This is a completely AU Veronica Mars story. It is based on the question: What if Veronica moved to Neptune when she was sixteen? Suppose Veronica is an 09er in her own right, Lilly is alive and Duncan is dating Meg. It could be interesting…

Lilly Kane in her tiny red bikini top and short jean shorts is sitting on her new boyfriend's lap. She made quite a stir walking up with him. He goes to college at Hearst and comes from a prominent family in LA.

She looks around at the other 09ers at the party. Noticing Logan sitting with the guys, Lilly can't resist taunting her ex. He is talking to Dick and Cassidy about what time to meet the next day for surfing. Smirking Lilly says loudly, "So Logan, where is this girlfriend you have been talking about?"

The 09ers hear her question and look at Logan. Logan looks over at Lilly and sees her smirk. He answers a little rudely, "She'll be here."

Lilly snickers and says, "Sure she will." The 09ers all know that Lilly doesn't think Logan has a new girlfriend. She has been very vocal with her view that Logan is making her up.

None of them has ever seen her. Logan has been talking about her for a couple of weeks. Apparently his new girlfriend and her father just moved here and they are staying in a rented condo on the beach until her dad buys a house. According to Logan she is a junior and has a big pit bull named Back Up. She met Logan on the beach when her dog came over and jumped on Logan.

Madison sitting beside Dick says sarcastically, "Maybe she won't be able to make it like the last two times."

Lilly and her posse laugh. Logan looks frustrated but ignores them.

A while later Logan is listening to Dick talk about a new song he likes when he hears Sean say, "Well hello pretty lady."

Casey standing beside Sean asks, "Can I get you a drink?"

Logan hears a familiar voice say, "I'm looking for Logan."

Lilly looks up from her make out session with her new man. She sees a smile light up Logan's face.

He stands and says happily, "You made it."

The 09ers look over at the girl in question. She is a petit girl. She looks to be about five feet tall. She is very slender with a tiny waist and hips. She has long blonde hair with big blue eyes. She is wearing a blue bikini top with jean shorts. She has a flat belly with a diamond belly stud. She looks hot!

She smiles happily when she sees Logan. She walks over to him and jumps into his arms when she gets close. She says with a pout, "I missed you!"

She wraps her legs around Logan and takes his face in her hands and gives him a huge kiss.

Logan easily catches her and wraps his arms around her. When their kiss is over, he leans his forehead to hers. He says, "Did your father finally pick out your new house?"

Veronica groans and says, "Finally."

She wraps her arms around Logan's neck and says a little dramatically, 'I think he dragged me to look at every available house in Neptune."

She looks at her boyfriend obviously happy to be in his arms and adds, "Between Dad buying me my new car and my mother insisting I visit her in LA, I thought I was never going to get to see you again."

Logan smiles at her happy to see her again. He always feels his mood lighten when he is with her. She is so full of life and fun to be around.

She adds in a disgruntled tone, "Mom had a charity function tonight or I would still be stuck in LA."

She pouts charmingly, "I missed getting attention from my man."

Logan responds to her pouty manner and leans in and nuzzles her cheek. He kisses her briefly and says quietly, "I missed you too."

The 09ers watch the interaction between Logan and his new girlfriend with interest.

Logan pulls back still holding her and asks, "What kind of car did your dad buy you?"

Bouncing excitedly in his arms she says, "I got a pink Xterra. Wait until I take you for a ride in her."

Logan looks horrified and the 09ers look on in shock.

Veronica starts to laugh and Logan soon realizes she is teasing him. He gently slaps her bottom and says, "That's not funny."

"The look on your face," and she breaks out into fresh giggles.

Logan obviously amused hugs her and then leans back and asks, "What did you really get?"

"An Escalade. She's beautiful!" Veronica sighs happily.

Logan asks a little worried, "It's not pink, is it?"

Veronica giggles and kisses Logan saying, "Forrest green."

