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The motel they stopped at only had two rooms left and they had adjoining doors. The owner told them the locks were broken, he gave Emily a pointed look as if she was fare warned and if anything were to happen to her it was no longer his fault. But he assured them that the doors to the outside worked perfectly.

Hotch paid and glared at the weasel. They both wondered how many women had been victimized because of the broken locks. Emily accepted her key without any worry on her part. She would never expect to have to worry about her boss coming into her room at night to take advantage of her. And she wanted to keep her job so she wouldn't be utilizing the broken locks either.

He waited until she was inside her room before opening his door. Broken locks were an understatement. The door on her side didn't even close as it was only being held up by the bottom hinge. She checked the front door to make sure the locks on there worked and was relieved that they did. She'd still sleep with her gun under her pillow.

"Prentiss?" Hotch called through the adjoining door.

"Yeah, come on in." She called back watching as he opened his door to see hers' wide open. "It won't stay shut."

"We can go somewhere else, if you want. It didn't look like such a dive from out front." His face was set in a frown.

She shook her head. "No, it's fine. I trust you won't come tip-toeing to my bed in the middle of the night." She hadn't meant to say it out loud and from the frown on his face she expected to get reprimanded for it.

"No." He said clearing his throat loudly.

"It's late. I'm going to get some rest." She said to alleviate the tension. He nodded and back into his own room. He tried to shut his door but it got caught on the old worn carpet. He swore under his breath and tugged hard but it wasn't going anywhere now. She wanted to tell him it was ok, but she was worried she'd say something even more ridiculous than she had already.

She grabbed her bag and went into her bathroom to get changed. By the time she came out he had given up on the door and was, she figured, in the bathroom of his room getting ready for the night.

She almost laughed out loud when she saw that there was a completely uninterrupted view of his bed from hers. To avoid more awkwardness she got into bed turned off the light, lied down on her side and pulled the blankets up so she couldn't see into his room.

A few minutes later she heard his door open and his feet on the ground. She heard his pause when he noticed the same thing she had, then she heard his bed creak under his weight as he got in. Her room went completely dark when he turned off his light.

Emily woke when the pain killers wore off. The cramping wasn't terrible but it was strong enough to wake her from a dead sleep. She winced when she thought about turning on the lights so she could find and see her pills to take them. Turning on her back she tried to ignore the pain and go back to sleep. After the pain turned into a dull ache she tired her side again.

She sighed and rolled over again. She was about to gab her bag and hide in the bathroom when the small lamp came on in Hotch's room. She sat up and saw him walking towards her.

She looked away as soon as she noticed he was only in boxer shorts. But there was no way she could erase the image of him from her mind now. He was more toned than she expected and there were little white pearl scars on his otherwise prefect chest. She wondered if they would feel smooth under her fingertips.

He stopped at the door, his shadow blocking out part of the light from his room. "Is everything ok?" He asked and yawned. His hair was sticking up in all different directions making him look ten years younger.

"Yeah, sorry. The pain meds just wore off." She explained and was about to get up for her bag but he was faster. He set it on the bed next to her then disappeared into his room only to come back with a bottle of water. He took the cap off and handed it over to her then sat down on the edge of her bed. He eyed her cautiously.

"Do you need to see someone?" He asked as she tipped back two pills and washed it down with the water.

"No, it'll be fine once the meds kick in." She answered truthfully.

"Is there anything I can do?" He reached over and tucked her hair behind her ear and cupped her face in his hand. She closed her eyes let her head tilt into his hand. She wanted to know what was going on in his head as his thumb brushed her cheek. Not wanting to read anything into it she turned away and hated herself when he dropped his hand back to the bed. "You feel warm, are you sure you're alright?" He asked his eyes imploring.

She nodded her head. "I'm fine."

"You sure it's not a fever? If it's a fever it could be an infection."

"I'm not feverish. I'm fine. Please, just go back to bed." She glanced up at him when she realized she was being rude and was surprised to see he looked hurt and lost. She looked away convinced she's imagined it. It was only a trick of the low light.

"Look, I'm bad at this, this sick woman thing. I…" He started, he pushed a hand through his hair making it stick up even more.

"I'm not asking for your help!" She said a little more forcefully than necessary but she didn't want him to feel obligated anymore if he really didn't want to be helping her. She should have known it was all just pity, he was her boss and nothing more. He probably just thought this was the time for payback for her helping him out before. God, she felt stupid.

"But I want to give it!" His voice was loud, cutting through her inner tirade of self loathing and deprecation. She met his eyes when his hand grabbed her arm. "I want to help so bad, I just don't know what to do and you aren't helping by telling me you're fine." She had no idea what to say to that. "I want to take the pain away." He said quietly, his tone a little dejected and flat. She frowned at him. He got up, his body tense as he stood next to her bed. His face contorted from his inner battle. "God, you are so hard to get through to." He sighed. "And I'm having a hard enough time trying to get it out."

"Get what out?" She tilted her head, searching.

