Hello everybody. Some of you may remember a short fic of mine called 'Interfacing has no enemies', in which Thundercracker gets some Autobot female action.

I received some requests to write a sequel, which I always had all the intention to do, but the proper story just didn't pop out. Then, yesterday and out of nowhere, the inspiration came and here you have the result. The story you are about to read it's a direct sequel to 'Interfacing…', so if you haven't read it I recommend you to do it.

This story will feature mecha-erotic material, so if you feel offended by this sort of fics you should stop reading. If not, please come into the dimmed lights and enjoy the fun. As in the previous story, I will take some liberties with the Autobot girls, so please don't mind if you find them very out of character. For the sake of the story, and the pleasures involved, it had to be this way.

And least but not last, I want to thank my beta reader iratepirate for her editing services and for her wicked soul.

Enjoy, people!

The New Orange

Written by Taipan Kiryu

Chapter 1

It took Skywarp a quick glance at his reflection on the mirror to realize that blue had nothing to do against black. A second view and he had to admit that Thundercracker was a very attractive mech, but not as much as he was. A blue and light grey paintjob looked much better on his frame, no question about it. He definitely made them the new orange, as humans said.

He had painted himself in Thundercracker's colours before, once to claim his friend's energon rations and another time to replace him during a guard shift, but the current situation far surpassed whatever meaningless emotions he had had on those occasions in which he had travestied himself.

Skywarp wanted some.

And he would get it.

Skywarp arrived at the Space Bridge without a single jump into spatial warps. Having to repress his teleportation instincts had been quite a torture, but in order to personify his wingmate he had to temporarily renounce everything that could reveal his real identity.

Not teleporting wasn't enough, of course, so he smirked wickedly when he saw Dirge and Thrust on guard outside the Space Bridge. Good. The time for testing his disguise with two real slaggers had arrived.

He transformed into his bipedal mode and landed right before the two Coneheads, who addressed him nonchalantly.

"What are you doing here, Thundercracker?" Dirge asked with boredom. "You're not scheduled for guard duty tonight."

"Although if you want to replace us, you're welcome to do it. Things are pretty dead around here tonight," Thrust said.

Skywarp's natural response of 'More dead than your processor?' stopped in the middle of his vocalizer. He was Thundercracker now, he had to remember that, and Thundercracker would never talk like that to the Coneheads unless being provoked. Thundercracker was calm, and boring, and an annoying screwhead sometimes… and thus, Skywarp had to behave.

"I have to go to Cybertron," he said, satisfied by the result of the alterations he had made to his vocalizer. His voice sounded exactly as Thundercracker's. "Open the doors."

Dirge looked at him suspiciously. "What's your business on Cybertron?"

"It's private."

"Well, where's your authorization?" Thrust scowled.

The classic 'This is my authorization' line followed by his two arm-mounted cannons aiming at the Conehead's faces also had to be repressed, much to Skywarp's frustration. Thundercracker would have never done that.

But then again, what would his accursed friend do in a situation like that?

"Uh… I don't have one. I kind of have… personal business to attend."

Dirge raised an optic brow. "Personal business… involving pleasure houses or high grade perhaps?"

Danger! Thundercracker didn't lose himself to those sort of activities. He may have been fragging the Autobot females for a while now, but all in all he was a decent mech.

And a decent mech had to answer. "No! Of course not… It's quite the opposite, actually. I'm in this… anti high grade group."

Dirge frowned. "Anti high grade group?"

Thrust laughed and slapped Dirge on the shoulder. "Oh, I know! Like those groups humans create to get rid of their addictions."

"Sounds stupid," Dirge said. "Besides, it's not like you actually have a problem, Thundercracker. Just one drop of high grade and you're scrapheap material."

Skywarp had to make an effort not to laugh. That was nothing but the pure truth. Thundercracker had never managed to hold his high grade.

"That's because I'm an addict in recovery… but that's none of your business! Open that Space Bridge and shut yer trap holes!"

