Chapter 27

Ranma was having an intense work out in the park. He had several clay pots hanging off the branch of a tree. He used these pots as targets so that he could work on his balance and kicks. His master who taught him Tae Kwon Do was very good at throwing kicks with one leg. It was pretty amazing that he could throw different kicks with one leg. He remembered when he tagged him with a roundhouse, a hook kick and finished him with a spinning hook kick. Ranma just copied what his sensei and he kept his balance. He was able to break all of the pots but he was a little exhausted from the exercises. That's when he noticed Ryoga.

He hadn't seen the Lost Boy since the fight they had. He was pretty angry with his lost and disappeared for a while. He didn't understand why he was so angry. The training he got from the troll made him almost invincible. Either way, he noticed that he was reading a map or something. Chuckling a little, he was curious about what he was reading so hard. He decided to find out.

"Yo P-chan, what are you looking at?" Ranma called out. Ryoga turned to shout at whoever called him that when he saw Ranma. That's when he did something that Ranma found strange. He ran away. Ranma was shocked but it further increased his curiosity. He packed up his stuff and gave chase of Ryoga. He didn't have to chase him too far as he found him in a pile of his old clothes and in his cursed form. It looked like a car hit a puddle and splashed him. Ranma walks up to him and gave him a grin.

"So, what was so important that you would keep for me?" Ranma asked with some mirth. He found the paper and picked it up. As he looked at it, he saw that it was a map and at the top of it, were the words 'Japanese Nanniichuan' (Japanese Spring of the Drowned Man). "What the hell? There's a Japanese Nanniichuan!" That's when the piglet struck. He bit Ranma's arm hard, forcing him to drop the map. As Ranma looked at his bleeding arm, Ryoga grabbed his stuff and the map and ran. Ranma looked around for the damned piglet but couldn't find him. Looking at his arm, he cursed and made his way to the nearest place he knew.


Shampoo wrapped Ranma's arm as the pig-tailed boy growled. Cologne looked at the boy with amusement.

"So, even the great Saotome Ranma can get caught unaware." Cologne said with amusement.

"Keep laughing troll; laugh your way into a broken hip." Ranma spat. "That damn guy, I was going to help him find the spring so that we can both change back into our original forms. That's what I get for being nice."

"Well, maybe you will get the last laugh son-in-law." Cologne said.

"What are you talking about?" Ranma asked.

"I did some research about the Japanese Nanniichuan and every other counterpart. I spoke to the man who uses to run the springs. All of the Japanese springs have been dried up. They no longer exist." Cologne said.

"So are you telling me that when Ryoga finds the location of the spring, he's not going to find anything?" Ranma asked.

"Oh, he'll find something else." Cologne said with a smile.


Ranma sat on a tree branch in his girl form. She had gotten splashed on the way here and so did Shampoo. They didn't have any hot water but they did not want to miss this. So they decided to forget the water and get to the location where the dried up spring was. Ranma had Shampoo in her lap as they looked at the girls' locker room. Cologne had told them that the whole spring was covered by the high school. They waited and waited until it happened.

Ryoga came out running, draped in underwear. On his shoulder was the pervert Happosai who looked like he was having some fun. Behind Ryoga was a horde of girls who was wielding various weapons to cause the two individuals harm. They all kept screaming at the two, calling them perverts. Ryoga was trying to explain himself but the girls were too angry to listen. Ranma and Shampoo just watched with amusement as Ryoga tried to keep himself from getting killed.

What turned into a disappointing day, actually turned out good.


Ranma ate one of Kodachi's cookies that were left over from the little competition that she had with Akane. They were pretty good and he was surprised that they weren't laced with anything. The last time she laced her food with some type of knockout herb and he appeared in her room. While the small little make-out they had been kind of fun, it did not amuse Shampoo who barged in and the two ended up fighting. He didn't speak to each one for a week until they called a truce. Still, he was pretty wary of Kodachi's cooking.

