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Callie rolled Arizona over in her arms so that her head and shoulders were resting in her lap. Looking down into the emotional face of her wife, Callie felt an overwhelming need and desire to protect her and make her feel safe. Arizona had battled the weather the two of them had been thrown into and she'd managed, for the most part, to remain vigilant and steadfast. She'd witnessed the woman she loved collapse and be rushed to the E.R. She'd wrestled with the possibility of losing her wife and her child.

When things had been at their worst, she'd remained the strong and caring person that Callie had fallen in love with. When Callie had been in a coma, silent and without action for days on end, Arizona had been the mother that Daniella needed.

For her actions, Callie felt herself falling in love all over again. Wiping away at the wetness on Arizona's porcelain skin, Callie leaned over her and brushed her lips over her brow. She kept her left hand on the side of Arizona's face and smiled when she felt a shiver pass through her body. Their current position caused Arizona to be surrounded by Callie.

That was what she needed.

Arizona had been adrift for so long. She'd struggled with an enormous sense of possible loss. Long after the events that had so rattled her began, she still held within her a tight coil of tension that had yet to ease.

Callie lowered her lips from Arizona's forehead and brushed them down her nose. She heard a quick intake of breath and knew her movements were exciting her wife.

"I've missed touching you like this. It's been too long." Callie whispered before allowing her lips to find Arizona's in a hesitant embrace.

She kissed her slowly, almost asking for permission to continue. Arizona's lips on hers were just as tentative. A hand raised and tangled into dark hair. At the slight tug, the mood changed and Callie quickly swiped her tongue over Arizona's bottom lip. When her mouth parted, the kiss moved from one of rediscovery to one of unity and passion.

Moving, Callie slid Arizona out of her lap and moved to straddle her hips. She kept her lips on Arizona's and began to explore her body with her hands. The shaking beneath her fingers spurred her actions. She could feel Arizona wrestling with herself; battling whether or not to give control to her lust and want and need.

It had been months since the two of them had been together physically. Events had kept them apart and, somehow, Callie had been unaware of how much time had passed until she'd been standing in the bathroom with Arizona.

The body, soft and lithe, underneath her own brought into vivid detail all the things she'd been missing. She found it hard to remember ever wanting Arizona as badly as she did currently.

Her hands moved over Arizona's left breast and, even through the material of the hoodie she wore, the smaller woman gasped and pressed herself further into her hand. Callie trailed her lips away from her partner's delicate and yielding mouth to trace a warm path across her jaw. Her tongue passed between her teeth to play with the inviting line of bone her lips graced while her hand continued to knead Arizona's breast.

Arizona's hips were slowly starting to move up and down against her lower body in a search for more friction. She felt the blonde's right leg lift and wrap itself over her hip and the back of her left thigh. Arizona's foot moved dangerously close to Callie's center and their current engagement flared to life in both of them a renewed vigor and desire.

"I want you." Callie whispered, her lips placing erratic kisses on Arizona's face and neck. "I want to be inside you."

A moan, deep and completely primal, tore from Arizona's mouth and she wrapped her arms around Callie's back to hug her closer. Turning her head, she used her own mouth to kiss Callie's ear and breath heavily against her.

She needed Callie. There was nothing else to say. It was not a matter of being horny, nor was it an issue of granting her body some quick release. The two of them had engaged in quick romps. They'd had fast and dirty sex before. Over their time together, the two women had explored the other's body completely.

But, it wasn't about those things.

Arizona had nearly lost Callie. She'd been without the sound of her voice or the pleasure of her gaze for days. Her life, her soul, had become so ingrained with Callie's that, when she'd been without her, her body had not known how to respond. Daniella had been the only thing that got her through the entire ordeal. The child Callie had carried, for her, had been the one speck of light in her ever darkening world.

In her current moment, Arizona needed to reaffirm, to herself, that Callie was alive and stable. She required the boon that the knowledge of Callie's well-being would grant.

Though Callie had been released from the hospital and had regained her mobility, Arizona needed a physical accord that the two of them were okay. It transcended earthly means and bordered on the abstruse.

As if some dam had been breached, Arizona came back to life beneath the weight of her wife. Her hands moved to Callie's sides and pushed and pulled at the restriction that was her top. When her fingers grazed the warm smoothness of Callie's skin, Arizona nearly cried.

Warmth indicated life.

Callie sat back and removed the shirt she had, only moments before, put on. Resting her weight on her right hand, she remained leaning over Arizona and allowed her eyes to take in her features. The blonde's leg was still tightly bound across her hip and her foot was lazily running along the inside of her calf.

Hooded and intense sapphire eyes looked back at her while hands moved across her chest and through her damp hair.

"I want you." Callie repeated.

Arizona licked her lips and tried to bring her breathing under control so she could speak.

"What about Dani?" she asked in a ragged breath.

"She'll be asleep for a while. We need this. I need you." Callie replied grabbing one of Arizona's hands near her face and kissing her palm.

"I've missed you, Calliope."

"I've been right here, baby, just like I'm here now."

Callie knew Arizona. She knew that the other woman still had trouble with her emotions. She knew how the past several weeks had affected her. Callie knew.

Arizona was still in a certain place. A place that, to this day, still haunted her and held her back. The events of their recent lives had forced Arizona to erect a wall around herself; a wall that she had used to keep from feeling, in their entirety, the negative emotions surrounding Callie's condition.

For all of their late night talks and confessions, Callie knew that a part of Arizona was still afraid of 'waking up.'

