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Chapter 1 - Draco's Story

Draco Malfoy, Death Eater. They were four words always destined to go together. That was his destiny, it had always been his destiny. So why was he now sitting on the Hogwarts Express, after the worst summer of his life, wondering how he could escape his future and his supposed destiny.

It was during the summer that Lord Voldemort gave him a special task. He was to kill Albus Dumbledore. His father had told him how much of an honour it was to be given a mission by the Dark Lord, and that getting the Dark Mark would be the greatest moment of his life. Draco held his face emotionless during this conversation, wanting nothing more than to shake his father and tell him how stupid he was. Couldn't he see that Draco was being used as a pawn, that this was all payback for the Department of Mysteries debacle? Even Draco had figured that out. Ever since that night, the Dark Lord had been punishing his father and his family. Giving Draco this task was simply another form of punishment, yet it seemed Lucius Malfoy was too blind and too ignorant to see it. He was desperate for redemption from the Dark Lord, desperate to have the standing he once did, and more importantly the power that went along with it. Money and power were all that Lucius Malfoy cared about, and he was prepared to sacrifice anything to get it, even his own son.

During the Welcome Feast Draco looked towards his godfather, Professor Severus Snape. He had been a constant throughout Draco's life, another follower of the Dark Lord, but he'd never been as cold or harsh towards him as his father was. There were many conversations he had had with his godfather, conversations that should have been with his father, because it was just easier to be honest with Severus. Could he be honest with his godfather now? Draco wondered as he continued to stare at the professor seated at the teachers table, not being able to look at the headmaster he was supposed to kill.

Later that night, Draco was unable to sleep. He decided taking a walk would be a good alternative to the sleeping potion he left at home. He had been walking aimlessly for a while when he found himself standing directly in front of Professor Snape's office.

Draco decided to trust his instincts and talk to his godfather who had never let him down. He could see light under the door and could hear the scraping of a quill. Saying a quick quiet prayer to himself, Draco knocked on the door and gently pushed it open, hoping that Severus would not let him down.

Snape wasn't surprised to see his godson when he entered his office. Since he had learnt of the Dark Lord's plan for the young boy, he had been waiting for them both to get back to Hogwarts, so that he could help Draco without arousing suspicion from the Dark Lord, Lucius or any of the Death Eaters.

Both were well skilled in legilimency and occlumency and both knew what a risk they were about to make with their conversation, but the trust between them saw them both being totally honest.

Several hours later Draco felt much better, he had confided in Snape about how scared he was for himself and his family, about how he was no longer sure that he believed in the Dark Lord and his philosophies, and about how he didn't want to complete his task.

In return Snape had confided in Draco his true allegiance to the Order, and his true beliefs. Draco was stunned. It was not a response that he had been expecting, but then he hadn't been sure what he was expecting. Snape had convinced Draco that they needed to go to Dumbledore and the Order and that they would help and assist, not just him but his family also if that was what he wanted.

A few days later Snape and Draco went to see Dumbledore and explained the situation that Draco was facing. After much discussion and a few further meetings a plan was developed. Draco continued to act as if he had a mission from the Dark Lord as some Slytherins were already suspicious. The Order would prepare for war and the final battle, which they hoped would happen earlier than the Dark Lord wanted.

It was easily becoming the worst year of Draco's life. He was being torn in two. As far as Slytherin and his family were concerned, he was working on something for the Dark Lord. A mission so secret he could not tell anyone. His reputation as the Slytherin King had increased. The rumours around the school were never ending, although sometimes amusing. The one upside was that Draco was able to spend lots of time on his own. Everyone thought he was working on his 'secret' mission, yet he was spending the time wondering if he had made the right decision, if he would live or die and exactly what his life was now going to be. He'd never been allowed to make any decisions of his own, everything he did and thought was controlled by his father, and had been since the day he was born. Now he was working against everything he had ever been taught, everything he had ever known and it scared him as he knew it meant instant death should he be caught. But at the same time he felt a sense of freedom, because he knew whatever happened to him was down to him. He was the one now in control, and that helped him deal with the fear.

Now working against the Dark Lord, Draco would meet regularly with Snape, who was his link to the Order and to the Dark Lord. Snape has convinced him that Draco should report to him so as not to create suspicion and as an extra precaution in the event of any mail being intercepted. Draco was still required to send updates to his father, which Snape helped him to write, ensuring Lucius was being given enough information to satisfy him, without actually telling him anything specific.

Draco was concerned over the role that his godfather was playing, the double agent. He was scared as he knew what would happen should he ever be caught out. Draco had realised that Snape was the only true friend and confident that he had, and it scared him to think that he could loose him. Snape threw off these concerns, saying that he had been doing this for years and the Draco should focus on the task at hand.

In return Snape would occasionally ask Draco how he was feeling and spent time listening to him and reassuring him that he had made the right decision, and that no matter what happened what he was doing was right. Draco was grateful that he had someone to confide in, but there was still only so much he would discuss with his godfather. While Malfoy's were not meant to discuss their feelings, or even show them, Draco always felt safer in doing so with Snape. He still remained guarded about certain issues and feelings. He had lots of practice at being cold and unemotional, and sometimes it was hard to let that go.

Draco knew it was going to be one of the hardest years of his life, but it was also going to be an interesting one, and shape the rest of his life. A life that he could now control, and a destiny that he could choose.

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