This affair is wearing me out.


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affair = a romantic and sexual relationship, especially a secret one, between two people who are not married to each other

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Warning: Coarse language and sexual situations.


His brain didn't feel even a bit clogged yet and he'd already drunk enough to be convinced that he would have already become a speechless, dizzy lump, had he been a mere teenager. As it was, he didn't have to worry about this kind of things, his hanyou nature aiding his general, practiced resistance to alcohol. He could tell Miroku was shitfaced, though. The bouzu liked his liquor when he had the chance to fuck around and that was an understatement. The two chicks sitting on his lap and the unreserved show of feminine tongues licking various parts of his body said enough about that.

Inuyasha wasn't bored. He hadn't gotten around to dancing yet, but the fitting time would come; he had to at least get a tad hazy first.

It was crazy. The blinding, neon lights that jumped about the club with piercing glints, the sharp smells, all the bodies that kept grinding into each other; they were all just there and so natural to him now. He'd once tried to get the point of clubs in general without hope of ever succeeding, but now he didn't have to. He didn't do clubs often, but when he did, it was just about feeling. Just… an escape.

So many short skirts and tempting cleavages, so many subtle colors that still made his brain feel abused, yet for a fleeting moment one body stood out among the negligible womanly curves. With the flawless, sexy back of a pornographic dirty dancer she gave a new meaning to the word erotic. The way he saw her, she was in the middle of the dance floor, taking over it, easily able to tame those around her with sinuous moves as if she were a puppeteer on the top of the world. The gorgeous woman dropped down slowly to the floor before getting back up in a smooth motion only to provide a mind-blasting sight of herself dipping backwards sensuously with her shoulder blade length hair sweeping the ground superficially, steadied by the strong, male arms of her dance partner. Inuyasha found himself stifling a suspiciously random growl of jealousy that drove his hand to reach toward the Smirnoff Vodka shot. Narrowing his eyes, he downed it in a short gulp before setting it back on the counter noisily.

Deciding he wasn't going to waste an entire night on a broad that was taken – especially now that he knew how bad it was to cling to one person, what with her memory still fresh in mind – Inuyasha pushed the newly filled shot away, scrunching his nose. He was surprised to feel a shaky arm grip his shoulder. Looking to the side he was slapped in the face by the heady smell of booze as Miroku leaned a few inches from his face, looking quite serious.

"Shit, get off, man!" Inuyasha warned, pushing the drunk away.

Predictably, the lecher started laughing wildly, though still unsteady on his feet.

"Fuck, man, this place is fucking perfect for a cumshot, I'm telling ya. Wanna see? I can get them two bitches to fuck me right here, right now. Come on, Yash! Tell your man, wanna see?"

Amused by the familiar behavior of his intoxicated friend, Inuyasha decided to dare him to do it.

"Yeah, I wanna see," he challenged.

Raising his brows, Miroku looked surprised. "Really? Ya wanna see?"

"It's what I said. Show me."

"Yeah man, I'll show you!" Miroku declared, sounding very determined.

"Then show me. Fuck 'em."

"Yeah, I'll fuck 'em all right."

"Right on the dance floor," Inuyasha added, almost unable to hold back the laughter that was bubbling inside his chest.

"Yeah! There! Wherever they want, man. No, wherever you want! They don't matter, they're just pussies."

"Yeah, that's right," Inuyasha conceded, having lots of fun with only watching the distinct expressions Miroku's face assumed.

"I'll go ask 'em," he said finally, taking off to find the girls he'd made out with until then.

Inuyasha snickered to himself, assured that there was no way the girls would accept such a proposition. He furrowed his brows in mild concentration as his eyes roamed around in search of a willing dance partner. The corners of his mouth lifted in a display of playful approval when he spotted the hot redhead sitting alone near the dance floor. Conspicuously, he caught her gaze and held it for a few moments before looking around to check for male competition. Upon finding none, he smirked cockily, advancing with steady steps. He'd scored for tonight.


Kagome was having a blast. It wasn't often that she had the chance to let herself go like that, but when she did she sure as hell made the best of it. Her career made sure she was always excessively busy, so she barely found the time to indulge trivial things such as having a girls' night out with her favorite girl friend.

Disentangling her body from the eye candy that was her date for the night, she threw a glance over her shoulder, spotting Sango right away. The slightly older and definitely taller woman was sitting on a man's lap, licking every part of him that she could reach. Of course, Kagome wasn't surprised to see another girl on the same man's lap, trying to keep up with Sango's zeal, but it was official: you couldn't beat Sango when she was tipsy. And she'd earned the right to be. Hell, even Kagome herself was tipsy, but just enough so she could feel less inhibited. As soon as she caught her friend engaging in a lip lock with the other woman, though, she guessed Sango was no longer only tipsy, but all the way drunk.

Shrugging carelessly, Kagome dropped to the floor slowly, intentionally teasingly, before pulling herself back up with a sexy arch of her back. A furtive smile played on her lips when she heard Kouga grunt, and she found herself thrilled by his boosted fervor as he bent her back until she could feel her long hair caress the floor. She relished the feel of his tongue stealing a short taste of the skin on her chest before he straightened her with expert ease. The wolf demon, a professional athlete she'd met when he'd come to ask her for nutritional advice, threw her a fiery look that melted her insides. She didn't know if it was the alcohol or if he truly had such a great effect on her, but she was certain he was coming home with her tonight.

Smiling at him in kind, Kagome cupped his cheek and leaned forward, ready to initiate their first kiss. Reality kicked in, though, to show her, once again, how distinctively bitchy it was when Kouga's cell phone went off loudly to ruin the mood. Naturally, he pulled away with an apologetic expression. She kept her smile in place, but lost her composure when she heard his slapdash, "I need to get this. It's my wife."

Her eyes widened and she nodded dumbly, staring at his back as he pushed through the mass of people to get to fresh air and much required silence. Finally realizing her mouth was open – she probably resembled a gaping fish – Kagome clamped it shut, refusing to let her anger and humiliation show. The five inch heels almost got her to stumble a few times, but not even they could prevent her from heading to the bar and ordering a couple of absinthe shots.