For that reason, nearly alone, Callie desired to touch and feel her partner. She wanted, more than anything, to comfort Arizona and show her that the past was just that. The past. She was okay. She had survived. Daniella had survived.

Callie knew that a physical coupling would help Arizona to solidify those facts.

She knew it would heal her.

Taking Arizona's hand that she had, tenderly, kissed, Callie moved it so that it rested on her chest, near her heart. Like that day, so long ago, when Arizona had broken down and cried in her arms, Callie smiled and looked up to meet blue eyes.

"Feel me." she said, hoping that Arizona would connect with the memory and realize her intent.

A heavy breath, nearly a sob, escaped the blonde's lips. The steady thump of Callie's heart soothed the raging torrent of emotions coursing through her. It was her life line. It connected her to everything that made her who she was.

Callie smiled and released Arizona's hand. It stayed on her chest and continued to radiate a comfortable warmth.


Arizona's eyes, immediately, shot up and met her own.

"See me." she said as she held their gaze. Looking into her eyes, she saw herself and her desires mirrored in their depths.

The tension in Arizona's body slowly started to ebb and fade. Callie, upon noticing the change, smiled even wider and once again leaned over her wife. She let her nose nudge along the blonde's throat as she moved her mouth to her ear.

"Hear me." she whispered, replaying the words from before that had calmed Arizona.

"I want you." she continued. "I always want you. You drive me crazy."

She felt Arizona release a breath that signaled her laughter. With its verve came a reawakening. Arizona's hands moved up and tangled themselves in Callie's hair. Tugging, she forced the dark head up and enthusiastically kissed a set of full red lips.

Callie moaned against her and kissed her with equal passion. The dam that had been breached was now broken. Before long, the gentle and comforting silence of the bedroom, dark now from the storm outside, was filled with moans of deep gratitude and heavy pants of excited breathing. The feeling of Callie's weight on her own body was so amazingly welcome and needed to Arizona, she felt she could come from just the sensation alone.

Questing, yet confident, fingers moved under the blonde's top and explored the soft expanse of skin they found. Callie's hands were confident and firm and touched her with a skill learned long before. She pulled Arizona up with her, while still keeping their lips united, and practically tore the the bright pink pull over off of the blonde's body. The top landed at the foot of the bed and hung over the side, completely forgotten.

Moans left both women's mouths and their sounds danced together on the air. Callie pushed Arizona back onto the bed and leaned over her once again. Normally blue eyes stared back at her with an indigo hue. A flush was visible across Arizona's chest and it caused Callie's arousal to nearly overtake her.

Sliding her arm between their bodies, the Latina shoved her hand into her partner's sweat pants and ran her fingers through familiar folds. The sudden contact was enough to jerk the blonde's body. Teasing and fore-play had been completely overlooked.

Arizona's eyes opened wide and her mouth opened in appreciation. Before she was able to express how good Callie was making her feel, those same fingers pushed into her entrance and curled inside of her. She'd not been expecting the motion or the sensation.

"Feel me." Callie repeated in a voice laced with desire.

The smaller woman's back lifted off the bed briefly while her head was thrown back, exposing her throat. A breathless and strangled gasp tore from Arizona's mouth. She couldn't explain how wonderful it felt to be filled by her wife. The piece of her that had been missing had returned. She felt her internal muscles constrict and move as they pulled Callie's fingers deeper inside of her. For a long moment, no words were spoken. Arizona kept her eyes squeezed tightly shut while her mouth hung open to allow oxygen to get to her lungs.

Callie remained, unmoving, where she was. Her eyes, dark and full of lust, fixated on her partner and took in her reaction to their connection. She thought Arizona was beautiful. Her fingers were wet and held tightly and she could think of nowhere else she'd rather be. The heat surrounding her was intoxicating as was Arizona's uninhibited display.

Leaning forward, Callie licked the column of her partner's neck and relished the feel of her pulse beneath her lips. Slowly, she began to move her fingers. Arizona gasped again and wrapped both arms around the back of her neck. Leaving a few parting kisses, Callie buried her face next to Arizona's ear and let herself become lost in her actions. She felt the slim hips under her start to move and meet her thrusts.

Everything else in the world became lost to her. There was only the two of them. Hospitals and misconceptions, fears and insecurities, worries and judgements; all held no meaning for Callie. Her accident and extended hospital stay were things of the past. She and Arizona were fine. They'd managed to keep each other despite their less than ideal circumstances.

They were both parents, mothers, now. Their life was complete.

"Good...so...good...you're...god, you feel so good..."

Arizona's words, a struggle in their own right, met her ears and caused her to pull back so she could see her face. Increasing the pace of her fingers, she pushed into her wife harder and faster and kept their eyes' contact.

Everything she ever needed to know was staring back at her.




"Kiss me..." Arizona whispered when she felt Callie's thumb brush over her clit.

The sound of the bed moving and creaking seemed to become more and more noticeable the longer the two of them moved. Sweat broke out over both of their chests and caused them to slide against the other more fluidly. The friction, as their breasts slid across each other, only added to the inferno being created.

Callie complied with Arizona's request and brought their lips together. It was sloppy and barely coordinated, but neither woman seemed to take notice.

The tightness around Callie's fingers became more apparent while Arizona's breathing became more hitched and erratic. She felt a hand move and grasp her left breast and knew her partner was close. In parting, she kissed Arizona's lips one more time before extracting herself and moving down a slender body.

Looking back up, she was met with a pair of heavily lidded blue eyes.

