Itachi seemed to be in a bad mood as he sat on the pier. Sasuke walked up to him.

"Hey, Big Brother, what's the matter?"

Itachi's frown deepened. "Hey... You know Tobi, right?"


"Well... Never play poker with him. He has a perfect poker face."

There is a moment of silence, as both brothers stare into the water.

"Um, Itachi?" Sasuke finally said.


"Why were you playing poker with Tobi?"

More silence.

Then, it hit Sasuke. "Wait... Doesn't Tobi wear a mask?"

Itachi shrugged. "That was the point, really... Getting him to take it off."

Sasuke looks shocked. "It was strip poker?"

Itachi looks down. "Um... Well, yeah..."

Sasuke face-palms. "And you called me foolish before."

Itachi grins. "It was worth a shot."