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She had 300,000 followers on her website.

The line between being healthy and being slender was close to nonexistent now, and people realized Higurashi Kagome could really deliver. No sickness? Check. Perfect body? Check. No stress? Check. That's what her knowledge of proper nutrition and general guidelines for perfect health was for. It was what she was paid for, what she did best, but not what she enjoyed most.

What she liked above all was to bring down liars.

And BioFoodz was one. Inuyasha Takahashi was one.

The man was driving her crazy. His absence felt suffocating, as though he'd been there all her life, when in fact she'd only known him for a few weeks. Most of all it was disturbing, but she couldn't deny liking the feeling of needing him. The first thing she did in the morning was check her phone for messages and the last thing she did at night was force herself not to call him.

She'd dreamed of him.

Her tanned skin felt hot now, even as cool water trickled down her back between her shoulder blades, and the shower felt more crowded than ever. The dream had not been light either, more like incredibly steamy. Breathing heavily, Kagome rested her forehead against the transparent door, biting her lip, eyes closed comfortably. The confrontation was in three days and despite her repeated self-assurances that she was okay, she wasn't. Even now her body tingled for him – how would she keep her mind cool when all she wanted was to try and work things out? Her deepest instinct demanded that she listened to his side of the story, but his words on national television kept replaying in her mind and she decided against it. He didn't deserve a third chance, he'd screwed up once and the way he spoke in public told her more about him than her personal experience with his brashness did.

'Suck it up, Higurashi.'

Taking a deep breath, the young woman rinsed her hair and finished the shower, mentally going through all the evidence she had against BioFoodz. It was legit and strong, and Inuyasha could lash out at her all he wanted, but it didn't change her findings. In this case she had the upper hand, while he only had the heat of his words. But there was a strong crowd supporting her – those 300,000 followers would stand up for her anytime.

Drying her hair with a towel, she looked in the mirror, seeing nothing but a tired woman. A sad soul. She knew herself better than anyone, but at times even she wondered at her own loneliness. In his arms she'd thought she'd get rid of that gap in her life. Now it was clear she'd been wrong, but the desire lingered.

'He's an ass,' she reminded herself. It was easy to forget that when her heart thumped like it did at the thought of his name, his voice.

What kind of woman are you?

She closed her eyes shut at the unbidden memory, shaking her head and dropping the towel to the floor, choosing not to get dressed. The benefits of her loft were countless, beginning with great privacy, allowing her to walk around naked whenever she wanted, and ending with the personality of the place, so similar to her: deserted, with a neat, eccentric exterior, but still worn at heart.

His words cut into her, reaching that most vulnerable core, and tears showed their ugly mugs, but she refused to shed any more because of him. She realized that ever since she'd known him, the masks she'd worn had come off. He'd brought the weakness she knew she had to the surface, and it scared her. She wanted to be Higurashi Kagome again, the fearless woman that everyone respected, with her reputation intact, not stained by the mean words of a frustrated man.


She wanted to believe he was just as confused as she was.

The sex had been amazing. She couldn't get it out of her head no matter how hard she tried, so she figured she had to live with it. With the memories, the passion. God, she wanted to hate him.

Shaking her head, she read on.

At noon she'd arrived at the library, borrowing just about any book she could find on demonic mating. What she'd read so far did not make her day brighter. Takahashi's explanations rang loud in her ears, matching the words she was reading.

It said that once you found your mate, the desire, the need would gnaw at you until you gave in. That feelings would build up and the pent-up need would overflow at one point, invariably driving the twosome together. It said that mates who'd met could never stay away from each other for too long. It said they'd start feeling vulnerable and stressed. The studies on separated mates revealed a drastic decline in immunity, the same type of results experiments showed in people past a certain age. The body would reflect the need for the other, manifesting it in ways that made living without one another uncomfortable, even agonizing, depending on the strength of the bond that had had the chance to form before the separation.

All of this, none of it eased Kagome's anxiety.