"It's why I've been doing all of this." He started, his hand gesturing at the space between them. "Even though I know it could cost us our careers." Now she was really lost but she kept her mouth shut so he would continue. "I've never been good at this, which is one of the reasons why Haley divorced me." He paced a few times. He looked like he was in the middle of an especially difficult interrogation. He stopped suddenly and sat on the bed next to her, closer than he was before. A lot closer than he had been. He looked into her eyes and she had no doubt what he was trying to say to her.

This wasn't a romance novel or a romantic comedy where the lead man blurted out his feelings, his hopes for them and his unconditional love. This was her stoic Unit Chief, a real man trying to convey all those things but not having the words because civilization dictated men shouldn't express their feelings. And she realized the last two days he had been confessing to her but she misunderstood every action as a sense of responsibility. It warmed her heart and she loved him just a little bit more. Her fingers itch to touch him and she couldn't control her hand as it reached out to curl around his. His free hand came up and tucked her hair behind her ear again. "Has the pain subsided yet?"

Emily nodded. "Yes. It isn't that bad anyway." She lowered her head, biting her lip. "It's just, I had just gotten used to the idea of being pregnant. I figured this was my second chance and I wasn't going to give it up." She saw Hotch frown, he opened his mouth but she cut him off. "I was fifteen. I couldn't do it then, but this time I knew I had to. If I didn't I would never get another chance." He nodded his understanding but said nothing. "The job restricts us. To find someone that understands what the job means to us and what it takes to do it, like JJ did, is rare. I wanted it so bad and the pain just reminds me of what I lost." She yawned suddenly, the pain medication making her sleepy. "Excuse me." She mumbled.

He started to shift and she though he was going to go back to his room but he nudged her to move over and carefully directed her to face away from him so he could curl his body up behind her. She placed her head on his bicep and closed her eyes as he rubbed her back. She was asleep in seconds.

When she woke up the next morning Hotch was gently shaking her shoulder. She looked at him then at the clock. It was still very early but she was glad, if they left soon they would be back at Quantico by noon. He was dressed too when she sat up and stretched. She sort of wished he wouldn't have been so she could have gotten a good look at him in the day light. Oh well, there was a really good chance once she was healed up and back to normal she would get to see him in even less.

She dressed in the bathroom and when she came out he was on his cell all business explaining that they would be on the road shortly and back with hours. He mouthed Strauss at her and they both rolled their eyes.

As they walked down the court yard to the check out desk he turned to her. "Are you hungry, or are you still nauseous?"

"No, it stopped just after the..." she let the sentence drop. He gave a sharp nod letting her know she didn't have to continue.

"We'll stop at a Dunkin's if you like." He said as he held open the door to the office. She placed her room key on the desk for the weasel. He gave her a greasy smiled back.

Hotch leaned in and waited until the guy leaned in too before he spoke. "Get those doors fixed or I'll report you for renting rooms to minors." He flashed his badge and dropped his key on the counter.

They left before the guy could say anything.

By the time they reached the FBI building Emily just wanted to go home but she promised she'd go see Garcia and she had to wait for Hotch to finish his meeting with Strauss. They agreed to sick to the food poisoning story for the official report. What Strauss didn't know wouldn't kill her.

Garcia was actually vibrating as the elevator doors opened to let Emily and Hotch off. The now red head grabbed her arm and pulled her into her office. Garcia obviously thought she was being discrete by waiting until she closed the doors to throw her arms around Emily. "I don't appreciate being lied to."

"I'm sorry, Pen. I was planning on tell everyone at the end of the first trimester. You know in case…" Emily sighed. "In case what happened, happens." She sat in the second computer chair heavily. Garcia sat in her chair and rolled up so their knees were touching.

"Do you want me to come over, watch sappy movies and cry with?"

Emily leaned back, letting her head hang. "No, Pen, thanks. It's fine."

"But you shouldn't be alone..." Garcia began but Emily cut her off.

"I won't be. Hotch…" she tried to explain but it was Garcia's turn to interrupt.

"Hotch, huh?" A huge smile erupted on the Tech's face. "You said he was taking care of you. Is there more to that than the rest of us know?" Emily paused to think of how to explain but she took too long. "Oh has he confessed his unconditional love for you while holding you tenderly in his arms and looking into your dark chocolate eyes?"

Emily laughed. "No. Could you actually see Hotch ever doing that?"

"Yes, my Goddess, every time I picture the two of you alone out on a case. He is way too composed in the office not to be romantic and passionate in private." She was totally serious and it gave Emily the impression she did actually think about her and Hotch like that.

"Well anyway, no, there were no sappy confessions." She gave the Tech an indulgent smile.

"What about his kisses? He has the most sensual mouth, aside from my Derek's of course, he must know how to use it." Garcia was gripping her knees, her eyes searching Emily's. Emily blushed and Garcia got closer so their thighs were touching, if someone had come by they'd think the Tech was about to ride Emily's leg.

"I wouldn't know." Garcia flopped back into her chair rolling a few inches away.

"Oh please give me something to fantasize about while I'm cooped up in here only listening to your voices." She sat up straight and went to her computer and her hands began to dance across the keyboard. "There must be topless pics of him out there somewhere. He has to have at least one beach picture."

