Okay! So this is my first story ever and contains yaoi no less. So i'd like you to keep that in mind just in case it sucks balls ^^; Hope you like!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pokemon! If that were the case, Paul would be a permanent character, and he and Ash would have constant smex T^T

"Nnn, Paul stop" Ash said to the body hovering over him. Paul only ignored him as he continued to kiss and nip at his neck.

"Paul, seriously, we have work to do" Ash said more sternly, trying to push him off. Ash and Paul had been helping out Professor Oak at the lab since he had a lot of work to do lately and was short-handed.

"That can wait till later. I want you now" Paul whispered into Ash's ear while sliding his hand up Ash's shirt to tease his nipples. Ash shuddered, barely holding in a moan wanting to escape. Paul then pulled Ash into a kiss, pinching his nipples harshly making Ash gasp allowing Paul to slide his tongue inside. Ash moaned into the kiss, tangling his tongue with Paul. When air became a necessity, they both pulled away, panting heavily, gazing into each other's eyes.

Ash then looked away and said, "Paul, we really shouldn't; we have to do the work first" giving him a half-hearted push. Paul just smirked, pinning Ash to the wall, shoving his knee between Ash's legs, rubbing gently. Ash moaned loudly, his resolve quickly crumbling.

Paul's smirk widened, moving his mouth right next to Ash's ear, "I don't think you really want me to stop. Do you?" he husked moving his knee faster and nipping at his ear . Ash only moaned, unable to answer. He was sinking so deep in his fog of lust, he forgot why he even wanted to stop. Just going with what he wanted , Ash crushed his lips together with Paul's. And that was all Paul needed.

He removed his knee making Ash whine into the kiss, and proceeded to rip off Ash's pants and boxers. Paul then grabbed Ash's cock stroking steadily making Ash break the kiss tossing his head back in ecstacy. Paul then attached his lips to Ash's neck once again marking him.

"P-paul, please...nnn..just fuck me" Ash whined. Paul shuddered, giving one last lick to the new bright red hickey on Ash's neck. "Turn around" Paul whispered huskily to Ash who quickly complied. Paul then dropped to his knees and grabbed Ash's toned ass shoving his tongue inside.

"Aaahh!...ahn..feels so good" Ash continued to moan as Paul kept thrusting his tongue in and out of Ash's hole. Once he deemed his entrance stretched enough, Paul pulled back, earning a whine from Ash. Quickly freeing his straining erection, Paul then aligned himself with Ash's twitching entrance.

"I love you" Paul whispered right before plunging into Ash's scorching heat. Ash screamed in pain and pleasure, tears rolling down his cheeks. Paul licked them away while waiting for him to adjust. Once Ash nodded, Paul set a slow pace, searching for that spot that would make Ash scream his name.

"Mmm, Paul! P-please do that again!" Found it. Paul pounded faster, reaching around Ash and stroking his neglected member, making Ash convulse in pleasure.

"Fuck Ash, you're so tight" Paul growled out, feeling himself nearing completion. Two thrusts later, Paul came hard into Ash filling him to the brim, Ash coming right after. They both then sank to the floor, Ash cradled in Paul's arms, enjoying the afterglow. They shared one more sweet kiss together before cleaning up.

Paul then smirked at Ash, "See, procrastination isn't so bad now, is it?"