The Beauty Of The Dark

Part: 1 of 11 (Complete)
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Author: Ayumie and CrowX
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Damon/Jeremy
Summary: AU branching off sometime between 1.09 and 1.10.
Warnings: Slash

Many thanks to my wonderful beta reader x-jeremy-tyler-x.

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The Beauty Of The Dark

Chapter 1



"Hello Jeremy."

Damon was lounging on the windowsill, smirk firmly in place as he tilted his head at the boy in front of him. Keeping a low profile always made him edgy and as he had wandered the streets that night, the lit windows of the Gilbert house had proved too big a temptation to resist.

Elena wasn't at home, but neither was her aunt, which left young Jeremy unprotected. All in all a delicious opportunity to wreak havoc and piss off all the people who mattered.

"Do you remember me?"


Jeremy spun around in surprise. He had been sitting at his table and had been completely absorbed in catching up on his schoolwork that he didn't notice the presence in his room until it spoke.

He did in fact recognize this guy, being in a household with only girls he got to hear all their gossip. But regardless of that he got a sense of déjà vu. He could faintly remember this voice talking to him, making him feeling better. What he didn't understand was what Stefan's older brother could possibly want here in his room now.

"How the hell did you get into my room?"


"I was invited in."

Damon jumped down and sauntered towards Jeremy's desk. A brief look over the boy's shoulder revealed homework. Math – boring. He could smell Jeremy's scent, the warm flavor of blood just beneath the skin. Since Caroline he hadn't had a regular blood-donor and the kid was already under his thrall. Such a pretty, pretty boy. Of course there would be no end of trouble once his brother and his little girlfriend found out – for them, that is.

Lost in thought, his eyes settled on a sketchbook half hidden beneath a pile of papers and, suddenly intrigued, Damon snatched it up. The drawings were interesting to say the least. Raising an eyebrow, he looked at Jeremy.

"These are pretty good. Do you like monsters, Jeremy?"


"Thanks, but seriously, what are you on, dude? Monsters are not real, but I kinda like the fictional ones," Jeremy replied. He didn't want to show that he was a little freaked out by this unexpected visit.

He tried to measure him up. Even though Damon was a little bit smaller than him everything about him seemed dangerous: the dark, slightly unkempt hair, the eyes resembling those of a wolf, with thick eyebrows, the set jaw with that arrogant smirk and the graceful yet commanding way he held himself. All in all, a very handsome and sexy guy. Even Jeremy could admit that; while schooling his artistic sense he got to appreciate the male body as well.


"Aren't they real?"

The vampire's question took Jeremy off guard. For a moment Damon wondered whether the kid was faking. He didn't think that his compulsion would give that easily, but considering the things that kept happening in this house...

Damon leaned forward, eyes wide and dark.

"What am I, Jeremy?"

Their faces were mere inches apart. The kid was looking slightly dazed, like he was trying hard to think. Elena wouldn't like this one bit.


Like a whirlwind Jeremy's thoughts were tumbling around.

Flashes of memories, pictures and observations came and went at the speed of light. He saw distorted faces with fangs, remembered the more then frequent animal attacks and even the blank eyes of Caroline when she did something for Damon. He could recall Elena's strange behavior as well as the on-and-off appearance of Logan.

And then there were those eyes of Damon, he could faintly remember another time when he looked into them and felt so much better afterwards. Jeremy couldn't believe that he was actually going to voice his considerations.

"You have to be a vampire," he whispered incredulously, feeling slightly out of breath because of his conclusion and also a little bit due to the close proximity of the other man.


Damon smiled. That was more like it. Jeremy was staring at him with a mixture of fear and fascination, pinned securely by the power of his gaze. He wouldn't hurt the kid, not really. That wouldn't accomplish anything at all and, as a resident Gilbert, Jeremy would make a very useful puppet.

Amused, Damon ran a finger down the boy's cheek. He was half-hard already, hunger gripping him in its iron fist. His fingertip came to rest on the pulse point of Jeremy's throat.

"Prize question, Jeremy. What do vampires want?"


Feeling the feather like caress on his neck Jeremy began to understand the danger he was in. There was a vampire in front of him who was hinting on his sustenance.

Jeremy gulped but he didn't feel capable to look away from those mesmerizing eyes. Somehow they conveyed that he wouldn't be harmed. And then there was this voice, which again reminded him strongly of the other time when gentle and huskily whispered words had taken care of him. It certainly didn't hurt that the vampire in question was gorgeous and was slowly pressing his body against Jeremy's so he was able to feel Damon's arousal.

