Mental note: telling your boss that one of the government's biggest secrets just happened to slip out into the public world was not a good idea. Alfred's boss hadn't yelled at him when he had given the man a ring on the phone, but the sheer intensity lying behind his rather monotone voice was enough to give the American nation the willies. It was in that terrifying monotonous voice the President demanded that Alfred come to his New York office immediately. Going to the white house meant going out into the street and going out into the street meant facing Jimmy Mallory and his loyal band of followers still hanging around outside the American's apartment building like a bunch of creepy stalkers. Obviously Alfred's boss couldn't come to him since that would make them even more suspicious. A line of police cars, dozens of secret service agents, and a big jet black car with two American flags gracing the antennas wasn't exactly what you'd call discreet. So the only option left would be braving it out against Jimmy and the stalker group. Alfred could do it; he was a hero after all… right?

Alfred changed into street clothes, the idea of blending into the crowds his intention, and discreetly made his way down the stairs. Using the back entrance would be best since Jimmy and his group appeared to be lingering around the front. "Alfred!" Came a voice, a rather loud irritating voice. He visibly flinched thinking that somehow Jimmy and his followers had made it in, but when he turned it was only his landlord and building manager, Marvin. "What the hell is going on? Did you get yourself a fan club or something?" He asked, scratching the stubble on his chin as he spoke.

"Oh uh… Hey Marvin. No I didn't it's just they're… well…" What was he supposed to say? 'Oh yeah they're these crazy people who're claiming I'm immortal, but they're not really crazy because it's true.' That was just another one of those man lines that'd get Alfred tossed in the nut house. "Y'know what, I've gotta go, meeting with the boss and stuff. I'll catch you later." Before Marvin had any chance to protest against that Alfred had already taken off out the back door, running along the back ally way to stay out of the eyes of the people.

The feeling of the warm sun and the wind rustling in his dark blonde locks felt amazingly good. Being confined in the walls of his apartment wasn't exactly the most ideal situation for someone who valued freedom as much as Alfred did. It was the thing he lived and thrived off of. But who knew what would happen now that his secret was slowly trickling into society. Most likely his boss would confine him to the secret space under the white house until everything blew over. At the very least he'd have to uproot and move to a different half of the country or at least a different state. But Alfred was more or less used to that by now. Nations couldn't live in one place for long lest their neighbors start to wonder why they looked the same while everyone else slowly deteriorated with age. But he had uprooted only a year and a half ago. He was hoping to be able to stay where he was for at least another three or four years, but with this little bit of chaos going down that seemed a wistful impossibility.

It wasn't long before Alfred arrived at the building. He didn't live far seeing as how he usually liked to keep his work places close. He was given a small scorned look from a few people when he arrived in jeans and a t-shirt with a name scrawled on the front, but he quite frankly couldn't care less. Alfred's boss of course was up on the top floor in the largest office in the building where his little secret agent would have plenty of room to spread out and watch every little speck of dust that happened to shift out of place. Alfred admired their self-control and everything, but those men seriously needed to learn to at least look like they were breathing and not just really life like statues.

Alfred inhaled a deep calming breath and willed his legs to hold him as he reached up and rapped one the door a few times with his knuckles. "Come in." Sounded sternly from the bowels of the room. The American nation swallowed thickly and turned the knob with his sweaty hands.

Alfred's boss was sitting at the desk as per usual, papers and files spread about him. Alfred knew full well that those were the files of his history wandering the earth. Records of all the places he had lived and people he had become particularly close to so that repeats and run-ins could be avoided. "Good Afternoon sir, nice day isn't it?" Alfred tried desperately to lift the tense and stifling atmosphere of the room, but his boss seemed to have no interest in idle chit-chat.

"Sit down, Alfred." Alfred said nothing else, but gave brisk nod with a hanging head as he took a seat in front of the desk; the leather cushion squeaking slightly beneath him. The American nervously fidgeted, folding and unfolding his hands together in his lap as he stared at floor as if one of the stray fibers in the carpet seemed unimaginably interesting at the moment. "So," The man at the desk started, winter in his voice. "What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?"

"With all due respect sir, I haven't done anything wrong. Not this time at least." There has been a close call or two in the past records at the fault of Alfred, but none had ever been quite like this and this one wasn't even his own fault.

"I have a hard time believing that. You're always going off doing things you're not supposed to be doing and look where it's brought you." Alfred felt like a little kid being scolded for stealing cookies or coloring on the walls or something like that. It seemed rather undignified to be scolded like that when he was well over two-hundred years old and his boss was only in his late forties. Maybe maturity determined your true age.

"But sir, it wasn't my fault. If anything it was the guys who work to keep my case a secret." Alfred accused, becoming somewhat annoyed how he was being blamed unjustly. Nobody new justice like Alfred did, his country was built upon it. "They're supposed to be regulating all the photographs of me and they didn't do their job because the guy who got a hold of my pictures bought them freely from an auction." Burn! Alfred smirked triumphantly.

"Yes well… oh, whatever," The man gave up, realizing that maybe, just maybe, it wasn't Alfred at fault this time. "It doesn't matter who is currently at fault right now we just need to figure out a way to get the situation under control."

"I'm not going into hiding. You know I can't do that, I'll lose my mind." Alfred protested firmly.

"We may just have to unless this man gives up sometime soon." Alfred swallowed thickly.

"Too bad the F.B.I hasn't fully developed the memory wipe out yet." Alfred commented as he leaned back in his chair.

His boss sighed heavily though his nose, "I suppose so, but I wouldn't want to have to resort to that anyway even it was developed and safe." He leaned back in his own chair a little, the stress of the day's events getting to him a little.

"Then what do we do? Bribe him until he leaves me alone? Money seems to work with a lot of things now since the recession is getting bad." He knew that pretty much anyone would pretty much do anything for money these days.

"We can't waist government on paying someone off not to mention you mention he had followers and we can't pay all of them off as well…." A valid point. "You don't think he's gotten to the local papers yet has he?"

"Well I know he said he went to some of them, but who would believe him anyway? Actually… I may be wrong. If I know my people, and I think I would, they're looking for any kind of interesting story that'd distract them from personal problems." Things were not currently going very well among the people with the absence of money in a lot of their bank accounts. He himself was even low on funds and it made him feel awful. Just imagine what the populace was like.

His boss buried his face in his hands for a few moments, letting out another heavy sigh, "I certainly hope not, but if he has I'm afraid there's nothing we can do. We can't send out the agents and have them pick up the papers and invade news offices or that'll make us seem even more suspicious…" He leaned forward, resting on his elbows. "I'm afraid we just may be cornered this time…"

"Sir… if that happens what do we do…? People are obviously going to want to know about me. What would I do?

"I'm not sure, but it hasn't gotten to that point quite yet. All we have left to do is wait and read the paper. Hopefully everyone just deemed him a nutcase and ignored what he said."

Alfred hoped so. He really hoped so. But his boss was right, all they could do was wait.

Yeah… reeeeally short chapter, but the problem is I know where I want to go with the story, but it's just difficult to find things to put in the middle. Next chapter will be longer I promise. Please forgive me!