She mused about her bad luck with men over the years; it was why she didn't do relationships: first it had been Houjo, her high school sweetheart she had lost her virginity to after a total of four years together. They'd kept their boringly normal relationship going for another two years, until Kagome finally couldn't stand the dull rhythm of their life together anymore and decided to sever the bond conclusively; then there had been Bankotsu – a stud that had unfortunately freaked her out more than anything else, because of his strange fetish of blood. Of course, there had been flings here and there, but they were forgotten now, as Kagome openly thought about how much of a bastard Kouga was. To lead her on like that when he was married… and to say it so casually; the nerve!

Shaking her head to clear her mind of thoughts that would soon sour her mood, Kagome stood up and looked around to spot Sango, who was dancing wildly without awareness of anything else. Eventually, she decided her friend could find her way home by herself. Pursing her lips and grabbing her blazer, she exited the club pensively, hoping to get a lift.


The bitch, Ayame, was truly something else. After she'd slapped him for making lewd – or truthful, as he preferred to call them – comments about her body, she'd thrown countless caustic remarks at him, successfully quenching the fire that had previously taken residence in his loins. She had a mouth to fit her wild temper and it was clear to him now why she was sitting alone when he'd first spotted her. With a crazy bitch like her, who would ever be a happily satisfied man?

Scrunching his nose in disgust, Inuyasha dangled the keys of his car to distract himself as he neared the parking lot. He'd have to leave Miroku without a ride, because he was too damn spent to wait around for the bouzu's sorry ass until after he got some. No way was he going to do that.

He was opening the door to his BMW when he saw a gorgeous, seemingly shaken woman looking around helplessly. Cursing his soft interior, Inuyasha went over to her and asked her if she needed a lift. The woman smiled in gratitude, following him back to his car.

As soon as her short skirt made contact with the customized, beige leather seat, however, he knew they were in serious danger of an accident. After sticking the key into the ignition and twisting it in a subconscious gesture, his hands gripped the wheel until his knuckles went white from restraint. This chick… she was definitely a hot piece of ass. He eyed her lean legs surreptitiously, noting how they went on forever, disappearing into the fashionably long, though also teasingly short skirt that left enough to the imagination for a red-blooded man like him to fantasize about. Her cleavage was divine, as it offered him a glimpse of heavenly shaped breasts, and after so much temptation back inside the club he could barely stand the strain.

The woman must have noticed his glances despite his attempted discretion, seeing as her treacherous heart started to beat wildly inside her chest, a sound he found he particularly enjoyed. She rubbed her legs together to ease the pressure of arousal, but it was in vain; he'd already smelt it. The canine ears atop his head twitched when the woman took a deep breath and exhaled it in the form of a sigh. Inuyasha's brow furrowed at the unexpected sound.

"Something wrong? I'm not gonna kill you, rest assured," he joked, hoping to lighten the mood that had decreased so suddenly.

Kagome gave a weak chuckle before looking out the window musingly, releasing another one of those disturbing sighs instead of answering.

Unable to stop himself, Inuyasha placed his right hand on her bare thigh to get her attention, which he did. Immediately, her head snapped towards him, undoubtedly analyzing his cocky smirk.

"I can cheer you up if you want me to."

A shiver went through her body from head to toes and he felt it quiver under his fingertips on her skin.

"Don't be a pig," she taunted, her sour mood now mysteriously gone.

"I'm not. I'm all dog, babe," he countered, his eyes trained on the road. He didn't notice her own gaze traveling up his form to inspect his fluffy ears, the color of his silver hair.

With a smirk of her own, Kagome decided to play daring. Twisting in her seat so that he was forced to take his hand back, she faced him completely, drawing her knees to her chest and leaning against the window for support. The smirk turned devilish as she took her right platform shoe off and extended her leg to land in his lap, right on his obvious erection.

Inuyasha started and nearly lost control of the car as he was switching lanes to pass a slow truck. His shock was short-lived, though, because pleasure overrode his brain and soon he couldn't focus on anything else but the feel of her bare heel working him up until he would become a brainwashed puppy begging at her feet.

"Shit, woman," he cursed under his breath, his eyes rolling back into his head for a moment. "I'm driving here," he reminded her and gulped dryly when he felt her foot increase the pressure a tad.

"Want me to stop?" she purred seductively, grinning when she heard him groan. A bead of sweat formed on his temple as Inuyasha tried to suppress his bodily reactions to her ministrations. But by the way all the blood went downward to one specific area, clouding his senses, he realized he was going to cum a lot sooner than he would have expected. The need to make a good impression fled speedily; he couldn't care less of what she thought about him getting his rocks off so soon. Closing his eyes briefly, he gritted his teeth as he released his load right into his dark jeans, a deep growl threatening to spill from his throat if he didn't get it together.

Kagome grinned smugly, retracting her foot and tilting her head to the right, studying the gorgeous male specimen panting in front of her as he tried to focus on the road.

"You know," he said, the low quality of his hoarse voice sending shivers up and down her spine, "you're really playing with fire." He locked gazes with her for a second and she wanted to look away. The intensity of his liquid amber stare was compelling and it felt as if he was stripping her soul bare by fantasy alone. Her mind was assaulted by images of two naked bodies pressing fervently against one another, thrashing about in abandon. Kagome pursed her lips momentarily. If he weren't so damn sexy she wouldn't be so wet and ready for him. She could just picture his perfect body doing things to her that she hadn't felt in a long time, but it was all familiar. This burning ache, this silly game. She was tempted to have him drive her home then invite him inside for a wild night of smoldering pleasure, but she was tired of this. Whenever she had some time for herself it was the same thing. She found some amazingly handsome guy who promised her unattainable heights and she fucked him without ever again hearing from him afterwards. It was so pathetic; it made her feel so… lonely. Utterly lonely.