"What are you doing?"

Callie smirked, her fingers still deep inside of Arizona.

"I want to taste you. Help me get these off." she said, indicating the sweats still between them.

Arizona lifted her hips, the action causing Callie's fingers to move even deeper inside her body.

Using her free hand, Callie worked to slide Arizona's pants down her legs. The blonde shimmied her hips in an effort to expedite matters and, after a brief struggle around the ankles, the sweats were free and on the floor.

Arizona had no time to question why Callie didn't just remove her fingers and use both of her hands in removing her pants. As soon as the garment was removed, Callie was pumping inside of her once again and lowering her lips to her throbbing clit.

When a warm, hot, and wet mouth sucked her clit into it's sanctuary, Arizona moaned louder than she could ever recall. Callie's tongue licked and teased and twirled around the swollen bundle of nerves while her fingers moved faster and faster inside of her.


The word spilled past Arizona's lips without her consent. Her heart was beating so wildly behind her ribcage, she was amazed it hadn't given out on her. Her hips, moving and rolling, were sore and ached from their continuous movement but, still, she felt better than she had in weeks.

She felt herself starting to crest and moved a hand down her body to settle on top of Callie's head between her legs. Threading her fingers in dark, slightly damp, hair, Arizona bucked and pushed herself into her partner's mouth and onto her fingers.

Callie hummed.

The vibrations were more than her body could take. Her legs, spread wide and wrapped around Callie's shoulders, shook and tightened, trapping Callie between them. The hand she had in her wife's hair flexed and held on tightly as her orgasm flared inside of her and sent it's pleasurable sensations throughout her entire body. She could feel her walls contracting over and over again around Callie's fingers while her moisture connected with the face and lips drawing it into being.

When the last ripple of perfection faded from her body, her legs fell, slack, to the bed and released Callie from between them. Her breathing was heavy and ragged. She couldn't tell if she was numb or if her body just couldn't handle as much sensation as Callie had just given it.

"You taste amazing."

The words were low and barely reached her ears. Opening an eye, she swallowed past the dry lump in her throat and looked down her body. Callie was lapping at the remains of her orgasm, her dark head of hair moving between her legs.

Callie's lips were gentle and soft as they moved over her clit and down her length. She alternated between kissing and licking but it was obvious to Arizona that her partner was worshiping her. One final kiss farewell to her clit and Callie was moving up her body again. Her lips moved over her hip bones and across her stomach. They brushed over tight nipples and nipped at a jutting collar bone before stopping at a strong chin.

"Taste me." the Latina whispered before forcing her tongue into Arizona's mouth and kissing her with fervor.

Arizona moaned and felt her breath catch in her chest. Callie's words rocked her. She was tasting Callie while Callie tasted like her. It was beyond mind blowing. She remembered how nervous Callie had been to engage in oral sex with her in the beginning. Though the Latina had gotten over some of her nerves with Erica, the knowledge of going down on a gold star lesbian had been intimidating to her. Arizona had picked up on it early in their sexual relationship.

The two of them had each learned what the other liked and what they, themselves, enjoyed doing in terms of stimulation. The first time Arizona had made love to Callie with her mouth and then proceeded to kiss her while her juices were still present on her lips, had shocked the Latina. The men she'd been with had never done such a thing. They'd done their deed and then rolled over and fallen asleep.

Arizona, equally, had been in a state of bemusement. She couldn't imagine someone like Callie having never tasted herself on another's tongue.

Despite their bewilderment, the action had spurred them on to getting more comfortable with each other. Callie had loved tasting herself on Arizona and Arizona had been even more curious about how Callie's lips would feel against certain parts of her body.

Kissing Callie, as she currently was, Arizona smiled and deepened their embrace. Her wife had gotten over her case of nerves and now loved oral sex as much as she did. It was, almost, hard for Arizona to remember a hesitant and shy Calliope Torres.

"I love you. I love you. I could hold you like this forever." Callie whispered against her lips.

The sweat from their bodies was cooling and evaporating. Callie still had her pants on and was settled, half on the bed, half on top of Arizona. The smaller woman's hands were running through her hair and over her shoulder blades. Occasionally, they'd slide down to dip into the base of her spine before trailing back up and starting their movements all over again.

Callie held Arizona close and peppered her shoulder, her face, and her chest with light kisses.

"I love you, too. God, you amaze me. Thank you...thank you..."

Arizona's words trailed off as she turned her head so that her lips were brushing along Callie's hair line.

The Latina was unsure what her partner was thanking her for.

"You're welcome. Whatever it is...you're welcome, baby."

Pulling back, Arizona grabbed Callie's face between her hands and forced her to look at her. Her thumbs ran over Callie's jaw and chin.

"Thank you for coming back to me. I don't think I could have lived without you, Callie. I tried it and it sucked." Arizona elaborated with a small laugh.

Smiling, Callie replied, "I came back because of you. I came back for you. I didn't like being without you, either. It did suck, just not the kind of sucking I enjoy."

Laughter sounded in the room at Callie's crudeness.

The two women smiled at each and lost themselves in their moment. Callie leaned forward and kissed Arizona's lips fully several time before lowering her head onto the blonde's shoulder. Arms wrapped themselves back around her and pulled her closer. Each woman pressed their lips to the other wherever they could.

The storm outside, thunder clashing in the distance and wind howling its loneliness, continued to pelt their home but neither of them paid it any attention. They were each caught up in being able to touch and feel the other.