All those aspects gave him the boldness to reply: "Blood. You want my blood? No, you need my blood!"


It was almost too easy. Damon's senses were filled with Jeremy: His smell, the texture of his skin, the web of bluish veins just there. The boy was right. Need was thrumming through his veins, a confusing mix of lust and hunger. His body wanted to change, but he fought it. It wouldn't do to scare his prey away.

"Very good. And will you give me what I want, Jeremy? Or shall I just ... take it?"

Damon leaned forward, lips close to Jeremy's ear.

"I can make you feel very, very good – if you will let me."


Those words breathed into his ear ignited Jeremy's arousal, more so than any girl had done before. He began to wonder what real sex with Damon would feel like when just this was so incredible. That in mind Jeremy realized that he had no objections to Damon's proposal. Slightly relaxed, he knew what he wanted right now and he was willing to repay with his blood.

He pushed his body against the vampire's and slowly put his arms around Damon. Turning his head slightly so that his neck was just in front of Damon's lips he replied:

"I trust you not to take too much. As long as you live up to your promise."

Saying that, Jeremy thrust his own hardness into Damon's body.


Damon's smile was brilliant. He pressed a brief kiss to the pale skin of the boy's throat, savoring the moment of anticipation. His hand sneaked to Jeremy's groin, squeezing the hard bulge he found there.

"Let's just say that I've had no complaints. Mmh, eager, aren't we? I like it."

Although to tell the truth, he was in much the same state. He wanted the kid. Deciding that this called for a change of position, Damon used his strength and speed to move the two of them to the bed without breaking contact.


Jeremy was astonished that he liked being manhandled and not only that, but Damon throwing him on the bed and towering over him was a really good turn-on. The hand on his hardness didn't hurt either. Slowly his hips pushed into the fondling hand.

He moaned and without anymore thoughts his lips searched for the vampire's. Slowly he nibbled on the other's lower lip. Damon's scent was wonderful: underneath the aftershave there was a hint of wilderness. Jeremy put one of his hands under Damon's shirt and began to caress his back. His other hand strayed down to Damon's ass. Jeremy had always been very fond of a nice butt- be it from a girl or guy- and Damon's was perfect.


Jeremy's body was intoxicating. Damon tugged at the kid's t-shirt, pulling it up to get more of that delicious skin. He licked at that flat belly, watched the shiver his actions elicited. A responsive partner was always preferable and so far Jeremy had proven very satisfactory indeed. Damon tried to remember what it felt like to be 15 and came up blank. It had been such a long time.

The boy's hands on his body felt good and he growled appreciatively even as he worked a thigh between Jeremy's legs and simultaneously rubbed himself against his hip.

"So what do you want, Jeremy? Anything particular in mind?"


Thinking about that for a minute Jeremy pressed their lips together in an open kiss. His tongue thrust into the vampire's mouth and he explored the sharp but still human teeth.

Jeremy's mind reeled from all the possibilities. All of his limited sexual experience had been only with Vicki. In that sense he wasn't a virgin anymore. But sometimes he had wondered about being with a guy. Since he was very curious, he had penetrated himself with one or two fingers during jerking off. That had been slightly painful but moreover very pleasurable. One time even Vicki had put her fingers there and it had been brilliant.

But now he had the onetime chance to sleep with a man without any strings attached. And this guy clearly knew what he was doing. Jeremy knew what he wanted from Damon and interrupting the kiss it gave him the courage to reply very bluntly:

"I want you to fuck me, Damon."


Damon blinked. Then a grin spread over his face.

"Why, aren't you full of surprises?"

He dived in for another kiss, tongue thrusting into the wet heat of the kid's mouth. Then Damon sat back, giving Jeremy room to move.

"Take that off. I want to see you. Or should I go first?"

Without waiting for an answer, Damon pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it carelessly aside. Feeling Jeremy's eyes on him he tilted his head.

"See anything you like?"


Becoming bolder by the minute, Jeremy replied with just a minimal blush: "Hell yes." Taking in Damon's muscular yet lean chest he stripped off his own t-shirt. A little bit self-consciously he lifted his head up to meet Damon's lips again.

Jeremy's hands roamed over the vampire's chest, stroking over hard nipples and dipping into his navel. When he reached Damon's trousers he fumbled around a bit to open the fly.

