Chaos. Complete chaos. The Lost Boys were running around in their tree hideout, yelling and screaming as they played. The boys were playing keep-away with something, but Wendy couldn't figure out what. She just stayed in the corner, her arms folded across her chest. She had warned everyone that if they keep playing so wildly, someone would get hurt, but no one listened.

"Hey, Wendy! C'mon and play with us!" Peter exclaimed, hovering over her shoulder. She turned to face him, trying to keep an angered expression. Peter had a tendency to melt away her anger, but it wouldn't work this time.

"I cannot; it's far too dangerous. Control your boys," Wendy ordered. There was no point in her trying to control the boys. They only listened to Peter.

"Aww, they're just havin' some fun," Peter explained.

"I understand that, but they're going to get hurt," Wendy persisted. "There are safer games to play such as a game of cards or a board game."

"That sounds...boring."

"It's fun and it's safe," Wendy said. There was no use trying to explain anything to Peter, he was only a boy. She huffed angrily as she headed to the stairs. She needed some fresh air. Before she had reached the first step, she heard a bang and the playing stopped.

Wendy turned around to see Tootles sitting on the floor, holding his arm and looking very sad. All the anger Wendy had felt earlier had disappeared. She came rushing to the boy and placed him in her lap.

"There, there, there," Wendy said soothingly. She rolled his black sleeve up to find a scratch. "That's hardly anything and it's certainly nothing to cry about." Tootles still had the sad expression that would break anyone's heart. "Perhaps it would feel better if I kissed it?"

"What's a kiss?" Nibs pipped up.

"Oh...well a is how you show someone you care. Let me show you," Wendy said, lowering her lips to Tootles' scratch. She gave him a little kiss. "Is that better?" Tootles smiled and nodded.

"So a kiss is magical," Peter concluded.

"Magical?" Wendy repeated.

"Yeah! You kissed his arm and it's all better," Peter said.

"It's not magical. A mother kisses her child to show she loves them," Wendy said, placing Tootles on his feet. "It's late and it's time for bed." A chorus of groans responded, but she stood up and put her hands on her hips and the boys obeyed.

Wendy told the boys a story about one of Peter's adventures. It was completely made up on the spot with many errors in it, but none of the boys protested. Wendy ended the story when she noticed her audience was slowly falling asleep.

"Goodnight, boys," Wendy said sweetly.

"Mother?" Nibs pipped up. "Can I...can I get a...a kiss?"

Wendy smiled at the request. "Of course." Wendy leaned over the boy and kissed his cheek.

"Me too?" Slightly asked.

"Would everyone like a kiss?" Wendy asked and a chorus of "yeah" followed.

Wendy went to each hammock and bed like a bee. When she came to John, he claimed to be too old for kisses, but Wendy ignored him and kissed him anyway. Every boy got a kiss and they were all falling asleep with smiles on their faces. Wendy smiled sweetly at the boys. They were so much cuter when they were asleep.

Wendy turned around and almost screamed. Peter was standing directly behind her. She placed her hand on her chest. "Oh, Peter, you scared me!"

"Didn't mean to," Peter said.

Peter leaned towards Wendy and kissed her lips. Wendy gave Peter a shocked expression and Peter only responded with his cocky grin. "Well, goodnight, Wendy." With that he flew to his room, leaving Wendy.

Wendy felt her face go red, wondering if he knew what that kiss meant.