She didn't want that anymore. It was decided; this guy had to wait. Maybe even to work for it. He had to make her want him, make her want to keep him. Yet if she were to be completely honest with herself, she was afraid he would qualify for the position… not only the one between her legs, that is. She broke the brief eye contact to look through the window and gauge their whereabouts before nodding curtly.

"You can drop me off here," she announced, anticipating his confusion.

Slowing down, Inuyasha realized they were next to a park but nowhere near to a residential area, as it seemed.

"Are you sure?" he asked reluctantly, worried she might get mugged or something. "I can drive you all the way to your place." Unable to restrain himself, he grinned at the images that suggestion brought, but Kagome shook her head.

"No, I'm sure. Just stop the car here, please," she asked as sweetly as possible, battling her eyelashes at him in a fashion she knew few guys could resist.

"Okay," he did as told with a great deal of hesitation, eying her suspiciously. So he wasn't going to get any after all? After the incredible orgasm she'd just given him? Somehow, he wanted to pay her in kind, his male ego already bruised, but he ignored it in favor of planning how to ask her for her number of something. He stopped just at the entrance of the park and turned his head to look at her, but by the time he'd opened his mouth she was already out of the car. Blinking dumbly, Inuyasha was torn between scratching his seat out of sheer frustration and running after the damn bitch to drag her back to his car and have his way with her.

His eyes settled on a tiny piece of paper on the beige passenger seat. Picking it up, he noticed the neatly scribbled handwriting and grinned openly.



25 Maple Avenue

He contemplated going to her and fucking her like he wanted, but decided against it. It was obvious it wasn't what she had in mind. Maybe it was his imagination, but she had seemed a bit troubled; he didn't want to push his luck. If she'd given him her number and address it meant she was interested. Well, he was interested, too. With legs for days like hers, he definitely wouldn't mind to have her wrapped around his body in the most intimate way possible. He'd even work for it if he had to. He'd give her a week, tops. Besides, things weren't very crowded at work for the time being, so he could certainly spare some time.

But first he had to show her that he, too, was interested. It didn't take long to reach his own apartment that mirrored his 'cool bachelor' personality to the last detail; only about ten-fifteen minutes. As soon as he got in, he called her. Taking a deep breath, he waited until she answered.


Kagome didn't know whether to sigh or smile. The night had been so complex, so she didn't know what to do with herself. She asked herself what her mother would advise her, but she couldn't even remember the wonderful pieces of advice the woman would always given her. It seemed so long since she'd passed away, even if it was only three years. Her whole family had crumbled then. Her father had found a replacement in alcohol, her brother Souta had become a rebellious misfit and left home… she was sure she wouldn't recognize him if he ever passed her by on the street.

But no one knew. She hadn't told anyone about her troubles; besides, what would the others say about her inability in saving her own family? No, telling anyone was out of the question. That was exactly why the holidays supposedly spent with her family found her roaming the streets of a nameless city or another, either in the arms of some stranger or by herself, inhaling fresh air.

It was so sad that she felt like crying, but her still limited life experience taught her to always be strong. She'd donned a stony, professional exterior that had gotten her far in her job. People respected her for her clever findings and innovations, her witty comebacks and the fact that she had balls, unlike most from her profession. It wasn't easy to be a renowned nutritionist. And now, after the exposé of a supposedly organic farm that had lied about their products she received even more praise and admiration.

If people knew that Higurashi Kagome was a wreck that would cry 24/7 if given the chance, they would surely change their minds about her. Their trust in her ability to save lives would wane. She wasn't only one to always know the right kind of nutritional advice to give, like any acclaimed nutritionist, but she was also unafraid to reveal gruesome facts and thus quarrel with a lot of influential people. Not many nutritionists could say they had the guts to point fingers like she did. Kagome was forever unflustered by the cruel remarks newspapers and magazines paid by the people she exposed wrote about her. She was one to do whatever she could in order to help people.

She wanted to help, that was all.

In no time at all she'd walked through the park, fearless even if it was at night, and just crossed a couple of streets before reaching her cozy, bright loft. She turned on the lights and smiled at the femininely decorated place she called home. Sighing once more, she collapsed on the smooth sofa without having even removed her heels. Her peripheral vision showed her a couple of dried leaves next to the door, undoubtedly having stuck to her platformed heels.

It was autumn that made her so sad. It had been October when her mother had died and now it felt as if she was reviving it. The ache, the inability to deal with the grief sensibly. So many failures: her family, now Kouga. Her love life was nonexistent and even though she sometimes longed for a man to keep her on her toes, she was aware of the fact that it wouldn't work out. She was too scared… of relationships in general. Her relationship with her mother had been exterminated upon her sudden death, her bond with her brother and father had dissolved as a result, her previous relationships with men had proved terrible, and now Kouga... She'd really taken a liking to him; he was smart, athletic, a great speaker. How come he'd never mentioned he was married? How come no one talked about it in the press? She'd followed tabloids about him, but no one had ever brought that up.

Her musings were rudely interrupted when her cell phone beeped noisily and she dove inside her clutch bag to find it.


"Hi there, stranger," a positively potent male voice greeted. Kagome sat immediately straight, her attention focused on the receiver.

"Who is this?" she asked in a silky voice that sent delicate shivers through the man without her knowing.

"I've barely dropped you off and you've already forgotten me?" he teased, ignorant of the flip-flops invisible butterflies were doing inside her belly. "That's not polite, you know."

"Oh, h-hi," she said, stammering over words. She hadn't expected him to call back – well, she had expected him to call back, but not so soon. It had been a last-minute decision for her to quickly write down her number and address and leave it on the passenger seat before taking off. "Thank you for that, by the way. I forgot to tell you back in the car."

"Yeah, when you just fled," he commented casually, though there was an edge to his voice that made her smirk in amusement.

"What? Disappointed?" she goaded, remembering how she'd worked him up until she'd made him cum in his jeans like a teenage schoolboy. Surely he'd expected them to go all the way by the end of the night.

"You bet," he replied as the smug smile that could be distinguished in his voice did things to her that she wasn't expecting.

