Chapter 16

It was now the New Year. Everyone had returned to school after their vacation, some not really wanting the vacation to end. Friends reunited and talked about their holidays with their family and what they got. It was like this all day as some really didn't want the holidays to end. They were not ready to get back into the school daze. One person who was in a daze was Edd. His holidays were anything but bright.

After that blow up on Christmas day, Edd avoided his parents like the plague. He didn't greet them, he didn't speak to them and he barely listened to them. He spent most of the rest of his vacation out of the house. Despite his attempts to distance himself from his family, they would always try to get him to do something. He did it but he didn't put his everything into it. His refusal to apologize was also something that was a discussion. Before the New Year came around, they had another argument when Edd arrived home to hear his parents tell his uncle not to contact him. Edd was as angry as he had ever been and actually warned his parents to leave his family alone or he was gone. That got him grounded and he was not able to attend the New Years' party that Kendall invited him to.

He sighed and could wait for his graduation day to come. He swore to himself that he was gone as soon as he got it. He was so into his thoughts that he was shaken when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned swiftly to see May. She looked at him with a little concern and he relaxed.

"Sorry, I just have a lot on my mind." Edd said.

"I can see that." May said. She then noticed that he was down in the dumps. "Are you alright?"

"Can't say that I am. My holidays did not end on a high note." Edd said.

"You mean with your parents right?" May asked. Edd looked at her and she continued. "I was at Kendall's party. I was looking for you but he told me that your parents were on your case and grounded you."

"Yeah. Let's just say that they are not happy with the new me." Edd explained. That's when he gained a grin on his face. "So, you were looking for me? What, you wanted someone to smooch with when the clock hit midnight?" May gives him a sly smile.

"You wish I was that desperate. Do you always have to believe that there is an ulterior motive to my actions? Or maybe, that was your wish?" May told him coyly.

"I can and will not deny or confirm those accusations." Edd said. The two shared a laugh and Edd was starting to feel a little better. "So, can a friend treat another friend to milkshake and walk her home for making me smile?"

"A friend can do that." May said. Edd held out his arm and May took it. They made their way out of the hallways, not knowing that they had a little spy watching them. The girl's eyes were narrowed and she did not look happy. It took her some cash to find out where Edd's locker was. She was hoping to get an outing so that she could learn some more about the boy that caught her interest. She had forgotten that May was also on this side. What had her so angry was because she had caught his attention as well. It pissed her off.

With a frustrated sigh, Sylvia turned around and made her way out of the school in another direction. She would have to find another way to get some alone time with Edd.


Edd and May were on their way home after getting two milkshakes. They talked about their holidays and other stuff that interested them. As they turned to corner, they ran into someone that they did not recognize.

"Well now, if it isn't Double D." the short person said. Edd was confused as to who this person was until he peeled away the layers. His eyes went wide when he realized who this was.

"Jimmy?" Edd asked in surprise. He looked at the teen who was wearing the most ridiculous outfit he has ever laid eyes on. His floral jacket with floral pants was just hideous. He was curious as to what Jimmy was thinking when he came out in the street wearing such an outfit. Jimmy saw him looking him over and smirked.

"I see that you came back with some class and taste for style. This is what I will be modelling for my school's show." Jimmy said.

"Is that right? I wish you all the luck in that." Edd said.

"Thank you. I must be going now. See you around." Jimmy said as he sauntered off until the two could not see him. When he was gone, he looked at May who was barely keeping in her laughter. Edd tried to find the words to explain what he was thinking. Edd just shook his head and continued on his way with May in tow. He just prayed that he could erase this moment from his mind.


Sylvia entered her huge home after a day of just walking around. She wasn't really in the mood for it but she needed to clear her head. As she was making her way up the stairs, her father had called out to her. She let out an annoyed sigh and made her way to where he was. She came into his study to see him busy at work as always. He was with several of his business partners. He looked up and gave her a look. It wasn't one of love. It was like a look of boredom. She gave him the same look and leaned up against the doorway.

"You called for me father?" Sylvia asked.

"What's with that tone? It's as if you don't wish to be in my company." He said. Sylvia acted annoyed and just folded her arms. Her father just scoffed and faced her. "As you know, I will be holding my annual dinner with my workers in two weeks. I need you to make nice with their children should they bring any. Here is a list of their names." He held out a clipboard for her to take. Sylvia took the clipboard and began to read it. Most of the kids weren't her age. As she continued to read, she found a name that surprised her. She suddenly got a smile on her face and handed the clipboard right back to him.

"I'll take care of it." Sylvia said. She walked out and made her way to her room. She couldn't help but be elated at the luck that she just gained. She wouldn't have to worry about getting her interest alone. In two weeks, she would be getting her chance.


Edd had the car raised and was under it. Next to him, Ed held the engine using a chain attached to a pulley. Edd was screwing in the engine in. As he put the engine in, he began to wonder how much longer it would take him to fix the car up. He had finished the engine two days after Christmas and most of the body work was done by Ed. He knocked out those dents and sanded his car really good. He taught him how to smooth the car out and make it ready for paint.

He did the wiring through the car and that took him awhile. Now, he was ready to put in the engine. He tightened the last screw and he was done.