Logan pretends to sigh in relief. He sets Veronica down and tells her he is going to introduce her to everyone. He takes Veronica's hand and starts introducing her to his 09er friends. When he gets to Lilly he says, "Lilly Kane and her boyfriend Charles Brown."

Veronica surprising everyone starts to giggle. They had expected an uncomfortable confrontation between Logan's ex girlfriend and his current one. She looks at Charles and asks, "Is your name really Charlie Brown?"

Logan smiles enjoying her teasing manner. He had been jealous and upset when he was introduced to Lilly's latest man and had not really paid attention to his name. Now thanks to Veronica he sees the humor in it.

Lilly frowns. It is obvious that Lilly's name meant nothing to Logan's interim girl.

Veronica listens as Charles tells her his name is actually a family name and he prefers to be called Charles.

Lilly interrupts a little triumphantly, "Logan didn't tell you who I am?"

Veronica notices the group gets tense at Lilly's confrontational tone. She looks at Lilly and deescalates the situation by commenting easily, "Not really; just that you're his ex."

She looks conspiratorially at Lilly and adds, "We'll have to compare notes sometime."

Turning her attention back to Logan, Veronica misses the angry look that crosses Lilly's face. Lilly is not used to being dismissed as unimportant and does not like Veronica's possessive manner with Logan.

In the meantime Veronica tilts her head at her boyfriend and teases, "I'm glad my exes are all in LA and you will probably never meet them."

Logan smirks at Veronica and pulls her away from Lilly to meet some other 09ers. He looks down at her smiling face and laughs, "Now I am curious about what I'd find out."

Veronica smiles back and leans into Logan. She flirts, "I could tell you but I'd have to kill you."

Logan can't help but be entertained by her. He responds easily to her touch and hugs her back.

The 09ers listen to the ease of Logan's and Veronica's conversation and take in how she is comfortable with teasing him. They can see that Logan has spent a lot of time with her and this couple has quickly become used to each other. She is a huge flirt and used to keeping his attention. It's also obvious she knows who Lilly is but is not concerned about her.

Logan wraps his arm around her tiny waist possessively as he steers her towards Madison, Dick, Susan, Kim, Luke, Duncan and Meg. He introduces her. Veronica stays in Logan's embrace and quietly greets all the 09ers.

Luke asks Veronica where she moved and she gets a little excited and tells them it right on the ocean so she can walk her dog.

Lilly smirks and joins in the conversation from where she is sitting, "You live by Dog Beach?"

Veronica frowns a little and says, "No, it's not far from Logan's. It's called Sun something Road."

Dick sitting next to Madison asks, "Sun Quest Road?"

Veronica beams at him and says, "That's it!"

Logan smirks at the look on Lilly's face. Cassidy says, "You are Lilly and Duncan's neighbor."

Veronica remembering who Duncan is turns to him and exclaims, "That's great! We'll have to have you over for supper one night. My dad is a gourmet chef."

Lilly not happy to be left out of the conversation, laughs and says belittlingly, "Oh, your father is the cook?"

Veronica looks taken aback at Lilly's bitchy manner. She answers easily though, "It is more of a hobby."

She looks up at Logan and says, "Logan loves his Chicken Marcella."

Logan nods in agreement and says, "It was fucking awesome."

The group listens in surprise that Logan has already met Veronica's father and has been to supper.

Madison says superiorly, "What does your father do beside cook?"

Veronica turns her attention to the taller blonde and answers easily, "He runs a security firm."

Duncan listening asks, "Mars Security?"

Veronica nods at Duncan and says, "My dad and uncle own it together."

Duncan whistles and says, "It is one of the largest in America."

Veronica now bored with the conversation turns to Logan and pouts, "You are the worst boyfriend ever. I've been at this party fifteen minutes and I still don't have a drink."

The 09ers can see she is not concerned about her father's money or status.

Logan pulls her flush against him and says a little suggestively, "What can I do to make it up to you?"

Veronica tilts her head up at him and says, "Hmmm, I'll think of something."