Arizona's heart began to slow and even its pace. Her right foot moved and trailed over Callie's calf while her hands continued to run across her back and arms. Callie closed her eyes and listened to the beat beneath her ear. She kept her left hand in contact with Arizona by grazing her fingers over her forearm. Tilting her head up, she nuzzled the soft skin of her partner's neck and ran her nose along the underside of her chin.

"I'm sorry I doubted you, Arizona. I don't think I ever really did. I was just so happy and I was afraid of the other shoe dropping and taking it all away from me."

Arizona let the words hang on the air for a moment before responding.

"I was afraid of losing you, too. When you were rushed to the hospital, I flashed back to being with Hannah."

Callie opened her eyes but made no move to change her position.

"I thought the universe was trying to tell me that I couldn't have everything I wanted...that it would take away something dear to ensure I wasn't completely happy. All I could think about was you, Callie. I couldn't lose you. And Dani? I hadn't even gotten to meet her yet. It was like not being able to say goodbye to Hannah, only in this case, I didn't think I would get to say hello."

Callie kissed the side of Arizona's breast and ran her fingers gently over the nipple. Her touch wasn't sexual. It was one of connection.

"After you were stabilized and Daniella was taken to the NICU, I tried to not think of everything that could go wrong. I tried to get the images of your blood out of my mind. What if something happened to Daniella and you woke up? What was I going to tell you?"

Taking a breath, Arizona ran the tips of her fingers around the curve of Callie's shoulder blade.

"What if you never woke up? How was I supposed to raise our daughter without you? You could have died thinking I cheated on you."

Sitting up, Callie looked down at Arizona and shook her head.

"No. I don't think I ever believed you cheated on me, Arizona. It was just stupid fears and hormones. We almost broke up over the baby issue and then I found out about Hannah. I was worried that we were moving too fast. I was concerned that you were pushing yourself too hard to give me what I wanted. Things just got messed up for a while, mariposa. I know you love me. I really do know that and I trust it. It was all silly, okay?"

Arizona regarded her for a moment before nodding her head.


She trailed her fingers over Callie's chin and smiled, impishly, up at her.

"You still have me on your face." she said, leaning up and kissing away some of the moisture drying on her love's face.

"I like you being on my face." the Latina confessed in a husky whisper while closing her eyes.

Arizona smiled, wider than before, and let her fingers retrace the familiar curve of Callie's jawbone. Her wife turned her head to allow her fingers to move up her cheeks and over her nose and brows. There was nothing hurried about her movement. Unlike the frantic pace of their previous lovemaking session, Arizona wanted to take things more slowly in her appreciation of Callie.

She'd needed her wife to be more forceful with her. She'd needed to feel taken and safe and complete and sated. Callie had given that to her. She had made her feel desired and loved and wanted. She'd shown her that her body was no longer broken.

Arizona had needed those things.

Now, she desired a slower pace. Her body wished to explore Callie's and remind herself of their connection. Their love. The person she loved most in the world had nearly been lost to her. For days, she'd stood watch over the body that excited and fascinated her and seen it lie prone and without liveliness.

She'd seen Callie's skin, normally radiant and the color of warm honey, be nearly pale and devoid of warmth. The eyes, dark and so full of emotion, that had first attracted her to Callie had been lost behind lids that had refused to open. Arizona had sat beside her wife's bedside and been without the pleasure of her laughter. She'd not had the joy of hearing Callie's rich voice soothe away her worries and pains.

Everything had nearly been lost.

Yet, here she was. With Callie.

The woman on top of her was very much alive and well. Arizona could feel the warmth of Callie's skin as it connected with her own. She could feel the slight beat of her heart against the side of her ribcage and practically taste her breath as it spread over her face in enjoyment.

Fingers, agile and dextrous, moved over her own and wrapped around her wrist.

Stopping her movements, Arizona allowed her fingers to settle against Callie's full lips. Dark eyes opened and looked down at her. She watched as Callie guided one of her fingers into her mouth and proceeded to suck the digit in a sensual kiss. Her eyes never faltered.

"You're beautiful, Calliope." Arizona whispered, tracing over the wetness of Callie's bottom lip. "I love you."

"Show me."

Arizona bit the inside of her cheek and accepted Callie's challenge. Leaning forward, she replaced her fingers with her lips and kissed her partner slowly. She wanted Callie to feel her. She wanted her to know how much she was loved.

Callie whimpered into the kiss and scrunched her eyebrows as the wondrous sensation of Arizona's lips on her own caused her heart rate to increase. Internally, she rejoiced at the taste of her lover's tongue on her own. Arizona Robbins was her whole world. All of her life, Callie had looked for love in the wrong places with the wrong people. She'd known that, inside of herself, she possessed an amazing ability to love. All she'd wanted was someone worthy enough to love her back in the same way.

For thirty years of her life, she'd made one mistake after another and fallen for one person after the next. Early on, she'd learned to use sex as a coping mechanism. She'd been of the belief that love could blossom if the sex was good enough.

That had turned out not to be the case. Sex had been sex. The people she'd slept with had been looking for something themselves. They'd been searching for whatever they were missing in their lives.

She hadn't been it.

Then, Arizona had happened. The most unlikely woman imaginable had turned out to be the ultimate object of her affection. When Callie had thought to sleep with Arizona early on, thinking that was what the blonde had wanted, she'd been surprised when Arizona had turned her down.

"We're not having senseless sex." she'd said. "It's so much better if it means something."