"Mm," she mused. "Maybe I should have stayed some more."

"Maybe," he agreed.

"You know," she realized, "I don't even know your name."

At that he laughed, the rich quality of the sound filling her with indescribable feelings. She found herself wanting to hear him laugh some more. "I think it's a fair trade," he declared.

"Well, I think it's not," she complained. "I mean, you know my name and my number and my address, and the only thing I know about you is that you have dog ears and that you growl…" She let her words linger for a while and heard a deep vibration no doubt coming from him. Her charms had worked and she really thought there was hope he'd cave in and tell her his name.

"And we'll leave it at that, babe. Until I get to see more of you, that's all you're going to know about me. Besides, you know my number, too, now," he pointed out smartly.

"Yes, I do. Well, if you're not going to tell me your name, then that gives me the right to find you a suitable nickname," she suggested devilishly, relishing his sharp intake of air.

"Whatever," he said gruffly, already anticipating the outrage.

"Dogboy," she offered lightly, ignoring his outspoken disagreement in favor of repeating the pet name a few times, as if to taste it on her tongue.

"Geez, you're such a bitch," he said, though his tone didn't make it sound offensive in the least. It made it sound rather affectionate if she thought about it.

"I know, dogboy. And they love me for it."

"I bet they do."

Kagome's face lit up in a smile as she listened to him breathe steadily through the receiver while she finally removed the painful platforms to wear a pair of comfortable, fluffy slippers. Next she threw the blazer on a nearby black chair, intent on undressing from the sweaty outfit. Without even worrying it was inappropriate, she breathed in the phone seductively.

"You know, I'm undressing right now."

"Really?" He sounded absolutely interested. She pictured his canine ears springing to attention on the top of his head the way they'd done back in his car when she'd turned in her seat.

"Really. I'm getting to my bra right now," she explained as she fumbled with the clasp at her back.

"Yeah?" he asked, his voice a few levels deeper.

"Yeah," she confirmed, speaking slowly and enticingly. "Actually, it's one of those tight bras so I really want to get out of it, but it's hard to unclasp it. I wish someone could do it for me right now."

"Uh-huh," was the only thing he could trust himself to utter, since his mind was too preoccupied with the visuals she provided him and the feel of his own hand pumping his engorged shaft.

"Oh, I got it. There, sooo much better," she commented, turning around and looking at her topless self in the large floor mirror and imagining the half demon's hands roaming her body from behind.

"Fuck, vixen. You're gonna break me apart," he confessed huskily as the pressure in his groin increased. He was going to cum a second time in the same night because of the same woman he hadn't even fucked. How pathetic was that?

Her giggle wasn't unexpected and the melodious sound it supplied increased his excitement, making him climax right on the spot.

"Shit," he groaned, lost in his bliss, ignorant to her pride in having successfully made him cum twice without a lot of effort.

Her smugness was cut short, however, when her front door opened to the wall, making her dive for cover.

"What was that?" Inuyasha asked, having heard the noise. Desperate crying emerged next.

Kagome realized she was crouching behind her sofa, quite topless and quite confused about why Sango was crying her eyes out and wobbling on her legs. Well, the wobbling part was quite obvious, but the crying was a mystery.

"Sorry," she said apologetically, picking up the blazer from the chair and putting it on in lack of something else. "I got to go. My best friend came by and she's thrashed."

"Oh," Inuyasha said. "Right. Then go ahead and take care of her."

"I will," she said sweetly. "Good night."

"The same," he answered before hanging up.

The moment Kagome set the phone on the sofa Sango broke down in angry sobs.

"He fucking fucked me!" she yelled. "And I fucking let him!"

Kagome's eyes widened, knowing Sango had been a virgin prior to this night. And to lose her virginity while wasted wasn't a nice thing.

"On the dance floor!" the dizzy woman added and Kagome nearly tripped on her feet from the shock.

"On the w-what?"

Frowning, she realized Sango had curled on the floor, crying and crying, unable to respond. Releasing a sigh, Kagome went to the girl to soothe her frail nerves, removing her sticky bangs from her eyes and patting her back comfortingly. The only time she left her alone was when she went to get a glass of water and bring it to her.

Twenty minutes or so passed until Sango finally quieted. There were the occasional sobs, but Kagome was glad the worst had passed. Actually, no, she realized; the worst would come in the morning, when the hangover would strike and the realization of what had happened would settle. That would be the worst. Maybe if Sango would show no signs of remembering, Kagome could hide it from her. She shook her head; no, Sango deserved better. Thoughts about protection entered her mind, but she wasn't going to discuss it with her friend in order to avoid worrying her – better to just wait and see what happened.

"Are you feeling better?" she asked cautiously.

"No," Sango answered curtly, her tone hostile, before relenting and sighing deeply. "I'm fucking dizzy."

"How did you get here?"

"I don't know," the woman answered honestly. She only remembered bits and pieces after the fit she'd thrown at the club. The worst part? She'd been kicked out for being hysterical and making a scene.

"Okay. Let me get you to the bed, I'll sleep on the sofa tonight."

Sango didn't say anything; she just let herself dragged.


Inuyasha was completely mystified. That woman… she was gold in its purest form. He had to have her, he decided, as his inner demon was screaming at him and scraping around from the inside, struggling to come out and teach that bitch a lesson about who was dominant. He could feel his vision flash red a couple times, a sign that had never proved positive. He didn't have time to ponder on the meaning of his demonic self claiming power, however, because he heard loud knocking on his front door. Puzzled, he went to open it, recognizing Miroku's scent long before he saw him.

The man looked as smashed as could be and red all over.

"What happened, man? Banged those chicks on the dance floor?" he taunted.

"Nah," Miroku answered, inviting himself in and making himself comfortable on a cozy couch. "Just one of them."

Inuyasha lifted an eyebrow. "You're being serious?"

