Prologue: It was the time of the 9th century, Samurai have been born and have also shed countless heaps of blood and tears all over the lands of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan. In this day and age, the mighty steel of the lethal katana will rule what is right and what is wrong, who is guilty and who is innocent. No man, No SAMURAI has ever survived without honor, truth, and justice. For those who live brutally without it, are nothing but peasants who strive for greed and lust. No, the samurai were of the brute age, they were the elite, they were the fierce….feared by the lower classes, hated by the political economy, they were a faction not to be disrespected.

On the battlefield they killed hundreds, in villages they have been worshiped, and in life they have been mislead. This my friends, is the story of the samurai, those of the strong, those of the brave.

End Prologue.

The smell of blood seemed to fill the air as Hinoru started to put on his armor, the armor that made him a samurai, the armor that told others to scream respect. He had to rely on this armor to save his skin. Because throughout the blood stained time line of the old Chinese and Japanese war between kingdoms, he has been serving in the land of the rising sun as a warrior of his own culture, a passionate being with nothing to lose, and generations of respect to regain. But this time, he was not so sure he would make it out alive, this war was conflicting for territorial gain and land mass with the current rival state of China. The Chinese were grueling, war hungry bastards. They wanted power, they wanted land, they wanted freedom at last. But as a committed samurai of the Shinigami army he would not let them have it.

"Hey, Hinoru! Get your head out of the gutter and get your ass movin!" Hinoru looked to his right just realizing the army began making their move onward and outside the borders of Japan as General Takata began to urge him forward. Hinoru quickly snapped back into reality and moved with the rest of the pack. They were not just friends, or people he had to fight along side with, they were family, they were his brothers and sisters, to him, they were everything. They served the country of Japan just like he did, they served it with no regrets, just the sheer thought of keeping the land alive for all to witness in great effort….in victory!

The wooden gates of their reinforced camp closed behind the samurai as they rushed forward on their horses, armor clinging at every trot, the samurai were more than ready to fight. The armor was scaled with metal refinery, painted and tainted with red and black it matched the art and essence of war. A perfect camouflage in a blood soaked land. The helmets were equipped with horns signaling the sign of danger and violence, they were the signet of war to the samurai. A crescent moon symbol embedded on the forehead of the helmet symbolized warriors of the night. It symbolized justice and tranquility. Completing the set of armor was a sheathe that held the warriors heart and soul, the katana. The weapon that also would tell stories of survival and great pain. Only those of keen skill and quick reflexes would handle such a blade.

The sun began to set as the horses continued elegantly onward ready for the invasion of China. Every samurai contained a blank expression upon their faces that said they were ready to do or die. The Great Wall Of China had just been built for such an event. To keep any intruders or enemies of every sort out of the massive land of China, and the wall was the very obstacle that these warriors were meant to overcome. It was the easiest way into China, and they made sure the preparations for the takeover were up to par.

Their equipment was freshly sharpened and reinforced, their horses well fed, and their training was beyond surreal. They've challenged themselves in the utmost of their abilities to physically harden their bodies and souls for the Chinese opposition, they were ready to do whatever it took to get the job done. But the Chinese Government would not tolerate being such easy targets. They were professional tacticians there was no doubt, but the samurai, they were meant for such tasks. Hinoru and Takata were side by side as they trotted to the task at hand. "I hope your ready for this little Hinoru….you have yet to become a man and yet to gain wisdom until you face the lines of battle and experience what true warriors have been through." Takata stated with a grin. "I am not little general….I know you knew my father but understand that I am ready…..for anything." Hinoru said with a cutting glare shot forward eying The Great Wall.

The horses paces quickened, The Great Wall Of China was only yards away now. Maybe he really has become a man. Takata thought with an envious glare upon his face. Finally the army of the Shinigami ride to a halt. The wall braces itself broad and tall as if mocking the army. "READY YOUR ROPES!" Takata shouted in a booming, vicious tone. Takata's soldiers threw their ropes over the wall as the steel hooks cut into the brick structure while the Chinese battalion began pouring towards the top of the wall trying to stop the ruthless Shinigami from overcoming the premises.