As he walked to school, eating Kodachi's cookies, Akane glared at him. She was not happy that she lost the cooking contest to that nut Kodachi. Watching Ranma eat her enemies' cookies did not sit well with her. The fact that Nabiki was snickering was not helping her mood. She just ignored the two until they got to class. Shampoo joined them, hugging onto Ranma's arm and pissing Akane off. They entered their classroom and sat down. After a while, the teacher entered with a new student.

The boy wore a standard Furinken High School uniform and had a spatula strapped. The cooking utensil confused a lot of people. What confused a lot of other people was the fact that the boy was glaring at Ranma. The pig-tailed boy took the glare and sighed. He knew exactly who this person was and knew what they wanted.

"Okay class, we have a new student today. Please introduce yourself for the class." The teacher said. The boy looked at everyone with a hard glare.

"My name is Kuonji Ukyo!" Ukyo stated with a hard tone.


"So Ukyo is actually female?" Shampoo asked. She was seated with Ranma and Nabiki. Akane was with them as well but she sat at a distance with her friends. She was listening in but acting like she wasn't interested.

"Remember when I told you that Genma engaged me to several other girls? She was one of them and out of every one that my father engaged me to, her claim is just as important as the Tendos." Ranma explained.

"How come?" asked Nabiki.

"When we were still kids," Ranma started.

"And you were still naïve and stupid?" Nabiki asked as a joke. Ranma gave her a dirty look, which she just smirked at him.

"Anyway, Genma and I ran into her father. They were traveling okonomiyaki chiefs. Since we got along so well, our fathers arranged a marriage. Ukyo's father gave their okonomiyaki cart as a dowry." Ranma explained.

"And your father stole it?" Nabiki said.

"It isn't that simple. Remember your early comment?" Ranma asked.

"Naïve and stupid, yes." Nabiki said.

"Well, Genma asked me which I liked more, Ukyo or okonomiyaki. I picked okonomiyaki." Ranma said with a nervous chuckle. Shampoo sighed at her boyfriend and bopped him in the head.

"Stupid Ranma, stupid." Shampoo said with a shake of her head.

"Hey, I was a kid and their okonomiyaki was really good." Ranma said trying to defend himself.

"That doesn't make you look any better Ranma. You chose food over a girl. Only someone like you would choose something like that." Nabiki said.

"I would like to think that I have changed from my former self." Ranma said.

"You're dating two girls." Nabiki countered.

"Actually, we agreed that we are dating each other." Ranma said. Nabiki just chuckled at him.

"So, what are you planning to do? Are you going to handle her like you handled Ryoga?" Nabiki asked.

"To tell you the truth, I'm going to handle it a little differently than Ryoga. Ryoga was just a jealous guy who liked to blame others for his mistakes. Ukyo, I have to take responsibility because it looked like I ruined her life." Ranma said.

"I have confidence that you will do the right thing." Shampoo said and kissed his cheek. Ranma blushed a little while Nabiki rolled her eyes. Akane crushed her juice box while her friends looked at her with worry.


Ranma waited for Ukyo. He managed to get his old friend to meet with him. He waited for her to arrive, ignoring the two figures that were keeping watch on him. He sighed a bit but he shouldn't have been surprised by their actions. He just hoped that they would allow him to handle everything. From a distance, the two girlfriends of Ranma watched him through some binoculars.

Shampoo looked at Kodachi with some concern.

"Why do you have these?" Shampoo asked.

"Don't judge me harlot. I'm not really allowed on the Tendo grounds after the last time. Honestly, they took what I did a little too seriously. It wasn't like I was going to do anything to my darling Ranma." Kodachi said.

"We are going to talk about that later but why do you have these?" Shampoo asked again.

"Have you seen him training in anything but a tank top?" Kodachi asked. Shampoo had to admit that she hadn't. She looked at Kodachi who just shook her head. She mentally cursed herself for not thinking about that. She turned to Kodachi who had already pulled out another pair. She looked at it and then her. "He trains Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can have Thursday." Shampoo nodded. The two looked through their binoculars and watched.