"Yeah, man. But she went ballistic on me afterwards. Like I'd… like, forced her or something. Crazy bitch." He closed his eyes as if to remember. "But ya know, the other chick wasn't so bad. I did her in the parking lot just before coming here. She was the one who dropped me off. Some blonde, I'm telling ya."

"Wait, you really are serious?" Inuyasha asked again for confirmation, looking for signs of lies.

"Yeah, man. Didn't ya listen?"

"Christ," Inuyasha muttered, impressed. Well, the guy had guts, he'd give him that.

"Got thrown out, the bitch; I'm telling ya," the lecher muttered just before dozing off.


Morning came quicker than expected and Sango felt it in her bones. A few curses flew from her daring mouth as the bright light invaded the room and pierced her brain with an imaginary sharp blade. Why the hell did Kagome have to forgo blinds? She scrunched her nose when she realized she'd drooled on the pillow; how disgusting. And what was even more disgusting was the lingering reek of alcohol that made her want to throw up. Rushing to the toilet she did just that, feeling her stomach already a bit more settled.

Naturally, the memory of the previous night came crashing into her mind, making her clench her fists and grit her teeth in sheer frustration. She'd lost her prized virginity to a repulsive drunk that had fucked her right on the dance floor, and she'd enjoyed it, too. What the hell was wrong with her? When had her principles vanished?

But no matter, she told herself as she rinsed her mouth. She'd go on as if nothing had happened. Yeah, that's what she'd do.


But damn!

She didn't want Kagome to ever bring it up. She didn't want anyone finding out. She knew that Kagome's image had to be clean, seeing as she was currently in a juridical battle with an organic farm that was also one of the largest organic food producers, called BioFoodz, which meant everyone close to her should manifest decent behavior. Sango was her best friend, so she was supposed to stay out of scandals in order to avoid gossip. Though the lawsuit had nothing to do with her, Sango didn't want Kagome to look bad because of her. What would it sound like? 'Higurashi Kagome's best friend has intercourse in clubs and manifests violent behavior in public. With such acquaintances, is Higurashi herself to be trusted, after all?'

Damn BioFoodz, who had sued Kagome for discrediting them in front of their buyers. In reality, Kagome had merely informed the buyers about the farm's failure to make public that their products weren't 100% organic. She'd even found some peculiarities about the methods they used in producing their goods.

"Kagome?" she called out, testing if her friend was already awake.

"Come down, Sango. I'm making coffee."


As soon as she spotted her, Sango felt the slight, slight envy crawl up her arms, but pushed it away. She'd always felt inferior to Kagome. The nutritionist had everything she wanted: a great job, a reputation, this amazing home, a dream family. She was never alone; she always had a hunk crawling at her feet, like the one from the previous night, whereas she had to work hard for it. Sango had to push her way through the crowds, struggling to become an appreciated lawyer. How was that fair?

"How do you feel?" Kagome asked gently, unsure of how to broach the subject of what had happened the night before.

"Shitty, but better since I slept on a comfortable bed. Thanks for that."

"Hey, don't mention it."

A few seconds of silence stretched between them until Sango decided to be blunt.

"You know, I don't want to talk about it. It's best if I forget it, all right? Please don't ask me anything." She could tell Kagome wanted to. The woman nodded in agreement, silently promising her she won't say a word.

"How about you?" Sango asked with a forced grin. "How was that gorgeous beast from last night?"

"Married," Kagome answered briskly and Sango's smile dropped. That was… awkward. Kagome coughed subtly and they both decided to change any subject regarding love and men.

"So… how are things going with BioFoodz?" Sango asked casually, stirring the coffee with a stylish teaspoon. Even the spoon was perfect.

"Well… I don't really know. Initially I went about things calmly, just informing the public about the farm, but then these guys turned really aggressive. I heard there's this guy, their spokesman, head of PR, who is really intent on ending me."

"Oh, do you mean that Takahashi hunk?" Sango asked, quite intrigued. She'd seen him on television; a handsome beast he was, but essentially cruel.

Kagome sighed and stood up to slice a lemon and bring it to the table. The fresh, citric smell made her smile and her mouth water.

"Honestly, I have no idea. I guess I haven't paid much attention to what goes on in the media. Haven't had the time," she lied, but Sango immediately caught on.

"Oh, knowing you, you probably turned off the TV the moment you saw the news and threw every single newspaper about it before reading," she teased.

"Got me," Kagome smiled, biting into a lemon pulp.

"Eww, I don't know how you can eat that thing. It's so sour!" Sango complained, scrunching her nose and pursing her lips. Even the sight of it made her shudder.

"It's delicious," Kagome said, taking a sip of her green tea, "and healthy."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Spare me right now. The last thing on my mind is my health," Sango grouched, drinking the rest of the coffee in one big gulp.

Kagome threw her an apologetic look before finishing her tea and lemons. She then stood up and stretched like a sensual cat, the nightshirt trailing up to show a perfect abdomen.

"You don't mind if I go do my yoga routine, do you?" Kagome asked, a smile on her face as she looked for her yoga mat.

"Do I ever?" Sango asked sarcastically, wondering why Kagome always had to ask.


Inuyasha breathed regularly through his nose. His mind was filled with nothing else but the sound of nature as he ran along the edge of a currently empty road. It was the simplicity of such mornings that he always looked forward to, because it filled him with positive energy, pumping blood into his veins and making him think clearly. Right now, he couldn't care less about his war with that lying, most likely ugly ass bitch, Higurashi, nor was he interested in how bad of a hangover his friend had. Right now it was the perfect time to simply run and forget everything. His could feel his muscles stretching, working, his heart beating faster and faster, though still keeping him calm. The perfect combination.

The houses he passed by, they were silent and demure-looking. It was to be expected, he mused; after all, it was six thirty in the morning and quite chilly, too, but his hanyou nature allowed him to run freely and sweat like a pig without fear of catching a cold.