Logan smirks down at her. He leans down and says something quietly in her ear.

Veronica giggles and leans up to kiss him. Logan lingers over the kiss a few seconds and then walks her to the keg. He gets them both a drink having left his where he was sitting when Veronica arrived. His attention is on Veronica and he doesn't even look over at Lilly.

Lilly is put out at the comfortable and close relationship between Logan and this new Veronica. Part of her enjoyment of making out with her new man is that it really bothers Logan. Right now Logan seems busy with his new girlfriend and is not noticing her.

Logan sits down near Duncan and Meg and pulls Veronica to sit between his legs. Veronica happily relaxes her bare back into Logan's bare chest. The 09ers watch as they quietly talk with Duncan and Meg. Logan slowly caresses her bare abdomen.

Lilly from across the fire recognizes Logan's touches and can see that he and this Veronica are lovers.

Logan holding Veronica is happy she was able to come and it shows. Surprisingly he has missed her. Of course he missed touching her. She is so responsive to his touch and so willing to please him as well. But he has found it is more than just physical. He has missed talking to her. She is smart and well read. He finds her really interesting to talk to. He also likes that she is not looking for problems. She is just a lot of fun.

Logan likes that she doesn't need or want to be the center of attention. Logan watches as Veronica fits in with the 09ers. He listens as she asks the 09ers they are sitting with questions about their families, their interests and their lives.

Logan knows that the 09ers think he will dump her when Lilly wants him back but they can also see she is an 09er in her own right. She will remain part of the group when he goes back to Lilly.

Meg asks Veronica when she is going to start school. She tells them she is starting on Monday. She bats her eyes obviously at Logan, "I'll be able to see my handsome, sexy boyfriend during the day."

Logan responds by nuzzling her neck. The group notices how Veronica automatically turns her head to give him more access.

Meg inwardly smiles at how easily Veronica keeps Logan's attention. None of his other girlfriends has been so good at taking his attention from Lilly. She wonders if this Veronica is going to change the dynamics of the group. She is obviously a powerful girl in her own right and now she is dating Logan.

The group smiles when she starts telling them how she met Logan. She describes how she let her puppy off the leash and was throwing the ball for him to chase. "Before I knew it he went running over and jumped on Logan."

She waves her arms as she describes how Back Up knocked Logan down and she was worried he was injured.

When Logan is teased about being knocked down by a puppy, he dryly tells them Back Up is a pit bull puppy.

Veronica coos, "Back Up is so adorable. He just hasn't been trained yet."

Veronica tells them how her father trains the dogs the firm uses in security and how her father is training her puppy to protect her.

Casey makes everyone laugh by telling her that he didn't protect her from Logan. The group starts commenting on how her father would want her away from Logan.

Veronica laughs at their comments and says, "I guess he is more of a matchmaker than a protector right now."

She looks up at Logan and adds, "If Back Up likes Logan then I know he's pretty special."

The group looks at Veronica and sees she is serious.

Logan responds to her statement by kissing and hugging her.

Veronica asks everyone about the school and what activities they joined. She is a good listener blessed with a good memory. Logan sits content to hold her.

The talk goes to a sold out concert in LA next week and Cassidy laments about how he wasn't able to get tickets. Logan tells them he and Veronica are going. Apparently Veronica's dad is handling security for the concert so got her ten tickets with back stage passes. Veronica asked four of her friends from LA and gave the other four tickets to Logan. They all stare at her in amazement. It is the concert of the year and tickets were hard to come by.

Meg is excited as Logan already asked her and Duncan to go. He also gave two tickets to Dick. Madison looks over at her boyfriend upset he didn't mention to her that he had the tickets.

Veronica is not really paying attention. She has discovered that Luke is on the baseball team. She is talking quietly to Luke about baseball and how her father loves the Padres.

Luke tells her his favorite team is the Angels but he doesn't go to many games because he spends so much time practicing for the team.

