Edd waited outside of his home for the arrival of his uncle. As far as Edd knew, he didn't have one. His father and mother had never been close to other members of the family so he wouldn't really know them. He had several bags at his side and his pet cactus, Jim. He watched as several of the cul-de-sac kids just watched him but said nothing. Their looks were ones of anger. He couldn't blame them for this as it was his and his friends fault. He looked to see the construction workers still there.

He sighed as he remembered that day so well. It was another one of Eddy's schemes. It took him three days to build a cul-de-sac railway system. It was a good plan and it was working well as everyone seem to enjoy it. Ed enjoyed it a bit too much and jarred the makeshift train off the tracks. While this was normal, the train uncontrollably crashed through one of the houses that belonged to a very old man. The man was injured pretty badly that he was sent to the hospital.

The man's son was enraged and shouted at their parents until he could shout no more. The parents were pissed and grounded each and every one of them. Eddy blamed Ed and him for what happened. Eddy even were further saying that he was a bad inventor and all his contraptions were always failing. Eddy's insults got so bad that it sent him home in tears. The tears would not stop as his parents informed him by sticky note that he was being sent to live with his uncle. He pleaded with them but they would have none of it.

As he waited for his uncle Richard, he was also waiting for Ed and Eddy to come an say good-bye to him. He knew that they would come to do that at least. But as the time ticked away, they never showed up. Could it be that Eddy was still made at him? Granted he had gotten mad before but he would always come to seek him out. And where was Ed? He left messages for both of them, telling them what happened. Was Ed mad at him too?

A van pulled up in front of him and a man stepped out of the driver's side. He walked over to Edd and stood over him. Edd looked at the tall man with a fear.

"So you're Edward? I haven't seen you since your birth. Where my sister and brother-in-law?" Richard asked.

"Umm, they left this with me." Edd said and handed him a stack of sticky notes. Richard frowned and threw the sticky notes away, surprising Edd.

"Let's get you packed up and ready to go." Richard said.

"Wait, I have some friends who would be coming soon. Can't you wait for a while?" Edd asked.

"Sure thing kid, I wouldn't deny you that." He said. Edd smiled and waited while Richard packed up his stuff. The two waited for about an hour. As that hour tick away, Richard watched as his nephew got sadder. He grew angry and irritated at these friends of his. Another thirty minutes passes and there was still no sign of Ed or Eddy. Richard saw tears roll down Edd's eyes. He placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Maybe we should get going? It's going to be a long ride." Richard suggested. Edd didn't answer him and just walked to the passenger side. Richard buckled him in and closed the door. He buckled himself in and turned the key. As the car started he looked at his sad nephew and sighed. He put the car in drive and moved out. He continued his drive until they were out of Peach Creek. It would be a while before Double D returned here.

Author's Notes: I caught a virus on my computer and it infected all my files. As I was readying through the first story, I felt that I wasn't moving at a correct pace. I felt that I was moving to fast and that I wasn't explaining things. I felt that certain chapters could have been longer and need to be re-done. The original title will still be up but this will be under a new name. An author's note will be left on the old story to let you know about the new one.