His mind brought him back to the vixen from the night before. Only after a second shower had his desire finally been quenched; that was how much she'd unknowingly affected him. It had been a long time since he'd allowed someone to get so deeply under his skin, even if it was only from a sexual point of view. He'd always resorted to just fucking and turning his back on the chicks that fulfilled his needs. Quite nasty of him, he knew. But this girl? She spiked his interest. She made him think of dirty things. Maybe it was because he hadn't fucked her yet. Yeah.

Maybe what he had to do was to get into her pants and then the ache would go away.

Today he'd have to deal with his bastard of a brother, Sesshomaru, and explain why he hadn't been able to sink that Higurashi chick yet. There was no way the thickheaded bastard would understand that the bitch had quite the reputation and therefore people trusted her words.

Inuyasha could hardly comprehend how a person – a nutritionist no less – could say such lies about a huge organic farm. It was inconceivable. As far as his knowledge went, they were the biggest seller of eco eggs on the market and they even produced various cereals through reliable methods that didn't pollute and kept the goods as healthy as possible. True, they were involved in many areas of production and that might make a lot of people suspicious, but they had always handled it with the best of care. Now to have a bitch come and tell the media that they were a bunch of liars who stamped fake labels on their products made him want to break something.

A neck or two, maybe.

But for now he'd have to face Sesshomaru's ire and his endless lectures about how he wasn't fit to be their spokesman, how he was stupid for taking pity on a half breed, as he liked to call him, and how he should have his ass fired.

The usual.

Another half an hour went by until he finally decided he was ready to go back home and take a shower. He felt invigorated already. And starving. He couldn't wait to boil one of those healthy and tasty eggs they produced. Higurashi could just go to hell – there was nothing wrong with his eggs.



Kagome exhaled and stepped back into plank position, keeping it and inhaling deeply, letting her muscles relax. The routine went smoothly with nothing on her mind other than the sounds of a few birds still chirping outside her window. After finishing, she repeated the last sequence on her other leg, enjoying the recreation these exercises brought her. She'd always loved yoga, but now she didn't have that much time to attend classes with a yogi that could teach her so much, not only about yoga poses, but also about life in general.

After her routine was over, she took a quick shower and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She joined Sango at the table, exactly where she'd left her.

"Honey, are you sure you're okay?" she said, placing her hand atop Sango's on the sheer surface.

"Yeah, I am. I have to go home and get dressed for work, but I don't feel like it."

Kagome knew Sango couldn't exactly call in sick, so she gave her an empathetic smile, cheering her to get going.

"Besides, I have to go to work, too," she reminded her.

"Oh, yeah," Sango mumbled and sighed before getting up and gathering her heels. "Can you call me a cab?"

"Sure," Kagome said, going to get her phone. Right after she gave the order, Sango left the loft barefoot, with her heels in her left hand and her jacket hung over a shoulder, looking the epitome of dejected. But even though this threatened to consume Kagome with her own sadness, she shook it off and prepared herself for another day. Today she was intent on doing a bit more research on a type of rye bread she had her suspicions about.

The phone interrupted her thoughts and she looked at the caller ID.

'sexy dog'

Breath hitched in her throat, Kagome answered breathlessly, "Morning."

"Morning," the now familiar, guttural voice answered. "Watcha doing?"

"Getting ready for work," she replied. "You?"

"The same."

"Oh," she mumbled, trying to find a particular skirt she liked. "What do you do for a living?" she found herself asking.

"I work in PR. How about you?"

"Research," she answered, adding in her mind, 'of some kind.'

"Oh, I would never have pictured you as a researcher," he commented, surprise evident in his tone.

"Well, life's full of surprises."

"Tell me about it." It was, all right. But he wanted to postpone his meeting with his brother as much as possible, so he certainly didn't want to end the conversation just yet. Fortunately, it seemed as if she'd read his mind.

"How did you sleep last night?" Kagome asked him suggestively, a lighthearted smirk taking over her lips. Even she had had a wet dream; it was hard to believe his sleep hadn't been affected.

"Dreamed about you," he confirmed her suspicions in a deep voice that send a wave of desire through her body.

"Mm, same here."

He chuckled lightly and she was filled with the same desire to hear more, just as before. "Glad to hear that," he said. "It's good to know I'm not the only one to want more."

"Cool down, dogboy," she taunted, "we have to go to work, don't we? I don't know about you, but I can't show up all hot and bothered."

"If you want, I can drop by for a quickie," he suggested mirthfully.

"Some other time," she said, ready to continue his game.

"Oh, that's mean."

"It is," she admitted, "but get used to it, cause I am like that, baby." Kagome had no way of knowing the effect her words had on him.

"Fair enough."

"Look, I really got to go, or else I'll be late, and I can't be late," she apologized, having dressed up in the meantime. She was just applying some nude lipstick when she heard him grunt into the receiver.

"All right, then. Good luck at work."

"Thanks," she purred. "Bye."

"See you," he said, and little did she know that he meant it quite literally.


It was torture until it was finally night time. He drove to her place and was surprised to find an old warehouse. It was undoubtedly a loft and he smirked at the realization. He waited there until he saw her return home after a day at work. He'd known she wasn't home because her unique scent hadn't been around, but now there she was. Right in front of him, a feast for his eyes. Feminine, sexy, and utterly fuckable. He could feel his slacks tighten and every thought about his asshole of a brother or the whole fiasco with that Higurashi chick flew out the window. He waited until she was inside and contemplated taking off his tie and leaving it in the car, seeing as it suffocated him half to death, but he simply loosened it a bit, figuring he'd better let Kagome do the honors.

Determined, Inuyasha stepped inside the building and found himself in front of her door. It was wooden and appeared so large that he felt the need to swallow, but his throat was parched. Just before knocking he realized she had a door bell, so he rang two times.

As ready as Inuyasha was to face her, nothing could have prepared him for the sight he was greeted by. In front of him there was a half naked Kagome, her hair tousled, no doubt from having discarded her shirt, with a scant, barely-there bra, a flat abdomen teasing him subtly and a thin pair of thongs that allowed her long, toned legs to stand out. A bottle of something was in her left hand together with a cotton pad, making him guess she had been removing her makeup, judging by her flushed face.