Huffing in annoyance, she closed the book and returned the whole pile, having had enough of this drama.

She'd be the exception. They'd be the exception. She was not going to pine for a man that had tried to humiliate her and question her credibility in front of the entire country. She was not going to get sick because of him, she was not going to cry because of him, and she was definitely not going to lose her dignity because of Takahashi Inuyasha. As much as something inside her begged to let him in and try to make things right, she knew where her life was headed, knew she would keep exposing liars like BioFoodz till the end of days, and that was not ever going to change.

Nodding resolutely, she looked for her phone.


"What?" Sighing, Sango rolled her eyes at her friend's stubbornness. "Kagome, the confrontation is in three days. Take a breather for once. You've dug up just about everything you could on these guys, why on Earth is that not enough?" After a few choice words from the angry woman on the line, Sango threw her hand in the air defensively, even though the gesture would not be seen. "Hey, waitwaitwait, sorry, okay? Right, calm down. Look, I know, he's a big dick who declared war against you on TV and tried to make you look like a lying shrew who's only in it for the money, but maybe you should just... I guess, take it easy, you know? I mean you struck them cold with that announcement you made, probably shook their finances like an earthquake, so it's natural that they strike back, you know? Basic survival instinct. BioFoodz is obviously a huge company ran by a bunch of – no, Kagome, let me finish. What I'm saying is, BioFoodz is this large business that is now unstable because of you. The people there, they are lying, manipulative, yes, I get that. Selfish, ill-intentioned, sure. But Kagome, this is not something bad, it's actually an advantage. The fact that they're all these things I mentioned will work to your advantage, cause you're gonna show the whole world the hyerbolic lies BioFoodz spouts on a daily basis, right?"

After a few seconds of complete silence on Kagome's part, which assured Sango of her small victory, her friend finally replied.

"Need to talk to me? Sure. What about? I don't think I like how you sound, Kagome."

When said woman hung up without an answer, Sango didn't know whether to be worried or ignore it as typical Kagome-ish behavior.

She just hoped it wasn't as delicate as Kagome had made it seem.


Kagome arrived at her favorite café just on time. Sango was due in a couple of minutes, she'd spoken to her over the phone on the way here. In the meantime, she ordered an ice cold lemonade for herself, sans sweeteners, and a tiramisu for her friend. Sango always ordered a tiramisu when they went out, regardless of whether she ended up eating it or not.

Kagome thanked the waitress and picked up her lemonade just as Sango entered the small place and sat down in front of her friend, smiling gratefully for the cake.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?"

Taking a big gulp of the deliciously sour liquid, Kagome exhaled deeply.

"You said you're familiar with demons and their rituals."

"Mmhmm," Sango mumbled around a bite of the scrumptious cake, nodding. She wondered if Kagome wanted any advice on how to deal with demons. The Takahashis were an old, demonic family, and Inuyasha, the younger of the two brothers, was a half-demon. Everyone knew that.

"So you know Inuyasha is a hanyou."

Again, Sango nodded, taking a new spoonful of the cake and bringing it to her mouth. This was getting closer and closer to her line of thought.

"Well, he and I are mates."

Choking loudly, Sango grabbed Kagome's lemonade and quickly spit it back out, her entire face drawn into a grimace at the sour taste.

Waving at the waitress with one hand, she wiped her mouth with the other, closing her eyes for a moment.

"Bring me a glass of water please."

"Will that be sparkling water or spring water?"

"Spring, please."

"Coming right up."

Turning her head to look at her friend again, Sango frowned.

"Jesus, girl, throw a warning when you say things like that." Biting her lip, she noted how Kagome's neck was covered by a turtleneck. Then again, Kagome wore turtlenecks quite often. "So he bit you?"