Veronica confides how her dad always drags her to the games. She is complaining that her dad makes her wear this jersey that has a signature on it.

They all listen as Luke asks her what number her shirt is and when Veronica tells him, he asks, "Do you know how rare that shirt is? They retired his number."

Veronica pouts and says, "It's huge on me."

Incredulous Luke questions, "It's his actual jersey?"

Veronica obviously not understanding Luke's tone continues, "They should have got one my size and he could sign that."

Luke trying to be patient explains, "It's an authentic jersey Veronica."

Veronica looks lost and Luke looks at Logan in frustration that she would have this rare jersey and not understand. The two boys exchange a look and Luke's face clearly shows his feelings that Veronica doesn't deserve the jersey.

Logan smiles and hugs Veronica. She looks at Logan and says, "I don't really get baseball. I think my dad wishes he had a boy instead of me."

Logan laughs and says, "No way. You are his little princess. He totally dotes on you."

He looks over at Luke and says, "She has him totally wrapped."

Veronica says, "You should come over and meet my Dad Luke. I think you would like him."

Luke tells her he would love to meet her dad. Veronica laughs and says, "As long as he doesn't think we are dating, you will be fine. I'm pretty sure he had Logan checked out and has a bug on his car by now."

They all look at Logan and he says, "Mr. Mars is the scariest father I have ever met." They all laugh when he says, "He carries a gun and told me he can hide my body where no one will ever find it if I hurt his little girl."

Veronica laughs but Logan says, "I don't think he was kidding."

Veronica changes the subject by asking Meg what extracurricular activities she participates in. She listens as Meg tells her she is a cheerleader and is on the student council with Duncan.

Veronica asks Duncan about being President Elect and what other activities he is involved in. They spend a few minutes talking about different teachers and telling Veronica funny stories about what happened in class or at the school.

Lilly listens unimpressed as Veronica quizzes the girls on where to shop and Meg invites Veronica to the mall.

After a little while Veronica looks back at Logan and says, "You should show me what kind of moves you have on the dance floor."

Logan easily laughs and says, "Let's see if you can keep up."

Veronica tilts her head and says, "Oh it's on."

Logan stands and easily pulls her up to stand. As the walk over to where the music is louder the group hears Veronica say, "There should be a reward for the best dancer."

They don't hear Logan's comment back but since he pulls Veronica closer and leans down to talk in her ear, most of them guess what the reward will be.

The group knows Logan loves to dance and they watch as Veronica dances with him. She is a good dancer and can really move to the music. It is obvious that she likes to party and likes to have a good time.

The 09ers can see that Lilly is upset. She did not think this Veronica existed and she had not counted on her being so hot and fun. It is really obvious that Logan is enjoying dating her and that they get along very well. She makes him laugh and right now it is pretty clear that he is not thinking about Lilly. In fact the guys are talking about how tiny her hips are and how tight she would be.

The music slowed and Logan pulled Veronica in close. There appears to be some emotion between them. They are touching and talking quietly as they dance. Logan's full attention is on Veronica.

When they get back to the group Veronica immediately tells the group that Logan won't admit she was the best dancer. The guys tease Logan that they are voting for Veronica. She laughs and then gently punches his arm when he teases her that he will win even when he loses.

When a game of Frisbee football starts, Veronica surprises everyone by wanting to join in. Logan easily helps her up and says, "I won't be able to concentrate if I have to guard you."

Veronica laughs at him over her shoulder as she walks towards the game and says, "Maybe you can watch my victory dance when I run to the end zone." The guys all hoot and holler at her challenge to Logan.

As the games goes on it is apparent that the guys are really impressed with her. She doesn't get upset if she is accidentally knocked down and she is athletic and competitive. She catches a pass in front of Logan and quickly dodges around him but is tagged by Luke. She taunts her boyfriend and the group laughs at her in your face manner. It is obvious that Logan is truly amused and is having fun with her.