She looked every bit the sexy mess.

Her dark cocoa eyes covered everything: from surprise to lust. He was on the verge of losing it, so he opted for grabbing her wrist and throwing her to the wall adjacent to the door in order to distract himself. He molded his body to hers and meshed their mouths together passionately, swallowing her cry of surprise and savoring her taste for the first time. There was no time for proper breathing, no opportunity for sensible thoughts. Between two hungry mouths there was only the irresistible desire of knowing one another as intimately as possible. He couldn't think, not with her so close to him, not with her scent so profoundly embedded in his foggy mind. It almost tore him in down every time he inhaled deeply. The room was steamy and the walls contracted around them as he reached a shaky hand to close the door next to them, placing the other one on her hip to bring her body impossibly closer to his.

No words were exchanged, only heated looks that were enough to write novels in their stead. A mutual agreement passed between the two as Inuyasha thrust his tongue inside Kagome's mouth quite unpredictably, playing, pushing one against the other, feeling the fleshy muscle tease his senses in a way that made him think of incredibly unorthodox things. There was a goading fire that sneaked inside their brains, ending all normal functions.

He wanted to throw her to the floor and pound into her like some kind of animal.

Groaning at the visuals, he brought his free hand up to cup a breast, pushing the bra out of the way to feel the perfectly rough texture of her nipple. Kagome broke the kiss to release a shaky moan, unintentionally exposing the column of her throat to his hungry, canine gaze. The quality of her desire-filled voice had shivers traveling up his back, forming beads of tingling vibration that added to his libido. An enthralled look crossed his features as he swept her hair to the side gently, amazed by her apparent vulnerability, before he trailed his tongue up her neck, worshipping every little inch of her delicious skin. Her earlobe soon found its place inside the hanyou's hot mouth and Inuyasha nibbled gently, feeling shudders pass through her body as if they were crossing his own.

"The bed," he grunted, licking the outer shell of her ear in such a fashion that she felt her insides melt into a puddle. A nervous puddle, it seemed, as she instantly fumbled for a response.

"I'm – I should take a shower first-"

"No," he said gruffly, stopping her rave, unwilling to let her know just how much the natural scent of her slight sweat was turning him on. The proof that she was perfect for him in every aspect lay in the fact that he could live off her scent alone – it made his mouth water and his knees quiver pathetically.

He was as helpless as a puppy in front of her charms.

Kagome pointed up the stairs, so he picked her up with one arm under her knees and the other one supporting her back. This time it was she who threatened to undo him. The vixen worked his tie off and threw it somewhere on their way to the bed. Her blunt, human teeth started nipping at his neck relentlessly, showing just how talented she was. A bit of pain here, a sensual lick there, and Inuyasha felt as if he were made of jelly.

"Stop that or I might drop you," he warned, struggling to keep his focus on climbing the stairs.

Kagome gave his Adam's apple a long lick, smiling encouragingly. "I trust you not to," she said simply, but he faltered in his steps. She had no idea how rarely, if ever, he heard those words. His heart expanded in his ribcage and hammered erratically, mere millimeters close to imploding. Fueled by her confession, Inuyasha found the bed with precise steps, laying her on it gently and shedding his shirt and belt. Smiling in a wholly uncharacteristic way, he hovered over her, his chest almost touching hers. A swipe of his claws discarded her bra and he muffled her protests with his blazing mouth, finally letting their bare chests press one against the other. Kagome's skin was alight, her senses in overload. Words felt overmuch so she kept quiet, letting her caresses speak for her. She trailed nimble fingers down his chin, his chest, toying with his sensitive nipples and making him groan inside her mouth. Her vision foggy, she watched Inuyasha raise himself from over her and look at her intensely, his index finger brushing her lower lip. Returning his scalding gaze, she slipped the probing digit inside her mouth, licking it expertly in a manner similar to another erotic action she could be doing instead. She studied him as his amber eyes widened just a fraction and his lips parted to release a surplus of air.

"Now you're just asking for it," he rasped, squinting in order to maintain his sanity intact.

"I am, aren't I?"

At that reply he sat on his haunches, regarding her with what could be mistaken for cold passion, penetrating her with a criminal gaze. His intentions were unclean, condemnable, but delicious in themselves, so she had no qualms about letting him do whatever he wanted as long as it quelled the fire from under her skin. With superficial care he lifted her right leg and for a brief moment she was glad she was doing yoga regularly.

Smirking haughtily, he slipped two perfect toes inside his mouth, the scorching heat from the simple action trekking all the way down to her core. He held her gaze as he bit the side of her foot, licking it apologetically, teasing her senses. Kagome's limbs twitched in response, every nerve standing on edge as the drugging smell of his skin lingered around her and crawled inside her brain in long tendrils with the consistency of smoke, incessantly licking her skin like flames, triggering the pleasure centers in her brain. Everything, from the sounds, the touches, the pungent fragrances, his intransigency in allowing her to dominate, spiced the arousal, causing an unexpected arch of her body upwards. His eyes darkened as his lips brushed the inside of her knee.

He could feel her increasing anxiousness as he neared her hips. Deciding to take his time, he gripped the edge of her thongs and pulled them off her hips, her legs, throwing them haphazardly. By the sight of it, she'd waxed recently. The display of smooth skin and her exposed wetness nearly made him cum, but he reined his emotions diligently, forcing himself to wait. This time she would be the one enveloped in sweet gratification, as she'd done to him before. In a fluent motion he spread her knees apart completely, wondering at her flexibility, before diving between her legs with a hungry look that spoke volumes. His left hand trailed up her body to pinch her nipples hotly just as he took the first agonizingly slow lick from bottom to top, ending with prolonged attention to her clit. Kagome nearly came apart, trembling madly and breathing roughly, her heart inches away from being launched right out of her chest. He relished these tiny signs he brought about in her, studying her strained expressions as his tongue worked her like no other. He licked her outer lips, teased the burning skin with puffs of air before going straight for the little nub of pleasure. She moaned loudly, moving her hips around to increase the friction, but he held her down with the hand that had been playing with her breast. Frustrated, Kagome struggled harder until hearing his deep growl that tickled her sensitive clit with low vibrations. Her rapture drove him so insane that he had to adjust his crotch which had become a bit too uncomfortable.