"Not yet," Kagome shook her head. "But we had sex on one occasion, and before you poke my eyes out I didn't know who he was at the time. It was a one night stand, and he didn't give me a name. I only gave him my first name." Sighing, Kagome recalled the exact circumstances of their meeting. "He was a major dick that night and I kicked him out. He apologized the next day and told me he thought we were mates. Then we... then we checked if that was true."

"How-how exactly did you check, Kagome?" Sango asked, thanking the waitress for the bottle of water before opening it and taking a swig.

"When he was near me his eyes turned red and his instincts demanded that he mate me. Can't get more obvious that that."

"What about you? Did you feel anything abnormal?"

"I just felt... it felt like nothing before. Like I had known him for so long... still feels that way."

Understanding flashed across Sango's eyes. The cake was long forgotten as the young woman finally realized Kagome's plight.

"Oh, Kagome... you're really suffering right now, aren't you?"

When she didn't answer, Sango knew. She'd learned about how mates needed each other's presence for general physical comfort. It wasn't just something emotional, it surpassed that realm. And the fact that Kagome had had a "taste" of her mate and they were now official enemies? Major disaster.

Sango already knew where this would surely lead. Though with Kagome's stubbornness and hidden vulnerability, you could never be sure.

"If it makes you feel better, he's feeling the same way you do."

Huffing, Kagome crossed her arms and turned her pained gaze away. She felt drained, like she lacked the energy to fight this fight, and this was just the third week without him. Under normal circumstances she would have told no one, but this time, just this time she needed support. This meeting at the café, it was her admission that she was hurting, that she was fragile. And Sango understood.

"So what are you going to do?"

Focusing on her friend again, Kagome's expression become one thing: steely.

"Fight this until my last breath is drawn, of course."


His eyes were closed and his favorite leather chair didn't seem as comfortable anymore, but fuck it.

Fuck it.

He kept saying that. It was hard not to, when all he ever thought about these days was her face, her voice, her naked body, the way she bit her lower lip and scrunched her eyes shut when he thrust inside her just hard enough.

Fuck. It.

Heat licked at him with scorching flames and it even brought about the weakness that always came with fever. But he couldn't get sick. He was a half-demon. Yet the words of his father's ward, Myouga, flashed through his mind.

"Master Inuyasha, please pay attention," the small flea demon demanded, jumping up and down when the young hanyou preferred to torture a ladybug demon. "Master Inuyasha!"

"Get off my case, Myouga. Father needs you."

"Your father does not need me, he was the one to send me here. To talk to you. Hey – leave her wings alone!"

"They'll grow back anyway," Inuyasha shrugged, having enough experience to know that ladybug demons were weak, but resilient creatures. No matter how much you hurt them, they kept regenerating limbs. What they weren't as good at was retaliation.

"Master Inuyasha, please listen to me. You father wanted me to tell you about mating."

"I know about mating," the young hanyou huffed.

"Yes – I mean no, no you don't. You know what it means, yes, but not what it entails. Master Inuyasha, you will probably find your mate in the future, and you have to be prepared."

Rolling his eyes, Inuyasha grunted, "Fine, say what you want and then leave me alone."

"Very well," the bug settled. "When you find your mate, it will be a powerful feeling. You might not recognize it at first, but you will instinctively be drawn to her. Your demon side will try to surface, the way it did when young Lord Sesshomaru challenged you two years ago."

Scowling at the memories, Inuyasha flicked off the ladybug, going in search of another. Without wings, this one was boring. It would take some time until they grew back.

"And then you will want to mate with her. The mating ritual is done during intimacy and it means the sharing of each other's life energy. This is done through a bite you will place on her neck while in the act, and your energies will meld. It is not an ordinary bite, because subconsciously your demon side will place its signature in that bite, leaving a mark on the woman you choose. And very important, Master Inuyasha," the flea said.


"If you meet your mate but do not go through with the ritual, all kinds of bad things will happen. There is no telling where that type of a situation would lead, but suffice to say there is no recorded case of a pair of mates that know each other and are not together. That cannot be. Their bodies force them to come together."