So, after thirty years of having sex, Callie had learned to make love with Arizona. The other woman had not been lying when she'd told Callie that the act was better if it meant something; if it was with someone who mattered.

Sighing into Arizona's mouth, Callie nipped at her bottom lip and lowered her hand down to her own pants, attempting to shove them past her hips so she could shimmy out of them.

"In a hurry?" Arizona asked in an amused voice.

Kissing her partner's eyelids and cheeks, Callie smiled as she sat back to fully remove her sweat pants.

"Maybe a little. I haven't felt your touch in a while. I was all big time pregnant before." she replied, settling down beside Arizona and throwing her left leg over the blonde's hip. The position caused her arousal to slide over the side of Arizona's thigh.

"Hmm." Arizona moaned feeling her wife's excitement. "You were beautiful to me. I always think you're gorgeous."

Callie ducked her head and lead a trail of light kisses across Arizona's jaw. She blushed at her partner's words. Even after all their time together, Arizona still possessed the ability to still her heart and make her feel like the most important person in the world. Her lips dipped lower and caressed an inviting neck before she nuzzled her face into blonde hair.

Slowly, she started rocking herself against Arizona's thigh. The contact flared to life in her a stronger desire for release. Her left hand moved down the blonde's arm and wrapped itself around her waist.

Lost in her pleasure, Callie was unaware of Arizona shifting against her. Before she knew it, she was on her back with her wife on top of her.

"You're not coming that way." the smaller woman whispered, voice heavy and eyes dark. Pale hands moved over a tanned chest and caused goosebumps to form in their wake.

"No?" Callie countered.

Leaning forward, Arizona rocked hips into Callie's and let their moisture meet. Her mouth came to rest outside of Callie's ear.

"No. You're going to come in my mouth."

Callie released a groan and closed her eyes. Her own hands settled on the blonde's hips and began to knead the flesh beneath them.

Arizona kissed her ear before tracing her tongue over her jaw and under her chin. Finding her lips, Arizona parted them and shoved her tongue inside her mouth. The two of them kissed each other in a slow and passionate embrace. Their movements were that of a dance. A sensual dance known only to them.

Needing to feel more of the body beneath her, Arizona trailed her fingers along the outside of Callie's ribs and felt a new wave of arousal hit her when her fingertips grazed the swell of her partner's breasts.

"Mmm, you feel good."

The words left Callie's mouth in a slurred state of lust against Arizona's lips. Turning her head, she took a deep breath and resumed their kiss. Her hands reached behind Arizona and grabbed her ass. Digging her fingers into the flesh, she pulled her lover against her and moaned at the friction. Hot, wet, arousal spread across her center.

When Arizona's fingers brushed across her nipples, she jerked and hissed through her teeth. The blonde stopped and looked up at her.

"Are you okay?" she asked, concern written heavily across her brow.

"They're sore. I'm sorry." Callie answered, lowering her eyes, and feeling guilty over her body's reaction.

She'd been told by her specialist that breastfeeding held the possibility to kill her sex life. The woman had informed her of all of the changes her body would be undergoing and most of it had sounded like a nightmare. At the time, she'd not been thinking about sex or anything along those lines. She'd only been concerned with doing what she thought was best for her baby. She'd been worried about regaining her mobility and getting her memories back.

Sex had been the last thing on her mind, so when her lactate specialist had given her the run down on what to expect, she'd barely paid it much thought at all.

Now, however, she understood some of what the other woman had been trying to get across. She felt like it killed the mood between herself and Arizona.

"Don't apologize. I didn't think. Do you want me to stop?"

Dark eyes quickly looked up. "No. Never."

Arizona smiled and dropped her head to Callie's left nipple. Kissing it gently, she rubbed her cheek across her partner's sternum and sighed.

"I'm going to miss you guys for a while." she said, referring to Callie's breasts.

The snorted chuckle from Callie broke the tension that had sprang up in the room.

"There's other places you can go. Places I know have missed you, too." the Latina said huskily.

And just like that, the awkwardness was gone between them. Arizona kissed Callie's lips chastely before descending down her body to settle between her thighs. Her fingers ran through her partner's wetness, testing it, before she sucked her digits into her mouth.

"I've missed you." the blonde said, more to herself than to Callie.

The heady scent and hot taste on her tongue nearly overwhelmed her. Staring at Callie's sex, seeing the results of her actions, knowing she was who Callie wanted; it was more than she could ever have hoped.

She looked up her wife's body, her beautiful and stunning body, and smiled at her before leaning forward and taking a long swipe of Callie's wetness. Hips surged forward and a hand tangled in her hair. She loved it when Callie pulled her hair like that. It let her know what her lover liked and what felt good to her. She watched as Callie raised her other hand and grasped at the sheets at the foot of the bed.

Blowing a hot breath against Callie's clit, Arizona was rewarded with a sharp moan. The hand in her hair tugged harder.

"Don't tease, baby. Just put your mouth on me."

Smirking, Arizona spread Callie's thighs farther apart and nudged her nose across her clit. Wrapping her hands along the outside of her partner's hips, she brought her mouth up and attached it to where Callie wanted it the most.

An appreciative cry sounded in the room and the sound of Callie's wetness as it slide across her face, was music to Arizona's ear. Quickly, she started sucking Callie's clit into her mouth. The bundle of nerves was hot and hard and tasted like heaven to her.

Hips moved and rolled against her face while the hand in her hair pushed, pulled, and shoved as the sensations became more and more gratifying and delicious. Sounds she'd not heard in months-grunts and moans and gasps-collided with her body and she felt a small orgasm shudder through her nerve endings. Moaning at the sensations, she felt Callie cry out and buck against her.

