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Maddie could only stare at the struggling ghost boy. It had only been a number of seconds since Phantoms outburst, and already Vlad had somehow appeared in the room. Frowning, in his ghost form.

"You didn't take what I said to heard did you Daniel?"

Said Ghost boy pouted. "Just get me out of here and HELP!"

Maddie took a step towards the pair, wielding an ectogun directed at the free ghost.

"Stay back ghost, don't even try and help your own kind."

Both males looked at each other then back at Maddie.

"Well, this is a first time thing. So let him do it, please?"

"That's what he said, little badger."


Maddie lowered her gun slightly in confusion. Both ghosts seemed to be in a constant fight, verbal or physical.

"Look, it'll just be for a while. Daniel is going through something I call 'ghost puberty'. It lasts a while, and makes them the opposite of who they are and their motives. So if they wanted to help people, they'd hurt people during G.P."



"You never told me ANY of that Vlad!"

"I was trying to talk to you, but it's sort of difficult to say things when dodging ectoblasts!"

Danny growled, eyes tinged red again. "And how did you know that I was going into it anyway?"

Vlad backed off slightly, sighing quietly he answered.

"Actions. You started to get more violent and not wanting to leave the fight after they were defeated."

Maddie raised a finger in questioning, noticed almost straight away.

"Do all ghosts get it?"

Danny's eyes went to a pure red again, "What's it to you?" He hissed.

Vlad groaned. "Daniel-"

"Dan. It's DAN now." Insert evil smirk here.

"Well then DAN, why don't we go to my house and we'll wait this thing out?"

An evil laugh echoed round the room, making Maddie shiver.

"Sure, why not?"

"Also, I remember you saying about someone being in your head?"

Danny sighed, back to normal, and nodded while managing to snap the restraints around his wrists. "Yeah, there's this little voice that sounds like, well, what I just sounded like I guess. Telling me to rest and let him fix everything for me."

Vlad snapped the restraints round Danny's ankles, oblivious to Maddie's anger. "I wouldn't listen to him, not until we're at my mansion."

"A ghost? With a mansion? What kind of ghosts ARE you?" Maddie demanded.

"Different ones. Daniel-Danny," He corrected at said boy's glare. "The other Danny is at the mansion too, seeing as you have him some of the trace..."

"Oh, HE'S being affected TOO?" Danny yelled, catching on. "Oh this is just GREAT! Real NICE! Should we invite SKULKER round for TEA AND COOKIES NEXT?"

Vlad didn't catch what Danny meant, until the boy's eyes flashed blue.

"I know this is pure madness, Daniel-"


"-Danny, but we need to look after you both. So just come on and DON'T MAKE ME DANIEL."

Danny huffed, but followed the elder Halfa to the Fenton ghost portal. "Fine."

Vlad relaxed. "Thank you, now, onwards we go."

Maddie cleared her throat, getting both of their attention. "Bring him back?"

Both ghosts looked at each other before answering.


And with that, they went through the portal towards Vlad's.


"It sounded awesome though, didn't it?"

"More like creepy. You need a cat."


"Right, you're the only one who can help me. Sorry."

"I should hope so."

And with those final words, both halfa's went to Vlad's mansion, leaving an utterly confused Maddie behind.

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