Perhaps that had been too much, but Skywarp knew better than anyone else that there was a limit to Thundercracker's patience, and hopefully Dirge and Thrust would see his outburst that way.

To his surprise and satisfaction, both Coneheads shrugged their shoulders and let him in, laughing at his back and calling him insulting names, but that was nothing that bothered Skywarp.

As the layers of time and space engulfed him, Skywarp smirked, delighting himself in anticipation of all the overloads that were waiting for him.

Problem number one made itself more than clear the moment he transformed and started to fly in Cybertronian skies. Skywarp wondered why he hadn't thought about it before, but just how the slag was he going to find the female Autobots if he didn't know where their secret base was located. That kind of classified information was something a Decepticon wouldn't know, with the obvious exception of Thundercracker of course.

But a simple obstacle like that wasn't going to keep him away from locking sparks with the girlfriends of the elite Autobots themselves, no way. Blindly trusting in own luck had worked so many times in the past that there was no reason to believe it wouldn't happen this time, so he kept flying towards the area in which the femmes had been spotted more frequently. He didn't know if Thundercracker and the girls had some sort of secret code or a special place in which they met, but once again he hoped that by one of those wonders of fate, the doors to pleasure would open to him.

And the wonders of fate would keep happening for him, as static snapping in his comm link proved.

"Go to these coordinates. The back door is open."

Oooh and how open it would be… Skywarp thought to himself, his thrusters humming lecherously. He carefully recorded the coordinates in his memory banks, afraid that his own arousal would make him forget them. It wouldn't have been the first time in which his lust messed with his processor.

After some minutes of flying over a half-devastated Polyhex, he found the doors of paradise, carefully hidden beneath a crumbled building. The hallways inside seemed eternal, but finally he found a slim and well curved figure waiting for him at the end of a corridor.

Skywarp stopped, not knowing how to react. One thing he was sure of was that Thundercracker wouldn't just jump on that femme and frag her on the floor as he was tempted to do. His best friend had always been a follower of silly habits such as being gentle with the femmes, so Skywarp would have to comply for once.

"Greetings," he said, showing a respectful reverence to the female. It was Moonracer, as much as the dimmed lights allowed him to see. Skywarp licked his lip components slightly. Not a bad specimen to start…

She seemed slightly surprised to see him, although not upset. "Thundercracker… I didn't expect to see you so soon."

Skywarp smirked. "I, on the other hand, couldn't wait to see you again. These cycles without your company have been a living hell."

Yeah, that's it! Gentle fraggers like TC talk like that… sort of.

Moonracer frowned but smiled. "Really? That's a very nice thing of you to say, especially considering you were here just yesterday."

Oh, frag… "Ah, yes… but still, one cycle without you and your friends is unbearable enough."

Skywarp cursed himself. He was so stupid, blowing his cover so early… Whether Moonracer had discovered him or not, that was something he would find out the moment laser beams started to scorch his frame.

But the only thing that Moonracer shot him was that look, the one Skywarp could identify as bare lust.

"I see…" she said softly. "Well, in that case… I have to say that your presence is always a treat in this base, Thundercracker."

Relief mixed with lust, Skywarp understood those words as his cue to give the hot things a start. He advanced toward Moonracer until her energy field started to harmonize with his. A careful but not shy arm raised itself and embraced the Autobot by the waist.

"Then I'll make sure to treat you more often," he hissed into Moonracer's audio receptors as he started to kiss her on the neck.

She giggled, putting her arms on his back and letting one of her fingers play with one of his wing joints. "A little aroused this time, aren't you Thundercracker? We really unleashed the beast in you…"

"You don't know how much…" he moaned as he continued kissing that delicious green neck. It was much more than lust, Skywarp realized. It was the flavour of the forbidden. Primus… he was about to interface with an Autobot femme and he loved it!

Moonracer stepped back and he followed. He allowed her to guide him into an adjacent room, his lip components never leaving her neck.