"Oh...god...fu-...hmmm, Arizona...you don't...ohh, you're so good."

Callie's broken words only aroused the blonde more. She detached her lips from Callie's clit and lowered her mouth to plunge her tongue deep into her opening. Callie's legs moved around her. She felt the balls of her partner's feet come to rest against her shoulder blades before trailing down her sides and landing on her hips.

The completely wanton display and, near, lack of control coming from her partner was startling to Arizona. She loved being the cause of this particular state in Callie. The images of her wife lying in a hospital bed seemed to fade away the more Callie moved against her body.

Needing to breath, Arizona pulled away and kissed Callie's clit several times. Hips jerked up each time she pulled away. A glistening sheen on moisture was evident on her face and chin. Taking a moment to look at Callie, Arizona was overcome with how arousing she found her. The hand in her hair pushed against her head and directed her back to her task.

Lips once again sucked a throbbing and, near, begging, clit between them. Arizona felt Callie's movements become more and more erratic. At times, the Latina seemed to move away from her, but she never relented and kept her mouth firmly attached to her favorite organ.

Callie was so wrapped up in what she was feeling, she was unsure if she wanted more or for the exciting torture to just end. Her clit was on fire. It burned and ached and she heard her own heavy breathing, panting actually, in her ears.

When she thought there was no possible way for her to endure more, she felt the tip of Arizona's tongue land directly on her clit and begin titillate her sex.

It proved to be her undoing. Her hips lifted off the bed as she practically offered herself to Arizona's mouth. Her orgasm tore inside of her and spilled its excitement over her partner's face and down her own thighs. She felt Arizona between her legs licking and sucking at everything being given to her. The lips on Callie's clit refused to surrender their hold and, instead, continued to suck her hard until another orgasm blacked out her vision.

Her first orgasm had barely washed over her when the second one stole the air from her lungs. She was nowhere and she was everywhere. She and Arizona had made love enough times for her to know how good it was. Yet, the orgasms she was currently feeling were unlike anything her body had ever experienced. It was beyond her. For a brief span of time, she lost all sensation and was unaware of whether or not Arizona was still between her legs.

Conversely, she was aware of every nerve ending in her body. Everything felt wonderful and good. She was vaguely aware of her internal muscles contracting tightly and almost painfully. They seemed to be chasing the waves of pleasure coursing through her.

And then it was over.

And she was returned to the comfort of her bedroom. Blood pounded in her head and she blinked to try and clear her vision. Arizona was next to her, softly rubbing idle circles across her chest. Her face was wet with Callie's orgasm.

"Oh my god..." the Latina croaked, licking her lips.

Arizona smiled smugly and leaned over her to allow her to taste herself. Though she'd tasted herself on Arizona's lips before, something was different about this time. Her taste was different.

"You so just ejaculated."

"What?" Callie asked, confused.

Wiping at her own lips, Arizona lowered her hand and ran it through Callie's sex. The wetness there was almost impossible to imagine. Callie swallowed again and tensed at the sensation. She became aware of the wetness between her legs and underneath her thighs.

"Damn." she said, unable to say anything else.

Arizona only smiled at her all the more. Her eyes were confident and it was obvious she was rather proud of herself.

The longer Callie laid next to her wife, the more her body calmed down and the knowledge of what she'd just done hit her. Embarrassment caused her skin to flush and she covered her face with her hands.

"Oh my god. I've never done that before. I'm so sorry."

Arizona shook her head and removed Callie's hands, holding them in her own.

"Hey. Don't. Do you know how many women would love to have experienced what you just did? Here I thought it was a myth."

The giggle in Arizona's words only caused Callie to flush a brighter shade of red. The experience had been amazing and she had enjoyed it, but knowing she'd just female ejaculated over her wife's face was slightly horrifying to her.

"I think you owe me, now." Arizona said, kissing her forehead.

"What?" she asked again, dumbly.

"I just gave you the best orgasm of your entire life. We just proved that female ejaculation isn't just a myth. After we check on Dani and clean up, I want my own ejaculation."

Callie laughed and hugged Arizona to her. Outside, rain and wind howled together while thunder and lightening shocked the senses.

"We could be going at it for a while." Callie said, pulling away and staring up at Arizona.

"That's okay. I'm willing to suffer through it if you are." the blonde replied rolling over and pulling Callie on top of her.

"Oh, I think it's something I can endure."

-1 year later, Los Angelas, CA-

The sound of a door bell jingling signaled the arrival of Swinger's diner's newest occupant. Engrossed in the medical journal resting on the table in front of her, Addison Montgomery paid the sound little mind and stirred her coffee absently.

The warm and bright sun next to her window cast a pleasant glow on her fair skin. Dimly, she was aware of the light sounds of conversation around her as well as the hustle and bustle that accompanied such an establishment. Taking a testing sip of her coffee, she was oblivious to the woman standing slightly behind her.

The shadow that darkened her table caught her attention and she glanced up in surprise.

"You know, the first time I chalked up to luck." a smooth and warm voice said. "The second time," Addison watched slim shoulders shrug before, "well, I called that coincidence."

The person speaking walked around her and took a seat at her table. Green eyes shined with amusement and Addison couldn't help smiling when she noticed it.

"But, three times? I'd have to say that's serendipity." Terri said, reaching across the table and picking up the untouched pastry in front of Addison. "We really need to stop meeting in these quaint little diners. I could get used to it."

