She wasn't as surprised as she probably should be to have returned to old habits. Damon was less than a healthy person, but then again, neither was she so the idea is a whole lot less worrying that it might have been had she still been human. Dysfunctional is just a trait that seems to be part of the Vampire package.

Which was why Caroline didn't have second thoughts when Damon pounced on her for sex. Or was it the other way around?

"Vampire sex rocks." Caroline felt compelled to mention as they lay in bed. She was on the left, he was on the right, and it was an odd observation to make because it shouldn't mean anything, but the distance between them did, and Caroline was glad to find that just because they had sex, it didn't mean she hated him any less. In fact, she was wishing she had a weapon hidden somewhere to make her feel safer because even now, she didn't believe for a second that Damon wouldn't take this opportunity to drive a stake through her heart.

But instead of attacking, Damon merely smirked, and draped an arm over her chest.

"So does Vampire stamina."