"Cum together?" Inuyasha smirked, turning his head to look at his father's most loyal servant, taunting cheekily.

Rolling his eyes, Myouga jumped off the leaf he'd stood on.

"I see you're busy torturing defenseless creatures, Master Inuyasha. Don't let me stop you."

With that, the flea was gone.

He didn't know what the side effects of being without his mate were, but he felt abnormally close to being sick. It had become truly unsettling two weeks ago, when he'd woken up one morning after an intense dream of her and had missed her so baldy it had hurt. An ache had taken residence in his chest, spreading all the way to his toes. The pain had been physical, not imaginary, not dramatic, no. Palpable, real.

"Sir, Akitoki Houjo wants to talk to you."

Blinking at the voice of his secretary, Inuyasha pressed a button on the phone. "bring him in."

Immediately, a fragile looking young man entered the office, holding a pile of folders and papers.

"Takahashi, Sir, I have bad news."

Paling, Inuyasha had an idea what he was going to say, and none of it made sense.


Livid, the full demon crushed his mobile phone in his hand.

"What do you mean, Higurashi is right?"

Sighing, Inuyasha gathered the two folders he needed and held them out to his brother, who took and opened them furiously.

"Akitoki was in charge of our private investigation, and found some well-disguised glitches. Look at this," he said, pointing at some figures. "Missing. See? Missing, missing, and missing. And it gets better. See this order?"

Appalled, Sesshomaru frowned. "Why does PestOFF's name appear on our suppliers list? We do not use pesticides."

Grinning despite the gravity of the situation, Inuyasha nodded. "Exactly."

"Someone is behind this. Someone from our company used our name to sign a contract with PestOFF. How did it pass our sight?" Sitting down at his computer, the older brother typed away. "Inuyasha, we have a traitor. Who is behind this farce?"

"You're gonna love this," he said, "The only one who has this level of clearance is-"

"Onigumo Naraku," they both said at the same time, nodding.

"So where's the fucker?" Inuyasha asked.

"He's on vacation. Didn't mention where."

"Ok, well, how about we pay him a visit?"

"Oh, I have a better idea," Sesshomaru announced, grinning in a way that send shudders down the half-demon's back.

"What? What's your plan?"

"Dear brother, we are going to, hold on," he said, typing something on the computer. "There. We are going to 'modify' our documents so there is no trace of anything. We are going to go through all the logs, all the tapes, everything we have in our records about this issue, and erase it. Our priority is clearing our reputation and making that Higurashi wench look bad."

Something gripped Inuyasha's heart and squeezed, making it hard to focus on his brother's words.

"With Naraku we'll deal when everything else is settled. What we need now is to lay low, preferably under the radar, so discretion is our best move. All our records, documents, everything, have always been open to the public, and when they see that they're not what Higurashi claims they are, there will be hell. For her, of course." The full demon smirked, confidence showing in every syllable he uttered. "And you, Inuyasha, will be our greatest asset in taking her down."

"Yeah?" the half-demon asked, his voice worn.


Inuyasha figured he shouldn't let his brother know about his the whole mates thing. He'd had a few hours to really reflect on the situation and take in the meaning of it. Kagome was truly innocent, completely not a mean bitch as he'd previously thought, and now they were going to destroy her. She stood no chance in front of a massive company like theirs; they were backed by hundreds of smaller firms and lawyers, while she was a mere nutritionist, albeit renowned, but how fierce could her background be?

He wanted to believe there was a way for both parties to come out unscathed, but there was none. If they were to admit their glitch, it would mean a disastrous failure on their part and would result in such a decrease in clients, that he didn't know if they could ever recover after such a blow.

The only way was Sesshomaru's. He knew that. Dammit, he knew that, but why did it feel so wrong?


The confrontation was in five minutes. Inhaling deeply, Kagome nodded at Sango's encouraging words, not really feeling the optimism her friend was trying to give her.