"Terri Clashe. What on earth are you doing here? Still stalking me?"

Taking a bite of the cream filled danish, Terri hummed in approval and licked her lips before sitting it back on the plate she'd grabbed it from.

"Hmm, you wish. I've been traveling." she said, signaling for the waiter.

Sitting back in her chair, Addison scoffed and set her journal aside.

"Really? You just happened to be traveling and winded up in California?"

Smiling her perfect and dazzling smile, Terri copied Addison's actions and made herself more comfortable.

"Like I said, serendipity."

Addison only smiled and raised an eyebrow, hoping to prompt a more detailed explanation from her companion.

"Arizona and I had a vacation savings when we were together. It was our intention to travel the United States as soon as Hannah was old enough to appreciate such a trip. The money's just been sitting in an account, untouched, for years now. I decided to treat myself."

A young man came up to their table and asked to take Terri's order.

"Whatever the special is." she told the man. "And a tea."

Once the man left the two women alone, Addison picked up her half eaten danish and took a bite from it.

"So, you just took the money without calling Arizona?"

Terri shrugged. "She's not made mention of it for years. I doubt she even thinks about it. Besides, from what I hear, she and Callie are treating themselves everyday. This was something I decided to do for myself."

"Nice." Addison said, smiling at the woman she'd befriended so long ago by chance encounter alone. "It just so happens that I've recently taken some time off myself. I'm not traveling across the country, but it would seem that great minds really do think alike."

Their waiter returned and placed Terri's drink in front of her before disappearing once more. Terri turned her head and looked out the window to her left. Addison studied her profile for a moment.

"You look really good, by the way." she said.

Emerald eyes turned to regard her and Terri smiled. "Thanks. I feel better than I have in ages." Letting her eyes travel over the form across from her, she added, "You don't look so bad yourself."

Despite herself, Addison couldn't help the slight blush that overcame her fair skin. Smiling, she reached for her coffee and used it as a stalling device. Even after so much time, she still found something intriguing about Terri.

"So, what are your plans here in sunny California?" she asked, resuming their easy conversation.

Taking a sip of her tea, Terri reached for a package of sugar and tap it against her palm to settle it. Shrugging again, she poured the contents of the package into her glass.

"I don't know. I'm kind of just winging it. It's very liberating."

Addison nodded and looked around the diner. That familiar tug invaded her mind once again and she felt herself wanting to spend more time in Terri's presence. Before she could say anything else, Terri broke their silence.

"What I do know is that I want to see a show tonight. Something fancy where I can dress up. You wouldn't want to come with me, would you?"

A full head of red hair swung back towards the sound of Terri's enchanting voice. Had Terri just asked her out? No, that was silly. The other woman was just extending a friendly invitation. Terri didn't know anyone else in California and was most likely just wanting to spend time with a friend before she left for her next destination.

Opening her mouth, Addison came up short.

"Oh, come on. I'll pay. It'll be my treat. We did happen to meet up again today. That has to mean something." Terri said.

Addison smiled at her humor.

"Oh, really?" she asked, playfully.

"Sure. It means that you are supposed to join me tonight and enjoy a free show. I may even be so inclined to take you to dinner. It's really pretty beneficial for you, Ms. Montgomery."

A smirk was forming on Terri's lips and her eyes were a bright green that spoke of her mirthful mood. Addison stared at her for a moment. She had nothing planned tonight. Dinner and a show sounded like it could be fun. Besides, even if the show sucked and dinner was awful, she'd still get to spend time with her friend. Terri's witty sense of humor was enough to help her make her decision.

Laughing, she threw her hands in the air and sighed. "Sure, why not? It sounds like fun."

A moment later, their waiter returned and placed a plate in front of Terri. The two women conversed like old friends and enjoyed the sun that shone in through their window.

-Seattle, WA-

Callie groaned and rolled over, facing away from the unwanted sound trying to get pull her from her slumber. Snuggling down further into the comforter, she was nearly asleep when the sound rang out in the room again.

Sighing, she sat up and rolled back over. Leaning over Arizona's snoozing form, she blinked away her sleep and stared at the baby monitor sitting on the night stand. The small display showed Daniella, sitting up in her toddler bed, playing with a stuffed bear.

Mr. Cuddles.

Her daughter's dark hair could be easily seen and, despite the fact that she was now awake, Callie couldn't help but smile as she watched her. Daniella was cooing and making baby speech at the fluffy bear in her arms. Now over a year old, Daniella's Mexican features were even more present. Her hair, having been lighter with highlights of blonde, was now completely black and curly. It was long and covered her shoulders.

Dark, rich colored skin, spoke of Callie's 'genes'. Anyone looking upon Daniella for the first time would have been inclined to think that Callie was her birth mother. All they had to do to know the truth was look into Daniella's eyes.

They were blue.

Not as light as Arizona's, no, they were a darker shade of blue. But, blue they were, nonetheless. Every expression that Daniella had or made was mirrored by Arizona's face. She had inherited her mother's dimples and the curve of her lips. The delicate arch of her dark brows was the same as Arizona's and her eyes were the same shape as well.

Her entire face was a small, darker, replica of Arizona.

In short, she was beautiful. A perfect blend of the two of them. Arizona had been shocked when her daughter's eyes had not changed colors. She'd been convinced that Dani would have dark eyes like Callie. The fact that she had been born with blue eyes, instead of brown, had spoken of a possible chance for them to remain that way. She knew, as a doctor, that children born with brown eyes normally kept that eye color. Children born with blue had a chance of a variety of colors specific to their genome. She'd wondered if the donor they had chosen had anyone in his family with blue eyes.

