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A/N: So, welcome all, to a new fanfic of mine. I've heard common request for a sequel to Liberation (which if you haven't read it, you should wander on over to check it out). Given the nature of the ending to Liberation, it's kind of hard to know what might constitute as a sequel, but I'd like to call this a sequel of sorts, anyway, while still working as a stand alone. You won't need to know anything I may have mentioned in Liberation, so do not fret!

There were two things Harry Potter was certain about. One was that he'd made the right decision in filing those divorce papers. He felt liberated for the first time since defeating Voldemort. The fact that his own wife had become a veritable ball and chain in the past eleven years was ironic. He never did allow himself time after the war to really explore who he was and who he had the potential to become without the expectations of saving the wizarding world hanging over his head. He could just be himself- just Harry.

But so many things got in the way of him discovering who this Just Harry was. The Weasleys were all pressuring him and Ginny to get back together after finally reuniting after a year's worth of being apart. Ron in particular. They were all so charmed by the very idea of having him as an official member of the family via marriage that he'd gotten sucked in. He'd made himself believe he was in love with her and after the war, he'd sort of… well- stuck his foot in it. He couldn't break it off with Ginny without losing Ron as a friend and therefore his whole surrogate family with him. He had been sure of it.

So he'd married her. Stupidest mistake he'd ever made. That was what led him to the other thing: his sixteen-year-old fixation with Draco Malfoy had not been entirely innocent. He hadn't been spying on him solely for the purpose of accusing him of attempting to murder Dumbledore (even though he had been right all along). In fact, it had been something more- something much more. Something that he dared suspect had to do with the way he thought he felt for Ginny. All that sexual tension between them… it made him all roiled up inside and it finally exploded when he turned to Ginny as an outlet. Oh, it was far more than a simple fixation- it was infatuation. He'd seen something in Draco Malfoy that he couldn't shake, not even to this very day. Not throughout his marriage. In fact, he'd go so far as to believe he'd never stopped thinking about Draco.

It was hardly rational, this obsession. After all, they hadn't seen each other in years since they'd each settled down and had children. Harry'd still kept tabs on Draco though. For old times sake. He'd kept the Prophet clipping of his wedding announcement, just to confirm that they truly had moved on their lives. Harry had married his ideal partner and so had Draco. So whatever that was left between them was clearly buried deep in memory, lost to the old school days, locked tight behind Hogwarts walls.

Draco was working in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes within the Ministry. Potions was his specialty. Of course. Harry was surprised they didn't run into each other often at the Ministry. After all, his work in the Auror department would have led him at some point to the Magical Accidents and Catastrophes Department. Surely. But curiously, he'd never received any Potions related case. He would have thought potions would have been just as popular an attack mechanism as curses or spells gone awry.

It was therefore with a jolt of excitement that Harry received his latest case, which cited Draco Malfoy as his go-to contact. His heart pounded away in his chest, anxious to get a good glimpse at the man he had been secretly pining over for ten years.

It was silly, really. Harry knew. But it was only just now that he felt it was right that he let his silly little crush manifest. After all, he was a free man. He had no wife to tie him down or tell him what to do or demand where he had been the previous night… (a part of him had been glad that Ginny had caught him with that blond in the pub on his birthday. Merlin only knew he hadn't been Harry's first.) But no longer did he have to sneak around in search for the perfect Draco Malfoy doppelganger to live out his wildest fantasies. He could go after the man himself. And he would be a challenge. That, Harry had no doubt.


Draco Malfoy had come up with an elaborate scheme to lure Harry Potter down to his office. He knew he could have just wandered down there for a little chat himself, but where would the fun be in that? Instead, he intentionally botched up a brew of mass produced Wolfsbane potion, which had now been sold enough to cause quite the stir in werewolf activities. And surely, nothing would excite Potter more than a werewolf hunt. And if Draco was lucky enough, he'd be able to do it at Potter's side. He sneered at the very idea. Oh, Draco, you are a pure genius, he thought to himself.

Soon, Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived and saviour of the wizarding world would be his.