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I half-smiled, then raised my free hand – it didn't tremble now – and placed it over his heart. White on white; we matched for once. He shuddered the tiniest bit at my warm touch. His breath came rougher now.

"I promised we would try," he whispered, suddenly tense. "If . . . if I do something wrong, if I hurt you, you must tell me at once."

I nodded solemnly, keeping my eyes on his. I took another step through the waves and leaned my head against his chest.

"Don't be afraid," I murmured. "We belong together."

I was abruptly overwhelmed by the truth of my own words. This moment was so perfect, so right, there was no way to doubt it.

His arms wrapped around me, holding me against him, summer and winter. It felt like every nerve ending in my body was a live wire.

"Forever," he agreed, and then pulled us gently into deeper water. (Meyer, 2008, p. 85)

The warm water swirled around our bodies, enveloping us and heightening every touch, every brush of skin against skin. I gasped in pleasure as he dropped his head to my neck and brushed angel kisses from just under my ear to my shoulder and up to my lips.

"Oh, Edward . . . ." I breathed just as his lips closed over mine. My hands twisted into his wet hair, my fingers sliding through the soft strands. His hands splayed open across my back, arms tightening to bring me closer. I moaned into his mouth at the feeling of his body pressed firmly to mine with nothing between us.


His body was so hard, so beautiful and I could no longer stop my hands from exploring his back from his broad shoulders to his narrow waist, and the flaring curve at the top of his glorious behind.

He groaned when my fingers traced the dimples just above his butt and traveled around to rest on his hips. I could feel his hardness pressed into my stomach and I wanted to explore that part of his body, too. I pulled back slightly so I could run my hands around his waist to the front, but he stopped me before I could get very far.

"No, Bella. Not yet. I. . . I need to do this at my pace, to focus on you so I don't lose control. Please be patient with me."

I raised my hand and touched his cheek gently, "It's all right Edward, I understand." I looked deep into his eyes, silver in the moonlight. I saw such love and devotion there, and something else – something deeper, smoldering, flickering – that sparked into flame as I watched.

"Oh, Bella. . . ." he moaned, crashing his lips to mine with a passion like never before. He was kissing me senseless and I didn't care. I could finally let go and meld with him, and I felt no sense of hesitation, no pulling back for the first time ever.

Our hands began clutching and grasping, caressing and stroking as our moans, groans and sighs increased. I broke our kiss and hissed in a breath the first time he touched my breast, the nipple already erect and waiting for him. When his thumb grazed over it at last, my back arched and I threw my head back, instinctively pushing my breast deeper into his hand, giving him better access at the same time.

"Exquisite," he murmured, staring at my bare chest in complete awe. It was clear he'd never seen, much less touched a woman's chest before, and he was totally entranced. The expression on his face was so adorable; I couldn't stop the giggle that bubbled up.

That broke his fixation and he looked up at me slightly sheepishly, with my favorite crooked smile plastered on his face.

"Have I told you lately that I adore you?" I teased.

"Um . . . no, I don't think so. Not in the last five minutes or so anyway." He tickled my ribs just slightly in return, his grin widening.

I squealed and squirmed in his iron grip, unable to free myself and escape his teasing tickles. This had the interesting effect of rubbing my belly erratically across his hardness which was sandwiched between us. The tickling ceased as he lifted my body slightly out of the water and bowed his head to my chest. He pressed an open mouthed kiss just above the swell of my left breast, and I gasped to feel his cool lips on my warm skin.

His right hand slid down and cupped under my butt, holding me up as his left hand palmed and cupped my right breast. I cried out when his tongue flicked over my nipple experimentally.

Encouraged by my sounds as well as by my hands in his hair, he closed his lips over my nipple and sucked, elongating and further hardening the pebbled flesh.

"Ah. . . Gah. . . Oh!" I was rapidly losing myself to the sensations overwhelming my body. It was so intense, so intimate; I was turned on beyond anything I'd ever experienced before. I tried not to wiggle or press my hips against his, but it was a losing battle, and for once, he didn't back off or hold me back. I could tell he was becoming as lost in the experience as I was.