The sounds coming from the baby monitor continued to jar Callie into wakefulness. She knew that Daniella would be wanting breakfast before long. Their daughter loved, with an obsessive passion, the taste of oatmeal. Callie knew if Dani wasn't fed soon, she'd begin to cry and fuss.

Groaning again, she looked down at Arizona and nudged her shoulder.

"Wake up." she said, her voice heavy from her previous sleeping session.

Arizona grunted and rolled into her pillow, pushing her face under the covers. Callie sighed and settled back behind her. Shoving Arizona, a little harder this time, she continued trying to wake her partner up.

"Your daughter's awake." she said, lying back down and turning her back to Arizona.

A moment later, a mumbled voice floated to her ears. It was deep and raspy and barely audible.

"Before noon, she's your daughter. I'm trying to sleep."

Callie made a face and scoffed, turning her head slightly to look over her shoulder at her partner. Arizona's mess of long blonde curls was partially hidden under their blanket.

"You're off today. I have to go to the hospital later. She's your daughter and she's hungry." Callie said more forcefully before reaching behind her, grabbing Arizona's portion of blanket, and pulling the material off of the sleeping woman.

"Hey!" Arizona whined when the cool air of their room connected with her barely clothed form. Sitting up, she shoved her hair form her eyes and glanced at Callie. Her wife was wrapping herself up with the comforter, completely keeping Arizona from possibly covering herself with it again.

"You've got about five minutes before she realizes you're late and starts complaining about it." Callie said, her words muffled.

"I hate you right now." Arizona said swinging her legs over the side of the bed and standing up.

She walked around their bed and to the chair sitting on Callie's side to grab her robe from the cushions.

"To quote you, 'because I'm right and I'm awesome." Callie replied before falling back asleep.

When she entered Daniella's room, she stopped just inside the doorway and watched her daughter for a moment. Dani's tiny back was facing her and her hands and arms were moving animatedly in front of her. Innocent baby sounds issued from her mouth as she spoke hurriedly to her teddy bear about nothing in particular.

"Hey big girl." Arizona said, stepping into the room and getting her child's attention. "You ready to eat?"

Daniella bounced on her bed and attempted to turn towards the sound of her mother's voice. Strong, soothing and comfortable arms wrapped around her middle and effortlessly picked her up from her bed.

"Hi sweetie." Arizona greeted again, nuzzling her nose into Daniella's hair and kissing her warm cheeks. Her daughter's small arms reached out for her and tangled in her hair. Coos and attempts at speech sounded in the room.

"Hi! Hi! Hi!" Daniella said, bouncing on Arizona's hip.

The blonde was unsure whether or not her daughter was actually saying 'Hi' or if, in her excitement, it sounded like she was. Either way it was cute. Cute and endearing. Anytime Arizona entered the room. Daniella immediately got excited and attempted to get to her.

"Let's get some oatmeal for Mommy's angel." Arizona said, securing her hold around Dani and proceeding to leave the room to walk down the stairs to the lower level of the house.

At the mention of oatmeal, Daniella giggled and jumped in Arizona's arms while she clapped her hands. Once down stairs, Arizona made her way through the living room and dining room and came to the kitchen. She sat Dani down in her highchair and went about preparing the small child breakfast. While she waited for the oatmeal to heat up, she quickly prepared a pot of coffee before walking to the double sliding doors of the kitchen and pushing the curtains back.

Bright, early morning, sun streamed into the room. Dani gasped and sighed and, again, clapped her hands.

"You like that?" Arizona asked, bending over in front of Daniella and playfully speaking to her.

Uncoordinated hands grabbed her face and the unsullied sound of a child's laughter added to the atmosphere. Arizona puffed her cheeks out and made a face which immediately caused her daughter to giggle and jump in her chair happily.

Stepping away briefly, the blonde completed the preparations for Daniella's oatmeal and walked over to take a seat at the kitchen table. She scooted close to the highchair and scooped up a small bite on the spoon. Holding it up towards Dani, she brought it to her open mouth and made silly sounds to accommodate her.

"Yum' and 'Hmm', or rather baby versions of the words, filled Arizona's ear and tugged at her heart. She loved feeding Daniella. There was something so beautiful and simple about feeding a child. It calmed her. She adored it.

Preparing another spoonful, she made an airplane sound and 'flew' the bite towards Daniella.

"You know, I think you're old enough to know certain things." she said, going through the motions of feeding her daughter.

"See, you have a very special older sister. She's not here. No, she's playing in the cabbage patch. You won't know about that place for a long, long, long time to come. But, your older sister is crazy about you. She's your guardian angel, baby girl. Even though you can't see her, she can see you. Mama C got to meet her when you were born. So, when you're sad or scared, just remember that your sister, Hannah, is always watching out for you. Okay? When you're a little bit older, we'll watch some home videos and I'll let you see her. You would have loved her, Dani bear..."

Arizona continued talking about Hannah to Daniella. Birds' songs sang on the wind and the sun bathed mother and daughter in an easy serenity. Life was about choices. It was about enjoying the journey and being open to new levels of discovery. Good things happened in life. Bad things happened in life.

The hardest part of life for most people was understanding that nothing good could come if nothing bad ever happened. People only knew something was good because they'd experienced something bad to begin with. The negative parts of life helped people to appreciate the positive parts.

"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

-Henry Ellis

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