"How did you get those great abs? Do you have to work out or are they just a bonus being a vampire, Damon?" he mumbled against the other's mouth.


Briefly closing his eyes, Damon moaned as he felt Jeremy's hands on his chest. He didn't usually deny himself and those three weeks had been long.

"Mmh, I already looked like this when I died. I was a soldier, then."

Then his dick was freed and in Jeremy's hand, flushed and so hard it was almost aching. Damon had to bite his own lip to fight back the change. He took a deep breath, knowing that his expression was turning somewhat predatory in spite of his best efforts.

"But let's not talk about me. You're quite the little treat yourself."

He made quick work of Jeremy's jeans and boxers, running an appreciative finger down the boy's length.



This time Jeremy couldn't help but blush a blazing red. The way Damon's smoldering eyes were staring down hungrily just deepened his excitement. He knew he was fully hard and with small movements he thrust into Damon's hand.

More confidently now Jeremy returned the touch and began to explore Damon's erection, first with small strokes, than brushing the already wet tip, before going down to cup his balls.

After a while he got curious about Damon's taste. He knew his own taste from shared kisses with Vicki and didn't think Damon's would disappoint him. Jeremy gathered some of the glistening substance on his finger. Looking at Damon's face he brought it to his lips, sucking it slowly in. Salty, slightly bitter with a metallic aftertaste, but altogether not bad.


Definitely a treat. Jeremy's hands were gaining confidence as they moved down his body. Damon tried to hold still as the boy started stroking his cock, but he couldn't help thrusting his hips just a little. Watching Jeremy lap his precum off his fingers was too much.

Damon pounced. In one smooth motion, he pushed the kid onto his back, slid down between long, strong legs until his mouth was poised above Jeremy's erection. He didn't wait for permission, but immediately flicked his tongue over the head. The taste of fresh, young skin filled his senses and, after a few more licks, he moved his mouth to Jeremy's thigh. Scraping his teeth across a vein he drew blood. Just a little, just a taste.


Damon's mouth on him was fantastic, and Jeremy didn't feel any real pain when he drew blood from his thigh. Moreover the pain increased the arousal. He moaned loudly and put his hands on Damon's head to pull him towards his groin. Slowly he brushed through the soft hair, enjoying the feeling of Damon's sucking.

He wondered about that feeling, was it just being him with masochistic tendencies, or did Damon's seduction play a part in that?

"Will it always feel so good, you drinking from me?" he asked hoarsely. "Then you can do it whenever you want."


Nuzzling briefly at Jeremy's groin, Damon lifted his head and grinned.

"I told you I'd make you feel good. ... So, I believe you said something about fucking? Last chance to back out."

Damon's thumb traced the crease where Jeremy's thigh met his torso. Of course he could have compelled the boy, but knowing that her little brother had slept with Damon without any foul play whatsoever, would hit Elena all the harder. God, he could just imagine her face. Although that wouldn't happen anytime soon, if he had anything to do with it. Damon planned on enjoying this unexpected liaison until it inevitably went stale.

He reached for his discarded jeans, trying to remember whether he brought any lube.


Anticipating what Damon was searching for Jeremy stopped Damon's hand with his own and brought it to his mouth.

"I really, really want this," he said and sucked his fingers in his mouth. With his other hand he opened the drawer of the nightstand and retrieved a bottle of lube.

He pressed it into Damon's hand and continued to touch him with his other hand. He couldn't get enough. Then a thought crossed his mind: maybe Damon would be willing to come back again. He didn't mind this idea, especially if it always felt as good as now.

"Come on, get it on…" he moaned.


That, he didn't need to be told twice. Slicking his fingers, Damon spread the kid's legs further apart. He briefly played with Jeremy's balls before sliding his fingers further down. Small tremors were shaking the body beneath him as he pushed his fingertip in up to the first knuckle. Feeling that tight heat around his digit, the mere thought of stopping was rapidly losing what little appeal it had once held. Damon ran a soothing hand over the kid's stomach.

"So tell me, Jeremy, have you done this before? Or is this a first?"

One finger was in, twisting, moving, looking for the right angle.


Those fingers had to be magic; Vicki's have never been that good. Maybe it was the extra incentive for Damon that his cock would soon follow his fingers. Jeremy's body was trembling with hardly suppressed lust. In between loud gasps he could barely formulate a coherent response.

"Um, yeah, first time with a guy. Just don't let it stop you."

