When I finally regained consciousness a week later, the first thing I noticed was the body that had somehow managed to worm itself into my bed and under my arm, head resting on my chest. The spikey hair in my face gave it's owner away and my breath caught in my throat, Yami sitting up quickly and almost pulling my arm of with him.

"Ouch." I mutter under my breath, but upon hearing my voice I swear Yami's eyes teared up as he wrapped his arms around me in a crushing hug.

"Yugi! You're alive!"

"Hey Yami." He regained his composure and let me go, dropping me back onto the bed which was a lot harder than it looks. I sat back up and put a hand on my back wincing, looking around. What on earth was grandpa thinking when he painted the walls that colour?

"Obviously he has no taste in colour. I've seen better colour co-ordination in bird poop." Yami mumbled under his breath. I smiled, the mind link was still obviously working. Until I noticed the problem.

"I'm in my house."

"The horribly coloured game shop yes."

"You're in my house?"

"What's the big deal?"

"You're in my house! Does Grandpa know you're here? Come on we need to hide you!" I swang around to get of the bed, but lost my balance and ended up throwing myself off the bed. Yami ran over though, catching me before I hit the ground. "Sorry my balance is off." I said frowning. My arm felt extremely light. Actually I couldn't feel it at all. Some far part of my mind registered Yami telling me not to freak out. But I glanced over my shoulder anyway.

My right arm was gone. The arm I used to hold my duel disk. Nothing more than a stump coming out of my shoulder. It looked like the doctors had out a small metal disk in my arm to stop the blood flow, and I guessed it would later be used as a made for a prosthetic arm. I looked away shaking and tried to focus on my breathing as Yami helped me stand up straight. I leaned against him for balance, trying to figure out how I was ever going to get used to this.

"I'm sorry Yugi..." Yami looked away uncomfortably. My eyes widened.

"It's not your fault Yami! Don't blame yourself." He smiled at me half heartedly as he helped me downstairs, and I used my good arm to open the door. And then proceed to slam it on Yami Bakura's face by instinct. Yami chocked back a laugh as Bakura swore and I opened it slowly, Ryou grinning at me sheepishly.

"Yugi you're awake!" He hugged me awkwardly but I was too busy trying to look over his shoulder to what was once my home town of Domino. Mokuba Kaiba, Seto's little brother, was playing leap frog with Noa and a few other spirits. The other Kaiba himself was shouting at a Kisara to move a post a little to the right, the massive white dragon happily obliging. Joey was giving the Mai he met before the final battle a tour. The clock tower struck 12 noon and people poured out of the grand hall, but when I looked harder it was impossible to miss Atem's tanned skin and spiked hair. Marik ran out to do something else and a Dartz followed him boredly. Watching all the spirits and people mingling I had no other explanation. We

"I knew it. I'm dead!" Atem heard me and nudged Grandpa, who's eyes lit up in a way I'd never seen before as he called out what I think must've been loud enough for the whole island to hear.

"Look it's Yugi!" People and spirits were suddenly everywhere surrounding me, Noa tackle hugging me so quickly I would've fallen over if Yami hadn't have been behind me. Joey grabbed me in a noogie. I saw Atem give Yami a hard but playful punch in the shoulder, the later pharaoh glaring at his brother. Even Seto cracked a smile. Grandpa smiled broadly though, full of pride.

"Turns out all we needed was a little more... this." I think I blinked back a tear, smiling.

"You just gestured to all of me." He nodded.

"Well most of you!" Tristan burst through the crowd and forcefully placed a robotic arm into the steel opening on the shoulder and I winced, but as it connected to my brainwaves I flexed my new fingers for the first time. Several members of the crowd cheered and Tristan grinned. "That part is my handiwork." The shy spirit, I think her name was Serenity, pushed through the crowd behind him and he wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "She helped too. Think it'll do?"

I stretched and a loose bolt fell and hit my head, and as it fell I caught it with my good hand. "Might make a few tweaks." The crowd laughed. Atem walked in front of me and someone passed him a small gold box, which he then passed to me. I opened it and my eyes widened, the golden missing piece of Yami's puzzle all shiny and new looking sitting on a red velvet lining. I looked at Atem in confusion but he smiled.

"Welcome to the family." Blood rushed to my cheeks and I smiled back, when someone called out in horror somewhere in the group.

"Pharaoh! EVERYONE GET DOWN!" Yami forcefully pushed his way through the crowd with my duel disk, almost stabbing someone in the side with it's point. He grinned at me and slid it onto my robotic arm, and I was surprised as a new clamp system attached it to my arm. Yami pouted and I realised he hadn't been flying for the whole time I was unconscious. The crowd finally dispersed and I drew a card from my deck grinning as Gaia The Dragon Champion greeted me. Yami sensed it and grinned at me as I summoned it. Clad in his favourite armour Yami quickly helped me onto the dragon and barely gave me time to grab him as he took off. The gang took off after me and even Atem followed as we rose into the sky.

Welcome to Domino. The stars are hidden by clouds all year round and the moon is only visible once a month. Any events or celebrations here is dull and boring, and the people here are even more so. The only upside are the friendships. While in other places your friends take you fishing or camping, our friends give us the ability to fly. They're our other halves. Yami will always be my mou hitori no boku.


*Bursts into tears* Well my friends, this is the end. The final chapter. I'd like to quickly thank those who read and reviewed, added to favourites, followed. You guys are really the reason this was written. And Bakura is telling me to hurry up and stop being clique. I plan on writing more movie parodies and hope you agree my writing has improved since chapter one. I'm taking requests so please PM me or leave a suggestion on your review, which I always take the time out to read. Thank you all for being part of this fanfiction.

How To Train Your Mou Hitori No Boku. Published: 11-20-10 and Completed: 06-23-13. And here's a little bonus part for the puzzle shippers.

We flew for a good hour, the others turning around as they got tired or bored. Yami signalled to Atem and he left as well, leaving me and Yami alone with the endless skies and forest. Yami told me to turn left and we dove into a familiar valley. I removed the card and the monster vanished along with the pharaoh's armour. We walked next to each other for a second, but it wasn't until Yami climbed back onto his 'stone throne' I realised where we were.

"This is where you hid for all that time." Yami grinned.

"This is where we met, yes." With some help from the bigger boy I sat next to him on the bolder, and the sunlight reflected off the crystal clear lake giving the whole valley a fresh glow. We reminisced about the good old days. Yami laughed about when we fell of Swift Gaia The Fierce Knight, and I laughed about when we crashed into the field of flowers and dragging Yami to safety. It was good to just joke around and have fun.

It was almost dark, when out of no where Yami punched me in the arm almost hard enough to knock me off the stone we'd sat on.

"That's for scaring me."

"Do you always have to hit me? Because seriously-" There are no words to describe what followed, but my cheeks were bright red. I think even Yami was blushing, but he deliberately waited for dark so I couldn't see clearly. "I could get used to this."