So, the titles of these little stories are all inspired by song titles. Some will actually incorporate lyrics. But I promise that no characters will hear a whole song lyric and think of someone else as the plot. I am old enough to remember the songs. If you aren't look them up and listen to them. The bunnies have been humming these if you must know.

I rated this M for language for now. But I hope to move this up a bit. Just a bit M, not X.

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Even if it had been only a beer and couple of shots, it was enough to help him sleep. Maybe it was the hot shower. He had decided to look at the whole situation in the morning with a clear head. So, he was sleeping peacefully when the knock on the door came. Actually a knock is a polite description. It was more like a prolonged series of out of rhythm banging.

According to his talking clock, it was just after midnight. He had been asleep for over an hour and was sleeping soundly enough that he was startled awake. It took him a moment to be awake enough negotiate his way to the door.

Moments like this were when he missed his sight. Being able to look out and see who was there would have been helpful. So he settled for asking.

"Who is it?"

"Auggie? It's me."

He was shocked to hear Annie's voice coming through the door. She should still be on her date. She didn't sound right. He slid the big door open and was startled when she stumbled into him. He caught her and the scent of too much liquor all at once.

"Annie? What's going on?"

"Damn you! God Damn you August Anderson! You know what I did tonight? I tried to have sex. Yeah, sex. I was going to get laid. But you ruined that too! Jesus Christ, Auggie, turn on a fucking light will ya?"

Auggie wasn't sure if he was still sleeping. He heard her words but they made no sense. He found a switch and a small light in the living room flicked on. He could hear her stumbling toward the couch. He followed cautiously. He heard the small thuds of her heels being dropped on his floor.

"Annie? What the hell are you talking about?"

"You were asleep weren't you? Oh God, please tell me there is not some girl rolling around on your bed waiting for you? That would just be the perfect end to my perfect evening."

"Yes, I was asleep and no, there is no one here. Now what the hell Annie? "

"Holy Crap! Why do you hide that body under old man sweaters? You should come to work without shirts! Of course then there would be even more women mobbing you"

He sat down on the sofa at the other end. Despite his reputation with women, Annie's inebriated compliments had him blushing. He fought the urge to get a t-shirt. She was pretty out of it.

"How much did you drink?

"I am not nearly drunk enough it seems. I went out with Lance tonight. You know about Lance, right? Of course you do. You know everything. As you know we've dated a few times. Actually, this was the 4th date. And he had been a perfect gentleman. So, I figure he's the best of them right? I mean he's at least got dark hair and eyes"

"Annie? What are you getting at?"

He was trying to avoid hearing about Lance. It was bad enough he existed. It was bad enough she was dating him. But he was not going to hear about details of her having sex with him. She was not bringing that conversation to his house.

"Auggie, don't you see? Oh wait, stupid question. Don't you get it? I have tried. Mercer was gone. We had one more night and the sonofabitch leaves me again. This time, he died. Well, I was not spending my life mourning a guy who never stayed. I deserved better, right?"


He wasn't sure why he was even answering her. These drunken ramblings were more monologue than dialogue. But still he wanted her to remember he was there. Stupid.

"So I dated. There were a lot of guys, but you knew that, right. Some were jerks. Hell, a lot were jerks. But there were some nice ones. Those were the ones who I dated more than once. Then they weren't smart enough. Or they were too tall. Or they were too short. Or they had no sense of humor. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

He listened to her describe the faults of the men she dated in confusion. Why were they all wrong? They weren't measuring up to the man she called a sonofabitch

"Annie, you will not replace Mercer by trying to find his clone at the agency."

"Auggie, But they had blue eyes, and it seemed only smiling brown eyes were right."

Brown eyes? He had read Mercer's file over and over again to learn what it was about this man that had appealed to her. The man had blue eyes. Who the hell had brown eyes? What? Oh hell, she better not mean Wilcox.

"Annie, you need to be clear here with me."

"God Auggie! For such a genius you are a complete moron! Do I really have to draw you a picture? Oh wait, another stupid question, I guess. One was too tall, one was too short, not smart enough, no humor? Come on! I was freaking Goldilocks and the CIA bears! There was only one that would ever be just right."

"Just right."

"And their names! Oh my God, Derek, Dirk, Craig, Lex, and tonight's debacle, Lance. Why the hell is every guy worth dating more than once have names that sound like something from a really bad romance novel?"

"I don't know?"

"It would figure, the guy who all the other get compared to has a name that belongs on someone's really old uncle. I tried to have sex, did I tell you? I got drunk. I figured Lance was a good guy, right? But instead, I broke up with him. Would you believe he told me I was hung up on someone else? How the hell did he know?"

"You broke up?"

His head was spinning and he was the sober one. He needed to make sure of what she was telling him. Her words were slowing and slurring more. She was falling asleep, actually more like passing out here. Oh no, he thought, not until he got some answers.

"It was his voice, ya know? He had the rest of the package I figured. He was nice, smart, and funny and even dark hair and eyes. He would have to do. But we were kissing. He's not bad at that, by the way. But then he said my name, right in my ear. And it was wrong."

"He called you by the wrong name?"

Auggie couldn't believe this idiot pulled such a rookie mistake. How could he have Annie Walker in his arms and call her by someone else's name.

"Nooo, Auggie, he called me Annie. But he was wrong. His voice was wrong. It was the wrong voice in my ear. I wanted to hear the right voice. How late is it anyway? I am really tired."

"A little after midnight. The right voice, Annie? Who has the right voice?"

"Auggie. I want Auggie. I want his voice in my ear. But don't tell him ok? I'm just gonna close my eyes a moment ok?"

In the brief, and yet timeless moment it took for Auggie to process this stunning piece of information there was silence. He knew what he wanted. He knew she was ready for a new relationship. He had planned to work out that mission in the morning. The mission had come to him.

It took the soft snore to shake him out of his thoughts. Damn. She came to his apartment in the middle of the night, confessed her feelings and then fell asleep drunk. He got up and went over to her. He tried waking her. That wasn't happening. She stirred just enough for him to realize she was out cold. He tried to slide her down so she would sleep easier. But she looped her arms around his neck, and murmured his name into his neck. She was killing him. He lifted her enough to lay her down properly and found a blanket to cover her for the night.

She might wake with a killer hangover in the morning, but at least she wouldn't have a stiff neck. Meanwhile, he had to figure out how to handle all this great intel. She was safe in his apartment. He tucked the blanket around her and pressed a soft kiss onto her hair. Now he was awake, but he didn't really mind.

In my midnight confessions
When I tell all the world that I love you
In my midnight confessions
When I say all the things that I want to
I love you

Ok, so are we on board with this? The next one will connect. I promise. Some will not. Be patient?