He shifted me in his arms slightly and moved his mouth to my right breast, changing the hand holding me under my butt. Instead of bringing his right hand to my breast as I expected, he slid it down my left thigh, pulling that leg up and hitching it around his hip. His fingers played with the responsive skin behind my knee as my eyes opened wide in shock. Edward was playing my body like an expert, not the amateur he professed to be.

"Edward. . . uuungh. . . you're driving me crazy with that. . . ."

He raised his head and smirked. "Like that, do you?"

I nodded, still wide-eyed, and licked my lips.

"Oh, Bella. You really shouldn't have done that." His eyes, already darkened with lust, suddenly became black fire, and his lips claimed mine again. Whatever thoughts were left in my brain simply fled at his onslaught.

I vaguely felt his hand ghost over my thigh and touch my lower stomach. As I pulled his hair to tilt his head and deepen our kiss, I felt his now lukewarm fingers dip between my legs. My breath hitched and a moan sounded deep in my throat.

Using only the lightest touch and his fingertips, he explored me gently and thoroughly. I could almost feel the gears turning in his head as he sorted out the geography. He pulled back just enough to look into my eyes with a question in his. I knew he was being a gentleman and was asking my permission to proceed. I smiled at him in assent and encouragement. I felt completely safe and loved in his arms and hoped he felt the same in mine.

I wanted this. I wanted him. Badly. I thought I'd wanted him before, but that was nothing compared to now. I was practically on fire for him, and was doing all in my power to hold myself back from ravishing him, to let him lead and move at a pace comfortable for him.

"Please," I whispered before leaning forward and placing my lips on his neck. I began to suck, nibble, lick, and kiss the stony flesh there. I felt his gasping breath under my lips more than I heard it in my ears.

Using more pressure than before, his fingers slid along my outer lips, spreading me open under his hand. I could feel my slick wetness moving smoothly along his fingertips, guiding them towards the source of the fluids.

"So slick. . . so wet, so warm. . . not even the water. . . ." He began to mumble incoherently then, dropping his forehead to my shoulder with a groan. My own head was pressed into the curve of his neck and shoulder. I was unable to do anything beyond melt into his touch between my legs.

He drifted back and forth between my clit and my opening several times, playing with pressure, angles, area, and the number of fingers used; experimenting to find what brought me the greatest pleasure. When he'd made me cry out three times by flicking my clit lightly with just the tip of his middle finger, he tried sliding that finger just slightly inside me for the first time.

I clutched his shoulders and begged, instantly wanting more. He pushed his finger all the way in very carefully and very slowly, both of us groaning the entire time. He paused briefly to allow us both time to adjust to the sensation before circling his finger around inside me several times and withdrawing it. I immediately felt a sense of loss at the reduced contact. Apparently, Edward did as well because he reinserted it without delay, and soon added a second, then a third, twisting them all together.

I was totally lost now to the feelings rocketing through my body. The sense of fullness, of having a part of him inside me was overwhelming. My breathing was little more than harsh panting and I was unaware of my hips trying to move in sync with his hand, inadvertently grinding myself on him even more. I was only faintly aware that Edward was talking to himself out loud, though so rapidly I wouldn't have understood the words had I heard them anyway.

When my legs began to tremble, he twisted his wrist, reduced his fingers to one, and began stimulating my clit with his thumb in earnest. My body arched, my head thrown back before I collapsed back onto his chest. I was moaning continuously. I could feel myself racing towards some unknown cliff or edge and it was a little frightening; oddly, the fear only increased the excitement. At that moment, Edward curled the remaining finger inside me and began brushing along my walls as if searching for something.

He must have found it because an explosion abruptly ripped through me and I cried out his name as I arched and convulsed in his arms repeatedly. I literally saw stars and fireworks behind my closed eyes at the peak of my orgasm. Edward continued his movements until I slumped back against him and begged him to stop. When I could finally pull myself back together enough to look at him, he had the most incredible grin on his face – an expression I'd never seen before – not even on our wedding day was he this elated. I felt my own face split into a wide, blissful smile in response.

