Kira should have heeded that warning. It was on the news that a new alliance had gone on but the whole gang did not see the news that morning. It was almost graduation and Kira had raised his grades miraculously. The only thing he had to do was ace the end of the semester exams, the finals. The gang did not expect any more wars to go on. Apparently, what Kira had thought out a few months ago was true. A new alliance had formed and they were known as the XEPHERs.

School today was as normal as any other day. Everyone was behaving their best now. The seniors got along with everyone just fine. Except, the freshmen started to grow cocky because next year they weren't going to be fresh meat anymore.


"Afternoon, Cagalli." Athrun smiled as the class had started.

"Athrun, I'm so tired." Cagalli said as she laid her head down on the desk and tried to fall asleep.

"Cagalli, not now. Only 5 more days' mmk?" he smiled.

"Ugh, it feels like 5 more years." She moaned.

"Well, they asked us to draw our final group project painting in class. What do you want to do it on Cagalli?" he smiled has he stroked her hair.

"Beats me….hey, think you can do it on your own? Thanks." She smiled n just fell asleep.


Eventually they both worked on it together and aced the final project for art. They had drawn a meadow and young children with their families just at a picnic with no war. Everyone dread this year to last forever. This whole year was all about no war. There have been a few massacres of mafias and such but that's normal. When it's a GUNDAM mafia, its deadly, it can cause disruption, it can break worlds apart, it can DESTROY BIG THINGS.


As Lacus started to walk down the hall, she noticed Kira wasn't at his locker. She walked over to Athrun and asked,


"IF it's about Kira, I know nothing." He said as he slammed his locker shut.

"Is something the matter Athrun?" Lacus said as she smiled and tried to cheer him up.

"I'm just a bit stressed out is all. Apparently, the Princess has to marry a Prince, not me. She said she didn't care about her obligations, but, I feel like I'm the one dragging her down. I feel guilty."

"Oh Athrun! You shouldn't be thinking so negative silly!" she flicked his forehead and giggled.

"I'm being honest and thoughtful Lacus. I'm not a child anymore." He said with a solemn look.

"Aw! I miss the little boy! The one who fell for me at first sight!" she winked.

"Er." He blushed and looked away and rushed his hand through his hair and slung his backpack over. "Whatever! See you tonight at our graduation." He walked away.

"Ok. I hope Kira comes." She looked away and shrugged worriedly.

"I'm sure he will be there. Hey. Don't think negative silly!" he flicked her forehead and gave a little smirk and rubbed her head.

"I'm not a little girl!" she said grumpily.

"Yah, sure." He said and walked away, "bye."



Kira was walking around town and stopped by the cleaners to pick up his graduation gown. He, then, started to head towards the school, but a sudden wind shifted directions and caused a whirlwind. Kira shut his eyes and looked up at the sky. His eyes widened as he saw a laser pass through above the town. It shook the whole town through the vibrations of how strong the shot was.

Kira knew that this wasn't normal. It was Gundam. Kira heard screams of the townspeople. Today was graduation and he knew it was going to be a horrific massacre if he thought correctly that they were after the Princess and Lacus.

Another vibration happened but this time; the laser hit several buildings collapsing them to rubble on the ground. A building Kira was next to started to collapse and he rolled aside and heard a scream as his eyes widened. A boy was standing there in shock looking up at the crumbling rubble. The mother was screaming from across the other side of the street.

Kira rushed as fast as he could and pushed the boy away and only his leg got caught but was able to get free with an injury to the ankle.

"Oh how can I ever thank you?" the boy's mother said.

"Thank you mister." The little boy replied.

Kira then ran as fast as he could as his eyes widened in shock.

A Gundam flew over the city and started to shoot numerously around the whole city. Kira had no idea what to do. He knew he was going to be late to the graduation, so, he took a little detour, making it a huge risk, going underground.


"Athrun, I'm worried about my brother." Cagalli said worried as her name was called out to receive her diploma and give a speech.

"I am too." He said lowly.

"Where could he be Athrun?" Lacus said looking around into the students.

"Beats me." He said as he sent a text message to Kira.


"He didn't answer."

"Something is wrong!"

Suddenly, Shinn and Luna ran quickly to the graduation and caused an interruption by taking the microphone.

"Everyone! We have to get out of here NOW! There's been an attack on the city itself! We have to evacuate now!" Luna said.

"Just stay calm and…."Shinn was cut off as a Gundam flew right over them and pointed its gun at all of the people there.

"Athrun!" Cagalli yelled.

"Milady!" he ran to her and grabbed her hand as he ducked down with her to take cover.

"What's going on?" Lacus said angrily and ran in front of where the Gundam was aiming.

"Are you crazy girl?" Shinn yelled from a far.

"Lacus! Get back here!" Athrun yelled.

"Lacus! It's dangerous!" Cagalli teared.

"What do you want?" Lacus yelled at the Gundam.

The Gundam started to flare up its gun and Lacus just stood her ground. Finally, the laser was sound.

"LACUS!" Athrun yelled in agony as he held Cagalli close to him shutting his eyes closed.

"Athrun! We have to save her!" Cagalli said crying now.

"It's too late-Cagalli." he said solemnly.

"YOU IDIOT!" Shinn said as he started to run into her direction.

"SHINN!" Luna yelled.

"DON'T YOU DAMN COME!" he ran as fast as he could.

Lacus still stood her ground and closed her eyes. Finally, an unexpected appearance happened.

"Freedom?" Athrun and Cagalli said in shock.

"Kira." Lacus smiled.

"No one kills anyone, not today, not EVER!" he said as he picked up Lacus and shot back numerously at the other Gundam exploding it in overdrive.

Kira put Lacus down and flew up in the sky and smiled as he got off of his Gundam, Freedom.

"Kira!" Lacus smiled with tears and ran, still afar from the Gundam.

"Lacus!" Kira yelled and smiled and started to run and stopped staring at Lacus confused.

"KIRA!" she yelled.

Kira turned and his eyes widened as a laser was shot and it exploded his Gundam which he was standing next to.

"KIRA!" Lacus (crying), Cagalli(tears fall), Athrun(shocked), Shinn(really shocked and disturbed), and Luna(shocked as well) yelled.