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Summary: Cross was never to be called as a responsible parent but as he watched his idiotic son, having a relationship with the Japanese man, he couldn't help being a 'little' protective and this made the two lovers -especially Kanda irritated to no end. Yullen.


Cross groaned, taking a sip of wine as he watched the two lovers, –one pissed and the other nervous- sitting before him.

"Master, why did you call for us?" Allen asked, fidgeting in his seat. The strong smell of cigarette and wine clung around him, making his nose itchy. Allen sneezed and covered his nose with his sleeves.

"Yeah, why the fuck did you call us for?" Kanda snapped, pulling the white haired teen closer to him. He glared at the red haired man, disgusted on how Cross can empty two bottles of wine and a box of cigar in one ho–no less than one hour. He was really in a bad mood because Cross just have to arrive when he and Allen were in the middle of their 'love fest' and calling them down to say something really important.

"Kanda be nice, you were nice the last time you two met each other." Allen said, smacking lightly his leg clearly displeased by his lover's earlier actions. Kanda snorted.

"When was the last time I was 'nice'?" Kanda shot back, snaking his arm around the white haired teen's waist. He squeezed Allen's waist, earning a cute yelp from Allen.

"Kanda!" Allen hissed a nice shade of blush creeping on his face. "Don't do that! Especially not in front of Master." The seventeen year old whispered the last part for only Kanda can hear him. Kanda smirked and squeezed him again.

"Kanda!" Allen yelped as his lover's hand got higher and higher. Allen gripped his lover's hand when Kanda reached Allen's pink bud.

"Stop. Kanda. Stop." Allen said, glaring daggers at the long haired teen. Kanda is so naughty.

"Wimp" Kanda said but stopped his hands. He didn't want Allen to get mad at him or else Allen won't let him near him for a whole week.

Kanda smirked and leaned on Allen, whispering "After, this shit is done. We're going to continue what we did."

"P-Pervert!" He squeaked, pulling away from his lover.

"I know." Kanda chuckled and pulled Allen back, enjoying his bean sprout's reaction. Allen struggled from the Japanese grip.

"You two done yet?" A deep gruff voice interrupted them; both teens snapped their head to the owner of the voice. "Don't forget that I'm still here. At least control yourself when I'm around," Cross said, glaring at the two –particularly at Kanda. "I don't want to see gay shit sex while I'm drinking." Cross smirked and quickly added, "Well not at least when you two are doing it,you two are disgusting, makes me want to barf." Kanda's left eye twitched, a frown forming on his face. If only he had Mugen with him right now. He would have sliced this man up.

"You're sick." Kansa said, glaring harder at Cross.

"Look whose talking," Cross said, pouring a glass of wine. "You fucked him-" pointed a finger at a blushing Allen –who blushed hearing the word 'fucked'-, using his middle finger, emphasizing on the word 'fucked', "-in Jerry's Cafe. Not only once but a hundred times. You kids are like rabbits." Kanda growled not liking how Cross talked to him and how Cross pointed a finger at Allen.

"Master! How did you know that?" Allen screeched. Cross shrugged his shoulders.

"I have my sources." Cross simply answered, sipping a cross of wine. 'And I sometimes stalk you two. Of all the things you bloody picked. It just has to be cocky bastard.' "And it's pretty obvious when the two of you do it. You always come home or go downstairs with a disheveled hair and clothes -still blushing- and a bit disoriented from your intercourse."

Allen chocked. "What?"

"You heard me. And you smell like sex too."

"I told you that he will notice." Kanda said, resting his head on top of Allen's.

"You never told me anything." Allen whined.

"Yes. I did stupid but you weren't just listening to me."

"Jerk, you never told me that."

Kanda smirked, looking at his moyashi. He squeezed his waist. Allen pouted at him.

'Moyashi is so cute.'

"I told you not to do that! When will you ever listen?" Allen whined.

"as if I would ever listen to a bean like you." Kanda adjusted his head to get a more comfortable position.

"I'm not a bean." Allen sighed. He looked at the red haired male "Anyways let's get down to business. Master, why did you call us for?" Allen asked tilting his head to the side.

Cross put down his now empty glass and took a long drag. Then pointed a finger at Allen. "It's about your relationship-" He averted his finger and pointed it at Kanda. "-with that man. I want you to brake up with him" Allen frowned.

"Eh? What's wrong with Kanda?"

"I don't like him." Kanda rolled his eyes.

"Wow that's new." The Japanese teen said deadpanned.

"Behave Kanda" Allen elbowed Kanda's side, trying his best to tame his lover. Allen sighed and looked at his Master. "Master, I know you two hate each other but that isn't just right to break us up. You don't have the right to break us two apart." Allen protested, clinging on Kanda's arm.

Kanda glared at Cross again. Another thing he hate about the man, other than making his beansprout's life a living hell and consuming money and cigarettes as if it was just oxygen. He wants Allen to brake up with him.

Cross clicked his tongue in irritation. He had expected Allen to obey, like what he usually does. This was actually the first time Allen disobeyed his order. "Actually, I do have the rights." The womanizer informed, twirling his glass of wine.

"No, you don't." Kanda interjected, glaring harder at the man. How dare he say those words in front of him. Kanda smirked, a devious aura forming around him, "Give me one reason. Why moyashi should listen to you?"


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