"I did see him in his boxers." Emily admitted quietly halting Garcia's hands. The redhead's mouth opened in a perfect O and she turned her chair to face her again waiting for Emily to say more. "I was tossing and turning in bed last night and I woke him up…"

"You were sharing a bed and you haven't kissed him?"

"No, we had separate rooms, but the doors that joined them were broken." Garcia gave her a disbelieving look. "It's true. Anyway, he came in to check on me and I saw him in his boxers."

Garcia grabbed her hands, their knees touching again. "And then what?"

"And nothing. I can't, I'm not supposed to…" Emily tried to explain but Garcia waved her hand as if clearing the negative away. She purposely left out the part where he had held her and rubbed her back until she fell asleep.

"But you wanted to, right?"

"Of course I …." Emily started.

"Wanted to what?" Hotch asked from the door way making both woman jump. Garcia blushed crimson and turned away so she was facing the monitors giving away the fact that they were just discussing him. Emily inwardly cursed at the Tech's inability to play aloof.

"Nothing, sir." She quickly changed to professional. "Is everything fine with Strauss?"

He kept his face neutral so she couldn't read anything from him. "Yes, she wants an informal report on her desk tomorrow." Emily opened her mouth to speak but he cut her off with a hand. "Don't worry about it, I'll do it so you can go home and get some more rest. Do you still need a ride home?" He looked at Garcia and back to her as if Garcia had offered and she accepted.

"Yes, I do." She got up out of her chair and gave Garcia a peck on the cheek, "See you tomorrow." The tech beamed at her.

"Tomorrow. Bye Hotch, sir." She said without looking at him.

"Good-bye Garcia."

Emily unlocked her apartment door and pushed it open. She paused before going in. the last time she was there she'd been pregnant and making plans on changing the spare room into a nursery. She still had a Baby's R Us catalogue on the kitchen counter that she could see from her place at the door. She went in but kept her face away from the smiling baby on the cover so Hotch could bring her bag in for her. He'd insisted caring it since the doctor said she couldn't carry anything over fifteen pounds even though she was sure it didn't weigh near that. She didn't argue since it was the only way she could think to get him to walk her to her door.

His eyes settled on the catalogue as he put her bag down. She reached out to move it but he grabbed it first and tossed it into her garbage under the sink. "Ugly baby anyway." He didn't smile but she knew he was just trying to make her feel better. It sort of worked. He stood somewhat awkwardly beside her kitchen counter. "Is there anything else I can do for you before I go? Are you hungry?" She shook her head. "You sure?" She nodded wondering what she could do to get back to the closeness they had last night.

He started to leave but she reached out and grabbed his hand stopping him. "Hotch."

"Please call me Aaron."

"Aaron." His name sounded different when she said it this time. She'd called him by his name before but it was always in a professional capacity. It held some intimacy now. "I…" She wanted to ask him for something she didn't know how or where to start. She looked in his eyes and they seemed to be mirroring hers.

He leaned in his free hand came up to cup her face. She licked her lips as her eyes looked at his mouth. She closed her eyes just before his lips touched hers. They were harder than she expected but in a good way. She let his hand go so she could press both of hers against his solid chest. He brought his hand up to her lower back pulling her into his body. A fire ignited inside her and she moaned. Her mouth opening against his and his tongue slipped past her lips making the fire burn higher. The hand that cupped her face slid into her hair holding her still. His body was hard against hers and she wanted to explode.

The tech had been right about his passion having to go somewhere, she found it and was looking forward to finding where the rest of it was. Once she was healed up in about one to two weeks. She pushed against him, breaking the kiss. His eyes were unfocused as he frowned at her. "I- We can't go any further." His hands and body froze. He backed up and she immediately missed his warmth.

"You're right, I'm sorry." He straightened his tie and suit jacket. If he hadn't been wearing her lipstick there would be no outward sign that they'd been locked in a passionate embrace.

"So am I." she bit her lip and used her thumb to clean his mouth. His eyes narrowed in on hers and his expression darkened. She wanted to kiss him again so badly but she knew where it was heading and they couldn't go there. "Two weeks. We can continue this discussion again in two weeks."

He smiled and both of his dimples came out. "I can't wait."

~Seven months later~

Emily glanced at the white board where the victims' pictures stared back at her. She felt uneasiness in her stomach and knew exactly what it was. She lightly touched Hotch's arm before quickly leaving the team to go to the police stations washroom. She took a deep breath and lost the contents of her stomach.

Hands pulled her hair back in a make-do pony tail and held it there until she straightened up. "As soon as you're ok we'll go to a doctor and get a prescription." Hotch said rubbing her cheek with his thumb. He was smiling and she prayed that it worked out this time and he or she had those same dimples.

Once outside Derek, Reid and Rossi grinned from ear to ear while Garcia, giving them the technical assistance they badly needed, hugged her almost too tightly. "Jeez, PG, don't squeeze it out of me." The tech let go.

"Oh, sorry, my Ebony Haired Fertility Goddess."

Everyone groaned.


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