Beck had tried many different approaches to get Jade to be nicer to Tori but they all ended in disaster. Arguing with Jade was pointless. Threatening to get mad at her… was not only pointless but counterproductive as well. Jade liked rough and tough sometimes. He had attempted to hold out but they had ended with Jade in tears after they made up and Jade was subtly meaner to Tori then ever.

"You're going about this all wrong"

Beck looked up. It was Andre.

"Hello to you too," he said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Fine," Andre said, "Hello. You're going about this all wrong"

Beck tapped his chin.

"Can you maybe be a little more specific?"

"I'm talking about the Jade situation. Beck there is no way you're going to be able to get her to do what you want the way you're going about it."

"I've tried tons of different things," Beck said, "and the last one did work"

"How long did it work for?"

"Um… it last for almost a week"

"Yeah and Jade was in tears for that long. Beck Jade has good reason to dislike Tori and you arguing with her, getting mad or holding out is only going to make Jade see Tori as an enemy even more so"

Beck ran his hands through his hair.

"I thought you like Tori"

"I love Tori," Andre said, "But if I were Jade I would hate her. She kissed you on her second day at Hollywood Arts"

"It was a meaningless kiss," Beck said, "Honestly the only thing going through my mind when I kissed Tori was, 'I don't like this because she isn't Jade"

"Have you told Jade that?"

"No. I just figured she would know it"

"Beck DON'T listen to your logical side. It doesn't fly with Jade"

"You can say that again"

"I have to agree with Andre," Beck's cousin Geog said. He had come to visit and was visiting Beck's school for career day.

"Great," Beck said, "Do you have any ideas instead of just vague antidotes?

"Actually I do have an idea," Geog said, "I think it would work with you and Jade"

Beck motioned for his cousin to continue.

"When my oldest son and the second for 7 children turned 11 he started becoming angry. He started becoming uncooperative and he started becoming very bitter. I don't know why. Maybe it was because his mother died. Maybe it was because a lot of changes were going on all at once. There could have been several reasons why he was acting out. He wouldn't respond to any disciplinary actions, scolding was ineffective. He would ignore his call. Finally I made a deal with him. Every day that he behaved I would give him a silver penny.

"For every ten silver pennies he earned I would give him an action figure. After he got 10 action figures I would take him to see a basketball game."

In Geog's home a basketball game was a rare treat.

"Jade doesn't really like basketball," Beck said

Andre rolled his eyes.

"Instead of trying to 'punish' her for being mean to Tori try rewarding her when she's nice to Tori"

Beck thought for a minute. He had to admit it was an idea that was worth trying. He knew exactly what types of rewards would motivate Jade. He was going to try something new and he hoped to GOD it would work.

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