"You have your facts, and when they check, they'll find everything exactly where you said. You've got them right where you wanted, Kagome, now don't back out because of Inuyasha."

"I won't," she said, and gave her friend a hug.

Shaking her head, she entered the set.

A huge round of applause ensued, and her heart went crazy when Inuyasha sat on the couch, as well.

"Good morning, United States, this is Kagura Kaze. I'm bringing you the best story of the month – the war, as it has been dubbed, between the giant BioFoodz and famous nutritionist, Higurashi Kagome. This looks like a fight to the death and you won't believe the tension that's on this set. Let's see how this goes!" Turning around, Kagura smiled and sat on an armchair.

"My guests today are Higurashi Kagome," Kagome smiled and nodded, "you all know Kagome, and Takahashi Inuyasha, spokesman for BioFoodz and half-owner along with his older brother, Takahashi Sesshomaru. So, Kagome, let's start with you. What is your side of the story? Because BioFoodz seems to be claiming your statements are all lies."

"I took the liberty to scan the folders I found in their archives, which are available to the public by the way, so anyone can check, and look what I've found."

Inuyasha turned around to look at the same contract he'd made disappear. It stretched on the entire wall, clear for everyone to see. But that piece of evidence, although legit, didn't exist anymore.

A gasp echoed in the large room as the audience saw PestOFF's name clearly next to BioFoodz.

"As you can see," Kagome continued, "BioFoodz is not the company they'd like us to believe it is. One of our country's leading bio products company is, in fact, a fraud. People can never be careful enough when someone claims they're clean, can they?"

Avoiding Inuyasha's look, although she felt his gaze on her, Kagome tried not to suffocate. Her palms were sweaty, her breath heavy, and every particle in her body wanted her to jump in the half-demon's arms. It took an awful amount of will not to.

"Can I have the word now?" Inuyasha asked, clearing his mind of all thoughts and emotions. He was going to do this, and his act was going to be spotless.

"Please do, Mister Takahashi."

"Call me Inuyasha," he said with a smirk, the kind that always caught the audiences. He could see and hear people whispering, most of them were confused, some angry, some disbelieving. So far, so good. "Well, I don't know where Miss Higurashi got her evidence from, but there is no such thing in our records or in PestOFF's. I invite anyone to check with our archives and PestOFF's, because we have convinced them to make them public, something that was not easily achieved, mind you, so here you go. We had nothing to do with PestOFF, PestOFF is willing to vouch for the same thing, so I'm quite curious how Miss Higurashi, here, is going to explain her lie. It's not a rare occurrence that people will try to increase their popularity and account figures by bringing down others, but BioFoodz will remain standing, because our dignity is, as always, intact."

Turning her head at the hanyou, Kagome couldn't believe her ears. Blood froze in her veins at the realization that these people had covered everything up. There was clearly not a trace of that contract, and if she demanded an analysis of their products, they would surely win this battle, too, by paying off the ones who made the analysis.

But she couldn't bow to them. She needed some time to figure out what to do. For now she just had to argue and hold her case until the show was over. If only she didn't feel like kissing him so badly.


"It went worse than I could have ever imagined, Sango! I barely held my ground there, I can't believe I was so stupid as to believe they're not as influential as they are. Jesus..."

Pursing her lips against her friend's shoulder, Kagome leaned further into the embrace.

"You couldn't have known, Kagome. Now he's a bigger asshole. Oh, girlfriend, why did you have to find yourself such a horrible mate?"

Raising her head and revealing puffy, but dry eyes, Kagome sighed.

"I need him, Sango. And I'll admit that any day. I seriously feel sick most of the time, I just want to be in his arms. But then he went and did everything to hurt me and take away the only important thing I have, which is my reputation, my dignity. He humiliated me on the screen, Sango, and I can't get over that. But I'm afraid, I fear... I'm afraid I'd open my arms for him as soon as the opportunity arises."

Lifting an eyebrow, Sango tried to cheer her up, teasing, "open your arms or your legs?"