Great, now she'll take me to her chambers… where she will be blessed with my big piece! I have to find a way to rub this right into Powerglide's face…

He didn't find anything resembling any regular personal quarters, though. There wasn't even a recharge berth in the room, only scattered objects he knew too well.

Ooooh slag… yes, this was what I was talking about! Oh TC, no wonder why you kept this harem of yours a secret all this time…

Moonracer pushed him away and stepped back slowly, as if she were frightened. But there was no fear in her optics, only desire. Skywarp had to control himself to avoid an early overload.

But his arousal only changed to increase when he saw what Moonracer picked up from a nearby table.

"Chain me," she said. "Now we will play the big bad Decepticon and his poor Autobot prisoner."

Skywarp's trembling hands seized the handcuffs and secured them around Moonracer's wrists, softly shoving her face-first against the wall in the process. The Autobot seemed to like that gesture because she moaned in return.

"Please, Thundercracker… please don't kill me. I… I told you everything I know… please let me go..."

Oh frag… he loved that game. He definitely loved that game. TC was such a perverted fragger if he complied to that.

"Let you go?" he said, securing the Autobot against the wall and drawing his face to her helmet. "Now why would I do that? You're my prisoner. You are mine to do as I please."

"N-no… you said you'd let me go…"

Skywarp chuckled. "My dear Autobot… you should know better than to trust in a Decepticon." He actually meant every word he said.

One of his hands started to caress the femme's nape, as the other one sneaked between her legs and spread them. Her core temperature increased drastically, showing just how much she was enjoying the game.

And I'm barely starting, beautiful…

"Now you will be a good femme and I may let you leave with your spark functioning, although not untouched." Heh, what a line! You are good Skywarp, you are SO good.

"P-please… please don't do this…"

Skywarp couldn't hold it anymore, his intimacy eager to enter that trembling frame. Frag, that Autobot was so hot… and such a pervert, just as he liked his interfacing partners to be.

His hands targeted her chest plates. Lecherous fingers found green and white polished metal and started to rub Moonracer's Autobot insignia obscenely. Oh yeah… this is what sins are made of.

"Do you want me inside of you, Autobot slut?"

Now that was something that TC wouldn't have said – at least, that's what he thought – but Moonracer didn't seem to mind. The little domination routine was evidently arousing her. Besides, whatever he said or did was supposed to be part of the game.

"Nnno… please let me go…" the Autobot purred, her energy betraying her words.

Skywarp smirked and turned Moonracer around, forcing her to face him. "You little Autobot femmes are good only for one thing. Let's see if you're worthy of your fame."

With that, he opened his chest plates and exposed his red-hot spark chamber. Twisted and hard in anticipation, his interface wire showed just how big his desire was. Moonracer's optics brightened at the sight of the most intimate part of his body.

"You like it, don't you Autobot? Well, it's your lucky day…"

He grabbed her head and pulled it toward his chest with perhaps a little too roughly, but the Autobot didn't need further convincing because she submerged her face into his bare intimacy and started to show him just how marvelous her lip components were.

Skywarp moaned loudly, once again repressing an early overload. Oh frag, oh Pit spawned frag… It's happening, it's SO happening… If I had known before how easy these Autobot sluts were…

But Skywarp stopped regretting past mistakes. Now that he had discovered the unlimited fountain of pleasure, he wasn't willing to let it go, as his passionate moans proved.

The weight of a frame attaching to his back turned his current moan into a growl. But he didn't have time to get surprised, as two sleek arms reached his hips and a mouth grazed his helm.

"How rude of you to come unannounced…" Chromia's voice said. "You just can't get enough of being punished, can you Decepticon scum?"

And then, she bit him on the neck. Skywarp's moan reached new decibels as he felt the mouth components of both Autobots working on his body. That was too much… Primus definitely loved him to grant him such pleasure.