Jeremy was a bit afraid, that his inexperience would turn off the vampire. How old was this guy actually? Before he could think about that anymore, Damon's finger hit the mark.

"Oh god, so good, please don't stop," Jeremy cried out. He had the feeling that Damon wouldn't mind hearing him moaning. Vicki had always told him that it wasn't very manly to do so.


The noises the kid made! It was always nice to feel appreciated and Jeremy's moans had Damon thrust his hips into the mattress. He added more lube and another finger. Not long now. He grinned at Jeremy, scissoring his fingers one more time, before pulling out and crawling up his body.

"Kids these days. No patience whatsoever."

Pausing briefly to slick himself, he hoisted the boy's legs over his shoulders. Another kiss, slow and teasing, even though lust and hunger were coiled tight in Damon's stomach.

"Don't worry, Jeremy. I have no intention of stopping. Although I do like to hear you beg..."


Strangely Jeremy didn't feel bothered being the submissive one. It actually felt good to have someone else leading, doing all the work. Damon's fingers preparing him, and his slightly mocking voice teasing him turned him on like nothing else before.

When Damon stopped his ministrations Jeremy knew with a little bit of apprehension what was finally going to happen. Although at this point he had no problem at all complying with the vampire's wishes. He loved to let go, to just give into this feelings.

"Please Damon, I need you," Jeremy pleaded. He saw that Damon really liked this, so he continued with a hoarse voice: "I'm begging you, don't stop, just take me…"


So he did. Damon couldn't help but moan, as he slid into the kid's tight heat, hand closing around Jeremy's cock to provide some distraction. He tried to move slowly, to give the boy time to adjust, but all his body wanted to do was fuck and he'd never been good at denying himself. Soon rocking into Jeremy wasn't enough.

Damon pulled out almost completely and thrust back inside, harder and deeper than before. His hand twisted into Jeremy's hair and pulled his head back, exposing the smooth, long line of his throat. This time he didn't fight the change, teeth lengthening to scrape over the kid's tender skin. He briefly lifted his head, let Jeremy see what he really was.

Then, almost tenderly, he sank his fangs into that tempting neck.


Even though Damon was quite rough, the thrusts didn't nearly hurt as much as he got pleasure from them. With his hands he tried to hold on during the ride as Damon pulled his head back. Damon's vampiric face was a little bit alarming, but the filling thrusts against his prostate distracted Jeremy as well as the hand stroking his cock.

The slow slicing pain in his neck was stronger than before on his thigh, but for Jeremy the pull of the blood was strangely comfortable. He felt a connection to the vampire, he could feel Damon's satisfaction during the sex and also his decreasing hunger. Jeremy thought that he could even detect a hint of fondness. Moaning he pressed his neck into Damon's sucking mouth, eager to give more.

"This is so good, Damon. Ah, please, let me come," he begged with the knowledge that Damon liked that.


Careful not to take too much, Damon pressed a last kiss to the wound on Jeremy's neck and pulled away. He licked bloody lips, savoring the last drops. So sweet. The kid was shivering beneath him, so obviously close. Damon tightened his hand, fingers forming a tunnel for Jeremy to thrust into.

"You beg so pretty..."

Barely managing to check his vampire strength, Damon pounded into the kid's ass, pushing both of them over the edge. Hot seed splashed against his stomach even as he, too, found release. Resting his head against Jeremy's shoulder, he remained buried in that pliant body for a few moments.


It was too much, the hand gripping his cock, the strong thrusts brushing his prostate and then the tingling sensation of the vampire's bite. Damon's slightly sarcastic and yet breathless voice pushed Jeremy over the edge. With a loud scream he came, at the same time feeling Damon shudder against him in his own orgasm.

He welcomed the weight of Damon's body and relished in the still connected sensation of having him inside. Jeremy didn't really care what happened next; he just wanted to go to sleep. Deeply sated as never before, he snuggled into the lean body and instantly dropped off.


He really ought to leave. After all Damon had got what he wanted and nothing else was going to happen anytime soon. The kid had promptly fallen asleep, looking young and surprisingly sweet. But he was feeling generous and Stefan and Elena wouldn't return from their date for a few more hours.

Wiping himself with a corner of the sheet, Damon settled in. It was nice, actually. Jeremy was warm and comfortable against him, breath fanning against his shoulder.

It got kind of boring, though. After some time Damon disentangled himself and picked up his clothes. He left the same way he had come in.


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