowd, even as a Spirit took someone's jewels and another used Dark Necrofear to alight someone's home. See? Old village, lots of new stuff.

"Miho's place is on fire!"

"Come 'on gang! Let's go!"

The gang as they call themselves consist of Joey, Anzu, the twins: Tristan and Duke...and Seto Kaiba. Top teen duellists on the island. They have it soo much better than I do. I try to crawl out the window to help, but a certain one-eyed nutcase stops me.

"No, No Yugi-boy."

"Come on. Let me out, please. I need to make my mark."

"You've made plenty of marks, all on the wrong cards. Like that time you combined Winged Kuriboh and Watapon. What you call it? Hanewoota?"

"It was Hanewata and please, only two minutes. I'll kill a spirit; my life will get infinitely better. I might even get a ranking."

"You can't use spell cards. You don't have a deck,"

"Do so!"

"You don't have a good deck. You can't even summon a monster." Yugi was ready for this, it was the same argument every attack.

"True, but this will summon them for me."

Yugi made the mistake of bringing out his smaller, light weight version of Kaiba's famous duel disk. Placing a card in attack mode, Yugi cringed as a Dark Magician appeared and attacked an unsuspecting duelist. The said duelist fell to the ground, unconscious but not dead...thankfully.

"See? Now this right here is what I'm talking about!"

"Mild command issues..."

"YUGI! If you ever want to get out there to duel Millennium Spirits you need to stop all...this." Yugi rolled his eyes.

"You just gestured to all of me."

"YES! That's it! Stop being all of you."


"Oh, yes."

"You sir, are playing a dangerous game. Keeping this much raw duelist contained? There will be consequences!"

"I'll take my chances. Fort. Medicine. Now!"

One day, I'll get out there. Because killing a spirit is everything around here. A Marik's deck is sure to at least get me noticed. Bakura's are tough, almost unlimited summoning power. Defeating one of them would probably get me a good ranking. Dartz, brute force, twice the status. And then there's Kisaras, only the best duelist challenge those. They have this nasty habit of summoning only Lv. 8 or higher monsters. But the ultimate prize is the Millennium Spirit no one's ever seen. We call it...


This spirit never steals items of value, never shows itself and never EVER forgets where our strongest cards are kept. With unmatched speed, even if you did catch up to it Pharaoh's can shape shift into monsters in their deck. No one has ever been able to kill a Pharaoh, that's why I'm gonna be the first.

"Man the fort, Yugi. They need me out there." Pegasus grabbed an original duel disk and ran to the door before stopping. "Stay. Put. There. You know what I mean." Sure I did...

"Where are you going?"


"Be right back." I ran with my duel disk attached to my arm through various crowds, listening to the destruction the spirits caused.

Solomon the Great activated Nightmare's Steelcage and caught 3 Marik's.

"Let's get them!"

"Mind yourselves." Solomon spoke not a moment too soon as one Marik summoned Revival Jam. "These devils still have some juice in them."

I kept running till I came to a large, seemingly quiet hill. Quickly drawing 5 cards, I remembered to breathe. The life point counter beeped announcing I had 4000 life points and I grinned. Good hand, now...

"Come 'on. I just need someone to challenge."

I waited, and waited, and waited... and nothing. I stood there for what felt like forever, which was really 2 minutes, when a faint line appeared in the sky. Looking at it, I reasiled people only ever saw these just before a Pharaoh attacked! If I could get it...

"I activate Spellbinding Circle!"

The spell appeared but I had to make an important decision that could change my life. Left or Right? I stood there thinking of the possibilities when I realised the trail was almost gone. In a mad panic, I yelled the first that came to my mind.


The spell flew through the night air towards the right of the trail. I stood there fingers crossed as the sand came to a stop, followed by the trail plummeting to earth. A loud crash rang out, and my mind took no more than 5 seconds to realise what happened.

"I hit it. YES, I HIT IT! Did anybody see that?" I turned fully unaware of the Kisara spirit behind me, with a massive Blue Eyes White Dragon it had summoned, until the dragons hot breath went down my neck.

"Except for you." The Blue-Eyes aimed white lightning at me and I screamed before doing what any person would to. Screamed more and ran.

Solomon had just finished tying up a group of Bakura's as he heard screaming. He turned, to meet with the sight of me running for my life, the Kisara and its Dragon still hot on my tail. Sighing, he knew he would have to save me...again.

"Do NOT let them escape!"


I continued to run for my sweet life.

Mistake No. 2, don't run to town while being chased by a dragon. Leaping of buildings, the Kisara shot multiple beams of white lightning at me and I hid behind a large metal poll. Had I looked up, I would have seen it was a stadium foundation. White lightning shot at me and split either side of the poll, saving my life. The foundation cracked with electricity as I looked left. The dragons head appeared to my right and would've easily wiped out my life points if it hadn't been for Solomon, who appeared out of nowhere and summoned an Ancient Dragon. The beasts engaged in battle, but Blue Eyes was stronger. It cost Solomon 200 life points, but the Kisara flew off with its dragon deeply wounded. Ohh, and there's one more thing you need to know.

I watched as the stadium poll gave way and fell to the ground, large amounts of metal crumbling away and rolling downhill. I cringed at every crash and scream.

"Sorry, Grandpa."

Had I followed the sound of destruction I would've seen a scarp cut of metal destroy the Nightmare's Steelcage the Mariks were in , but I did see the threesome run off with someone's duel disk and a bag most likely filled with gold and other semi-precious stones. I turned to Grandpa.

"O.K., but I hit a Pharaoh." Grandpa grabbed me by the collar and led be towards the house. "It's not like the last few times, Grandpa! I really, actually hit it! You guys were busy. I had a very clear shot. It went down off Harpies point. Let's get a search party..."

"STOP! Just stop. Every time you step outside, disaster follows! Can you not see that I have bigger problems? Winter is almost here and I have an entire city to supply! With Spirits taking our cards more and more, I need to keep these decks full!"

"Between you and me, the city could do with a few less decks."

"This isn't a joke, Yugi! Why can't you follow the simplest command?"

"I can't stop myself. I see a spirit and I have to just... defeat it. It's who I am, Grandpa."

"You're many things, Yugi. But a top duelist is not one of them. Get back to the house. Make sure he gets there. I have his mess to clean up." Pegasus stepped forward and led me home while Grandpa walked away in the other direction.

"Quite the Performance." That was Duke.

"I've never seen anyone mess up that badly. That helped!" Joey, rubbing it in my face, as usual.

"Thank you, thank you. I was trying." The gang never missed an opportunity to hang shit on me. I kept walking as Pegasus pushed Duke out of the way.

"I really did hit one, Pegasus."

"Sure you did Yugi-boy."

"He NEVER listens."

"It runs in the family."

"When he does, it's with this disappointed scowl, like someone gave him the wrong booster pack." Doing my best old person voice, I mimicked Grandpa.

"Excuse me, employee. You brought me the wrong grandson. I ordered a handsome boy with a duel disk, brilliant deck and master talent on the side. This here, this is a talking behind of a Dark Clown."

"HEY! I like Peten the Dark Clown for your information! Anyway, you are thinking about this wrong. It's not so much what you look like; it's what's inside that he can't stand."

"Thank you, for summing that up." I was about to walk inside when Pegasus stopped him.

"Look, the point is, stop trying so hard to be something you're not."

"I just wanna be one of you guys." I walked inside and heard Pegasus sigh. As he turned to leave, I ran out the back door. I had a Millennium Spirit to find.

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