Title: Blood and Chocolate

Summary: [Rashel/Quinn] Quinn has a taste for his soul mates blood mixed with chocolate. Kind of a continuation to A Day in the Life of Thierry Descouedres,

Rating: R (verging over), please tell me if you believe this is too much for ff (dot) net and I'll take it down to re-edit.

Point out mistakes please, it's been a long time since I've updated and things may not be consistant.

Spoilers/Disclaimers: Snagged the title from Annette Curtis Klaus, Quinn and Rashel belong to L.J. Smith.

Part Two:

His mind was on overload and while he saw her red pouty lips moving he wasn't hearing what she was saying. When she tried to take her hand away, his eyes flashed to her face, holding her in place, and he gave a menacing warning growl before grabbing another piece of opened chocolate, popping it into his mouth. He swiftly, using the healing agent in his saliva, healed the slice she'd made on herself, lapping at the excess blood, suckling at the corners as the wound sealed up as the chocolate slowly melted against his tongue. He reached forward, pulling the front of her black body suit down, until it exposed her milky white skin, then further down past her chest. Quinn's eyes flashed silver as he leaned in and slid his already extended canines into the swell of her upper breast, latching on, barely containing the full body shiver that rolled him.

Rashel gasped and on instinct her forearm knocked into his forehead, trying to push him away. "Quinn!"

For a minute she felt the panic swell in her, the raw fear of that day at the playground raging like a strobe light of flashbacks all at once. They'd never gone this far and he most certainly hadn't been this aggressive with her, at least when they weren't fighting. Feeding off of her, until this moment, had been basically off limits, but as she slowly started to relax, started to realize that it clearly wasn't a killing strike, as she finally gave in she felt the burning sensation vibrated through her breast where his teeth had punctured. Felt it like a tidal wave as it washed through the rest of her body, spread through her groin, and made her toes curl. It was like lava coursing through her veins, trailing in between her legs, pushing in and out with every sip he took.

Her hands searching for a solid place to grip automatically went to his head, her fingers clutching his midnight black hair, trying to pull him closer to her, more into her.

"Quinn," she pleaded, biting her lower lip.

His eyes slid upwards, searching, gauging her reaction, and nearly came in his pants at what he saw. He'd never seen anything so unbelievably hot as his soul mate in that moment. Her cheeks were flushed, her cat green eyes glazed over, rolling to the back of her head, her back arching so far back he worried if she'd hurt herself. He jerked his head a little and with one arm cradling her back so she wouldn't fall into an awkward position on the bed, he took his free hand and slid his index finger along the lips between her legs.

Quinn slipped his teeth out as Rashel screamed at the top of her lungs, her release shaking her whole body. He quickly slipped his hands underneath her knees, sweeping them out of her Indian style position, pushing her back against the mattress so that all of his body was touching her shuddering one. He placed his elbows just above the tops of her shoulders, shoving his face into her neck with one hand clutching her hair, holding her cheek to his.

"Shh, baby, we aren't exactly in an empty house," he whispered in her ear, letting his tongue dart out and up along the side of it. "Shh."

"Oh my G-," her choppy breaths wouldn't allow a complete sentence. She gritted her teeth trying to calm down, but to no avail as another huge wave of pleasure crashed through and she released another scream.

Quinn frowned. Someone was definitely going to hear this. The hand that was clutching her hair released and went to cover her mouth, trying to muffle the full out howls. He continued to whisper in her ear.

"Oh baby, you are so fucking hot," he panted, trying to restrain himself as her hips started knocking into his. "You've gotta be quiet though."

And speak of the devil, pounding at the door. "I have stake ready to go Rashel, just say the words!"

Ash, that fuck! Quinn sneered at the door as he responded.

"Oh buddy, if you can't tell the difference between pleasure and pain you need to be educated," Quinn yelled at the door, never taking his eyes off of the shaking Rashel. "I most definitely feel sorry for Mary-Lynnette," he added as an after thought.

Ash grunted behind the closed door and Quinn smiled as he heard him pad down the hall.

Ten minutes later the after shocks and shaking, from the extremely powerful orgasm Rashel had, seized. Though she was still trying to catch her breath, her chest rose and fell as her now sleepy green eyes connected with his fully dilated silver ones. Watching her every move, her every breath, he slowly pulled off the rest of her black spandex cat suit.

"Um, we didn't even do anything," she whispered, licking her bottom lip. "I've never, well, that was, um," she swallowed when she felt Quinn reach for the waist band of his pants, knowing he was deliberately going slow, giving her a chance to decline.

When she didn't he haphazardly pushed his black slacks to the middle of his knees. Her eyes slammed shut as he slid into her, her breath catching in her throat. Quinn could barely contain himself as he dropped his forehead to hers and let out a long deep groan. Trembling with exertion he pulled back a little to give her a small smile.

Okay? he spoke telepathically.

A little snug, minimal pain-had enough lubrication, she responded, the last part held a bit of teasing, but he could tell she was having trouble focusing.

"Hold on to me," he said out loud.

She tried to smirk at him as she wrapped her arms and legs completely around him so tightly she caused him to push farther into her. He pulled back only to slowly return.

"Oh Quinn," she mumbled hugging him tightly as his thrusts continued.

His release was quicker than he thought it would be, taking him by surprise as he spilled into her, his hips making staccato thrusts, trying to prolong this brief moment of absolute heaven.

He collapsed against her, trailing kisses along her cheeks, neck, and lips. "Thank you."

"Who are you kidding? I should be thanking you. That was fantastic!"

A slow satisfied smile crept onto his face and he caressed the curve of her cheek with the back of his fingers.

Rashel wiggled her hips as he slipped out, returning his smile, only hers turned devious. "Jesus, you're gonna have a mess to clean up."

"Me? You're the one the came for like twenty minutes. You can do the laundry," he teased, his eyes gleaming mischievously.

"Oh ew! I was talking about that," she chuckled pointing to the floor.

He frowned as he finally noticed the mountains of blue and purple empty chocolate wrappers that littered the floor. A few even remained on the corner of the black cotton pillow case that laid cockeyed over the edge of the bed.

Re-solidified chocolate globs stuck to the red sheets, but as Quinn watched Rashel eyes droop, snuggled up against him, he found himself not caring. The best sex of his immortal life could do that apparently.


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