I really couldn't figure out how to connect the end with what I've written, but more on that later...

Special shout out to Lady Shaye for being awesome!

Damon hated this. Hated that Elena wanted him to be the better man, hated that he wanted to be the better man for her. Hated that he knew what Caroline tasted like, hated that he knew what her favorite color was (none and ever changing, she was a fashion diva; playing favoritism would wreak havoc on her clothes). Hated what Elena's doe eyes did to his stomach, hated that Caroline's sleepy countenance made him smile involuntarily. Hated that he couldn't think of more things to hate about Blondie, but found lots of irritating things about Elena.

The way she used him, the way she played with his emotions, the way she always, without fail, chose Stefan. The way she managed to hurt the very little feelings he scraped up after having them off for decades. Hated the way he didn't know the same things about Elena like he did Blondie. Hated that he didn't know much about Elena at all. Hated that she didn't want to get to know him, but wanted to change him anyway.

The way he was angsting over two women instead of one. Debating whether it was pathetic enough to warrant the removal of his ring. It was a good thing he liked himself too much for that to be anything, but a passing thought. Still, he had a chance with Elena and he could exploit it. Knew how to push Elena further onto his metaphorical line.

And then he thought of Blondie.

With her it... well, it wouldn't be any easier that's for sure. There was a lot of baggage from when she was human, the way she still sort of resented him for using her. It was understandable, but still something they could overcome—had been overcoming. No, getting her to love him would be just as hard a task as with Elena, but the loving her part—that would be easy.

Damon was always trying to stop himself from smiling at Caroline's antics. Elena wanted to protect her friends while Caroline wanted to make them happy. It was such a rare trait that even he secretly admired her for it. He wondered if she knew what made him happy.

She probably did.

Damon wondered if he just figured out his decision.

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