"Why are we doing this? We trust Ranma right?" Shampoo asked.

"Of course we trust him. It's this girl I don't trust. What if she tries to force her engagement on him? If what you said to me is true, they she has a legitimate reason." Kodachi said.

"Yeah but so do the Tendos and he is fighting that. What makes this any different?" Shampoo asked.

"Well, we're about to find out." Kodachi said as Ukyo entered the area. Ranma stood and faced the angry girl. He saw that her hand was on that large spatula and held up his arms.

"Whoa, I called you out here to talk, not to fight. Just calm down Ucchan." Ranma said.

"Don't call me that! You have no right to call me that after what you and your father did to me!" Ukyo shouted.

"Look I'm not saying that you don't have a right to be angry but I'm trying to do the right thing. Besides, I was just a stupid little kid who says things without thinking." Ranma said in his defense.

"So are you telling me that everything you said to me was just something stupid and untrue?! That I shouldn't have believed anything you said!" Ukyo shouted.

"Hey, I thought you were a boy when we hung out." Ranma said. Kodachi and Shampoo winced at that and knew that everything was about to go down-hill. Ukyo glared at him with rage and Ranma knew that he had just said the wrong thing. "That did not come out right."

"I challenge you to a duel! One week from today, I will get my revenge!" Ukyo shouted and jumped away from the area. Ranma sighed and scratched the back of his head. He was soon joined by Kodachi and Shampoo. They both gave Naruto an amused smile.

"So, some of that childishness still exists huh?" Kodachi asked. Ranma just gave the two a dirty look, which only made them smirk at him more.


Kasumi was making her way toward the dojo with a tray of tea and cookies. As she entered, she saw that Happosai was standing over Genma and Soun. The two looked very beaten up and Happosai was not happy. She saw one of the students on the ground holding his shoulder. She set the tray and down and made her way over to the student.

"What's going on here?" she asked the students.

"Those two are crazy! They were supposed to have a spar and show us a few things! They went full out on us! I think that my shoulder got dislocated!" the student exclaimed. Kasumi looked at the shoulder and checked it over. The teen was right about it being dislocated.

"Take off your belt and clamp down on it. I need one of you to hold him down while I attempt to put the shoulder back in place." They did as they were told. At that moment, Nabiki, Akane and Ranma entered the dojo.

"What is going on here?" Akane asked. Genma and Soun were back on their feet and glared at their master.

"We were only showing these weaklings how to do real martial arts. It isn't our fault that they are not fit to be studying it." Genma defended himself.

"You idiot, they're beginners! You can't treat them like they are experts!" Ranma shouted. That's when they heard a crack and a small groan from the injured student.

"Nabiki, please go and grab the wrappings. I also need some ice." Kasumi said. Nabiki nodded and went to get the supplies. Happosai grabbed the both of his former students and tossed them out of the dojo.

"From this point on, neither of you are allow in the dojo while I am teaching. You are both banned from entering." Happosai said.

"Hey, you can't do that! This is the Tendo dojo!" Akane stated.

"A dojo that was nothing more than a big room. It was a disgrace before we started to use it to spread the Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū. Besides, it neither yours nor Soun's decision. Isn't that right Nabiki?" Happosai asked.

"That's right and I agree with Happosai. I will not have either one of you injure our clients. If you can't act responsible, then stay out of the dojo." Nabiki said and she entered the dojo to give Kasumi the supplies. Akane and Soun were shocked by this. Happosai re-entered the dojo with Ranma behind him. Soun was just very emotional and wondered what Happosai meant. Akane was confused as well and looked to get to the bottom of this.


Authors' Notes: A new chapter finally here. Ukyo is finally here and she is pissed. Also, I've made Nabiki a focus. While she is not going to be one of Ranma's girls, she will be taking a bigger stance against Akane, Soun and Genma. Also, in the next chapter, I will be getting Kasumi into it. She going to be one of Ranma's girls and I'll be slowly putting her into that role. Anyway, enjoy the new chapter.