"You've been keeping secrets, husband," I chided playfully.

"As have you, wife," he grinned back before kissing me soundly.

"I had no idea, Edward. None at all."

"Me neither. That was the singular most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my entire existence, and I can't wait to see it again. May I take you inside now?"

"I will go with you anytime, anywhere. To the ends of the earth and beyond, for all eternity, Edward. Yes, please. Take me inside and make me yours. I want to feel you, all of you inside me. Now."

"Yes, Mrs. Cullen." He nuzzled his nose against mine before scooping me up in his arms bridal style and running into the bedroom at vampire speed. Reaching down with one arm while still holding me with the other, he folded back the bedding before laying me gently on the bed. His movements and attitude were entirely worshipful and focused on me. I felt wholly, thoroughly, completely loved and cared for in that moment. I still couldn't believe that this incredible creature, this man, was my husband. It was downright mind-boggling.

He shifted me over to the middle of the bed and settled me carefully on the pillows before laying down beside me.

"My love, my Bella, my wife," he began, stroking my cheek. "I have committed myself to you, made vows to you before God and our family and friends, and I will do everything in my power to honor and uphold those vows and promises."

I started to speak, but he silenced me with a finger on my lips.

"Although I am still nervous and uncertain, I can no longer deny your needs, nor mine. I promised you we'd try, and so far it has exceeded any expectation I might have had. So, I give you myself fully and completely, and trust your faith in me. I will doubt our ability to do this no more tonight." And with that, he smashed his lips to mine.

I thought I'd felt his passion and desire when we'd made out in the past. I thought again I'd felt his love and hunger for me just before in the moonlit ocean. This kiss was exponentially greater than anything he'd allowed himself at any time in the past. This was wholly new and I was in awe of his control and self-restraint on prior occasions.

Armed with this new understanding, and in complete trust, I unreservedly let go. I met him kiss for kiss, touch for touch, and felt so on fire for him that I wondered if the bed would go up in flames. Our hands were all over each other, no limits, no rules, no holding back.

He was achingly, beautifully perfect – every plane, muscle, and sinew expertly crafted and balanced. He made me feel as if I were the only woman that ever existed. I was momentarily stunned when I realized this was what was true for him, but this knowledge only served to fuel my fire further. Our long pent up lust began to rapidly overtake our passion and love.

"Oh, Bella," he groaned at one point, "I wanted to take this slow. I wanted to worship every inch of your skin, but I don't think I can now, I want you so badly. I need to be inside of you. I can't wait any longer and I've made you wait too long already."

"Yes, oh, God, yes, Edward. Please! Please," I whispered the last urgently.

He rolled me onto my back and hovered over me, nudging my legs open with his.

"Are you sure, Bella? I don't know that I'll be able to stop after this, or even slow down."

"Yes, my love. I've been sure."

"Then, bend your leg, love," he touched my right thigh and placed my foot flat on the mattress once I'd bent my knee. I felt his hand tremble slightly when he caressed me from foot to hip before turning his attention to my left leg. I'd already mirrored my position, anticipating his needs, but he surprised me again when he hitched this leg around his hip, bending his own leg up under mine.

We were fully pressed together, but not completely flat to the mattress. He was supporting his weight more on his left side, leaving his right hand free. His left arm was under my shoulder and his hand cupped my head as he began kissing me again. His right hand ghosted over my heated flesh from the top of my head down over my breast, ribs, and hip to in between our bodies.

I felt him grope briefly and then I felt my skin parting as he slid his along my lips. My breath hitched and immediately sped. I thought I was feeling his fingers but I soon realized he was soaking his erection in my juices in preparation. The groan that escaped me surprised me in its tenor and tone. It was pure lust and I wondered if my eyes were as black as his.

