Lily had been out of the hospital wing for over a month now, she had been expecting certain things to happen.

One, Albus to grow even more protective.


Two, Domi to pretend nothing happened in the first place.


Three, Scorpius to continue his unstoppable pursuit on her.

It shouldn't really bother her that he had suddenly left her alone, it was what she had been screaming and fighting for, for a very long time. She had bellowed it at the top of her lungs, spat it across the corridors, made it so very clear with every fibre of her being… and now, it seemed so foreign to her, the gap left in her life.

She wanted to believe that this was just because she was adjusting to the new found peace, to the ability to walk down the corridors without lewd remarks being made, but the fact of the matter was she missed the attention. His attention.

There was no denying he was gorgeous, all model looks, with a strong jaw, and piercing eyes. But that wasn't all of it, he was great in the sack too, and maybe a little caring… after all he did bring her flowers and chocolate.

Maybe somewhere beneath the boyish ways he was actually a decent guy…

Lily wanted to whack herself; of course he wasn't a decent guy! He was Scorpius Malfoy! SCORPIUS MALFOY!

She was angry now, as she stormed through the corridors, she wasn't looking where she was going and so managed to walk directly into someone, quite forcibly, and end up tumbling over, a pair of slightly muscled arms wrapping around her, protecting her form the hard floor, and taking the majority of the hit.

"Are you alright?" The voice was almost frantic. When Lily nodded not quite looking at whoever who it was who had saved her form another trip to the Hospital wing. "Merlin, great, I don't think I could get away with landing you in the Hospital wing again."

Lily looked up, her very being hostile towards the boy who had saved her, a feeling of total hatred welling up in her.

"I hate you!" She screamed at him, totally unneeded, and totally unfair, and she did not give a damn. She simply screamed, at him, much fist waving and glaring went with the screaming.

"Jeez Little L, you ungrateful cow!" Scorpius gritted out, turning away from her. But his old manner was pissing her off, the way he just walked away infuriated her, and he was going to know it, she was going to make sure of that, so without further ado, she pulled back her fist, and punched him as hard as she could right in the back of the arm.

"DAMN!" Scorpius turned around glaring at her, he was somewhat used to bouts of physical violence from Lily, the occasional ripping of the hair, a kick to the shins, a slap to the face, but this was a new level of violence between them.

"What the hell is your problem?" Scorpius demanded of the clearly deranged redhead.

He'd never wanted to hit her back, he'd never even thought of hurting a single hair on her head, but as she stared up at him with furious eyes, she was sure that she could make him lash out, blame him, because it was, after all, his fault.

She was in his face, and pushing all the right buttons in all the wrong ways, eye bright, full of life even if it were infuriated, her face was slightly reddened, and her composure completely thrown out the window, and he had promised Albus to stay away, but suddenly that promise seemed so insignificant.

He wanted her, because she did not want him, and even now, when she was so clearly beyond angry at him, he wanted her. She was the forbidden. She was what he was not allowed, and he wanted it more then anything. The thoughts going through his head and lightning speed would make the kinkiest couple blush as he looked down at the small redhead.

And the anger subsided, but her eyes still bright, something glowing behind them, the blush remained, and he could almost hear her heart race, and there was no question of what he was going to do next.

Instantly she was against the wall, legs around his waist, pulling him as close as she could, and yet her lips would not touch his. Everywhere else they travelled, his jaw, his eyes his nose, but never his lips. Hands tore at clothes, but got no where, the frustrations and tension building, and yet they could not do more them fumble, blinded by lust, almost falling onto the floor beneath them.

He wanted her lips, he wanted to kiss her, he wanted to feel her lips against her, he wanted to know that he had kissed her, even if only that once, he needed it.

Not a word was said and yet as if he had begged her, suddenly he found her lips against her, and they froze. Lips gently pressed together, their hands still, it was as if the moment so unbelievable, it had stopped time itself.

They relaxed, the tension ebbing away.

And suddenly, most pleasantly so, it became soft between them, her feet back on the floor, unable to hold onto him, her hands on his shoulders, as he grasped her face in his hands. They were careful with each other, as if they could break and shatter into pieces any second.

All the tension finally gone, and they were standing there, lips gently pressed against together, delicate, both their eyes opened slightly as they pulled away slightly.

Emerald met Silver.

There was no going back, not now, not with the looks of total adoration. Albus and James could be sorted out later; all that matter now was that they were together.

He had always wanted what he couldn't have; he had always wanted the forbidden.

But Lily had also wanted what she couldn't have, and when she could not have Scorpius anymore, she wanted him more than ever.

No game is fun if it is easy.

And everyone wants that one thing which they cannot have.

Everyone wants the forbidden.