Summary: The Doctor and Donna are stuck at Sylvia's in the rain. This was written for the Rainy Day Fic Festival at doctor_donna using the Travellers' Tales prompt #14 - patient.

Disclaimer: I checked my bank statement, but alas the payment didn't go through to make them mine.

Lazy Rainy Day


The rain was relentless. It tried to wash away the pavement, the road outside and Sylvia's precious new rose bush.

"You'll wear that net curtain out," Donna remarked, as the Doctor hastily let go of the piece of netting and feigned disinterest in what was happening in the outside world.

"Is there a time limit then?" he quipped.

"There is on your attention span apparently," Donna replied drily.

"Oi! he protested. "You make me sound like someone with ADHD!"

"And your point is?" she chuckled.

"I can be as patient as the next man," he insisted.

Donna strained her neck to look around the room. Curiosity got the better of him. "What are you looking for?" the Doctor asked.

"That's funny 'cos I never saw Donald Duck or Basil Fawlty in the room," she replied. "We've run out of men for you to be next to."

"Ha ha, Noble! Laugh it up!" he sulked. "I can be patient! You make me sound awful sometimes."

"Only sometimes? I must be slipping," which got her a glare.

He crossed the room to sit down beside her on the settee; essence of miffed hanging about him. "Donna…? He began.

"No, I won't!" she stated. "I know what you were going to ask, and no I won't dig out Gramps' old fishermen's waders." That earned her another glare in response. "If you think I am handling those smelly old maggot infested things you've got another think coming!" she threatened.

"Alright, alright, calm down!" he sing-songed. "Just 'cos you don't to be reminded of your ex-boyfriend!"

"Yeah, festering maggot just about sums him up!" she smiled despite herself. "Though he was also smelly and gutless without someone to hold him up as well."

The Doctor laughed heartedly. "Sounds dreamy," he smirked.

"What can I say? I only attract the best!" she laughed.

"So, was he the one that…?" the Doctor started to ask.

"Nuh! That was Kevin; the maggot was Dave," she told him. "After him I met Phil."

"He was the biker, wasn't he?" he pondered.

"Cyclist, you mean," Donna giggled. "Bikers have a whole different image, much more butch and less save-the-planet!"

"There's nothing wrong with saving the planet," he looked quite hurt; so Donna gave his hand a comforting squeeze.

"Nothing at all!" she agreed. "In fact, I'd go as far as saying it is the best thing someone can do."

He grinned broadly at her, "It does feel good, doesn't it?"

"Definitely! Do you know what else is good?" she asked as a thought struck her.

"No! Tell me," he waited expectantly for the answer.

"A nice cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit!" she beamed at him.

"Oh yes!" he readily agreed. "Shall we go have some?"

"What a great idea! I wonder where you got it?" she chuckled.

He pulled her up off the sofa and led her towards the kitchen. "I dunno," he smirked, "a little birdy must have told me."

"Little!" she scoffed.

They happily entered the kitchen and searched the cupboards for tea and biscuits.