"Oh, sooo. . . aaah. . . . Oh God, Edward. . . so close. . . so far. . . uungghff." My eyes rolled closed at the intensity of the moment. Just a tiny shift of my hips or his and he would be inside me. The anticipation was almost too much for me and I fought valiantly to remain still. This was our moment of union, of coming together for the first time, for all time, and it was important that he lead.

"Bella love? Open your eyes. Please love?" he asked so tenderly with a husky voice that oozed love and lust.

I opened my eyes and looked deeply into his as he peered just as closely into mine. I felt him wet the very tip of his cock at my entrance.

"Oh!" I gasped and my hips shifted infinitesimally of their own volition. My eyes widened.

He shifted his body to hold me still and removed his hand from between us. He was in place and only needed to drive his hips forward to plunge into me. I felt his cool hardness warming in the furnace of my core. He reached his hand up and stroked my face lightly from my temple to my chin before placing that hand firmly on my hip.

"I'm afraid this will hurt you, my love. If you can relax and breathe, it will be better for you."

"I know, Edward. It's all right. I want this. I want you. All of you. I want to give you all of me. Please. . . ."

He bent down so so slowly then as he thrust his hips forward with matching speed and motion. I could feel myself stretching to accommodate him – he was large and I was tight – and his lips pressed to mine as I felt my hymen give way. He neither slowed nor paused, but continued to push himself inside me until he was fully sheathed within me.

We groaned into each other's mouths at the exquisite new feeling and he paused very briefly before drawing himself back and pushing forward again. His rhythm was slow and deep. I can't lie, it hurt when he broke through my barrier, so I was unable to move for a minute or two, but I keep my mouth, lips, and tongue moving on his. When the worst of the pain abated, I smoothed my hands down the moving muscles of his back and placed them firmly against his cheeks. I began to move my own hips, trying to meet his rhythm, but we were clumsy and awkward at first and began to giggle at our ineptness.

The laughter created a whole new sensation and it wasn't long before I was pulling with my hands, encouraging him to thrust harder, deeper and faster. His movements quickly became erratic and I could feel his body trembling.

"Oh my God. I didn't know, I didn't know, I didn't know. I just didn't know. . . . Bella. . . God. . . love. . . I can't. . . ah. . . I'm not. . . ." he mumbled incoherently.

"I know, baby. It's okay. Just let go."

"But. . . argh. . . you should. . . I. . . ."

"I've had my turn, remember? I don't expect it my first time."

"I. . . you. . . want. . . ."

He bowed his head against my shoulder in defeat. I didn't think I was close and I knew he couldn't hold off much longer, his entire body now shook with the strain.

"Let go, love. Let go."

He made an inarticulate noise, slipped his hand under my hips and began driving into me with more force and speed. He was still holding back, I could tell, and I also knew he was being as careful with me as he could. He was panting raggedly now, and primal groans rumbled in his chest. I could feel them vibrating through me the way he was clutching me to him. The new angle along with his loosened control suddenly pushed me to the edge.

It was incredibly erotic to know that I had this effect on my husband, my all-powerful, sexy, beautiful, soulful, loving vampire husband. I danced along the edge of the cliff briefly as he thrust forcefully. When I clenched my leg around his hip to pull him impossibly closer, he pushed deeper than he had and I came hard, writhing under him and crying out in surprise.

This was too much for my love. He shuddered powerfully, almost convulsing above me as he began pouring his seed into me. I felt him pulse within me and almost came again as the feelings that arose in that moment overpowered me. I was lost inside myself, lost in him, yet I was still surrounding his hardness at the same time. The fire burning in me was so fierce, I was sure the bed had ignited in flames. I wanted to speak, but suddenly, I couldn't seem to make a sound. I realized my eyes were shut, and I couldn't seem to open them, either.

"Bella? Oh God, no! Bella! No! Oh, my love! Oh! I'm so, SO sorry! Bella, I love you!"

Yes, I'm here my love. I love you, too. I burn for you gladly.

And then the fire consumed me completely.

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