"Okay Ed, you can let the chain go." Edd said. Ed nodded and did just that. Edd slid out and sat up. With Ed's help, they put the car down and looked at the engine they put in. Edd and Ed admired the work. Edd couldn't wait to get to work finishing this car. He just needed to add the transmission, fuel injection, radiator and other things. Lucky for him, he was always getting a good sum of money from his father's side of the family to do this project.

"So how much more do we have to do Double D?" Ed asked.

"Not much Ed. If I was a betting man, we should be done in another month. I have to hook everything up, test it and register it. You can paint it now if you want." Edd said.

"Alright!" Ed cheered and went for his bag. He dug through it, tossing out some strange stuff. That's when he pulled out his sketch pad. He turned the page until he got to what he was looking for. He showed it to Edd who was amazed at the detail. It was his car and how Ed wanted to paint it. He had the hood of his car black while the rest of his car was a tangerine color. On the side, there were black scallops that went to the tail end of the car.

"So, what do you think?" Ed asked with a goofy grin.

"I like it. I'll give you some money to get the paint." Edd said. Ed grinned and hugged him.

"Hey Double D, thanks for being my friend and teaching me stuff." Ed said. Edd just patted him on the back and they went inside for something to eat and drink.


Edd, Leon and Jonas were invited to Penny's house. The girl had become a very good friend of the two and she wanted to learn more about them. The two guys walked up to a mansion that wasn't too far from Jonas' house. They rang the bell and waited. It didn't take long for Penny to come to the door. She said her hellos and invited the group inside.

"I haven't been here in a while. Did you renovate the place?" Jonas asked.

"Only a little. Daddy had to add some stuff to his studio." Penny said.

"Wait you have a studio in this place?" Leon asked.

"Yeah, my father and my mother are both producers. They are currently using the studio right now so you can meet them later. Let me give you guys a tour of the place." Penny said. She gave the guys a tour of her house, showing the exercise room, swimming pool and kitchen. That where they were. Penny asked them if they wanted something and they nodded. She placed some pizza rolls in the microwave and waited. She turned back to the boys. She noticed that they were kind of serious.

"So, what's going on guys?" she asked.

"We were discussing Edd's little dilemma. Apparently, Adolf and Eva are forcing their son to go to some type of dinner in the next two weeks." Leon said. Penny looked confused at what Leon was saying.

"He's talking about Edd's parents." Jonas added.

"Oh yeah, the up-tight adults that grounded you for talking back to them. So, it's one party. What's the problem?" Penny asked.

"There is no problem. I'm going to the stupid thing just to get them off my back. I really don't want to rock the boat right now." There was a ding and Penny went to grab the plate with pizza rolls. She placed them on the counter and waited for them to cool. She turned back to Edd who continued. "The only other option they have is to send me to boarding school. I can actually fight them on that and I have some people who could help me with that." Edd explained.

"What is the deal with your parents anyway? It's like they hate you or something." Leon said.

"When I was younger, I was the perfect son. I did as I was told and I didn't argue with them. I was a well-constructed robot that they created. After an incident, I went to live with my uncle, an uncle I didn't even know about and I realized that I was never their first priority. I never got a letter from them, not a phone call, nothing. The only thing that mattered to them was their job and their growth in the company that they work for. I didn't really care because I was learning new things and I could be my own person. They're not happy that their robot has a mind of its own." Edd told them.

"Wow, that's kind of harsh." Penny said.

"Well, it's how I feel about the whole thing. I just keep telling myself that I only have three more semesters of high school and then I'm out of here." Edd said.

"Isn't that all our goals?" Leon joked and grabbed a pizza roll. He bit into it and hissed. The others laughed as he tried to cool his tongue.


Sylvia was listening to the new CD from Aloe Blacc. She was going through her closet as the song 'Can You Do This' played. It was a really catchy song and it gave her something to look forward to. While the party would be in two weeks, she decided to be prepared for Edd's arrival. The fact that she would have him alone meant that she could get her hooks into him and away from May. It was really the only reason she was so excited. She just wanted to take something away from that bitch.

She never liked that trailer trash. You could pretty it up as much as you could; it was still trailer trash to her. She admitted that she was a jealous of her due to the fact that boys just flocked to her like idiots. It also didn't really wear on her when the crazy bitch punched out two of her teeth. She then made it her mission to take everything away from her and make it hers. She would just discard when she was bored. That's all Edd was to her, a way to get a shot at the trailer trash.

Now, what was she going to wear?


Authors' Notes: Well, here's a new chapter. I would like to apologize for what happened yesterday. I was asked to put out a notice about that SOPA act. I did just that but I got a PM telling me that the act has been dead and gone for a while. I did some more research and learned that no one supports this act. Not the president and definitely not big business. I will still put up the page that you have to go to sign and try to stop it but I don't think that it will pass anyway.

Anyway, I finished this chapter and I like where I'm going with this. Sylvia is a character that I feel I will have some fun writing about. She's a devious person who only wants what she wants. She really doesn't like May and she will be the antagonist for most of the story. As for the part with Edd and his parents, I'm not trying to bash them but when I watched the show, I always felt that Edd was a little robot when it came to his parents. He did what he was told and seem to get really anal if his routine was messed up. Agree or not, Edd was kind of a robot.

Anyway, enjoy the new chapter.