Punching her shoulder, Kagome smiled a bit. "Shut up, you hoe."

"That's my girl, you should smile like that more. Baby girl, all's not lost. You still got me and I'll help you. I swear to God I'll help you."


"Umm... don't know yet. We'll figure that out, okay?"


It was late and Kagome couldn't sleep. Sango had left about half an hour before, and Kagome felt more alone than ever before. She tried taking her mind off the whole thing, but quickly found that it was impossible. The number of her followers had decreased to 275,000 in just one day. That was ridiculous. And very much his fault.

When the bell rang, her annoyance kicked in. She knew she'd said she felt alone, but she actually wanted to be alone. Sango's smothering nature was to be appreciated, but not all the time.

Opening the door, she frowned, "What, San-?"

The question died on her lips as she faced a ghost. Or what she hoped was a ghost.

"Not Sango," he murmured before grabbing her shoulder and pushing her against the wall before closing the door with his free hand. She'd thought he'd kiss her, but instead he was staring at her with something akin to smoldering fire, his forehead propped against hers. It made her veins ignite, as well.

"I really tried to fight this," he said, the irony of his desperate attempts to push her out of his mind weighing heavily on his ego. He'd wanted to forget about her touch, about her scent, about the feel of her. He'd wanted to hate her, to care nothing about her, but he'd lost. He'd lost that fight even before it had started, and now he could see it clearly.

She said nothing, but just having her there, eyes hooded and lips parted, made him feel like a blazing volcano, seconds away from erupting.

His lips took hers, tongue slipping into her hot mouth and tasting this woman that was made for him, knowing that she couldn't help any of it. She was powerless to stop his wonderful assault on her senses, and he was going to knowingly take advantage of this.

His hands traveled down her body, mapping her curves fervently, knowing he would not last long. Grabbing her hand, he led her to the bed and quickly undressed her and himself, not even once worrying about her lack of reaction.

Her chest heaved in rhythm with her sharp breathing and his eyes were drawn to her breasts, her erect nipples, her perfection. He wanted to devour her.

His eyes flashed red.

Unafraid, Kagome brushed her fingers against the fading stripes across his cheeks, mindless of her nudity. There was nothing going on in her head, no thought sequence, nothing that would hinder this joining, because she needed it. For once, she wanted to do the reckless thing. She wanted to do something she would have otherwise never ever done.

She needed to give in.

Closing his eyes, Inuyasha appeared to be growling. She stepped closer, until their chests touched, her nipples against his hard flesh.

Red eyes opened, the stripes back in their bright glory, and Inuyasha pushed her against the bed.

Surprised, Kagome climbed with her back against the headboard, drawing her knees together. He had such a look of raw, animalistic passion, that she hesitated.

Longer fangs poked from under his upper lip. Inuyasha was past the point of cognitive ability as his only thought was making Kagome his. He needed this woman to belong to him. He needed to complete the ritual, needed to share that energy that he could feel in her, needed to be a part of it, a part of her.

Growling loudly, he climbed on the bed in front of her, smirking at the sound of her heart beating wildly. Her bare breasts moved up and down, screwing with his brain. It sounded like a scared bird awaiting its demise. But he knew Kagome did not feel that kind of apprehension. Her anticipation was of something else, something more primal, an experience that would bind them in a way she could not yet imagine.

She was a serious mindfuck, this woman.

Her knees were pressed together so tightly that they were getting white, but he easily pushed them apart, spreading her legs and pulling her to him, settling against her, skin on skin, hot flesh against hot flesh. He rubbed his aching cock against her wet folds, relishing her loud moan. It sounded divine, like she was in heaven and in agony at the same time. Dainty hands scratched his chest and his abs flexed, a drip of precum getting lost in her moisture.