Near the end of the game she tags Derek before he can make a touch down and her team runs over to congratulate her. She has her hair back in a messy pony tail and her face is red from running but she looks beautiful. The 09er guys aren't used to a girl who is so much fun.

At the end of the game she jumps on Logan's back and he easily lifts her up to carry her back to the keg. She gets a beer with the guys and laughs at their teasing of each other. Veronica's team won and she is not shy about teasing the 09er guys on the losing team.

The guys talk about playing poker at Logan's house the following Saturday. Veronica interested in the conversations asks if anyone can play. The guys look at her in surprise and Dick tells her it for money. She doesn't seem put out about the thousand dollar buy in but does suggest a running tournament. She tells them about how her school handled the tournament and how names were drawn and they played for four consecutive weeks until there was a winner.

The guys all look at her in surprise. She further explains that each week someone different can host it. If six players play per week and only the top two advance then on the fourth week they can have a winner take all final. She comments that it could be a winner takes all type tournament adding, "The pot will be worthwhile."

There is silence after her comments and then Frank looks at Veronica and says, "Are you sure you want to date this loser?"

The guys all laugh at his comment as they are all totally impressed by her. She is hot, likes to party, obviously will put out if she keeps Logan happy, is athletic and plays poker. She is not a typical 09er girl that is for sure.

Veronica laughs easily at Frank's teasing. She snuggles back into Logan's side and looks up at him stating, "I'm pretty satisfied with my choice."

Logan smirks at her stating, "Of course you are." He silences her complaint at his ego by thoroughly kissing her.

As it gets dark, couples drift away to have some privacy together. Lilly is open and loud about taking her boyfriend away for some private time. Veronica notices she looks at Logan as she says it. Veronica partially turns and cuddles into Logan. She says, "There must be more to Lilly than she is showing tonight."

Frowning Logan looks at his girlfriend and asks, "What do you mean?"

Veronica leans in and says very quietly, "Well she is being possessive of you even though she fooled around on you and broke up with you. Now she is trying to make you feel bad by publicly rubbing your nose in her new relationship."

Logan is shocked at Veronica's statement. At a loss as to what to say he finally just tells Veronica that he is used to her by now.

Veronica frowns a little at Logan and says, "I don't understand why she is acting angry you are dating when she broke up with you and has another boyfriend."

Looking at Veronica, Logan is surprised at her observations about Lilly. Veronica seeing Logan's gaze explains, "I guess I just thought there would be more respect or caring in a relationship that lasted three years. I don't like to see her try and hurt you."

Logan feels a pull in his chest at her worry about his feelings. He thinks about what she said about there being more to Lilly and he realizes he hasn't seen the sweet loving side of Lilly that made him fall in love with her in a long time. For the last while, she has been selfish and well a bitch.

Logan pulls Veronica close to him. He puts his hand on her neck and tilts up her face to his. He leans down and kisses her holding her face close and deepening the kiss when she opens her lips in response. Logan slides his hand down her neck to her shoulder and then down to her waist when she raises her arms and slides them around his neck.

Lilly watching from across the fire sees their discussion and then Logan's comfort at touching her. She is pissed that Logan is dating Veronica. He normally finds some bimbo to date while she is out having fun but this Veronica is not a bimbo. She is an 09er and her dating Logan will cement her acceptance in the crowd. She is someone that could keep Logan's attention and that is not acceptable. Logan is hers and she needs him to be there when she wants him.

As Lilly watches the kiss between Logan and Veronica gets passionate. He is the best kisser. She sees him kissing down to Veronica's neck and it is patently obvious that she is enjoying his attention. After a few minutes, she sees Logan stand and pull Veronica to stand up beside him. They say their goodbyes and they walk off together towards the parking lot. It is clear that they are going to be alone together.

Lilly heard that Logan's parents are out on location so he has been alone there.

Lilly looks at Logan leaving and smirks as she thinks of how she can get Logan back. She is very confident that she can make him forget this Veronica. After all he loves her and she is Lilly Kane.