"READY THE CATAPULTS!" Takata shouted again as the remaining men that fell back on the defensive began firing gigantic boulders towards the wall hoping to knock the guardsmen off balance from atop it. The Shinigami soldiers continued climbing the wall as Hinoru and Takata eyed the battle on their horses. "Are you ready to climb Hinoru?" Takata said winking with a smirk. "More ready than I have ever hoped to be general….now is the time I make my father proud." Hinoru stated bravely as he jumped off his horse's mount and threw his bearing rope over the mighty wall as Takata did the same soon after.

And so they climbed, fiercely strong, some of their men fell and some prevailed, but Takata and Hinoru got to the top of the wall without any issues. They conquered the wall both willingly and without fear, they fought, and never gave up their swords or lives without a battle. At last Hinoru and Takata drew their blades and rivaled over to the enemy eying each other as gruesome duals broke out in front of them. Desperately trying to make it to the heart of China and at last end this war forever, the two marched onward making their way through the many duals Of Chinese and Japanese soldiers, Shinigami soldiers nonetheless. They slashed through those they could not push through and forced themselves to continue through the masses. They stopped at the long staircase that lead to Chinese soil and off the wretched wall. The staircase was made so visitors could see the view from The Great Wall, but little did they know it would also serve as a deadly path for war.

Takata and Hinoru then made their way down surrounded by middle sized brick wall. Soldiers tried to chase them in order to halt their motion to prevent them from reaching deeper into China, but other Shinigami soldiers cut them off allowing General Takata and Hinoru to continue. More Chinese soldiers suddenly approached from the bottom of the steps and started marching up towards Takata and Hinoru. Takata grunted and jumped into the air leaping violently over the remaining stairs and landed into the hoard of oncoming Chinese soldiers. They all fell in death by his blade. Those who didn't plummet from Takata's risky jump into the crowd began to encircle him. Hinoru grew confused on what he should do to help. He looked around and noticed part of the brick wall was loose and in ruin. He took from his armored belt a small, circular pouch with a black stem on the top of it. It was a miniature bomb. He carefully lit it with a match in his right hand and threw it against the loose wall.

The wall boomed and collapsed on the soldiers. Takata backed away in shock overcoming a close call. "Wow Hinoru, I did not think you even had such a brave soul in you. Especially to risk the life of a colleague in order to pull off such a move. I like that kid." Takata said recovering from the alarming explosion. He smiled and slapped Hinoru on the back as they continued rushing down the stairs. They could hear the cries and the sound of gore at the top of the steps, they seemed so far down now. They finally reached the bottom of the great wall entrance and flurried themselves into a courtyard leading to the soil of China. But all grew silent. "An ambush?" Hinoru whispered. The warriors were back to back, keeping close watch of their surroundings.

"Worse." Takata continued. "Assassins." He finished as slender, nimble black cloaked assassins circled around the duo. "These warriors are known as ninjai, the most elite form of Chinese sectored soldiers, the only true killer of the samurai." Takata said in fear as Hinoru grew intent on destruction. "Then let's make their deaths swift like the eagle, and fast like the crane." Hinoru stated raising his katana. "No you fool! We have to plan this out!" Takata said as the ninjas grew closer in a cautious walk, still circling, still hovering like bees out of sync. "Got any bombs left?" Takata asked in succession. "Only smoke now, that one was my last explosive, I am out of matches and gunpowder." Hinoru replied. "That will do little Hinoru." Takata smirked as he nabbed a smoker pouch from Hinoru's belt. He then threw it down now ending his back to back formation with Hinoru and swiftly began moving into the smoke. Hinoru could only hear the clinging of blades as he stood near blinded and confused.

As the smoke cleared Takata stood wounded, his hands and face bloodied, but at the same time stood proud and victorious. The ninjai lay dead where they stood. "Swift like the eagle, and fast like the crane." Takata said smart mouthed as Hinoru felt embarrassed by his actions. The two then did a final quick look around and left the courtyard leaving the great wall in destruction with only a few Shinigami following behind ready to serve their war lords.