His skillful tongue soon brought her to a powerful climax and he waited for her to recover before taking one nipple at a time in his mouth and sucking lightly, lighting the fire in her core once again. His eyes rolled into his head when she rubbed him through the slacks, rendering him weak. He was eager to help her in getting rid of his last articles of clothing and shocked when she flipped them over, smirking naughtily. Making sure he followed her every movement, Kagome trailed downward towards the hardness that begged for attention. Deciding to comply, she took him in her hand, pumping a few times before licking the head that was coated with precum.

"Mother of-" he cursed, throwing his head back and feeling the distinctive presence of his demonic side clawing to reach the surface. A flash of red cloaked his irises, causing Kagome's brows to furrow for a second before she trailed her tongue on the inner side of his shaft. There was a battle of wills, Inuyasha felt, as he struggled to enjoy the attention a bit more, even as the demon inside him begged to be the dominant one. Unable to resist the beast any longer, he issued a deep growl as he grabbed Kagome's shoulders, pressing her into the mattress and settling between her open legs, rubbing his hardness along her folds. He groaned loudly with closed eyes at the sheer pleasure it brought. The thought of being inside her, of tearing her from the inside out made him tremble. He wanted to make her crumble like ancient mountains to the ocean.

The hanyou was the one to initiate their joining as he guided his head inside her opening, pushing in excruciatingly slowly. There wasn't a time when Inuyasha didn't revel in the beauty of sex, but the radiance of the goddess underneath him made him realize it really was art. The gentle line of her body and the harsh light spreading around them that messed with his brain fooled him into thinking she was made of liquid pleasure.

His orbs shined almost wetly with desire; you could say he was melting on the inside out, ready to explode in a river of waxy satisfaction. Lustrous curves provided overpowering visuals that toyed with his male perception of stimuli, making him strive for gratification. It was on rare occasions that he allowed himself to get lost in his senses, that he allowed them to subdue reason and guide his every move, from the gyrating of his hips down to his tongue mimicking the action inside Kagome's mouth. Their lips separated momentarily, a thin line of saliva suspended between half-open mouths at a particularly hard thrust, before he pinned her head to the pillow once again to steal her breath with his smoldering kiss. The twosome moved with synchronized movements that mimicked perfection, fusing their bodies and breathing the same air.

It wasn't doing it for him. The pressure soon became too much and Inuyasha grunted against her ear in plain urgency before turning her around, making her stand on her hands and knees. She took the hint and grabbed a large pillow to cushion her chest as he thrust inside her powerfully from behind. While she'd previously loathed this position, she was really starting to get into it now.

The ravenous half demon pressed his chest against her back when the previous angle of penetration didn't satisfy him and reached between her legs to flick the nub, tormenting her nerves with wild precision. She could feel his powerful thighs slapping against her buttocks, muscles rippling with the twosome's strain to reach completion.

"You like it, don't you?" he groaned in her ear, feeling the increased wetness coat his finger. Slyly, he removed his hand and brought it to his mouth, tasting her essence and enjoying her subtle moan. "You like it when I fuck you from behind, don't you, bitch?"

Her only answer was a tiny whimper as he pushed into her hard, her breasts occasionally rubbing against the pillow. He sat up, wanting to see the expanse of her back and the way her sweaty hair clung to her nape like a second skin. Kagome's spine arched at particularly intense thrusts, the muscles on her back tightening then stretching, making her look like a sinful feline. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled slightly, making sure that the pain he'd cause would be nothing but pleasurable. Her moan was the most rousing song. The new angle hit a delicious spot inside her and her hands gave way under her, sending her head-first to the mattress, the pillow cushioning the fall. The unexpected, mind-numbing orgasm demolished her ability to move, but she still found the instinctive urge to scream in ecstasy. He would have chuckled in arrogant amusement had he not been close to his own climax. Balls tightening, Inuyasha shut his eyes tight, stilling her hips completely as he filled her to the brim, reveling in her tiny, involuntary squeezes around his shaft. The carelessness of the act didn't faze him; at the moment he was nothing but a quivering, sexually satisfied mess.

A few moments passed until he was able to form a coherent sentence and disentangle himself from her, letting her collapse over the pillow and lying on his back right next to her, his right hand resting casually on his chest as he stared at the ceiling.

"Wow," he breathed, blinking slowly to regain a proper vision. Kagome didn't respond, but he knew she couldn't. A thought that had previously made him curious entered his mind and he regarded her with questioning eyes, even though hers were closed. "Do you always open your door half naked?"

"I thought it was Sango," she mumbled into the pillow, but his hanyou hearing had no trouble picking it up. Even though he had no idea who Sango was, it was certainly a woman, so it made sense.

He nodded, his eyes still lingering on the sweaty beauty next to him.

"What was the deal with the red eyes?" she asked in a weak voice after a while, not even bothering to open her eyes, making his heart beat wildly.

"What red eyes?"

"Your eyes turned red at one time. Is that a hanyou thing?" she asked, now regarding him lethargically.

Wishing to distract her from the question, he answered with one of his own. "How do you know I'm hanyou and not full youkai?"

Her answer was evident as her eyes trailed upwards to the puppy ears, softening visibly. In that moment he felt an overwhelming sensation taking residence inside his stomach, as if it threatened to make him explode with warmth. He didn't like it, because it reminded of other times, a time when he'd allowed himself to become attached to someone.

'Shit. What now?'

He didn't know what to do with himself. He'd thought that having her once would quell his passion for her, his need to know her more, closer. But the night was still young and he could use it as an excuse to take her over and over until everything would be back to normal.

A devious smile settled over his lips as he realized he didn't even need handcuffs for what he had in mind next.

"Say, do you know where my tie is?"