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0o0 There are many lost days and memories that Sydney will never recover about the time she was held by the Covenant.

In the days just before they began the attempt to transform her into Julia Thorn, there was a raid on the facility where she was being held by an unknown teams of agents. Sydney was being held in a small, filthy cell in which she could hear everything going on on the outside but had been denied a view. Still Sydney prayed that it was CIA agents raiding the place and she began to shout against the cacophony outside her cell. A second later, her door opened and a blonde headed woman she had never seen before burst in with her weapon level with Sydney's head. "My name is Sydney Bristow and I'm a prisoner!"

The woman was about to reply but was caught off when a man stepped into the cell, "Nikita, the perimeter is not yet secured." The woman nodded and turned to return to the fray.

"Hey!" Sydney called, yanking on her chains. The woman looked at her. "Help me?"

"Sorry I can't."

"Then find the keys and toss them to me. I'll free myself."

The woman appeared to consider it. "Nikita, NOW." Nikita looked sympathetic but didn't move towards Sydney. "Sorry."

"Can you at least take a message to the CIA for me?"

Nikita hesitated. "I can't promise anything."

Sydney nodded. "Just tell either Agent Jack Bristow or Michael Vaughn that you found Sydney being held by unknown captors and where I was when you found me."

"NIKITA!" Nikita disappeared out the door without another word or any sort of acknowledgment she had heard or carry out Sydney's request.

A few days later, they transferred Sydney and began her transformation into Julia Thorn.