Chromia grasped the tip of his wings and squeezed them hard. Pain was something that could turn so easily into pleasure, or that's what Skywarp realized as his frame was trapped between those two goddesses. Please, please… if I'm recharging don't you ever allow me to wake up!

Next thing he knew was that he wasn't leaning on Moonracer's frame anymore. Chromia had dragged him backwards and was claiming his masculinity for herself.

"Aaaggh," he groaned when Chromia roughly seized his interface cable. He had no idea that the female Autobot Second in Command was into roughness. He wondered if she behaved like that with poor ole Ironhide…

But Chromia didn't allow him to keep thinking. She squeezed his intimacy as hard as she could, forcing him to his knees. "You're such a bad Decepticreep, Thundercracker, so bad indeed… What do I have to do to make you learn your place?"

"Aaah, just… just keep doing that…" he mumbled.

"What did you say? I didn't hear you," Chromia said, continuing her delicious torture.

"D-don't stop—"

His words were interrupted by a rather rude kick to his face. Among the pain, he could recognize Moonracer's foot, her strength not minimized by having her arms chained at her back.

Skywarp licked the thin stream of vital fluid that started to come from his lower lip component.

Moonracer kneeled before him. "Ah, poor Thundercracker… did I hurt you? Please allow me to repair the damage."

She hadn't finished speaking when her mouth was already attached to Skywarp's, her soft but possessive lips sucking the injury on his lower lip. He lost himself to that unique kiss, intoxicating with the mixture of his flavour and hers together. He groaned inside her mouth, desperate to enter her and stay there for all fragging eternity.

He leaned over her and overwhelmed her with his superior weight. Moonracer allowed him to dominate her, biting his lips in an open invitation to whatever lust had prepared for them. The erect snake on his chest looked for her pleasure port, energy fields announcing the interface that was about to happen.

But it didn't. Mere mechano inches before reaching his pleasure, Skywarp was roughly pushed off. He fell on his back on the floor and when he tried to get up he was pinned by Chromia's foot.

She slowly shook her head. "How many times do I have to tell you, Thundercracker? Good things come only to those who know how to wait."

He stayed on the floor, agape and with his astonished optics fixated on the blue Autobot. Without detaching her gaze from him, Chromia reached Moonracer and liberated her from the handcuffs… with her dental plates. As Chromia bit the restraints on her friend, her hands started to sensually rub Moonracer's hips, sending Skywarp to the paradise – or was it the Pit? – of desire.

Green and blue intertwined, curved chest plates rubbing curved chest plates, delicate mouths interlocked… Skywarp was sure that he had died and became one with the Matrix. Seeing those two females interfacing right before his optics was by far the best thing his optics had ever witnessed. His interface cable seemed to agree, hard and heavy, almost pummeling his humming spark chamber.

He needed to frag those femmes… immediately.

He tried to get up but he couldn't manage to do it, overwhelmed as he was by lust. So he dragged himself on his hands and knees, following the scent created by their unleashed passions. Moonracer and Chromia stopped kissing and allowed him into their intimate space, wrapping him with their bodies as spatial warps embraced him when he teleported.

He felt Chromia opening to him as Moonracer rubbed against his back. As much as he never despised an invitation like that, he crossed the threshold slowly, almost tenderly. He wanted to enjoy that moment, to make sure that every one of his cerebro-shells processed it and embedded it into his memory banks.

Chromia moaned and practically stabbed his shoulders with her fingers. She wanted him. The fragging Autobot wanted him and he wouldn't disappoint her.

But what followed definitely fitted his definition of disappointment. A gust of cold air, a door hissing open, a silhouette glaring at him with angry optics.

Skywarp turned to the entrance of the room, his arousal exposed, and found the strict glare of Elita One, shining with disapproval.

As little as he knew about the Autobot female leader, Skywarp was sure of one thing.

She was annoyed.

She was very annoyed.

To be continued.

I hope you liked this first chapter. There is another one cu… coming, lol. Let me know if you want me to continue ;o)