Danny walked into Casper High alone. After hours of debating, he had decided what he would do. Go to school. Do homework during lunch. Fight ghosts. Kill SOMETHING. Trying to keep himself calm, he put himself into a steady rhythm. Breath in, step, out, step, in, step, out.


Danny's eyes shot open, glowing neon green. The calm pattern halted. He pivoted, using a small glide to turn.

"And you want WHAT?"

"I got an F!"

"…Your point? You get F's all the time, yet you always need to take it out… oh I see where this is going."

Danny saw there was a camera in the corridor pointing directly at them, he looked back to find Dash in his face. He held back, he wanted the camera to see the first punch thrown by Dash.

"And guess what Fenton," He pulled back his fist. "It's gonna hurt!"

It hit Danny on the chin, barely affecting him. Dash however, looked in extreme pain but he kept throwing punches. Danny dodged each one easily due to his ghost fighting, but was pinned against the wall due to a stupid mistake. Danny was sure the camera caught most of it, and realised he could have gotten out sooner. But his anger was bubbling, and was balanced on the edge of overflowing.

"What cha gonna do now Dan?"

Danny jolted, then blacked out.

Dash POV

"What cha gonna do now Dan?" I asked tauntingly. Fenton's eyes widened. What did I do to cause that? Then they flashed green. Then Red and black, iris red, black cornea. Blue, green, red. It swam round until it stopped on red. His hair gained two white stripes down to his eyes. (A/N type into deviantart "Evil Danny phantom" You'll find it sooner or later) He then somehow threw me offand started hitting me in all my weak spots. Ribs, neck, right knee. It was horrible, how had he known? I resorted to something I had never had to do before.


"Stop it!" Dash whimpered out, causing Danny to faint out of his state of mind.

Dash got up, finding Danny curled up in a ball in the corner.

"Leave… get out… GET OUT! You… OUT!" He started crying. "Get… out… Dan…"

Dash crawled over to him; Danny's hair grew longer, skin paler, eyes stained red. He got up, staring down into Dash's eyes.

"You know… are you lost in your lies Dash? Do you tell yourself Lancer doesn't realise your 'crusade' is a disguise? You place freedom… with fear," He snarled the last word out. "You take money for lies. I'm… aware… what… you've… done."

Dash crawled back into a corner. As Danny became crueller.

"I pay, for YOUR mistakes! Your time has come Dash," He leaned forward. "It's come."

Dash began spluttering out apologies. Danny laughed. It was hollow and cold, Dash shivered at the smaller boy.

"I take PAIN, I see you as a liar and thief, who wants power and greed. I thought, maybe, you would change," He began crushing Dash's jaw with two fingers. "But I'm beginning to think that I've been deceived."

Dash cried out in pain. Danny drew blood. At that moment, Lancer came round the corner.

"TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD DANIEL! What are you doing?"

"Hmm… your right. This is wrong."

Dash relaxed as Danny backed off. Lancer lifted him up, but dropped him at what Danny said.

"I REALLY should have killed him sooner, but I suppose I could wait a little longer."

Lancer whirled round. "D-Daniel, are you serious?"

He flinched at Danny's blood red gaze, it glowed bright like flames.

"Why yes, I am." And at that he walked off. "I'm off home. Goodbye."

Lancer turned to Dash, who looked like he was about to faint.

"I think maybe, we should get him some help!" He ran towards the nurses office.

Dash whimpered and rocked back and forth.


Maddie walked outside, prepared to catch Phantom.

"Jack? I'm off!"

"K Mads! Be back soon!"

Maddie smiled and leapt into the RV. After a few minutes, she saw Phantom on the top of a hospital. She readied her aim, prepared and fired… as Phantom took off. The hospital caught fire, Phantom's eyes widened, as did his mouth revealing rows of sharp white teeth. He turned his gaze to Maddie, who stood her ground against his glare. Using one hand, he froze the fire in seconds, the floated down to her face. Maddie only then realised his eyes were unusually red, opposed to his normal green. He growled.

"There were children in there! You. Could. Have. Killed. Them!" He leaned inward.


Maddie realised what just happened and opened her mouth to correct them, but Phantom interrupted her.

"You… will… pay… for, what you've, DONE!"

Maddie fell trying to get away. Danny kicked her in anger.

"I'm blamed, every time. You. WILL. PAY!" Maddie cried as she was shot at. "I TAKE YOUR BLAME! YOU SAY I BLAME IT ON YOU, BUT YOU BLAME IT ON ME! YOU LITTLE HYPOCRITE!"

"I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"


Maddie prepared for the blow but instead, heard a crack. She opened her eyes to find Phantom having some sort of seizure next to her. She leaned over, Danny's eyes turned to a normal green, teeth normal flat, and skin. Maddie turned him onto his back as he relaxed. His neon green eyes stared helplessly into hers. He whispered out something Maddie had to lean in to hear.

"Save me… from him…"

And there she was, with an unconscious ghost lying in her arms.

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