Pressing his forehead against her temple, he breathed heavily in her ear, pushing two fingers inside her, making her squirm in pleasure. Her hands flew to his head, tangling in his hair, gripping and squeezing and pulling, lost in a world of addiction. Her back arched off the sheets and he pulled back a bit, admiring the sight of a goddess feeding off his energy. Exchange of power happened continuously, and he wondered if she could feel it. It visibly electrified her, triggering something in her that he'd never felt in anyone else.

The beauty in front of him bit her lip as the waves of a delicious climax washed over her. A few moments later she settled down, her eyes opening slowly. Without words or expression, her legs wrapped around his waist tightly, tempting him with perfect curves and smooth skin gliding against his.

His breath caught in his throat when her hands gripped him and guided him inside her just an inch.

Lying back down, Kagome licked her lips, her eyes holding his red gaze.

"Take me."

As soon as the words left her lips, a savage growl escaped his as he thrust deeply inside her warmth, eyes rolling to the back of his head. Again and again, he brought her closer to heaven. His fangs instinctively sank into the flesh where her neck met her shoulder, and she didn't even whimper. This woman was temptation, a living sin, and he was indulging.

Her mind soon became an inconsistent jumble of Oh's and Ugh's and Please's – she couldn't think.

The synergy between them was almost tangible now, as the exchange of life forces occurred naturally.

He growled against her skin as his body was filled with this incredible power, and thrust faster, deeper, more. She cried out, his left hand cupping her breast and squeezing. Her mouth a perfect O, Kagome sought the headboard behind her, bracing against it as he pushed her further into the mattress, touching something inside her she hadn't known existed.

Roaring viciously, he stopped all motion, ignoring her frustrated grunt, and smoothly flipped her over before pushing inside her once again, now picking up a speed he couldn't have reached in the previous position.

Kagome braced her hands against the mattress, everything feeling ten times better than before. She was so close to a wild orgasm that it was mind-blowing. Her right hand went to fondle her breast for a moment, the sight driving the demon behind her crazy, before she grabbed the headboard to keep her balance.

"Please," she whispered, stop this torture.

Biting her mark, Inuyasha's heart resonated with hers as she screamed abruptly, driving him over the edge along with her. Together, they shared the most incredible experience of unity, as though neither existed outside the other. His cum shot deeply inside her, making her shiver and open her eyes lethargically. Dropping her hand to the mattress, she felt the demon collapse against her, drawing her with him. They rode out the waves that followed, breathing heavily in the aftermath.

When they calmed down, he pulled out of her warmth reluctantly, his eyes glistening at the sight of their joined fluids trailing down her thighs.

God, she was his undoing.

Turning around, she regarded him seriously with eyes that divulged nothing.

"Okay," she said, her voice weak, "where do we go from here?"

Swallowing thickly, he thought about it. He couldn't be without her, anymore. He needed her.

"Can we be enemies at day and lovers at night?"

Staying quiet, Kagome tried to read his eyes. This time they lacked that confidence he'd had at Kagura's show. They seemed genuine, he seemed really there.

"You hurt me, Inuyasha."

Looking away, he sat up, his back against the headboard, fingers playing with her hair.

"I know," he said, "I was an idiot. I'll always be an idiot." He turned his gaze look at her, trying to tell her something she didn't know if she understood. "But I belong to you now," he told her, forgetting about BioFoodz, about Naraku, about Sesshomaru – forgetting everything except her and her happiness.

"Inuyasha, that's not enough. I couldn't fight this either," she disclosed, reminding him of his words when he arrived. "But I won't be your toy. At least, I like to believe I won't. Just... don't make me do this," she begged, showing him the most vulnerable part of her. This was her Achilles' heel. He could use her in any way he wanted, and this was her biggest weakness. He understood that. If he wanted to make a slut out of her, his slut, he would. She was asking him, begging him, to show mercy.

Smiling, he saw Kagome's purity, her raw spirit for what it was. And he wanted to protect her, he wanted to shield this scared child inside of her from the evils of the world. Even from himself.

And he knew exactly how.